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"Hey, it’s him!" There was speculation before Spider-Man, the mastermind behind the evil six.

None of these six guys are easy to talk to unless they are crushed by absolute strength. Otherwise, it is impossible to form a gang to deal with themselves like this. Among all the enemies in Spider-Man, there is also Jin He, the most suspected source of evil in the United States!
Spider-Man has no doubt about Imil’s words. It seems that if these superheroes accept a companion, they rarely doubt their companions. Unlike Imil’s previous life, even a team partner is often suspicious.
Imil’s thinking diverged again.
"It seems that Kim is going to make a big move again. By the way, do you know who Kim is?" Imil is still wandering in silence.
Spider-Man shook his fist head in order to blow the gold face. He did not hesitate to pile up all the "evil" phrases he could think of.
"He is scum, scum, and most criminal activities in the United States can be found behind his back! It is said that he has a criminal madman head base hidden in new york, which controls all crimes in the world like a nerve center. "
Imil’s eyes narrowed. He felt that if there was such a hub in new york, would there be a more suitable place besides Hell’s Kitchen?
Hell’s kitchen. This is where Imil and Kathleen live.
Spider-Man shrugged his shoulders and habitually climbed up the wall of the water pipe and walked forward. Imil felt that Peter not only inherited the spider’s ability, but also mixed some spider habits in his genes.
"But I have always denied that the place is real. Now it may be a myth that it is like the Golden Empire or Shangri-La, a daydream belonging to bad guys."
"Shangri-La does exist." Imil also traveled to Shangri-La with a group in his previous life. The scenery was very good, but it was a pity that he didn’t have the opportunity to see those strange things.
"Oh, well," before Spider-Man could finish his sentence, his hand slipped and fell from the pipe and landed on the ground
Imil is a little curious. "What’s wrong with you?" He saw that Spider-Man’s ability was always wrong when he was just fighting. It seems that this was not his intention.
It is necessary to hide it in front of super criminals, but in front of Imil, Spider-Man thinks he can still be trusted and covers his forehead. Peter said, "I don’t know that my ability has been out of order recently. I think I should go to see Dr. Connors and have a look at his health. He is an excellent genetic scientist."
Imil is interested in this topic, and he has always wanted to find a time to check his body. The inexplicable resurrection always makes it difficult for Imil to grasp himself. If possible, he would like to check it with Spider-Man.
Not this Dr. Connors. It seems that I have to find a way to help Dr. Connors solve his lizard problem first
It’s really troublesome
Peter has said so much, but he has been paying attention to Imil. Although he can’t see Imil’s expression, his spider sense can vaguely capture Imil’s emotional changes
Seeing the wandering soul seems to have a little interest in this topic, Spider-Man asked with some expectation, "Well, why don’t we make an appointment to find Dr. Connors together?" He was determined to pull Imil into his gang. With the wandering soul joining the superhero new york, the order would be more guaranteed!
Chapter 49 Be a low-key person
Imil took a look at Spider-Man and hesitated. If he wanted to go with him to find Dr. Connors, he would not be able to go invisibly, but he didn’t want to expose his identity to others. This is a very correct problem
"Don’t worry, I can lend you a headgear if you don’t want to see people in person."
Spider-Man pulled out a headgear in her arms, and I don’t know where it came from. It’s no wonder that Spider-Man had never seen his mask broken in the fight. This cargo definitely carries more than one headgear every time.
"All right," Imil confessed and waved, and an evil wind whirled his head into his hand.
Spider-Man stared and saw the headgear floating by itself, and then it disappeared into shape as soon as it was collected by Imil.
It seems that Imil’s ability can be hidden not only from his own body, but also from his contact objects if he wants to. This is really a great ability
After accepting Spider-Man’s kindness, Imil was embarrassed to wipe his mouth after eating it, so he kindly asked, "Is there no problem for you to deal with gold that bug?"
Spider-Man shrugged his shoulders and said, "Kim is right. I’m not alone. Just because I know I’m at war with Kim, there are at least three superheroes. I’m not alone."
Things like being mobbed by super criminals today don’t happen often. Spider-Man doesn’t want to deal with so many bad guys at the same time by himself.
Imil heart slightly surprised at least three?
Seeing that Imil didn’t talk, Spider-Man pulled his fingers and calculated one by one. "There is a hell kitchen in the harbor, subway and Madison Square, and there is a group of-men in the block. This is what I have ever seen in the dark. Are there any other superheroes dealing with Jin Bin? Then I don’t know."
Hell kitchen does not say that it must be Daredevil Murdoch; And I’m afraid Frank Caster, the punisher, likes dealing with criminals best.
Yu-men that group.
Imil is quite sympathetic to Jin He now. At the same time, in the face of so many superhero attacks, he still has the luxury to provoke bugs. But think about it, he is always active in the streets of new york, especially in Manhattan. Spider-Man probably has no less plans to destroy Jin He’s crime.
It’s no wonder that Kim is trying to get rid of these superheroes as the biggest eyesore.
Spider-Man suddenly froze. He was a little surprised and asked, "Ghost, do you mean you want to help me deal with Jinhe together?"
That’s what Imil came here to mean. Not many people know that he and Daredevil killed Red Hair together, but it’s certain that old Babu disappeared in his home, not to mention that it was Lun Da’s boss Jin He.
Even if Imil didn’t go to Jin and get into trouble, it is estimated that Jin wouldn’t let him go so easily, but now that he has heard Spider-Man’s introduction, it seems that Jin and himself have no energy to deal with themselves again.
But just to be on the safe side, I pulled Spider-Man and them together, so Imil replied, "If I meet Kim, maybe I will do it."
Ambiguous answers have surprised Spider-Man.
In his view, people are not born heroes. They should grow up slowly and gradually realize the happiness of being a superhero before they can really defend peace and make efforts.
Spider-Man promised to keep Imil a secret for the time being, so that no one would know that he was joining a superhero. Imil was always not very optimistic.
One is that if the Marvel Comics world is too complicated to become a superhero, maybe you will meet an enemy who can restrain himself. Isn’t it enough for him to be jealous because of his half-baked ability now?
The second is that his mentality has not been transformed yet, and he still retains the mentality of his previous life when he was an otaku. What super criminals and the end of the world are too far away from him? If there are really bad guys, there are naturally police to deal with them, so it’s not worthwhile to make your own moves.
The last reason is that Imil is still worried that being a superhero will interfere with his normal life. In his impression, his sister is an ordinary person, and he doesn’t want to involve his family, fearing that he won’t know when he will get revenge.
It’s better to be a low-key person. Although he has become a ghost now, there is nothing in Imil’s heart that he is conscious of other things, and Imil doesn’t want to take care of them.
When I looked at it, Spider-Man and Felicia were going to attend the opening ceremony of the new science center later, and Imil felt that she should hurry home to save her sister from worrying.
So after watching Spider-Man get back the spider silk wrapped in clothes, the man and the ghost left respectively.
Imil became more and more accurate when he found himself a ghost. When he lifted his invisibility and strolled home from the corner, his sister Kathleen just opened the door in the corridor.
I was in a hurry to help my sister prepare dinner, but Imil’s cooking experience in his previous life was more than helping to make trouble in this western country.
But Kathleen didn’t abandon it at all, but she was a little surprised to see her brother finally start to let it go into life.
In Emile’s view, there is nothing to know about Imil’s body when he was alive, regardless of anything but reading. It is great to make such progress.
Sitting at the dining table, Imil and Kathleen chatted casually, mainly Kathleen was talking, while Imil was listening. Both of them thought that his day was fantastic, either the Paladin Library or Spider-Man and doctor octopus Imil were worried that they would scare Kathleen if they said these things.
But his brow is a little sad, and he doesn’t know how to remind Kathleen that he wants to go to the opening ceremony of the new science center with her. Don’t worry that peter parker will harm his sister.
Although I know that Peter’s personality is not what I imagined after contacting Spider-Man, who knows what will happen in this world that is very different from the shadow?
There are Felicia and Mary Jane. Peter’s lot is not shallow. Imil doesn’t want to take his sister in, but before Imil has a headache, Kathleen will take the initiative to discuss, "By the way, do you have time tonight?" My former junior invited me to an opening party. Why don’t you go with me? "
The fiftieth chapter horn daily contributions
Imil couldn’t wait to raise his hands and feet to show his agreement, but he couldn’t pretend to be casual and asked, "Oh, was it my sister’s school sister when she was studying at new york University?"
"Yes, it is." Kathleen seems to be in a good mood.
"But I remember your sister’s good grades. I don’t know why you chose new york University?" This is Imil’s memory from his own body. Imil didn’t pay attention to it before, and this time it was also asked.
Kathleen looked stunned and laughed. "We are proud to have an Ivy League college student in our family, and Columbia University is under a lot of pressure. I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up."
Is this a perfunctory Imil guess, or is it more because Kathleen took several part-time jobs to support her family in college? If my sister can concentrate on studying, how can she not follow the course?
At this time, it was placed in the restaurant, and there was a temporary news break. It was still talking and laughing with Imil. Kathleen consciously put the fork remote control and turned it up.
"Spider-Man is a hero or a villain? Is it a fact or a fantasy that the world is more important to those internet addicts who spread rumors on the Internet that there is a hero named’ Spider-Man’ who is maintaining peace in new york? "
"According to a video from Mr. James of the Horn Daily, Spider-Man had a fierce conflict with a group of grotesque punk parties in Manhattan block today and caused some losses, such as"
"People can’t help but wonder whether Spider-Man is really a hero? Or is it because some misguided young people set up a fan club on Twitter and made him a’ hero’? "
"It seems that everyone is talking about Spider-Man, but is he really a qualified superhero? He refused to communicate with the media. This weirdo who likes to climb up and down the wall may think that actions are higher than words. "
"But his refusal to talk to the media is actually ignoring a legitimate and reasonable question. How did his behavior play a role in new york’s public security? What troubles have it brought to the police’s follow-up investigation? Is he too altruistic to stop those petty crimes? "