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Even if they don’t get the innate materials, the Lich II clan will also point the finger at Fuxi tribe, which is a serious problem.

"So be it! Buying congenital materials from other tribes should be put on hold until I find a solution. Now, you take me to our warehouse of congenital materials to see if our tribe still keeps some congenital materials … "
Qin Na hesitated for a moment and didn’t come up with any good way to quietly acquire innate materials from other Terran tribes. Let’s put this matter aside first and make a fortune. Let’s take him to Fuxi tribe’s own warehouse to have a look and reserve some innate treasures.
Qin Na has never had his own weapon, and he is thinking of refining his own innate treasure with this opportunity.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Fuxi tribal treasure house
Leading the way by making a fortune, Qinnan went to the tower, and all the way to a warehouse next to the castellan’s mansion. This warehouse is dedicated to putting valuables among tribes, which is different from those in big warehouse, which are ten thousand square meters at a time. This small warehouse is as big as ordinary houses, and there are two Du Jie ethnic groups guarding it at the gate.
"This is it, chief. Please come in!"
Make a fortune. The two Du Jie guards nodded at the door, and then escaped from the body with a golden key, opened the door of the treasure house and made a move to let Qin Na go first.
Qin Na is the head of the Fuxi tribe, and the spiritual leader of the whole Fuxi tribe will naturally go in without making a fortune, but after going in, Qin Na is disappointed.
It’s right to come to the treasure house in Qinnan, which is so well defended. There should be a lot of rare treasures in it, but it’s only recently that I found out that there is no treasure in it, even a lump of shit.
"This ….. this is not our treasure stolen? Get rich … "
Seeing the sight of the treasure house in front of you, there is a possibility in Qinnan’s mind that his Fuxi tribal treasure house has been stolen.
"no! No! Chief, listen to me. How did our treasure get here so easily? Chief of the fathers, please come with me … "
See Qin Na a pair will get angry and get rich, hurriedly persuaded Qin Na, and then took Qin Na to this including the northeast corner.
"Pull me over to do? Is it difficult? Is there any machine here? "
Following the fortune, Qin Na really found a clue. Although there is still no treasure at present, Qin Na found a nine-square lattice in the corner.
"Is it difficult to make a fortune that this Jiugongge is a machine that can open a secret passage through this machine?"
Although feel a little hard to believe, Qin Na still spoke his own speculation and made a fortune, but it was Qin Na’s words that made him surprised. "The patriarch’s adult is not the kui but the patriarch’s adult actually saw at a glance that this is a machine."
Said the rich walked over to her in the middle of the Jiugongge did a few strokes to see that Jiugongge flashed a burst of light, and then Qin Na saw a piece of slate in front of her and slowly sank out a secret passage.
"There is really a secret passage. It seems that the treasures of Fuxi tribe are hidden in it."
The secret passage was exposed, and Qin Na’s face was indeed so. Although slightly surprised, it was still in his expectation.
"The heads of the adult please! We Fuxi tribe babies are all in this secret passage. Be careful when we go up the steps … "
Get rich. I don’t know where I brought a simple lantern. I walked ahead and stepped into the secret passage first.
"well! This secret passage is still very hidden, even if people break into the treasure house, it is hard to find this secret passage. "
Qin Na followed by making a fortune into the secret passage and looked around. The steps in this secret passage are covered with moss. If you don’t pay attention to your feet, you will easily fall down.
On both sides of the secret passage, however, the stone walls are very rough, perhaps because the craftsmen’s skills were not high when the secret passage was built. The height of this secret passage is less than two meters, and the width is a little more than one meter. Fortunately, Qinnan is not particularly high and can barely walk freely in it.
"The secret passage was built by the third patriarch of Fuxi tribe when he was alive. I heard that at that time, a wizard of the Wu tribe was invited to guide the construction. Just now, you saw that Jiugongge outside, which is actually the wizard who arranged witchcraft and guided Jiugongge to arrange it correctly. People can open the secret passage. The treasures we have found in Fuxi tribe for thousands of years can be put in it without any mistakes …"
All the way to get rich, I talked a lot about the past of Fuxi tribe, but Qin Nandu didn’t pay much attention to it. His heart was full of left ears and right ears. Now he is looking forward to Fuxi tribe searching for congenital materials and planting more and less. He has to be able to build a few congenital treasures himself.
"all right! Chief of the fathers’ adult arrived in front. Speaking of this secret passage, no one has passed it for a long time. I only came in seven years ago … "
Qin nan also saw that the secret passage in front of him suddenly opened up, which should be the secret room where the treasure was finally put.
"That’s great! Let the patriarch see what treasures there are? "
Baby is just around the corner. Qin Nan’s feet are getting faster and faster. Come and make a fortune in front of yourself and go into the secret room.
"Hey? Why are there so few things? "
Entering the chamber of secrets, Qin Na was suddenly disappointed again, because although there are several innate materials and treasures in this chamber of secrets, it seems that the color is not particularly good, and the surface light is dim and there is no aura.
"It’s all here, chief of the fathers’ adult. To tell the truth, where can we find any better innate materials with this strength of our Terran tribe? There are good innate materials that have long been sought by the powerful lich. How can they be left to us? Only some innate materials were accidentally thrown away by some of our people, and we traded them to the Lich Family II, leaving some relatively good innate materials that we locked tightly in here, waiting for them to be seen again when our people are also able to refine the innate treasure! "
See Qin Na a face of disappointment and watch yourself get rich can also make a nai expression and say, "Chief of the fathers’ adult, I know that these congenital materials really don’t look so good, but they are already the best among the congenital materials we have received. I really don’t want better congenital materials …"
"all right! In that case, I’ll see what these innate materials can refine out some treasures … "
It’s better to have innate materials than some acquired mineral refining magic weapons. Qin Nan thought about it and felt that his expectations were too high. Those innate treasures are not rubbish all over the street. How can you find good innate materials so easily?
Besides, I don’t know how long it’s been since the universe was opened up, and most of the good congenital materials have been found by the saints and saints’ disciples, and they have been refined into various famous congenital treasures in the universe. Even some fish that escaped through the net have been found by the powerful Lich II family.
It’s really some rubbish that can really fall into the hands of terrans, and it’s impossible to trash innate materials any more.
"Come on! It is very good to have these gains. I can take these innate materials with me! "