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"Oh dear!"

Liang Juanbang quickly recovered and took her to his arms. "What’s the matter? Be careful, it’s so dark here, or I’ll take you away! " Say and hold the hand early.
Early in the dark, I felt that his hands were warm and dry, his palms were wide, he hugged her very gently, and his heart beat faster early. He looked up at his side face and unconsciously bent his mouth.
Liang Juanbang stopped. "Here we are." He took the seat early.
The so-called couple’s seat is a loveseat, but it is relatively narrow compared with the ordinary loveseat, so that two people have to be close together when sitting, and Liang Juanbang and sitting early just realize how embarrassing it is.
"Cough …" Liang Juanbang uncomfortable gently cough he didn’t expect it to be like this. Just now, he proposed a couple seat, but where did he expect it to be like this? I wonder if I will misunderstand early? "Hehe, it’s a little crowded"
"Ah?" Early early ashamed embarrassed a listen to him say so immediately to the side by the by "do you think crowded? Then I’ll sit by … "
"No" Liang Juanbang a pull early "but this sofa is so big. Where are you going? Let’s take a look at the studio! "
"Oh," I nodded early and felt uncomfortable next to Liang Juanbang, but my heart was bubbling like a spring … and it was still a mouthful of My Sweetie.
The big screen broadcast is just coming out, and neither of them has seen much about the plot.
However, when the hero and heroine were performing a passionate play, the surrounding scene made Liang Juanbang and a couple sitting in front of them look straight at each other early, and they kissed each other regardless of whether it was in a public place.
Liang Juanbang and early embarrassed not to look at the line of sight. As a result, the line of sight knocked down again, which made them even more embarrassed. They were so close that they were almost held in Liang Juanbang’s arms early, so they stopped early and looked up at Liang Juanbang.
Liang Juanbang Adam’s apple rolled on the back of the sofa, and his hand could not help but move slowly to hold his back early and bow his head slowly to approach her.
"…" Early nervous over his heart and looked at his handsome face constantly zoom in.
The two people are already very close. Liang Juanbang can kiss her a little closer than a centimeter, but at the moment of the key, Liang Juanbang quickly recovered his hand and let it go early.
"Ahem" Liang Juanbang uncomfortable gently cough two eyes to resist the big screen and didn’t see it early.
I lost my mind early. I don’t know what happened to him. He almost kissed her just now. What suddenly let go? She can feel that Liang Juanbang also likes her. Although she is young, she can’t make a mistake about this feeling.
Make up your mind early when you come out of the cinema, and be sure to ask him clearly when you eat.
But just as soon as I got out of the door, Liang Juanbang raised his watch and looked at it. "By the way, I suddenly remembered that there are still very important things in my company that I haven’t done. You see, my brain just forgot that I won’t accompany you to eat. Go by yourself! I … I walked first. "
Say that finish before early mouth, he turned and walked away quickly.
"Our …" She ran two steps early but didn’t chase him. She looked annoyed and grabbed her backpack belt and bit her lip silently.
Liang Juanbang hasn’t contacted her for several days in succession. Early morning is not the kind of person who insists that the man take the initiative. If she likes her, she can also take the initiative. Since Liang Juanbang doesn’t contact her, she can call him.
I didn’t think much about dialing Liang Juanbang’s number early.
Liang Juanbang didn’t pick up or hang up after seeing the early arrival. He was watching the mobile phone screen flashing, turning on and off. He was deliberately hiding and hoped that this move would be available early.
As expected by Liang Juanbang, she decided to come to him in person after she couldn’t find Liang Juanbang for several times. Even if she was rejected, she wanted to hear him say it herself.
Liang Juanbang’s family had been there early, fearing that he was busy with work. He deliberately chose a weekend early and went there early. She hesitated at the door for a long time before she got up the courage to raise her hand and prepare to ring the doorbell.
But before she left her hand, she heard something moving inside and someone talking and going outside.
An early panic quickly retreated to one side and hid in the corner.
The gate was immediately pushed, and Liang Juanbang came out with a man. Peeking at her head early startled her! Isn’t the man next to Liang Juanbang the man he met with in the apartment building?
"Ah …" Cover your mouth early. How did she forget this man? Liang Juanbang has been avoiding her for the past two days. Did he realize that she was interested in him? Did this sober her up?
Yeah, she should be sober
Although Liang Juanbang broke up with Jiao Jiao, there is still this man!
Thinking of this, she suddenly lost her courage to confess early. She likes him and doesn’t care if she confesses first, but if she likes it, it will bring him trouble, which is not what she hopes.
Her little brother will be happy for him no matter who he likes or who he chooses to make him happy.
Suck your nose early and your eyes are a little wet.
Back from Liang Juanbang’s home in the long summer, the whole person was tired early. When the guard saw her coming back, he smiled and said, "Miss, are you back?" A guest with you is waiting for you in the living room now. "
Early listless nodded and went into the xuan.
As soon as she entered the living room, the guests consciously got up from the sofa to meet her.
The guest is Mei Yanpeng, the young master of the Imperial City Mei family. He is a little older than early, and his childhood friend Mei Yanpeng likes early. This is no secret among their peers, but everyone knows that he doesn’t like him early.
Former Mei Yanpeng followed Zao Zao like candy.
However, in the past year, this situation has gone, and Mei Yanpeng also knows that he didn’t mean that to himself early, so he naturally quits.
I didn’t expect that he suddenly came to himself early and was very confused. "Mei Yanpeng? Do you want to see me? " She looks on the alert, so she can’t have that kind of mentality for herself revived, can she?
Mei Yanpeng smiled foolishly. "I came to tell you early-I’m getting engaged next week. I’d like to invite you if you have time."
"ah!" Early is very surprised and then burst out laughing "ha ha … really! That’s a good thing! I will take it out sometime next week even if I don’t. How can I not go when you are engaged? "
"Ha ha, thank you. Early." Mei Yanpeng smiled and nodded. "Then you must come!"
"Well, don’t worry!"
I don’t know if it was after she left Liang Juanbang’s home early, but Liang Juanbang went back and he was stopped at the door.
"Liang Yibang!"
A sharp charming reprimand stopped Liang Juanbang from pushing through the door. Liang Juanbang just turned around and got a slap in the face!