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That’s not entirely true!

With the cross-country training with Matt Dai for overload and heavy load for just one week, the speed of cross-country strength has greatly increased, and when carrying the heavy box of war materials, APP also decided that it was a cross-country weight-bearing training shape, which accelerated the speed of cross-country training of Konoha Rigid Boxing Fluid.
The cross-country week was not wasted. At least he practiced very well in body art.
However, there are too many expectations for cross-country training when carrying out overload and weight-bearing training, which eventually leads to disappointment. Moreover, cross-country body training has improved a lot in the overload and weight-bearing training situation, but there are countless hidden diseases, which naturally reduces the evaluation of cross-country training for Matt Dai.
It’s a disadvantage to stay ill.
If cross-country can be instructed to practice like Mattel, regardless of the hidden illness, it is estimated that the cross-country body will collapse in about two years. What about stepping into a shadow-level strong person?
Then the guest officer found that Maite Dai’s cultivation still did more harm than good, and he didn’t want to say that Maite Dai was not convenient in front of Lujiu. He made a pertinent evaluation of Maite Dai’s cultivation and began to ask about the situation of Konoha Fog’s confrontation, just as he was ready to give up Maite Dai’s cultivation and start to solve the problem of Kakashi and the three of them.
After Lu Jiu answered, cross-country was also secretly relieved.
It turns out that Konoha only accomplished the second thing of fog tolerance in the practice of cross-country for a week.
The second line of defense led by Lujiu in Fog Endurance can be said to have persisted for a long time, but it was finally broken a day ago. Unfortunately, just as Lujiu was preparing to plan to solve Fog Endurance, the third line of defense was ready to break into Fog Endurance Camp. The bad news was that it was a little tricky for Lujiu to enter Lujiu’s ears!
"The cross-country situation is probably what I just described."
"The seven people of Fog Endure appeared in their third line of defense. I’m afraid you need a sharp sword to join us in order to successfully conquer Fog Endure’s third line of defense in reducing casualties."
"According to what Adai said, you should be able to return to the battlefield after three days of cross-country rest, and Uchiha Shisui, code-named" Instant ",should be able to go to the battlefield in three days, so I’m going to fight the third line of defense in three days."
"But before that."
"Cross-country, I need to deal with your physical illness a little, which will affect your cultivation!"
"Uncle LuJiu really see it? Alas, the disadvantages of Maite Dai’s cultivation probably need Uncle Lujiu to solve! "
Just after cross-country physical examination, I found that practicing Maite Dai did great harm to human body.
So Lu Jiu said that cross-country needs three days to recover before it can go to the battlefield. The first idea of cross-country is to refuse. After all, recovering from physical illness is the most important thing!
Now, it’s natural to have Lujiu personally cooperate with the medical ninja in Konoha camp.
Then, after Lujiu led the cross-country trip, he went to Konoha Medical Camp.
There, Lujiu is the secret medicine of Nara clan to cross-country to relieve physical fatigue.
Yu Lujiu assigned three medical ninjas to assist in cross-country recovery and strive to restore the peak state as soon as possible in the secret medicine of Lujiu Nara family.
While in the treatment of body diseases, cross-country performance is very calm.
At this time, the cross-country psychological idea is to cure the physical illness in three days to make up for the disadvantages of overload and weight-bearing cultivation. Then there is some progress in body art. Cross-country is to understand that Matt Dai insists on turning into a devil instructor and asks him to do that "crazy" general cultivation.
But sometimes things turn out to be unexpected
In the cross-country heart, there are still some complaints that Matt Dai made him wave for a whole week when he was practicing like that "crazy". Suddenly, in front of cross-country he treated the physical illness. The eyes of three medical ninjas were full of amazement and murmured a few words, but it made the cross-country eyes slightly tightened!
"Deer long your nephew is how to practice? There are many dark diseases in his body, but can those dark diseases heal themselves? "
"Yes deer for a long time! I have seen such a thing in two people. Is your nephew the younger brother? "
"It’s not just that the body can heal itself. Now I make the medical ninja treatment faster than the treatment of ordinary people’s diseases! That guy Matt Dai’s hair training method is really great! It’s a pity that the cultivation method is not suitable for people. It seems that your nephew is very talented in cultivation! "
Before listening to the three medical ninjas mumbling words, the cross-country pupils were slightly constricted, and the whole people stood there!
Especially when it is inscrutable to look at the deer for a long time in a second, the deer smiled and said a word, which made the cross-country white for a long time, and Matt Daina’s overload cultivation hid the secret!
"Cross-country, according to that guy Adai"
"The human body in your body should be gradually opened in that week of practice!"
Chapter 144 The secret mystery ()
"What is the human body secret?"
"How come Uncle Lujiu and those medical ninjas all seem to know something about human body hiding?"
"There seems to be nothing in the original story that is hidden in the human body!"
"It’s really like I guessed before that Matt wears overload and load-bearing practice, that is, before practicing the door to escape armor? And Uncle Lujiu and those medical ninjas say that human body hiding is the basic article of practicing armor? "
The slight contraction of the eyes represents the shock in the off-road heart.
Because when Lujiu and the three medical ninjas next to him were cross-country in the treatment of physical ailments, the cross-country foundation was sure that Matt Dai had no place to practice with overload and weight.
Who would have thought that the next thing could turn around?
In the past, I felt that I didn’t feel very good when I was surfing for a whole week. There were some complaints in my heart about Matt Dai’s appearance as a devil instructor, but now I know from Lu Jiu and those three medical ninjas that Matt Dai’s overload training really contains magical effects.
On the one hand, I feel ashamed of blaming Matt Dai before.
On the other hand, cross-country suspicion is to fully understand what is hidden in the human body!
No, don’t do it. Matt Dai developed the forbidden door to dodge armor and cross-country. I feel it is necessary to study the meaning of Matt Dai’s overload and training in the so-called human body hiding!
However, Lujiu came to Konoha Fog to endure the war. It is really necessary for the off-road team to help the three medical ninjas. Lujiu appointed the off-road treatment body to hide the hidden diseases. If you ask whether it is Lujiu or the three medical ninjas, it is possible to answer the secret things of the human body.
He who is better off than he is.
If you want to fully understand the secret of human body, you feel it necessary to visit Matt Dai, and then you lie there quietly, just like you didn’t hear the news of the secret of human body, waiting for Lu Jiu and those three medical ninjas to finish treatment.
Then it was just a short day.
The hidden disease of cross-country body is not only removed after three medical ninja deer have worked together for a long time.
Even the fatigue left by cross-country training due to overload and heavy load is recovered after only one day of treatment.
I suspect that’s the advantage of opening the human body.
It is also the reason why Matt Dai, who suffered such a serious injury, needs to recover in just a few days.
What’s more, when the off-road body was treated for dark diseases, the accumulated fatigue was swept away, and then I returned to my camp with the deer for a long time. When the off-road country practiced chakra again and the whirlpool clan practiced spiritual occult arts, I found that the cultivation speed of both of them increased a little.
The sudden surprise is obviously to make cross-country more aware of the benefits of opening the human body secret.
After all, chakra’s practice and the spiritual occult practice of the whirlpool clan are all a process of dropping water and wearing away stones!
Don’t say that cross-country has just opened the secret of human body, which will increase chakra’s cultivation speed and Swirl’s spiritual secret cultivation speed by more than 30%. Even though both cultivation speeds have increased by 10%, human body secret cultivation is cross-country and we must master things as soon as possible, because if we can finish mastering the secret of human body and further accelerate chakra’s cultivation and Swirl’s spiritual secret cultivation, then cross-country can smoothly leap into the ranks of film level when it can be reduced by at least half in the cultivation process!
Really become the peak of being able to look down on the world!