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Chang Xiangsi laughed when he saw this. "The shopkeeper still accepts it, or our uncle will be torn down by him if he is not happy!" Anyway, in the end, the silver also entered her side, so don’t you earn more?

The shopkeeper immediately let Xiao Er lead them to a clean house, which is much bigger than the wing, and it is also very particular.
But there is no elegant wing and there are three long tables in it.
However, everything I saw was extremely clean, and even the floor couldn’t pick out the problem. At the beginning, I was always homesick, and I always stressed that the most important thing to open a restaurant was cleanliness and hygiene.
Phoenix five saw that although it was not elegant enough here, it was really clean, and it was slowly loosened with a frown.
Chang acacia ordered a table for breakfast and specially ordered two fried dough sticks and soy milk to signal Feng Wu to sit down.
"I don’t like people sitting next to me when I eat, so I thank you for your hard work these days!"
It’s really too hard. The imperial concubine slapped her. Her right hand has been numb these days.
Phoenix five nature is clear about her habit. Even when eating in the palace, the emperor will send the maid-in-waiting eunuch to the outside or watch it from a distance, and even the cloth and food program will be saved.
At this time, he was in charge of her safety and would not go outside to watch, so he sat opposite her
Breakfast was very rich, and most of them were food he had never seen before. The Fairy House was just opened for a short time, but it was famous. The emperor also liked the food here, and sometimes he would let your father-in-law come here and bring some food back to the palace.
I often miss the fried dough sticks dipped in soy milk, and I think it is a very familiar hometown delicacy. I can’t help laughing when I see Feng Wu holding the fried dough sticks.
"This is the best combination of fried dough sticks and soybean milk, which is delicious only when it is dipped in it, or the fried dough sticks are broken into pieces and directly soaked in soybean milk."
As far as she knows, these fried dough sticks are still very popular. Although they are not cheap here, who cares about the silver when they come here?
Chicken five learned to dip the fritters in soy milk and then take a bite. I found that the taste was really good, so I couldn’t help but put it in my mouth with a soy milk.
I often miss eating a fried dough stick and drinking half a bowl of soybean milk, so I feel a little full of stomach, so I wiped my hands and looked at the food on the table. I sighed and my appetite became so small. These days, she obviously felt that she was thin.
In a few days, the mysterious dance doctor will come to the imperial city and hope that he can find a way to detoxify her.
Feng Wu, after all, is a man who eats a fried dough stick and a bowl of soybean milk, and naturally he won’t feel full. He often misses a pile of hand-picked cakes and hands them to him.
"Try it. It’s a hand-made cake. It’s delicious. You can’t eat this food anywhere else!"
Phoenix five saw her recommendation and you’re welcome. She took a bite of the hand-grabbed cake and found that it tasted really good, and he had never seen it before.
After eating the hand-grabbed cake, Feng Wu ate a lot of things. He often missed seeing that he had such a good appetite. He envied her and wanted to eat it. When he ate too much, he wanted to vomit and put up with it.
But …
Glancing at Feng Wu’s bowl of soya-bean milk just now, she couldn’t help but recall a smile mark and silently count it in her heart.
"Ten, nine, seven …"
At this time, Feng Wu felt that some flowers were sitting opposite him, and his head was even more dizzy. He shook his head and wanted to wake himself up, but he heard the opposite person ask with a smile, "Do you feel a little dizzy? Do you think your eyes are flowers when you look at people? "
Phoenix five knows that he has been tricked at this time!
"Three, two, one! Down! "
"Bang-"a phoenix five heavily planted on the table.
Often acacia laughed and knew that Feng Wu must have been tricked into that bowl of soybean milk. She took the medicine and he would drink it all night long enough for him to be in a coma for several hours.
This is its humanity to treat its own person!
If they can take medicine, won’t she be lovesick?
Looking at the unconscious phoenix Wuchang acacia, she got up and left with protection.
She knocked at the door of the building’s accounting office and saw that it was busy. When she heard the sound, she looked up with a surprise.
Chang Xiangsi walked towards him and immediately gave up his position. "Lord, please sit down!" "
Chang Xiangsi saw a pile of books on the table, and the moon was also sorting out that pile of books at this time, so he asked, "How have you been recently?"
Cloud step on immediately nodded "everything is going well. The restaurant here is still full every day. Now the wing has been booked for ten days and it is full every day! Restaurants in the east area belong to the supervision of treading snow, which will be decorated in a few days, and then you can find a good day to open! "
Say that finish cloud step on the moon took out a stack of paper from the cupboard.
Hand it respectfully to Chang acacia.
"The Lord came up with a plan to set up a fairy mansion a few days ago, and these days the Lord is also looking for people, and some of them have been found. If the Lord has a family, let them come and visit the Lord."
Acacia often glanced at the plan and found that Yun stepped on the moon to do things really carefully. In it, all kinds of positions in the sect were carefully divided out, and the location was also discussed. "I’ll take a closer look at this plan later. When you find someone, just leave it. Wait until you formally enter my fairy mansion and meet again."
After thinking about it, I often miss it and said, "There is still a room here. If there is, prepare it for me. I will live here these days!" "
It’s probably not right to stay in an inn at this time, and they will definitely be found out. They will never guess that she lives in the fairy mansion!
The thought that Feng Li Su knew that she would definitely despair after leaving the palace made her feel dark and cool.
Clouds step on the moon for a moment. "There is another room on the east side of the second floor that was originally intended to be made into a wing, but it was not made into a wing because it was a little small. Today, people have to turn over the layout of that wing, and then the Lord will have a place if he wants to live!"
There is a place where she lives here, which saves her from going to the inn if anything goes wrong. "That’s very kind of you!" It’s good to be clean and tidy, and you don’t need too much layout. "
The cloud steps on the moon and says, "It is clear that the Lord will take a rest here and immediately order it!"
Often acacia nodded and watched Yun Tread on the Moon leave. She looked at the arrangement in the accounting room and the pile of accounting books and found that Yun Tread on the Moon was really picky.
At the beginning, the Fairy Mansion was only her idea of giving money to the cloud to set foot on the moon. Now it has only been a few months, and it has earned several times the money.
It’s almost enough to open two fairy houses in the imperial city, and then open several more in other places. Besides restaurants, she also wants to get involved in other industries, and she just needs to count the money.
I often miss thinking about opening the books at hand and reading them.
Lanyue ran back to Weiyang Palace in a panic, and his legs trembled all the way. The palace is too big, and the distance from Weiyang Palace to the entrance of the palace is not close. Even if you run, you need to run for a long time.
At this time, Feng Li-su pushed open the door of Chang Ai-si, and saw a person inside, and thought that there were five months around him. This was only slightly reassuring. It was estimated that they went to Jubaoge to find Feng Jiang’s clothes.
Or should I say to find Feng Jiang Yi!