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Of course, more than a dozen players won’t fuck off. They just sit there smiling and then they hear a faint sigh. You guys suddenly beamed at the duke or the duke. After all, you have to think about it.

"It’s unrealistic to pull it back again. Fortunately, you didn’t buckle the tax payment to Yi Bei to urge Tsai. What’s your expression? Don’t tell me you haven’t paid taxes once! No wonder Zhu Wen called me to the meeting, stared at me for a long time, and let me be cannon fodder to attack the evil state because you misers didn’t pay the tax! "
What is the meaning of Zhu Wen’s eyes in the palace’s dry door temple? That means, "The soul is weak. You fucking owe me three weeks. Pay the tax quickly or the old school will die." Because the progress of the game is different from reality, the tax is paid once a week in reality.
The tax limit is set according to the proportion of population. Zhu Wen means that a place with a large population must be prosperous. No one knows whether this basis is reasonable. Anyway, Zhaocheng has a registered population of 310,000 (excluding players) and must pay 12,000 silver per week; There is a limit of 12,000 taels of silver. Occasionally, the minister of the DPRK will come to check the accounts and check the mouth. If the population exceeds 50,000, the limit will become 10,000.
Players’ casters NPC casters pay different taxes and silver. There are more restrictions on NPC casters. Players’ casters are military and political leaders. It doesn’t matter if you pay the tax and silver to the company. Even if you tear down the city and slaughter the people, you won’t say a word.
If you don’t pay the tax money to the company, you won’t be able to speak. The company will secretly die. Just like this time, Zhu Wen let Chitantan attack the evil state and make a written pledge; If you can’t achieve the military goal, Chitan Dan will be punished, including the removal of Chitan Dan’s title as the Lord. How can I say that NPC also requires players to pay taxes to the Lord? If you can’t even guarantee to pay taxes, NPC will naturally not give a city to the player to manage a city in Nima! Not a village.
After hearing what happened to Chitantan in Kaifeng Palace, the hedgehogs were all stupid, but they didn’t expect the consequences of not paying taxes to be so serious. 10,000 yuan a week/is the tax silver expensive? According to the income of the city, it is actually quite expensive. The development of the whole city also requires a lot of money. 10 thousand silver can build a lot of things, and if the city wants to develop rapidly, players must invest in it
Monsters will lose some local products or goods if they can’t get rid of their money. Players can sell them or hoard them to open a shop to do business, or they can receive a variety of tens of millions of rewards to make money. It is not rare for Chitan Dan, because he can make the most money by doing war, but for players who can’t do war, it is possible that he can earn 12 thousand silver a day, even if it is very good. The income here refers to the money left after expenses such as repairing equipment, seeing Chinese medicine and buying supplies.
On Zhu Wen’s account, we still have to do things, or we will hand over Zhaocheng to Zhu Wen, which is no good; The ten military villages in Luanyan Peak are purely military buildings that produce weapons, train soldiers, dig generals and so on. Therefore, Zhaocheng soldiers can send the situation. Chitan Dan asked ten team leaders to go to the "Luanyan Peak" to pull the troops out, while he himself made a "battle", hoping that Zhaocheng players and Chiwei Legion players could bravely sign up for it.
Today, the number of players in Chiwei Legion is more than 30,000, but it still belongs to Zhaocheng players, and there are more than 10,000 online players in Chiwei Legion. It’s quite positive that more than 15,000 players signed up soon, and it took nearly a day for ten team captains to pull the team from Luzhou to Yanzhou, which made Chitan Dan scold again.
There is also a kind of face-to-face battle besides the man-machine war and the machine-to-machine war. This kind of face-to-face battle will only happen if the player takes the commander in chief. If the NPC takes the commander in chief, there will be a face-to-face battle. These three kinds of face-to-face battles mean that the player and the NPC regular army are involved in the war, that is, the player can command the regular army battlefield without having to break through the enemy tower defense before sending the regular army battlefield.
The number of players who join the forces at the beginning of the player’s construction is definitely small. If it is still set according to the everyone’s war, then the player will definitely lose. Only when the enemy sends NPC as commander in chief, then the enemy battlefield can be a player’s chivalrous enemy. There are three ways to fight. If the enemy also entrusts the player as commander in chief, then both sides can adopt face-to-face war.
Chitantan didn’t have much confidence to attack the evil state and the master "don’t be evil" was a wonderful figure and a genius commander-in-chief. The commander-in-chief can be in charge of a state, a country, a city and a place. There are several talented generals, but one is also in charge.
In order to increase the chances of winning, Chitan Danli asked these casters to sponsor the other fifteen cities in Yanzhou. The casters in Yanzhou were all in a sense of crisis and were always afraid that evil forces would invade Yanzhou. They are all quite powerful, but because they don’t believe in each other, they can’t form a Coalition to fight evil forces together. Only when Chittandan is so famous is it worth signing a treaty.
It’s not natural to break the promise of fame, but once the promise of fame is broken, there will be no meeting of fame. Therefore, it is quite successful for Chitan to run around and borrow nearly 50,000 troops and 30,000 troops to support the reality. There are also war horses, weapons and so on.
When the ten division captains came back with their respective troops, everyone was dumbfounded. The old Nima people worked hard in the mountains to save 10,000 troops. Chi Tandan pulled back 50,000 troops at random. Can this man compare with others? Each of the ten military camps has 13 million troops, of which 15 thousand are regular troops and the rest are cannon fodder
The Chitantan borrowed from various cities is a regular soldier, and the casters of Yanzhou are still quite powerful. They only have 30,000 or 20,000 soldiers, and they lend half of them and finance a large number of materials. Chittan Dan therefore promised that if the attack went well, he would send someone to inform them so that they could also collect some war profits.
Chapter 17 Kill a mess ()
In the early summer of 931, Xia Feng, the southeast border of Liangzhan County and Xiezhou, waved flags and came and went, and knights and cavalry shouted; The hedgehog flag hangs high in the camp of the Lord commander, and there are ten captains of the army, seven NPC generals, Chi Tandan, and reinforcements from the Magic Hall of Ji and Dao Monuments.
Chitan Dan’s first order was to let the reinforcements return to Yanzhou, which surprised all of you here, but the reinforcements generals did not have any questions but bowed and retired to carry out the orders; As soon as the reinforcement generals left a village, they jumped out and shouted, "You are stupid! We have tens of thousands of regular troops in total. Now we are sending reinforcements back. We have 15,000 regular troops, 30,000 cannon fodder soldiers and 30,000 chivalrous men. How can we fight? "
"Yelling at the Lord and whipping" Before Chitan Dan could speak, NPC military discipline generals went cold and shouted, and then they poured into two soldiers to stand up and lose.
Meng Gong scratched his head and said, "I’m in a hurry. Can you remember first?" The sergeant shook his head, and the two soldiers pulled the fierce public defeat out of the camp, followed by whipping the fierce public defeat and wailing; Soon after, the fierce defeat came in alive, not because the soldiers spared him, but because he could take medicine when he was beaten, so it was okay
"I don’t know much about this war, but the evil state has posed as an army to defend the border, which is obviously extremely unfavorable to us. We can’t adopt the method of head-on confrontation. You should know that Zhu Wen gave the order to attack the city pool. If we can defeat evil in the front, don’t we? If the reinforcements are returned to make Yanzhou secure its strength for us, the whole method will be adopted to bypass the border and enter the evil state. If you can attack ideal city, whether you can keep it or not, you will complete the Zhu Wen order, "said Chitan Dan.
"In addition, reinforcements recede, but the camp will not be removed from evil. I estimate that it is impossible to explore the actual situation in a short time. This time, due to Zhu Wen’s order, I can take the lead; Then I will lead the regular army to be stationed here, and you will sneak into the evil state with the knight-errant cannon fodder to see if there is any chance to attack the city. If there is no attack, you will retreat. Anyway, Zhu Wen can’t cut my head. "
"We always want to make a big move. Whoever can lead the army to sneak into the’ evil city’ and walk around the city, hey hey, who is the first to win the battle; Of course, you can’t go to the’ evil city’. It’s also the first achievement to attack a city. "
Send the commission to the airport, Daobei Phantom Hall, and all ten army commanders are qualified to lead the battle. The order is a seemingly written by the general, that is, Chi Tandan. If the military goal of this leading battle is completed, there will be rewards and punishments. The rewards and punishments will be made by the unified players, who can announce the goal and overfulfil the natural prize more.
Zhu Wen gives orders to Chitan Danda () Chitan Danda gives orders to the players, and the players give orders to the knights who belong to their own military camp. Everyone has orders and there are rewards or punishments.
During the night, the reinforcements of Chiwei Shizhai quietly evacuated from the camp. Chi Tandan was sitting alone in the main camp. There was a sand table in front of him. The terrain of the sand table was the border of Yanzhou evil. The boundary between the two forces was not accurate, but both sides deliberately gave up a distance to form a buffer zone. Chi Tandan has now entered the buffer zone in the camp, which means that the war has started.
There are two rivers in the mountainous Shaolin on the border, which are not too big. The evil army has set up three military camps on the main road of the border. Each military camp has 5,000 troops, but I still personally lead the army to fight in the army and stay behind the third military camp. Wei Jun is far apart.
Evil don’t lead an army into Yanzhou and come back after a crushing defeat. Maybe the shadow hasn’t retreated yet, so this evil don’t. I didn’t immediately attack the invasion of Chitan Wei Jun, but took the defensive. Now it is necessary to camp quietly to attract evil. I don’t need to make any more big moves. Being tied down by military orders, Chitan can’t act alone at will, which also makes him unable to go to the evil state to engage in wind and rain.
It’s getting dark, showing the illusion that tens of thousands of troops are still stationed here. Chitantan ordered 15 thousand regular troops to cook, and the weight was tens of thousands. Of course, we can’t waste food stoves, that is, boiling water and cooking smoke permeates the military camp, so that experienced generals can judge how many people are eating.
It is rare to have leisure, so Tan Dan invited Wang Yuanling and Yan Li. He can’t ride a horse yet, so he invited these two generals to teach him riding. The two generals naturally won’t refuse to take turns teaching for ten minutes. Chi Tandan successfully completed the first riding training. There are nine riding trainings, namely, driving the horse, running, winding the pole, piercing the pole, etc. Only by completing these nine trainings can you learn to ride, but learning to ride doesn’t mean that you can ride and run. You also need to learn from Wang Yuanling and Yan Li, who are not cavalry generals. They won’t ride a horse and shoot a few crooked arrows at most, or ride a horse to cut left and right. This is basic riding rather than superb riding and cutting.
The soldiers returned one by one and the reinforcements returned to Yanzhou Red Wei Jun smoothly. Twelve troops have sneaked into the evil state and are studying the evil state city. After listening to the information, Chitantan patted his thigh and praised his luck in entering the evil state without being discovered, which was a big step in success.
The camp did not remove Chitan Dan, but also specially left 1,000 cannon fodder soldiers to patrol around and continue to maintain the illusion that the army was in the camp; At the same time, he ordered 15,000 regular troops and 9,000 cannon fodder soldiers in Yan Li, Wang Yuanling and other generals to slowly approach the first army plug in the evil state.
Naturally, this is to attract the attention of Evil Don’t Me and let him keep his army here. Once Evil Don’t Me continue to be deceived by the illusion created by Chitan Dan, players who sneak into the evil state of Wei Jun can attack the city at will. When evil does not arrive at me at the same time, he may be in vain when several or more cities in the evil state are attacked, but which city to rescue at this time will definitely give him a headache.
In fact, I can’t blame evil. I have been refusing to send troops to repel Chitan Dan because he didn’t know that there was only one army in Chian Wei Jun in this attack. Don’t be evil. This is the military campaign place of the State of Houliang. This one attracts him positively. Other troops in Houliang are hidden nearby. Once the evil troops fight together, other troops in Liang Jun will attack the evil army camp.
Compared with the state of Liang, the former is a child and the latter is an adult. I clearly realize this, so he made a slow and steady plan. I didn’t realize that it was not good until the information of the evil state for help flew in like snow, but he ordered the evil state gate to organize new recruits to help defend the city without immediately dividing troops or leading troops to help.
The reason is still that misunderstanding is evil. I don’t believe that Wei Jun has always recognized this as the military strategy of the State of Liang. So he didn’t dare to move the army. Once he withdrew his army from other cities in Huiyuan State, other legions in Wei Jun’s back beam would break three military plugs. After the southeast gate of Evil State was opened, Liang Jun could continue to enter Evil State.
Chitan Dan didn’t know whether he was worried about evil or whether he successfully cheated evil by posing as a "city plan" himself, and he was particularly proud of it; Proud Chittagong led a great army to slowly approach the first military fortress in the southeast of Evil State, then made camp and let Wang Yuanling go back to that camp at the same time, and moved the camp forward at night to avoid that the main camp of the vanguard camp was too far apart, which made me suspicious.
"Report … Fierce Hedgehog Village Leader’s fierce public defeat and siege defeat damaged the location where the chivalrous man’s 300 troops and 1000 soldiers retreated"
"Report … Mu Jiji, the owner of Green Hedgehog Village, lost the siege and injured the chivalrous man with 5 soldiers and 1 retreat."
"Report … the location where the main engine of Old Hedgehog Village failed to attack the city."
"Report … that the siege of Daobei Phantom Hall, the owner of Sad Hedgehog Village, was defeated and damaged. Five chivalrous men and three thousand soldiers fled in rout."
"Report …"
"I’m trying to copy the tablet. It’s really useless." Chitan Dan swore.
There are ten military camps in the Luanyan Peak in Luzhou, which are called "old hedgehogs" and managed by the machine generation. The other nine military camps are fierce thorn (fierce public defeat), green thorn (Mu Jiji), sad thorn (Road Monument Magic Hall), river thorn (shoes are not wet by the river), sharp thorn (English), sweat thorn (full of sweat cows), chest thorn (bra by the stream), fire thorn (fireworks) and cotton thorn (drawing in the quilt).
At this time, the magic hall of the cursed waste stone tablet is gathering up the routed troops against the sun and leading 3,000 chivalrous men and 3,000 cannon fodder soldiers to enter the magic hall of the evil state stone tablet. It has always been very careful; All the way, the villages echoed each other. Naturally, there was no damage. The credit for the villages being able to sneak into the evil state this time still lies in the magic temple of Daobei. It was he who found this sparsely populated but marching path. Otherwise, it is impossible for the evil state to guard all the main roads and so many hedgehogs to sneak in.
It doesn’t matter why you can find this path. Anyway, players just search around like mice, and occasionally they can get an adventure or find someone who knows the path. Now it’s "41 years of B" to study, which can also be reduced to match the current mental cultivation method of the characters. He got the mysterious "Wan Li’s Cold Skill Method" and automatically dropped to B so that he could learn. Because he often wandered around Yanzhou, he finally got the "Wan Li Cold" chivalrous man.
Wan Li’s chilling method has "speed attribute". If it is combined with lightness skill, it will get another speed bonus, and at the same time, it will also get an attack speed bonus when archery is performed. Daobei Magic Hall has always used bows and arrows. He was originally a hunter, which made bows and arrows have a talent bonus. Later, he got the "Wan Li chilling method", and his bow and arrow skills were even worse.
What will cause this rout can be said to be the bad luck of Daobei Magic Temple. His choice is the "Xiaoye City" in the southeast of the 21 ST city of Evil State. This city has a population of about 100,000 and belongs to the smallest city. According to the proportion of population recruitment, a city with a population of 100,000 can recruit at most 5,000 soldiers. If it exceeds 10,000, it will make the city’s able-bodied workers scarce.
5,000 soldiers is a city with a population of 10,000, and the best number of recruits should be 1,000 to 3,000, which can guarantee the development of the city; Therefore, after estimating the number of soldiers in "Xiaoye City", Daobei Magic Temple decided to have a fight and called the loyal brothers in its own village to have a meeting to make the important items clear. These people have been with Daobei Magic Temple for a long time, but their allegiance is Chitan Dan.
When attacking the city, it went quite smoothly. There were also dozens of chivalrous men who captured some positions in the city head. The method of attacking the city was the same in the early days when Chitantan attacked the "Jingcheng" in Luzhou. First, the chivalrous men were sent to throw ropes, and then they climbed with ropes, and then cannon fodder soldiers were sent to attack the city with temporary chopping.
At the beginning, Chitantan attacked Jingcheng Road Monument Phantom Hall with only 2,000 chivalrous men and 1,000 cannon fodder soldiers and felt that he should or could. However, he forgot that Shoujingcheng was a general who had seen chivalrous siege terror. It can be said that the attack on Jingcheng was not because of how awesome Chitan Dan was, but because the generals who were guarding the city scared themselves, they finally let Chitan Dan attack the city.
The duke of Xiaoye City is a young man, and his father has just become warped. It is said that the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers and punches the old master to death. The duke of Xiaoye City is young and energetic, leading the garrison troops to fight together in Chengtou, while the Daobei Magic Temple misjudges the guarding generals and makes the siege fail.
The defeat did not cause a rout. The reason for the rout was that a grain team transported to the front line went off course for some reason, and happened to see the Taoist Temple attacking Xiaoye City. The position of the grain team is on the left side of the camp of Daobei Magic Temple. The siege is fierce. Everyone’s attention is on the city. The grain team leader decided to lead the army to kill the main business of Daobei Magic Temple.
Daobei Phantom Hall is also learning from the fact that Chitan Dan didn’t take charge of himself at that time, but let an intelligent buddy take charge. However, although this guy has an IQ, he is timid, but he runs away directly when he sees the protection of the soldiers in the camp. According to the battlefield setting, the escape or death of the Lord will make all the knights’ attributes drop greatly, and more than 3,000 players, such as the Daobei Phantom Hall, have to flee and face the rout, which is caused by this.
"Report … a team of unknown origin appeared on the left side of our army"
"Yan Li led people to inquire."
"Will follow orders at the end"
Chitan Dan climbed a flagpole and looked to the left, but he was blocked by the Woods and couldn’t see clearly. After thinking about it, I slipped the flagpole and called Wang Yuanling and said, "What do you think of Lao Wang?"
Wang Yuanling used to be the commander of the back beam, and now Chitantan joined the back beam, which made him very correct. However, after waiting for a while, Wang Yuanling was relieved to see that the back beam army did not punish him. Lao Wang is 100% loyal to Chitantan. After hearing his bosses’ questions, he already had a draft salute and said, "The commander-in-chief will observe that the terrain here is very dangerous. Although the evil army has built the general camp in the most dangerous place to guard the passage, there are still several places outside the military camp that are easy to defend and difficult to attack. Our army will take the strategy of delaying but not moving the camp."
"Where is it?"
"Brush …" Wang Yuanling pulled out a scroll of paintings from the lower back and pointed to the surface and said, "Here". It’s strange to see Wang Yuanling’s back when this youngest son stuffed a map behind his ass, got rid of this egg-aching idea, moved his eyes to the map and took a ruler to measure here and there, and finally agreed with Wang Yuanling’s suggestion.
The work of measuring the map is learned from the NPC generals. Yan Li is a genius general and Wang Yuanling is a talented general. The difference between them is that Yan Li belongs to the potential stock and Wang Yuanling can’t rise; It doesn’t mean that Wang Yuanling is very experienced in marching and fighting, and he knows all about it. Yan Li can’t grow up without Wang Yuanling’s help, and Chitantan has learned a lot from this young man.