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Naruto walked out of the door with Konoha Maru, and they were very excited. They were interested in everything. Naruto looked at the three people and suddenly felt that it was good to take them out. And secretly murmured, "What a trouble."

After excitement, Muye Maru ran to Naruto and asked, "By the way, what are we, Brother Naruto?"
Naruto remembered at this moment that he didn’t seem to have seen what it was this time, so he took out the scroll that Gang Shou gave him and read it. "Well, let me see. Our target this time is Princess fire nation. We have to protect her all the way to the Iron Country."
Muyemaru three people suddenly felt excited when they heard that they were going to escort a princess to the Iron Kingdom. But Muyemaru three people knew that Naruto was their first escort. Finally, in the process, they met with fog and rebelled. Momochi Zabuza and Bai thought about Muyemaru. They all felt excited because they were familiar with Naruto. In Muyemaru’s cognition, the so-called C-level was all A-level.
Naruto’s excitement when he saw Muyemaru immediately guessed what these radical guys were thinking, thinking, "There are so many C-level and A-level, etc. After this time, they should not be interested in this anymore."
Naruto four people played all the way to Daming Mansion in fire nation and received their names. As soon as they saw Naruto, they immediately laughed. "Hehehe, this is the fourth generation of Naruto Namikaze Minato. I know your father very well. I was often taken care of by him before. It’s great to hear that he has been resurrected recently. I’m going to visit Konoha. I’ve been very busy recently and haven’t been able to visit him since."
Naruto laughed. "You’re welcome, your honor. My father has often mentioned you. You are a good name for leading the country and loving the people."
Daming smiled all over his face. "Is that right? Ha ha ha. Is this three generations of grandchildren? Is he all right?" Daming turned to look at Muyewan and asked.
Muyemaru said politely, "But I am three generations of Sun Yuanfei, and Grandpa Muyemaru has always been in good health."
Daming smiled. "That’s good. That’s good for three generations of him. fire nation has made a lot of contributions. Now it’s time for young people to do it. He should have a good rest. Tell him when I go back that I will go to see him after I’m busy."
Konohama politely said, "I see."
Daming laughed. "What a good boy! Three generations have successors. Ha ha ha."
Muyemaru said modestly, "How can I be young and need a lot of teaching from my elders?"
Name is a burst of laughter looking at konohama that cope with freely expression naruto vomit a way in my heart "I didn’t expect konohama this guy how can blow is an awkward kid, I didn’t expect to behave politely in front of the name, but for this little knowledge, the average person is really cheated by him."
Naruto coughed, "Isn’t it time for your Excellency to let us meet the Princess Hall? Otherwise, it will be a little late to wait, so let’s start early."
Daming remembered at this moment that he said, "Yes, yes, you see, as soon as I chat, I forget the business. Come with me." Then he took Naruto and them to the princess hall.
The maid opened the princess room and a beautiful woman came out. Her name was introduced to Naruto. "This is my daughter Xue Ji Xue Ji. These are Konoha Ninja who escorted you to Tieguo. This is the fourth generation of Naruto Uzumaki, and this is the third generation of Naruto Sun Sarutobi Konohamaru. These are Konoha Maru’s companions Udon and Huang Meng."
Princess Yukime looked at Muyewan first and then nodded. When she saw Naruto, she suddenly turned red and said "Hello".
Naruto politely replied, "Hello, Princess Yukime, I am your escort captain Naruto Uzumaki. Please give me more advice."
Princess Yukime nodded shyly when the gate smiled. "The escort princess team is ready to go." Naruto nodded.
After seeing the princess off in the sedan chair, Daming once again said to Naruto, "Then please do everything."
Naruto nodded and said, "I know, then set off." Naruto set off with the princess escort.
Along the way, the princess always pulls up the curtains from time to time and secretly looks at Naruto. When Naruto turns to look at her, he is shy and puts the curtains on the horse.
Muye Maru went to Naruto’s side and looked at Naruto and laughed. "Naruto’s eldest brother, the princess of Yukime, seems to be interested in you."
Naruto knocked a konoha pill on the head and said, "What are you talking about?"
Muyewan clutching his head said, "What’s the pain? I’m not lying. Ask Udon and Huang Meng. We’ve been paying attention for a long time."
Naruto was too lazy to pay attention to him. At this moment, Naruto seemed to feel something and immediately shouted, "Stop. Everyone is on alert." As Naruto’s words just fell, all the guards became nervous. Naruto looked at the road ahead warily.
It wasn’t long before a mountain thief rushed to Naruto to see that it was a group of mountain thieves. I was really relieved that it was a group of ninjas. Although I didn’t think it would be ninjas, because there were similar things before, Naruto was really afraid of being expected by Muyemaru and the three kids. Now it’s just a group of mountain thieves.
Muyemaru three people were disappointed when they saw that it was a thief, but somehow someone attacked Muyemaru. They were still a little happy after disappointment, otherwise they would not be able to talk to death all the way.
Naruto walked up to Muyemaru and said, "You three go to solve this group of mountain thieves and the others will protect the princess."
Udon said unexpectedly, "Brother Naruto, do you think the three of us will deal with a group of mountain thieves?"
Huang Meng was a little scared. "I’m afraid we can’t beat them." Although Muyewan didn’t speak, he was a little nervous.
Naruto laughed. "Are you all right? Take out your practice results these days and believe me. They are no match for you. I will watch you behind you and won’t let anything happen to you. Didn’t you say you wanted to be a fire shadow? This is that first difficulty you have to face. "
Thinking of his appointment with Naruto, Muye Maru immediately cheered himself up. "I know Naruto’s eldest brother, I won’t let you down. Let’s go to Udon and Huang Meng." After that, Muye Maru took the lead. Udon and Huang Meng followed him although they were afraid.
Princess Yukime opened the curtain and said, "Will they be all right?"
Naruto laughed. "Don’t worry, they’re fine. Although they’ll be a little nervous, they should. You’d better stay in the sedan chair first and wait for a scene that will be a little bloody and not suitable for you. I’ll call you when it’s settled."
Princess Yukime said, "I know." Then you can rest assured that the curtains are covered.
Mountain thieves saw three eleven-and twelve-year-old children standing in front of them and immediately laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, three little kids actually dared to stand in front of us and kill them and take everything and women away. Ha, ha, ha, ha."
Another mountain thief laughed and said, "Hahahaha, kid, let me send you to the West."
Looking at the fierce mountain thief Udon and Huang Meng shivering, it seems a little scared. At this moment, Konohama has separated a member and condensed a spiral pill. "Udon and Huang Meng are not afraid to believe in ourselves. Brother Naruto said that they are not our opponents."