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Zhang Donghu said, "Isn’t that a bit much?" It’s nothing to be a parent representative, but it’s too presumptuous to look at Xiao Yuan for no reason. After all, he and Xiao Yuan have met several times and have little affection.

Sung yuri gave Zhang Donghu to have them this time. "Chengyuan, Xiao Yuan is close to you but not very familiar with her father-in-law. It’s too early to say anything about her daughter-in-law. Let’s talk about it later." She knew that Zhang Chengyuan wanted to give Han Caiying a Zhang’s daughter-in-law status. She didn’t object to this, but she felt that Zhang Chengyuan seemed to be too hasty.
Zhang Donghu said, "Yuri is right."
Zhang Chengyuan sighed and said, "Well, let’s talk about it later."
Zhang Donghu was a little confused after seeing Zhang Chengyuan’s reaction, but he was even more confused that Han Caiying seemed to be very close to Zhang Chengyuan before. In the past two years, she also visited him many times with Zhang Chengyuan’s other sisters, but now she has become Zhang Chengyuan’s good brother Xiao Yuan’s fiancee. This is not a bit too dramatic. Of course, this is also a good thing. He hopes that the fewer women around Zhang Chengyuan, the better, so that he can treat his prospective daughter-in-law sung yuri wholeheartedly, so that the Zhang family can live in harmony for a long time.
After chatting for a while, it was late when Zhang Donghu asked Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri Building to sleep, and he also went back to his room to rest.
After bathing, I was lying in Zhang Chengyuan’s arm around sung yuri’s shoulder and asked, "Sister, I just asked my father to be the parent representative of Xiao Yuan’s wedding and asked my father to see if Xiao Yuan and Zhi Ying’s sister-in-law are unhappy?"
Sung yuri looked at him unawares. "What’s so unhappy? Since Xiao Yuan is your member, it’s no use treating Xiao Yuan and Zhiying as father-in-law and daughter-in-law. "
"Are you really not angry?"
"I’ll just be my father-in-law and have a pair of daughters-in-law. Anyway, it’s not like you married Zhiying."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "I wish you could think so, sister. You are always so reasonable. I really love you." As she said this, she turned over and pressed on sung yuri.
Sung yuri gently pushed him. He didn’t good the spirit. "You can say good things. Oh, don’t press me. You’re dead."
"Then it’s your turn to press me." Another turn made sung yuri lie on his body and immediately picked up her cicada’s head and kissed it. It was a gentle and lingering entanglement
In the next few days, Zhang Chengyuan enlarges some workers who are busy with sisters meeting or doing some physical communication, hoping to wait for the filming of "I love by my side" before rejoining the work. The filming of "I love by my side" is expected to start at the beginning of the year. Of course, he still has a month’s rest, but it is difficult to do some work things, such as taking illustrated advertisements and giving some interviews, but it is really much more leisurely than being busy during filming.
On the evening of November 7, he received a strange call and found that it was actually Li Binbin. What is even more strange is that Li Binbin was in Seoul at this time to call Zhang Chengyuan. It is simpler to ask him out to meet and catch up.
After answering her words, Zhang Chengyuan immediately rushed over and met her in her hotel coffee shop bag.
After a greeting, Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Sister Binbin, why did you come to Seoul?"
Li Binbin said, "I’m here for a charity event. Well, I’ll drop by and see you."
"Charity activities? Tonight? "
"Oh, that’s the second fund-raising activity of the International Star Children’s Charity Program, Seoul International Star Friendly Charity Night. The organizer also invited me, but I didn’t attend it. If I had known you were there, I would have gone."
Li Binbin asked, "Why don’t you attend? Even surprisingly far away, you went to the bottom of your eyes and you didn’t care? "
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "Sister Binbin, it seems that you mistook me for philanthropist. Actually, I don’t have much compassion. I don’t participate in all charity activities, and I don’t like excitement. Of course, part of this charity activity is a fund-raising fund for the victims in Xichuan disaster area, and I also donated some."
"Yes, some donated about 100 million won."
Li Binbin smiled. "Then you must have donated another sum of money through other channels."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "Sister Binbin still knows me. I did donate some money to Li Lianjie’s Big Brother One Foundation."
"How many?"
"Not much"
"Not much you will not tell me? Tell me about it quickly or I’ll make a phone call to ask Li Lianjie’s eldest brother. "
"Well, I said it was, um, 10 million dollars," Zhang Chengyuan said faintly, as if it were 1000 dollars.
"Ten million dollars? Where did you get so much money that you won’t donate more than half of your fortune? It’s right for Cheng Yuan to donate enthusiastically, but you can’t help but consider your actual situation. "Li Binbin was a little anxious
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister Binbin, you know me. How can I be so noble? However, I happened to make some money in the US stock market recently and donated some of it. "
"You can do it. Others have lost money in stock trading, and you have earned so much." After listening to Zhang Chengyuan’s explanation, Li Binbin immediately put his heart at ease.
"It’s just luck!"
Li Binbin said, "Don’t be modest. This kind of thing can’t be explained by luck. Well, forget it. Yifei asked me to say hello to you for her. Besides, I have a question to ask you. When I met Yifei the other day, she told me that you cheated her. What’s the matter?"
"I cheated her?" Zhang Chengyuan exclaimed, "How is this possible? When did I cheat her? Why didn’t I know? Binbin elder sister you tell me in detail. "
Li Binbin said, "She didn’t tell me in detail that she said so after watching a TV news."
"What news?" Zhang Chengyuan continued