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Ye Yu’s face is unbelievable. He is sure that he should have heard it right. So Sasakes really got rid of himself and let himself take care of his wife?

"Lord Sussex, forgive me for understanding what you mean by this sentence?"
"I want you to take care of Gulefia for me. I’ve been looking for such a person, and now I finally find it."
Sasakes said these words in a steady tone. He looked at Ye Yu, and the bitterness in his eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced by tenderness.
Of course, this tenderness is not directed at Ye Yu, but at his wife Guleifia.
It can be seen that Sussex loves his wife very much, and Ye Yu has also heard from Leah that this is a story in the underworld, in which two young people in two opposing camps, the revolutionary camp and the conservative devil war, cross many obstacles and come together.
But what … Now Sussex asks himself to help him take care of his wife in front of himself?
Ye Yufa understood that he stared at Sasek and seemed to want to wait for him to give himself an explanation.
"this is a secret between me and Guleifia, and now I’m telling you this secret, hoping you can keep it a secret."
Sasakers said this and Ye Yu nodded gently. Soon Sasakers began to explain slowly.
The strength of the four demon kings of the underworld, Sasakes Lucifer, is too strong. In that year, he surpassed the normal demon king level, but after Sasakes became a demon king, Lucifer inherited the strength left by Lucifer, and his strength further led to a qualitative change in physical destruction.
In his body, Sussex inherited the destructive power of his mother’s family, Bar’s family. This force is very powerful and overbearing. Before Sassex, he was able to control this force well without hurting his relatives. However, after becoming a demon king, this destructive power grew stronger, which not only destroyed his physical characteristics, but also made him unable to get too close to others.
Because once you get too close to this powerful destruction, you will invade that person’s body and destroy it from the outside.
Now, although Sasakes looks no different from a normal demon, in fact, his body has changed, and now he is destroying himself.
In this way, he can’t even hug Gu Leifei and his sister Leah, let alone give happiness to Gu Leifei’s woman.
"Married to me for so many years, although we are a loving couple on the surface, in fact, we haven’t even held hands and hugged for so many years … I hope you can take care of Guleifia instead of me and make Guleifia a happy woman."
Sasakes said so seriously that Yu Ye Yu kept his mouth shut for a long time.
"What … it’s me?"
After a long time, Ye Yu took a deep breath and asked.
There is no shortage of powerful demons in the underworld, but why do so many people choose themselves instead of choosing anything?
"Because I don’t trust them, once I go out, it’s a big scandal for the devil, whether I’m the Gimmonli family or the Guleifia family. There are many outstanding young demons in the underworld, but most of them are family elites. They have lost their families, which makes it difficult for me to trust them."
Sasakes said so, with intense eyes staring at Ye Yu.
"But you are different. You used to be a human being and then you became a household of Elias. It can be seen that Elias believes in you and likes you very much. I believe in my sister’s vision and I believe in you. Besides, you are very powerful and your potential is equally horrible. I can feel that you can grow as much as me. Maybe the future of the devil is in your hands."
"Lord Sussex is really flattering me."
Ye Yu touched his nose with a wry smile. He really didn’t know what to say to the Lord in front of his eyes.
He was deeply moved by his love for Gurefia. Who in the world can do such a great thing as making himself love women and being happy and giving them to other men? !
"Why don’t you promise me? Leah, if you don’t worry about this matter, you won’t let her know that you and Leah. I won’t ask that girl likes you. I can see that there is Cang, and that girl has to say that it’s really good that you have a lot of money. "
"I don’t know why I won’t say yes after what Lord Sussex said, but the question is what Miss Gulefia meant. How could she say yes to such a thing?"
Ye Yu opened his mouth with a wry smile, and he understood Sasakers’ thinking circuit. It seems that he doesn’t care about his sister’s choice of himself if he gives Guleifia to himself.
It’s a little messy. Guleifia is Leah’s sister-in-law, and she is Leah’s family …
"Guleifia … don’t worry, it’s my call that she is my wife!"
Sasakers said that Ye Yu had not yet come to speak, and a cold sound rang in the room.
"I don’t agree!"
Gu Leifei, who was covered with frost, didn’t know when she appeared in the room and stared coldly at Sussex.
"Guleifia … you’re here."
Sussex seems to have known for a long time that Guleifia was eavesdropping and watched her appear without any surprise.
"Didn’t I say don’t do this again!"
"You know, I … I did it because of you."
"There’s no need. I’m your woman. I’m Sussex Lucifer. Please don’t do anything to disgrace Lucifer’s name!"
Ye Yu embarrassed touched his nose and looked at the husband and wife in the room. They didn’t know what to say. He already felt a little redundant.
However, he could feel the coldness in Guleifia’s words, as if the only reason why she still loved Sussex’s wife was to protect the reputation of Lucifer the Devil.
Chapter 65 Try to rely on me
Ye Yu doesn’t know what to say. Now the atmosphere in the room is awkward. Sasakers’ face is bitter smile, while Guleifia has been staring at Sasakers coldly.
"That … you chat slowly. I’ll go to sleep in the next room."
The atmosphere in the room is almost indistinguishable from the cold emitted by Ye Yu. With a wry smile, I feel that some Naiye Yu just wants to get up and leave here, but it is held down by a pair of hands.
To do so is that the girl in Guleifia is as delicate as a doll, but she still can’t see any joys and sorrows, but she doesn’t know when she is a little closer to Ye Yu.
"Come on, let’s sleep together tonight."
"Hey … hey?"
Ye Yu slightly one leng for a while will have no reaction to come over. Just now, he refused Sasakers with a righteous and righteous rhetoric. Why do you let yourself sleep with her now inexplicably?
Gu Leifei obviously didn’t explain the meaning, so forcibly pulling Ye Yu is going to leave the room, and when Ye Yu turned his head, he saw Gu Leifei’s face expression and immediately chose silence.
It was a painful, twisted, almost desperate expression, and Ye Yu was also the reason why Bai Guleifia changed her attitude so quickly. Is it revenge on Sasakers?
What do you want to involve me in talking about your husband and wife?
Ye Yu a face in distress situation turned my head and looked at Saskatchewan with a comforting smile and nodded gently to myself.
Nai sighed a leaf and Yu was able to nod in response to Sussex’s expectation.
Slamming the door, Guleifia took Ye Yu to the dark room next door. In the dark room, two people were sitting at the end of the bed, and the atmosphere was once again embarrassed.
"That …"
The man felt that he should say something. Ye Yu spoke slowly, but he was soon interrupted by Guleifia.
"I’m really sorry … to get you involved in such a thing."
"Ah … no, it’s okay. After all, I’m also a member of Ji Meng’s family now. I’m really surprised. I didn’t expect Mr. Sussex to …"