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Many bodies have been piled up on the ground, both of them and each other. However, after all, there are many officials’ families in this palace who are trapped in dreams and can’t resist being killed.

Eyes rested on the north XuanYu body that a pair of quiet eyes just have a little fluctuation at this time.
Seeing those women in the harem are immersed in their dreams one by one, and their faces are blushing and their eyes are charming. You can almost guess what their dreams are.
There is a dyed sword beside Xianfei. He picks it up and watches the blood of the sword fly away quickly in the direction of North Xuanyu. When the sword is opened, he will stab the sword at North Xuanyu and pull North Xuanyu behind him.
"Wang helps you with one arm!"
After playing for some time, Jia was trapped in a dream just now, which made North Xuanyu feel a little overwhelmed. At this time, it was a little easier to deal with it with Feng Mo Rao.
It’s much easier for the two of them to join forces against the enemy, two against one, than to play just now.
There are more and more people who are still fighting together at this time, and most of them are injured when they are exhausted.
Feng Li Su’s arm back has been dyed red with blood by several swords, and the dragon robe crown has been cut off with several beads.
And Feng Qinglan was also injured, but the injury was not serious. Qing Mu Gong was often lovesick and scratched in the arm, and Feng Qinglan slapped him behind him, even though it was not serious, but he felt a little hard after such a fight.
I didn’t expect him to arrange others everywhere in case of loss. Even several places in the imperial city were changed by him, but he missed a mysterious dance doctor.
It won’t be so easy to wake up after a dream, but the mysterious dance doctor has a way to detoxify, and there are still so many people awake when he comes.
Green Mu Gong knows that today is a tough battle. At this time, if we fight hard, we will lose both sides, but we are afraid of killing Feng Lisu. Even if we kill Feng Lisu, there will be Feng Qinglan!
Feng qinglan returned to the imperial city from the frontier, that is, he proposed to get rid of both of them in one breath, and get rid of the remaining Feng qinglan. He is bound to come back with an army to avenge Feng Lisu.
I didn’t think I could catch them off guard. No, I didn’t think they had a plan!
It seems that his secret has already leaked out, and he immediately thought that lovesickness is not enough for Feng Lisu to do all this. It seems that Feng Lisu has been on guard!
However, this trip is not without gains. He has arranged many people in the imperial city to occupy the imperial city, and he has been abducted by acacia.
At this time, Qing Mugong finally said, "Come and evacuate immediately!"
Only by safeguarding your own strength can you find an opportunity to catch them all again!
Green Mu Gong doesn’t leave as a souvenir of battlefield injuries.
They withdrew quickly and disappeared. The rest of the figure could not be separated from it and they tried their last strength to kill one and count one.
As they left, Feng Li Su didn’t let the body guards look after the bodies poured in the huge whole palace, and the pungent smell of blood was very strong. His face was livid and he didn’t expect that he had arranged so much or suffered heavy losses.
How long has it taken him to train the dark guards, and now so many people have been killed. However, after the war, the list of officials who betrayed him can be cleared!
Looking at the officials present, nearly half of them have been killed. Besides supporting him, some of them are on the list, and they deserve to be in this situation!
Just then, the body-guard and Yuan Yun ran into the room holding the injured arm and saw the dead body in the palace look slightly changed everywhere. They immediately ran towards Feng Lisu and knelt on the ground-
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"Huanghuangcheng is not occupied. Most of the people arranged by Qingmugong have been taken by our army!"
Feng Li Su learned that everything was fine in the imperial city deployment, which only slightly relieved him. At the very least, he did not move to the foundation.
He Wu wear the chest wound at phoenix blue rings "Laojiu here everything to you! Do "
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Feng Qinglan knew his intention to immediately stop "Huang, you have been injured and need to treat Acacia well. Someone has chased her over there and she will be fine!" Feng "
Feng Li Su looked dignified. He put her under his eyelids to protect her. I didn’t expect her to finally fall into the hands of Qing Mu Gong!
"I can’t let her have something and I can’t let Qing Mu Gong threaten me with her!"
His injury didn’t hurt the key, but it was just some flesh wounds, but how can he feel at ease if he is not allowed to get acacia back and stay here?
Feng Qinglan doesn’t agree that "it’s good to look for lovesickness and tell the dark guards to do it. At this time, the emperor should take good care of himself. Although the imperial city is not occupied, so many officials are still immersed in their own dreams at this time, and so many people have died today, including their families, which still need the emperor to deal with. What can happen to the emperor?"
He saw the blood seeping out of Feng Lisu’s chest. He first ordered the hemostatic acupoint and then ordered Feng Lisu’s sleeping acupoint to see him collapse. Feng Qinglan quickly held him to one side and looked at the dark guard.
"You will personally send the emperor back to Weiyang Palace, immediately announce the diagnosis and treatment of the doctor too much, and call the doctor too much to Wuyang Hall!"
Two dark guards immediately helped Feng Li-su out of the Wuyang Temple while Feng Yi-feng Er had left the Wuyang Temple to look for Chang Ai-qing.
Looking at the bodies all over the floor, most people are still awake in their dreams, and they can see a thing or two with their eyes open.
Feng Qinglan said, "People who are still alive will be carried to the Piandian to wait for the cure-too-much treatment, and the rest of the bodies will be carried out to count the number of people and arrange the funeral."
His eyes rested on Bei Xuanyu, and when he saw that he was not injured, he said, "King Bei Xuanyu sent you to lead his troops immediately to find the lovesick king and ask her to come back safely!"
"At the end of the general life!"
Bei Xuanyu is about to leave there after paying his respects. Feng Mo Rao has grabbed his hand.
"Wang, go with you. You dare to be so homesick that you don’t care about Wang!"
Bei Xuanyu wanted to refuse, but at the thought of falling in their hands, he was afraid that the situation would be worse, and one person would have more strength.
So he didn’t refuse, and he gently took the lead in leaving.