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Ten ripple "that you …"

"I was born with a wooden body, and you humans are very different. Now that you have been seriously dragged down, you can’t go out to sea … will you and I make fun of this kind of thing?" Xie hengyan surprised way
Ten ripple busy explained, "that’s not what I mean …"
Xie Hengyan was a little unhappy and asked, "What do you mean?"
Shi Lian said in a low voice, "Little monster, I saw that you were deeply attached to India, and he didn’t understand your thoughts, but you were unhappy about it when you were leaving … it really shouldn’t be!"
"What else can I do?" Xie Hengyan twist eyebrow. "Even if you stun, you must also pour the printed tugboat, whether he likes it or not? It is important to save the dog’s life! "
"Why don’t you … go with him?" Ten Lian suddenly comes up with this sentence
"… me?" Xie Hengyan glared. "Didn’t I say that my body can’t go to sea … if I can go with him?"
Ten ripple way "you haven’t tried how do you know can or can’t? Besides, when the ship leaves him alone … it’s a question whether you can break through the barrier or not. Won’t you worry him? "
Xie Hengyan eyes then some red "worry ah how don’t worry? I’m just afraid that if he can’t get out of the barrier, he might as well stay in the village honestly if he is trapped in the sea and can’t get out and can’t come back. "
Shilian suddenly got up and held down the puppet’s shoulders, especially seriously. "I’m not saying that you can’t hold on to this wooden body for a long time. It’s better to take the opportunity to fight for the sea and try it outside?"
"Try what … I can’t try it. What can I try with him as soon as I go out?" Xie Hengyan tuck sit back to the bed is very depressed "… I don’t want to accompany him, but I can’t accompany myself. I’m unlucky not to live at that time."
"Little monster insists that I am just like you." Ten Lian sat down and took him by the shoulder with one hand and said earnestly, "I have known Nago for many years now. To tell the truth, I haven’t been looking forward to leaving for a moment since I fell here … In reality, no one is willing to make this start until today. I have been looking forward to this opportunity-do you think I should go or not?"
Xie Hengyan doesn’t know what to say. Judging from this incident, it is rare for him to resonate much, but somehow he always feels that Shi Lian still brings some other ideas. Their mood is not exactly the same. Xie Hengyan seems a little embarrassed whenever facing her.
"I think Sister Sugar Water … although she is stubborn most of the time, she is also a very opinionated and rarely determined person." Xie Hengyan said, "Maybe only in this way will she not be influenced by other people’s ideas."
Shilian laughed. "Is that so?"
Xie Hengyan nodded. "Yes, I believe that Sister Sugar Water will definitely leave the island and go to sea if she says it herself. Then I will have to be taken care of by my sister if I encounter any difficulties in the ship in the future."
Ten Lian asked again, "Are you serious? So worried about death and unwilling to accompany him to the sea? "
Chapter 197 Fraud
"Puppet, why don’t we make a … fair deal for both sides?"
"Deal …? What, what deal? "
"This island, known as Yongcun Island, has been nearly dozens of long times since it appeared-but so far, my ghost is still stuck on this island and has never been far away for a moment … Do you know?"
"Can also be? What mistakes have been made to be imprisoned to this extent-so you must be a heinous sinner. "
"According to you, all the ordinary villagers who died suddenly on this island are guilty of heinous crimes?"
"You … what are you talking about? They will become like this, not just because you are behind the scenes! "
There was water all around my ears, and suddenly a strange, fragmented and blurred face was revealed from the bottom of the pool.
That was in all Xie Hengyan’s memories, and there was never a face.
"When you control the change around the island for several weeks, that barrier can only be temporarily broken through the touch of my soul."
It said to Xie Hengyan, "It is an indispensable symbiosis between my birth and death on the island … Once I leave this sea area, the whole island will be destroyed, and I will be stunned, and I will never fall into the abyss, and I will resurrect the opportunity in the future."
"What?" Xie Hengyan asked stiffly, "Didn’t you set this barrier yourself? Can’t you even untie it yourself?"
However, it didn’t give him an exact explanation. In the end, there was that decisive sentence.
"I need a soul person to replace me on the island, so as to form a new symbiosis. This will not have an excessive impact, and I will be able to break away from the barrier logically, and I can also lead the big ship to break through this sea area and return to the outside world where ordinary people are in a limited time."
"What am I?" Xie Hengyan frowned and asked, "What can’t be others? I want to go to sea with Yinzhu as much as I do. Why should I be the last one to stay? "
"The world which come so cheap things you want to go to sea, I want to go to sea, he also wants to go to sea! ….. All of you are selfish and greedy to try to live longer than anyone in the future. "It leaned out to twist the puppet Ba Ji and said maliciously," You want to know why you will stay on the island-these words you have to ask Xie Xie! Who should the bone needle he personally embedded in your heart belong to! "
Xie Hengyan was shocked all over and then bowed his head and looked down at the position on his chest that was facing exhaustion and decay at any time-but when "it" reached out again and seemed to want to borrow knuckles to touch it, Xie Hengyan tightened her skirt warily and did not move backwards for several steps, but took the lead in saying something.
"I don’t have much to say to you about a piece of wood. To make a long story short, if you still want to live to see Xie Xie and ask all the ins and outs-you just stay here honestly, and the rest of me will take those who should go out by boat and leave the sea."
Xie Hengyan insisted, "What if I have to go?"
"You can try to see if they die fast-or if you walk fast alone."
"… seal it!"
It was the first time I woke up from the recurring nightmare that night.
Xie Hengyan struggled to sit up and Yin Yan was sleeping half asleep. At that time, when she heard the puppet call, she opened her eyes and asked in a low voice, "What’s the matter?"
When the head is tilted, Xie Hengyan is looking down and his eyes are firmly fixed on his cuffs and wrists. The large ulceration is suffused with blue wooden skin.
"Why does the wound hurt?" As soon as Yinzhu woke up, he jumped into bed and rummaged through the closet to find the medicinal oil for him.
At this time, Xie Hengyan said, "Don’t look for the medicine … It’s that my old wood is dying and I can’t repair it."
"That how to do? Can’t it always be so bad? " Yin Zhu held his hands and felt so distressed that he didn’t know what to say. "You said earlier that I wouldn’t pull you with me that day."
Xie Hengyan looked down at him and didn’t speak.