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Almost at the same time, three people shot at him!

But DuGuFengHua a look a palm to three people directly by the shock to fly to several zhangs.
People at the ends of the earth stare at this with amazement!
The Wangs of three can’t beat the devil!
God, how powerful is that devil?
The heart is broken again!
Du Gufenghua looked at the Luoxia family with a smile. This three-person study is the most powerful.
But what about that? He xiu is rising all the time now.
It’s only been one day, and he’s almost up to level 30. Looking at the three realms, he can’t find an opponent, and he feels lonely and desperate for defeat.
Luo Xia’s family of three climbed up from the ground. Luo Xia said, "It’s too powerful to trap him with the exquisite tower of Tianerxian."
Shadow said, "No, if he passes the Linglong Tower test, his practice will definitely double again."
Dugu Liuli said, "I brought the latest ideas to design the last card. He can’t break through without touching these ideas."
Yu Aotian also said, "Father can’t hesitate any longer or this guy will definitely kill more people."
Shadow nodded and the father and son opened the exquisite pagoda.
Du Gufenghua’s family will escape, but they didn’t expect that they still have the courage to resist. Let him see what new things they can play.
The appearance of exquisite pagoda didn’t make Du Gu Fenghua panic. In his eyes, the three realms are all floating clouds, and he can destroy them casually if he wants!
When Linglong Pagoda trapped him, he found that the contents were really novel.
Come on, with his IQ now, what other card can beat him hard?
But it’s too much to talk about killing people all the time. Then go ahead. When you pass away.
I don’t know what happened to that girl now.
Du Gufenghua’s head softened again at the thought of coloured glaze. Actually, that girl is a woman. It’s really cute.
"Shadow, how do I smell Mo Xie and the generals?" Luo Xia was a little uneasy after suppressing Du Gu Fenghua in Linglong Pagoda.
Shadow also sensed the atmosphere of the generals. "Did the devil steal Mo Xie and the generals?"
Yu ao heaven "we have to ask coloured glaze 67 Chapter 67 Dugu Fenghua is too strong.
The news that Dugu Fenghua was suppressed by Linglong Pagoda has brought joy to the whole country. In their view, the queen and the king have successfully suppressed the devil and will not pose a threat to their lives for the time being.
However, the death toll has reached more than 200.
This is another heavy blow to them.
The number of people at the ends of the earth has lost so many relatives in a blink of an eye, so let them really accept this reality
In Luoxia governance, everyone gradually knows how to respect every life.
Luoxia held three days of mourning for these dead people.
And she and the shadow are also studying day and night, such as killing the solitary elegance in the exquisite pagoda
Luo Xia and his wife, who have always been aboveboard, have used despicable means to deal with Du Gu Fenghua, trying to kill him in Linglong Pagoda, but the other side is too strong. Even if they secretly use their means, they will hurt him half a point, and his promotion speed in Linglong Pagoda is just like farting. This speed makes Luo Xia and his wife stunned!
Shadow analysis "that guy’s strength even ten exquisite pagodas are all suppressed, but he actually stays in the pagoda because he is fresh."
Luo Xia was frightened. "I can’t do it. I have to increase the difficulty of the last card. You should do it yourself for Ruier and Liuli."
Shadow nodded "lolo thank you"
Dugu Fenghua is a top priority. Yuao Tian has already sent out the information and called Tianxirui back to help.
But he got the news from God bless country soon after the news came out.
After seeing the news, he was shocked and quickly reported it to Luo Xia.
Luo Xia was stupid at the sight of the news.
Seeing this, the shadow was shocked. "What happened to Lolo?"
Luo Xia’s brain is in a mess. "Ruier has gone to modern times, that is, I’m telling you that the 21st century is a distant future. I’ve been here for so long and I haven’t been able to work out a way to go back, but Ruier has-"
Shadow also knows about Lolo, and he is also shocked by this.
Yu Aotian heard it well, but he also knew that his mother king came from the distant future, otherwise it would be impossible to make the ends of the earth so different.
"My father and mother are willing to try if they can have a chance to save their younger brother."
Although Luo Xia was deeply saddened, she didn’t lose her mind, because she had to face the big devil, Dugu Fenghua!
"God, send someone to find Liuli and ask her about Excalibur."
Yuao felt that this matter was important, and he had to look for coloured glaze himself.
"When the mother king and children know about the devil, they will bother the mother king and father king more."
Luo Xia saw his mind and nodded. "It’s best that you can go in person, so that the ends of the earth are in trouble. You take your sister and daughter-in-law out and settle in God bless the country temporarily."
Yu Aotian was shocked. "How can I take my mother away from the ends of the earth when she is in trouble? Isn’t this chilling for the people? "
Luoxia knows that she is selfish, but it is enough to have her and shadow at the ends of the earth.
Shadow also white wife thought and said, "Tianer told you to take them away, not to let you take refuge. When you have settled down, you two brothers will come back to defend the ends of the earth. Now your mother and I have supported you. Don’t worry. Chapter 68 Find a way.
Yu Aotian is still not at ease. "No, I can’t do this. It’s too selfish."
"Son of heaven, it’s still my call to the ends of the earth with your father. In the name of my queen, I order you to take Luca brasi and your daughter-in-law to look for coloured glaze. Get up at once and make no mistake!"
"Mother king!"
"Son, listen to your mother. Let’s go."
Yu Ao watched her father and mother bite their teeth and get up!
He will go back quickly, and he will never let his father and mother face the disaster of the ends of the earth alone!
Situ Luoyuan and Muziqian don’t want them to accompany Yu Aotian to find coloured glaze, especially at the most critical moment at the ends of the earth.
"Brother, I’m not leaving."
Yu Aotian was cruel. "This is the mother king’s order. Do you want to disobey it?"