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Yu Xin pulled him to sit in his ear and added, "Not always thank you, baby."

Xu Ling showed an awkward look. It was the first time that he was called a baby.
But he didn’t stop Yu Xin from calling her that. That’s longitudinal.
[Xu Ling’s goodwill value has increased from 10 to 100. Wow, the host is too powerful. Get three today! ! ! This is simply awesome]
[Congratulations on the success of the host. S-class characters will be rewarded with 30,000 points]
Yu Xin, a wink in the mind also greatly relieved.
The Long March has finally taken a big step.
It’s almost finished this time, and she can finally go at ease.
I thought that there was a poor girl in the room, Yu Xin, secretly sighing, and quickly drank this bowl of health porridge and let Xu Lingxian leave.
Before Xu Ling left, she held her at the door and kissed her deeply for a long time.
When Xu Ling left, Yu Xin immediately rushed into the bedroom and took a deep breath before opening the closet door.
I didn’t expect to open the closet door, but she was still startled.
The road is clear, the eyes are red, and there are tears in their eyes. They stare angrily at Yu Xin like a wounded poor lion cub.
Yu Xin stretched out his hand and pulled him. "You can come out when he’s gone."
The road is clear and motionless, just looking at her
Yu Xin, some nai "come out first, ok?"
The road is still clear. Look at her and say, "You lied to me."
Yu Xin touched his face to help him erase "I didn’t lie to you"
"You lie!" Lu Qing looked at her with a face of complaint. "Are you with Xu Ling?"
You lied to me when you said you liked me.
"I didn’t lie to your sister that she really likes Lu Zai." Yu Xin wiped his tears and held his hand.
Chapter 46 Chapter 46
Yu Xin stroked the clear cheek of the road and said gently, "Don’t be sad, okay?"
"Do you really like me?" Will the clear road still be touched by Yu Xin’s tenderness?
"Of course, you are so cute. I don’t like you." Yu Xinyin seems to be able to soothe his heart.
"Then will you always be with me?" The road was clear and looked at her expectantly.
Yu Xin Rou said, "Will you come out first? What are you doing hiding inside? Aren’t you uncomfortable staying so long? "
The road is clear and the eyes are still red.
He stared at Yu Xin with complicated eyes, as if blaming her, but more was injustice and pain.
"I feel uncomfortable everywhere."
Yu Xin pulled him out. The road was clear and he had been shrinking in the closet for a long time. His body was stiff and he could still hear his bones.
It’s okay to come out of the back road without talking or talking to her, no matter what Yu Xin says.
Danger xin, holding his nose on tiptoe rubbed his cheek "crisp, don’t be sad, ok? I’m not with Xu Ling. I most love is you. "
The road is clear, I clenched my fist, and looked at her with my lips pressed as if I wanted to speak, but I still didn’t speak.
Yu Xin put his finger on his lips, gently stroking the clear road and stood stiffly. Yu Xin could feel his breathing getting heavier and faster.
Yu Xin said in a low voice, "crisp, your lips are so soft and cold. Are you cold?"
When she finished, she circled the road and cleared her waist.
The road is clear and finally it is difficult to say, "You let me go and I’m going back."
"Didn’t you say you were staying tonight?"
"I went back on my word." The road is clear and I feel that I can’t face Yu Xin now.
Yu Xin looked at him sadly. "Don’t you want to stay here?"
The road is clear and gritted "no"
"That you stay, ok? I want you to accompany me. "
Yu Xin, a wink is miserable and distressing.
The road was cold and his heart melted, but then he thought that Yu Xin was so close to Xu Ling outside just now, and his heart ached badly. He secretly told himself that he could not believe Yu Xin, who was lying to himself.
Yu Xin put his head on his chest. "Does Lu Zai not like me?"
The road is clear and his heart is still beating fast. He can’t do it. Her every move affects his heart.
Yu Xin whispered a word to his ear.
The road is clear, the eyes are wide, the red eyes are still shining with tears. "Aren’t you the one who came?"
Yu Xin whispered a word, the road was cold and stupid for two seconds, and then his face turned red and his body became hot as soon as he got up.
Yu Xin stretched out his hand and took his hand up. He scratched two itchy roads in his palm, and his back was straightened with shortness of breath.
"Lu Zai, your heart is beating so fast." Yu Xin can hear his heart beating wildly against his chest. Yu Xin put his palm on his chest and felt it for a while. Suddenly he whispered, "I seem to be dyed by you, and my heart is beating fast. It’s a little uncomfortable."
The road is clear and the words are unclear. "How is it possible!"
Yu Xin, "I’m not lying to you. You can listen to it yourself."
The road is clear and cold, and it seems to be on fire.
Yu Xin seems to have demagogic power.
The road was clear and a little obsessed with consciousness, and she held hands to feel it. Suddenly, his breathing was sluggish. When he heard Yu Xin’s heartbeat, he also smelled a faint, hot and fragrant smell, and there was a wonderful feeling.
I don’t know how long it took before the road was cold and finally I couldn’t stand it. He kissed Yu Xin and was still young. The only difference between him and before was that he was not gentle at all this time, biting his prey like a violent and angry wolf.
But there is enough emotion in his eyes to make Yu Xin burn like a fire.
He was surprised and angry when he found that Yu Xingen didn’t come to his period.
"You lied to me again?"
The road is clear, bite a tooth and look at Yu Xin.