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The queen’s eyes rested on the man and immediately got up and looked at him gawkingly until the other side approached, and the queen saluted him.

"Male and female servants visit the emperor, long live the emperor! The emperor came here to visit the concubines, but the emperor forgave them? "
I haven’t seen the queen lose a lot of weight for days, but I don’t know what the queen has realized in the cold palace these days.
The queen lowered her eyes and smiled bitterly. "It’s really too impulsive for the male and female servants to be wrong about Chang Youyou. It’s a disgrace to the emperor to bring her back to the palace without confirmation. It’s also culpable of punishment for the male and female servants to put them in limbo!"
"Because you often asked someone to set fire to the Nanning Temple, and now 112 lives in the Nanning Temple have been burned, the queen can’t get away from it!"
The queen’s face turned white and looked a little unbelievable. "Chang Youyou … imperial male and female servants didn’t think so much at that time, but they just thought that Chang Youyou was pregnant with a child, whether it was the emperor plus her or the male and female servants of Acacia’s younger sister naturally treated her with amazement. I didn’t think that she would make such a mistake and didn’t think that her mind was so vicious …"
"Queen, that’s enough!"
Feng Li Su’s voice suddenly rose a lot, and his anger was shocked by the queen in this silent silence.
I often miss you with a faint smile. "Empress, don’t involve me in your mistakes. I feel that Empress is dignified and noble. I always keep the most gentle and beautiful smile and think that you are the most suitable empress!"
She went to her side and squatted down. She looked straight at me. "Queen, I want to ask, do you want to kill me?"
The queen frowned. "I don’t know what Acacia’s sister means. I’ve been in limbo for making mistakes these days. I’ve been thinking about everything outside every day. I don’t know what Acacia’s sister asked, but what’s the misunderstanding?"
"In fact, whether misunderstanding empress yourself very clearly! But it hurts me, and I won’t let it go easily anyway! Today I have a good thing to return to the Empress! "
She held out her hand. Feng Li Su naturally knew what Chang Ai-qing wanted. He took out the handkerchief wrapped in beads from his arms and put it in front of the queen instead of directly handing it to Chang Ai-qing.
"The queen might as well open it herself!"
Chang acacia retracted her hand, and since she didn’t want to let her touch the string of beads, it was best, but she suffered greatly.
When the queen took the handkerchief and opened it, she saw that a string of beads in it frowned slightly.
"This string of Cheng Pu Buddha beads … but Shu Fei gave it to the palace and looked at it, so she wore the original lovesickness sister who was wronged at the welcome banquet for the nine princes. This is the palace for you. Remember that the emperor also gave you a pair of jasper bracelets that day."
"Did you get it from Shu Fei?" Feng Li Su asked.
The queen is still kneeling there. "Yes! On that day, Shu Fei seemed to come from her family to pay her respects to the male and female servants. When I looked at this string of beads, I couldn’t help but take a look at Shu Fei and gave it to them … "
Feng Lisu smiled coldly. "Come and visit Shu Fei in the cold palace!"
Guard outside should be immediately.
The queen looked at Chang Xiangsi with a gentle smile. "Sister Xiangsi doesn’t know if this is the Italian palace. I think this bead is quite good. But now it is sent to the palace?"
I often miss looking at the queen holding the phoenix bead in her hand, but it is still across the handkerchief. She pulls the handkerchief away and throws it aside. At this time, the bead lies quietly in the palm of the queen’s hand.
"There is nothing to think that this string of beads is too expensive for me to wear and return to the empress!"
The beads were given to the queen by Shu Fei, so is this red face and bones poisoned by the queen or Shu Fei?
Shu Fei, she also has a holiday. I didn’t expect her Qin Yier and Chang Huanhuan to be a group, but she would also like to meet this Shu Fei!
The queen looked at Chang Acacia transfixed with cheng Buddha beads in her hand. "What does this mean? The palace gave you the phoenix-eyed Buddha beads. What’s the problem? "
Often miss silence is a smile.
Feng Li Su also didn’t speak indifferently, waiting for Shu Fei to arrive at the courtyard exit.
It didn’t take long to see a woman in a blue skirt, but she wrapped herself tightly. A blue skirt and a veil wrapped her head together with her neck and face, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes.
Seeing Shu Fei dress up in the courtyard, all three people are stuck, but I often miss knowing that this Shu Fei has wrapped herself so impenetrable. The thought of Feng Jiang Yi Jie can’t help but smile, and Shu Fei is just self-inflicted!
Shu Fei naturally didn’t know that the emperor was going to meet her in the cold house. At first, when she heard the emperor’s announcement, she was so happy that she thought of herself. At this time, he was afraid to abandon her. I didn’t expect to meet her in the cold house, and the queen was always lovesick here
Shu Fei saluted, "My body visits the emperor and the empress!"
Then he looked at Chang Xiangsi and quickly lowered his face. "Visit the imperial concubine!"
Feng Li Su saw Shu Fei wrapped herself in this unbearable way.
Frown "Shu Fei, what’s the matter?"
Shu Fei’s eyes immediately burst with tears and filled with grievances. "The emperor doesn’t know who the male and female servants have grievances. He even put a lot of gold-toothed fire ants in the male and female servants’ dormitory. Now … now … the emperor wants the male and female servants to make it!"
Now she has ruined her face and been bitten by the golden tooth fire ant. At the beginning, she endured for seven days and seven nights and then left ugly scars on her body. But after saying that these scars will never go away, is she going to cover her face like this in the future?
The destruction of Shu Fei, Feng Li Su, was also heard. At the beginning, she didn’t feel how serious it was. Now seeing her wrapped up like this is a little more serious than he thought.
However, these women in the harem are evil on weekdays, and now they deserve to end up like this.