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Dance "in asking.

"The only chance is to stop that woman … but I’m afraid the large-caliber sniper rifle is nothing to him by the way he easily intercepted Arher’s treasure."
Emiya Kiritsugu analyzed this situation, and now Saber can’t be counted on. Since he is not an opponent, he will win by any means. This is the life creed of a Emiya Kiritsugu man, even if the other person is a koo woman.
If he is absolutely sure that he can kill Alice Phil, he will not hesitate to shoot, which will definitely have a great impact on the Lord Einz Belem.
But Emiya Kiritsugu is not sure, so he is hesitating.
"It’s just that the chances of success are too slim, and this move may also cause Saber’s extreme disgust."
In the end, Emiya Kiritsugu chose to give up this trip, which was too risky, or it was better to be slow and steady.
"Tell Saber to get ready to retreat. There’s no point in staying."
Emiya Kiritsugu said the dance nodded his head.
"Now that Laner is gone, I have no reason to stay here any longer. Rider and Caser, we are destined to see each other again."
Feeling that Maser quickly left Saber and frowned slightly, then leaned slightly at Rider and others, and then disappeared into the spirit.
Independent Zhang didn’t take advantage of it, not to mention that his right hand was cursed and he directly lost a quarter of his combat power. Leaving Saber is also a dejected look.
It’s not good, Masser. The two will get worse this moment …
Chapter 113 Don’t pavilion on the outskirts
Silence came after the destructive storm messed up the battlefield.
The sound of the waves hitting the rock wall is far away, and the noise of the street begins to secretly decorate the night. LanerMaser has solved the dense boundary in the vicinity, right?
"then there’s no reason to stay. I’ll get back the face I lost tonight when I meet you later!"
Rider refers to the fact that Flandora almost burned herself hairless.
"I’m waiting for the big fool."
Flanders laughed without fear, which made Rider laugh.
"It’s really a good momentum. It seems that you can’t look down on the girl. It’s as if the little girl was a famous king who ruled the whole of Britain."
"May I have the honor of knowing your name, this little lady?"
Rider got up and looked like a very gentleman, asking Flandora.
How could it be so simple to tell you her real name? Are all of you idiots like you?
Sitting in the ox cart, Weber was so unhappy that he was very witty this time and didn’t say it directly, so I’m afraid he’ll get another flick of the finger
But to Weber’s surprise, this little girl actually said her name.
After the Rider said this, Flandora twisted her skirt gracefully and bowed at the Rider.
"I am the second in line to the noble Scarlet Zhen Hong family. Scarlet Flandora came here to win the Holy Grail for my Lord."
"Oh oh … Scarlett Flandora? With all due respect, I don’t seem to remember such a family? "
"It’s normal that you don’t know, because I don’t belong in this world."
"So that’s it. Is it a heroic spirit?"
Rider showed a clear appearance and immediately nodded his head.
"Then, Miss Flandora, let’s say goodbye for a while. When we meet, I will arouse all the blood. Do you have anything to say to me, young master?"
The teenager lying on the bridge at Rider’s feet didn’t answer.
At this time, I actually remembered what I had done early. Weber muttered in his heart, but he still answered.
"It’s nothing. Let’s go quickly. I’m going back to bed. It’s so late."
"Then sit tight, my little master."
Rider said this and tightened the reins of two sacred cows. The bulls screamed and sent out thunder, and the lightning flashed from the hoof to the sky.
Rider chariot drove to the southern sky with thunder roar.
Alice Phil finally got rid of her nervousness and breathed a sigh of relief. She looked around again, and the surrounding area was full of scars. It was only natural that five Servan gathered together, and some of them did not hesitate to burst their treasures on the battlefield.
"The first round of war was so fierce that the Holy Grail War ever happened in the past?"
Alice Phil is not afraid of the traces of the battlefield being destroyed. The administrator of the Temple Church is responsible for the concealment of the Holy Grail War. It is like a major earthquake here. The administrator will certainly mobilize the church staff to clean up the battlefield carefully, right?
"and it’s not a good thing to be stared at by two powerful Servan from the beginning."
Now, apart from just declaring war on Rider, leaving Arher not long ago is also full of murder for them, which is not something that can make people happy.
"Rider words don’t worry that guy won’t be the kind of fishing in danger, but Arher is a bit troublesome … that guy is very powerful."
Thinking of that arrogant Arhr Ye Yu is a headache. The arrogant person is not terrible. It is so terrible that the arrogant person has arrogant information, so he will become a great threat.
In the deep mountain area of Dongmu City, the back of the long national highway extends to the west towards the city lights, while waiting for visitors in front of the road is an undeveloped forest that meanders quietly along the road across the county national highway.
Although there is a two-lane highway, there are almost no signs of oncoming cars on the national highway with sparse street lights. At night, the national highway seems to be forgotten in this silence
In this silent night, a silver beast came at a gallop.
Mercedes-Benz 3SL "She", with its elegant and elegant streamlined body, is as steady as a lady, and the roar of the side-by-side six-cylinder engine is as majestic as a beast.
"How about this speed is quite fast?"
Said Alice Phil, holding the steering wheel with a smug smile on her face, while sitting in the assistant seat, full of tension, Ye Yu could barely squeeze out a smile and nodded his head.
"Really … really unexpected … skilled … driving?"
"Right? I was so skilled but specially trained. "
That being said, judging from her unfamiliar shift technique, a skilled driver is far from it.
Ye Yu can’t help but recall that the scene of Alice Phil driving around the castle courtyard was really a nightmare …