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"I came here on purpose this time, but the German factory will be put into production soon. My father will arrange for me to work here."

Li Ning Shang nodded happily and said, "That’s good. We can have one more friend to kill time when we chat later."
"I’m sure I’ll be with you," Feng Tianci immediately chimed in. I don’t know why I always feel a little restrained when I stay with Li Ning Shang. But in front of Li Ning Shang, he always feels like a little person of his own generation, just like when chatting with his elders. "Maybe Li Ning Shang brought pressure on himself in his business achievements," Feng Tianci thought to himself.
"Mr. Li produces all kinds of chips in the Chinese factory, and our group actually has a partnership with you," Feng Tianci said
"oh? Really? That’s great, that is to say, we are business partners. This year, my main energy has been focused on football. I have handed over all the things in the factory to the professional management team to take care of. I hope our chip can help your production. "
It’s very kind of Mr. Li, but we do encounter some minor problems. I hope Mr. Li can help us solve them. We know that you have built a research and development base in Ximen Tuanhe, Germany, and I really can’t find a more suitable partner among Chinese enterprises with strong scientific research strength.
"Let’s hear it" feels that the other party’s words are sincere. Li Ning decided that he would try his best to help the other party if it did not affect the interests of the company.
"You know that Sharp has always had an absolute leading edge in the field of LCD panels, and its LCD TV has occupied 95% of the world sales before the start of the Chinese market. Our factory now has the ability to produce 3-bit color LCD panels, 4-millisecond LCD panels and LCD panels that display different images in different directions, but all this has been achieved in the footsteps of Sharp. Up to now, our share has grown at a low price, which is very dangerous in commercial competition. To be honest, it is absolutely wishful thinking to surpass Sharp in technology in a short time, but now there is an opportunity to surpass them, though not.
Feng Tianci kept looking at Li Ningshang’s eyes when he spoke. He wanted to know something about each other’s thoughts from each other’s eyes, but he couldn’t read anything but encouragement and enthusiasm. Feng Tianci sighed in his heart that he still had a gap compared with each other. He went on to say, "Sharp has been producing from different angles, After the LCD cameras with different images reach different angles, listening to different sound technologies has been bothering them. Before, we didn’t produce cameras, so we didn’t have any ideas. But now that the group has entered this field, we want to try to surpass them in this respect. But now the technical talents in the group are all visual engineers, and your group has reached a world-class level in chip research. My father sent me here this time to ask you to help us. "
Feng Tianci’s words are full of expectations. He looks at Li Ning and waits for his reply. Indeed, as he said, if Li Ning refuses him, there will be no expectation in Chinese enterprises at present.
I’m going on a business trip again, which may affect the update problem. I’ll try to find an internet cafe, but please forgive me if it doesn’t work. And why is my recommendation ticket gone? Everyone should support it.
Chapter one hundred and seven Preparation for the new season (3)
Li Ning certainly knew his position in this matter. After hearing Feng Tianci’s words, he didn’t immediately answer the other party, but sorted out the key points in the other party’s words and said, "China enterprises don’t help their own people, don’t they help outsiders? But I can’t immediately answer your request. I need to discuss with the R&D department the possibility of realizing this idea. You should know that the company’s decisions are based on interests." Feng Tianci immediately said, "We can bear half of the research and development."
Li Ning Shang smiled and said, "Let’s talk about these issues after the person in charge of the R&D department has talked about it." For him, money is not a problem, and it is not worthwhile for others to pay for it, and the final result should be given to others in part.
Feng Tianci understands that nodding is an expensive development, and he has to bear the risk of failure. Whoever puts this matter will study it carefully and make a theory.
"There’s another personal thing I want to talk to you about." Feng Tianci scratched his head and was embarrassed to say that he felt a little guilty about the continuous demands of people who met for the first time.
Li Ningshang watched with interest the guy Feng Tianci kept asking for when he first met him. It was the first time he met him, but it aroused his interest. Many people lost many opportunities because of being nice or wearing a false mask. Li Ningshang asked with a smile, "Let’s hear more about other requirements."
Feng Tianci lowered his head and took a sip of red wine on the table. When he raised his head again, Li Ningshang suddenly found that his eyes brightened a little. In his eyes, he was full of expectation. "Influenced by my father, I am also a football fanatic. In my heart, I have always thought about China football. After the league was on the right track, I always advised my father to invest in football. My father also has investment intentions, but you know that most people on the board of directors of the National Football Environmental Mission are afraid to spend tens of millions of dollars a year." For us, it is also called advertising, but the reality is that this money may not necessarily improve the corporate image after it is invested, and it will probably discredit the corporate image. I have also thought about investing in European clubs, but the high operation here is really beyond our affordability. However, the management methods shown by Mr. Li have greatly inspired me. First, I have improved the strength of the club and at the same time improved the club image. I want to know how much money you spent on a Dortmund club from purchase to transportation. "
"I’m really glad that you are the first friend to express the same ambition to me in front of me, but" Li Ning paused for a moment. He made a little arrangement to express his language because he didn’t want to scare off a possible future comrade now. "But I need to pour some cold water on you. Although you have seen what I have gained now and I want to tell you that this is my first income in the new season, the club has high expectations for subsequent income, but before that, I have invested nearly 500 million euros and here. I have prepared all the advertising media for the season before, which means that I have prepared another 300 million euros for emergency backup. As far as I know about your group, it is obvious that you can’t afford such a large amount of money. "
Seeing Feng Tianci’s disappointed expression, Li Ning immediately went on to say, "But Dortmund is an absolutely large club. Although he has a poor record in the past two years, the lean camel is bigger than a horse, and its scale is also one of the best in European clubs. And you don’t focus on the five major leagues. China people note that in addition to the five major league clubs, there are also players who travel in Europe. Before I came to Europe, overseas players appeared the most in the news, not in the Premier League. Li and Dong Yuanzhuo are the brightest and most newsworthy than B because of their performance. You can also consider buying a European second-tier league team in this respect and tapping one or two state-owned potential players will definitely have great commercial value. At the same time, it will also help the national team train players to kill two birds with one stone. "
Feng Tianci immediately understood the meaning of Li Ning’s business. He laughed heartily. It is true that if you have more money and less money, there will always be a way to play for yourself. Do you have investment intentions? Are you afraid of not investing? He was excited to say to Li Ning’s business, "Thank you for waking up. To tell the truth, I have been fascinated by the aura of the five major leagues before. Once something is now, it is not easy to drag it out."
"In fact, the European market is very big, and we are the first investors to enter. At present, the appetite of Chinese fans and the enthusiasm of the news media are as low as five. Six China enterprises are tossing around here. Of course, before investing, they must have a clear understanding of their own strength. Otherwise, the blow after failure will make you unable to turn over for a long time. "This is Li Ning’s advice to a friend. In his mind, he has drawn Feng Tianci’s range of friends. During the conversation, he has been observing the other side’s subtle eyes from Feng Tianci. He can feel that investing in football is definitely not invented by the other side to please himself. It will be very pleasant if some allies can appear in Europe.
It is said that a good leader should also be a good speaker. Another identity of Li Ning’s business is that it is the most basic requirement for businessmen to grasp the mentality and emotions of their opponents. At this time, Feng Tianci has been excited by Li Ning’s business talk, and he can’t wait to make plans immediately to return to China to present his latest views to his father and the board of directors and seek their consent. In this respect, he is still very confident that the group has grown rapidly in recent years, and his hard work is inseparable.
Feng Tianci is not a second-generation type. Before he was admitted to the university, his father was still a migrant worker. Although his life was fairly rich, the unfair treatment he received in Japanese schools turned his learning motivation into his own efforts. He was admitted to Harvard Business School and laid a good foundation for his future business career.
Some people say that university is a place to learn knowledge, but in Feng Tianci’s eyes, university is a place to accumulate popularity and wealth. Here, he met many rich brothers, who made great contributions to helping his father start his own business in the future. Through his classmates’ families, he helped him enter the European and American markets at a much lower price than others.
Today, he was moved by Li Ning’s business talk, but more accurately, Li Ning’s business talk resonated with him. In the eyes of everyone, he was an enviable success, but compared with Li Ning’s business, he was dwarfed. In the hearts of successful people, he always stared at opponents who were stronger than himself, and saw that Li Ning’s business football expanded its influence again. He also had the idea of hitchhiking. This was one of his thoughts.
Feng Tianci immediately got up and said, "Thank you for inspiring me today. Now I want to go back and carefully sort out your opinions and say that my father’s uncles on the board of directors are leaving now."
Li Ning started his business. Feng Tianci shook hands and said, "It’s my honor to be able to help you. If you need any help, you can give it to me directly. I also look forward to an early appearance in the European arena. You are an ally and everyone agrees to work hard together."
Both of them laughed. After their common love for football became a bridge of communication, many things would be much more convenient to operate. At the moment when Feng Tianci was about to walk out of the door, Li Ning said, "I will give you a reply on the research and development of the control chip in a week."
Feng Tianci stopped at once, but this is the second time he has come here today. He turned around and bowed slightly to Li Ningshang. When he got up, he smiled and said, "I hope it is good news."
Li Ning Shang nodded with a smile.
After eating a little food, Li Ningshang appeared in the hall. He must be the last person to leave the hall. Of course, this can’t escape the eyes of you. Although Hess is here for friendly exchanges with representatives of sponsors, some people still want to talk to this strange China businessman. However, in the eyes of these people, Li Ningshang is not the chairman of Dortmund, but the chairman of Fuer Investment Group Shitang Group.
A middle-aged man immediately came to Li Ning Shang after he appeared. He extended his right hand and introduced himself, "Mr. Li, I’m Robert ≈ ; #86; CEO of Levi’s Ek, did you talk to me? "
Li Ning first smiled on his face. He said happily, "Of course, I remember that you have just been introduced to me by Mr. Hess. You are the biggest sponsor of our stadium billboard this year. Thank you for your support." Li Ning shook hands and bowed respectfully to the other party. All people who pay money to themselves must be treated with courtesy.
Robert ≈ ; #86; Levi’s went on to say "I don’t know; Has Mr. Li recently, our chairman very much hopes to have the opportunity to meet you, and he hopes to invest in Dortmund Club? "
Chapter one hundred Preparation for the new season (4)
Li Ning was a little stunned, but he immediately recovered. He just bought Dortmund, which put the club on the right track. Someone made a club idea. If the other party really had the sincerity to invest in the club, why didn’t he give this opinion in the Niebaum era? Although his heart was full of reluctance, Li Ning still politely asked, "Can you tell me the reason? If you invest in the club, I think you may have a better chance to invest before I buy it. "
Robert ≈ #86; Levi’s gave a hearty laugh. "To tell the truth, we are not interested in Dortmund club, but Mr. Li. The chairman of our group appreciates Mr. Li Ning’s personal charm very much. Your experience in the investment field has become a strange kind of club’s same resources. I mean, Dortmund club was also very rich when it first entered the market, but they knew how to spend money and lacked the means to make profits, which led to the lack of follow-up funds after the club won the championship, and then they had to sell players to make up for the losses, which eventually made the club’s performance slip sharply. But we were full of confidence in
Li Ningshang also laughed. He asked, "Just because of my past experience?"
"Of course," Robert Levi’s raised his glass, and he went on to say, "In addition to the way you run the club, when you first entered the football field, you caused a sensation, not only in the German football field, but also in the financial field. Compared with the people in the football field, we know more about your experience, and every step you have taken since you took office has been carefully planned, which has given us high praise. We believe that investing in Dortmund Club will bring us rich returns and certainly help us establish a good relationship."
"Can you tell me about your investment plan that I need to consider?"
"We have learned from professional financial companies that the value of Dortmund Club’s assets has reached 15% after your shareholding, and there is a good expectation of continuous appreciation. In the stock market, Dortmund’s share price has nearly doubled. Now it is recognized by various stock institutions as suitable for long-term investment in stocks, but we also know that you have mastered the stock market where 9% of Dortmund Club’s shares are located, and people will raise the stock price, which is not good for us. The company’s investment plan is to buy 1% of shares at a price of 15 points according to the stock market price. What do you think?" Robert
Li Ningshang didn’t answer. He made a thoughtful expression, but in his heart, Li Ningshang had already decided that football is not a tool to make money by himself, but a dream of his own. He absolutely can’t bear money to trample on this piece of heaven and earth in his heart. When he saw Hess coming to himself, Li Ningshang smiled and said to him, "Oh, Mr. Hess, you’re just in time. Mr. Robert is talking to me about joining Dortmund Club. What do you think?" He roughly explained the conditions to Hess.
"As far as the club’s current operating conditions are concerned, it is not suitable to accept investment." Li Ning’s business has spent a few months together, and of course he knows what Li Ning’s business is thinking. Money is definitely not lacking for Li Ning’s business, and Li Ning’s business has a strong desire for control. He doesn’t want someone to tell him what to do next to him and interfere with his decision. Earlier, he had been discussing with himself, such as dispersing the stock repurchase problem of Dortmund’s stock department in the stock market. Now he has to spit out his stocks. Hess went on to say, "The club is It is unfair for both parties to invest in Dortmund Club now, because Mr. Li Ning-shan has invested unilaterally. As far as Mr. Li is concerned, the club has not yet seen the results, and the stock price is obviously in the rising stage, and the interests will be lost. The same problem for investors, if funds continue to follow Mr. Li’s plan, it may also affect the normal capital flow of enterprises. "
As soon as Hess’s voice fell, Li Ning immediately took over and said, "Dortmund Club is an interest for me, football is a hobby for me. My goal in this field is football. If you are really interested, we can talk in other fields."
"Well, I will tell Mr. Li’s words to our chairman, but I hope Mr. Li can seriously consider our discussion again." Robert Levi’s shrugged and said, "But we have an appointment with your chairman."
"I’ll ask you to make an appointment." Li Ning Shang immediately replied that he shook hands with the other party in the previous step to express this topic. After the other party left, Li Ning Shang gently said "thank you" to Hess, while Hess smiled at Li Ning Shang.
After seeing off all the guests, Li Ning found Hess matthaeus’s office. He repeated Robert’s request to matthaeus.
"You all know that Dortmund Club is not a tool for making money for me, but a platform for realizing my ideal. Everyone is one of our own. I think everyone should be very white. Helping Dortmund recover means helping German football recover, which means helping the development of football in my motherland. I want to reform the club system before this."
Hess immediately showed an interested expression. He knew that Li Ning Shang was a guy who often surprised people around him. This new proposal would have a great impact on the club. He didn’t ask anything, but listened quietly while drinking coffee.
Compared with Hess’s calm matthaeus, he can’t wait. "Change the club system. Dortmund Club has already walked in front of the world clubs. He is one of the first clubs in the market. What do you need to change?"
Li Ning smiled and said, "The market means being responsible for all shareholders, big and small, and you have to distribute the surplus profits to all shareholders. It means that the team is not the key you should pay attention to, but the shareholders are the most important issues you need to consider. Manchester United will sell Beckham, which can bring tens of millions of peripheral profits every year, to Real Madrid because Beckham’s transfer can bring huge returns to all major shareholders. I don’t want this to happen. My purpose is to bring honor to all the best players’ clubs. And the best choice to achieve this goal is the membership system adopted by Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. All the interest departments are once again involved in the development of the club, so that the club will continue to grow and create new light. "
Hess can’t sit still at this time. On Bayern Day, he clearly realized that the major shareholders have made a little profit and kept reducing their expenses. The most important thing for Barak to leave them this time is not that Bayern midfielder lacks a general, but that he left the club as a free transfer. Before Barak, he didn’t catch any, but Li Ning, a China man, sold a German club in front of him and changed his membership system. This is really too much. To his surprise, it was a big surprise. He said excitedly, "The chairman should know that if you do this, the funds you put into the club will no longer be recovered unless you transfer the club later."
"In fact, I have paid off these investments," Li Ning explained in Hess matthaeus’s curiosity. "The news of the acquisition of Dortmund Club has pushed my personal business name to a new height. I believe that my name is already known to all football fans and my production is marketing the ball with my name."
Feelings Li Ning Shang regarded this investment as an advertisement, but the accident in this advertisement was somewhat exaggerated. The two immediately responded, "So what are you going to do?" Hess asked that if the club is reformed, he will be the flag bearer at the forefront.
I want you to give me a report in three days’ time. When I saw the two men nodding, it should be Li Ning. Then I said, "First, I issued a notice to announce the delisting of Dortmund Club shares and recycle the remaining shares in the stock market. Then I need to divide the best position of the stadium for club members so that they can have a close contact with our players. I have already discussed the repurchase of Westfall Football Stadium in the municipal government."
"Is this true?" Matthaeus cried happily. "The fans will be very happy when they know it. When Niebaum sold the stadium to pay off debts, many fans launched verbal attacks on it, which made Niebaum very embarrassed."
Li Ning smiled, and he didn’t mind that matthaeus suddenly interrupted himself. On the contrary, he felt very happy. matthaeus had this reaction, and those Dortmund club fans of generations didn’t know how much it would react.
"I will rebuild the stadium during the season. In addition to ensuring the number of seats now, the most important thing is to make fans closer to the players. I need you to formulate a series of preferential and promotional measures to attract fans around the club. I think the basic membership system of Dortmund Club fans will be the most suitable system here."
Chapter one hundred and nine Preparation for the new season (5)
Matthaeus said with a smile, "the promotion of membership here must be twice the result with half the effort. The fans here are very loyal and have donated money to the club a long time ago." All three people are full of expectations for membership. Hess took matthaeus to his room at the meeting, which was a big event for the club and he had too many things to do at this time. Hess hoped that matthaeus would take more responsibility for this report. It was only a few days before the Bundesliga start date, and Hess’ plan to make money was just beginning. I am most interested in it in the future. However, Hess introduced several of his most capable experts in this field to matthaeus and told them to try their best to help matthaeus work out the report needed by Li Ning in three days.
In the past three days, Hess accompanied Li Ning to meet one sponsor after another. All sponsors have prepared a new sponsorship contract, some of which have greatly exceeded Hess’s original estimate, but Li Ning seems to turn a blind eye to all these, except a few small peripheral sponsors. Li Ning has rejected all other major sponsors’ new contracts.
"I will help the team stand on the top of the Bundesliga again. My goal is to make Dortmund the most feared team in Europe-I swear it will come very soon. If the club has a little more interest now, it will make others laugh if they sign a contract for several years." When Hess asked Li Ning for reasons, Li Ning explained it to Hess.
However, although Hess understood Li Ning’s statement, he was still full of regrets when he saw those contracts full of temptations, including en’s four-year chest advertising sponsorship contract worth 40,000 euros, Nike’s new sports equipment sponsorship contract, Coca-Cola, LG and other jersey advertising sponsorship contracts. Hess himself secretly calculated that the total price of these contracts increased by nearly 3% compared with the total contract amount last year.
Everything is up to the boss, but it is also necessary to play a businessman’s role. Threatening and luring all sponsors to Dortmund Club signed a new contract valid for one year. The price of the contract was abruptly raised by Hess by 5% to 1%. However, Hess also realized that Li Ning was a successful businessman, and his psychological grasp of his opponents was very accurate. Because Li Ning had a series of transfers, all sponsors are now very optimistic about the future of the club. Of course, Li Ning’s strong financial guarantee is also the reason. Too many clubs have achieved success for one season after spending all their own funds, but only after one season, they sold their players to ensure the club’s survival.
Three days later, matthaeus was excited to get a plan to improve the club membership reform in front of Li Ning’s business desk.
Looking at matthaeus’s bloodshot eyes, Li Ningshang motioned for the other party to take a rest on the sofa in the corner of the office while he quickly picked up the plan and read it.
Regular membership activities include letting the club’s star club fans spend an afternoon at home through lottery, regularly socializing with a certain number of fans’ favorite stars, and regularly drawing some members’ fan clubs to organize them to cheer for their own teams away from home and so on.