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I haven’t heard from the witch minister since Yi went out. I visited the back hill many times and found that there were only twenty witches left, and a group of old, weak, women and children were missing from the witch minister.

It is easy to guess that he retaliated against deadwood Sect. Otherwise, it was found in the information later that many strange things happened in deadwood Sect in the past three years, and some conflicts of power continued to cause heavy casualties.
The deadwood Sect has long been removed from the top forces, and the first-class forces have to be demoted if it is not supported by the dead old man’s title.
However, the deadwood Sect is the top power after all. As the saying goes, a thin camel is bigger than a horse. It has shown great tenacity and resilience after these blows, which makes people feel inexhaustible.
Nowadays, the deadwood Sect is not as strict as it used to be, but all the disciples are summed up, and the negative expectations are getting more and more smelly. The whole Sect is smoky, and the layman in Fiona Fang is almost extinct. Even if you pass by the monks, you have to make a detour for fear of getting into trouble.
The dead brother is also cautious when going out, and once he is alone, he will face the danger of being killed, and sometimes when he just walks out of the mountain gate, an arrow flies or a poisonous needle greets him, which is really hard to prevent.
Generally speaking, the Godsworn’s mind peeks into deadwood Sect from a distance, and he will find that there are three days, a small war and ten days, and a big war outside the mountain. Even the sky doesn’t know how deadwood Sect got so many enemies. It is estimated that they all have the intention of beating up Reservoir Dogs.
Now the situation of deadwood Sect makes it easy to see some clues. It is speculated that there will be a witch minister behind the scenes, and he does not believe that there are so many people and hands who can endure hard.
The two met in front of the temple, greeted each other warmly, and secretly looked at each other and found that the other side had changed a lot.
It turned out that the Wuchen was dressed in an antique black robe with a mask made of gold and iron, and now the clothing style has been changed into a Taoist monk’s robe. The meticulous cloth and luxurious style made Yi look familiar and thought for a moment before suddenly saying, "It turned out to be a cassock."
In the temple, when there is a witch minister, his face is exposed, and his face tattoo is particularly ferocious, and he also reveals some majesty and mystery.
He sniffed and smiled and praised, "Xiandi was the right move to create Tianlong Mountain Villa, but now business is booming, money is rolling in, and everyone knows everything. Even an old-fashioned brother like Fool has been there several times because of his appetite. It’s not … Seeing that Xiandi made such a unique vestment, buying two pieces to wear can solve many problems."
Easy to say with smile, "There are many people who follow the trend now. Whether I can maintain my confidence in the future is just making money by changing tricks."
"Speaking of it, the foolish brother is ashamed of the wise brother. In the past three years, Tianlong Mansion has suffered from the foolish brother, and he has made some efforts to kill a group of people. But later, these guys are not good at hiding their whereabouts, especially the mysterious foolish brother’s hands, and the identity problem method exposes the means of fighting. The Taoist school has always had scruples. Fortunately, the wise brother has arranged a large array of deterrence to make the enemy dare not offend …"
Wu Chen said it with a sigh of relief, which makes it easy to see it very fresh. You know, Wu Chen can control his expression so freely in a few years, saying that this is because of his frequent contact with the outside world
"To tell you the truth, I have nothing to worry about if I want my eldest brother to stay here. Besides, all the newcomers are worthless. Now the crisis has been solved. Today, our two brothers meet again without these disappointing words."
"Well," Wu Chen nodded and looked at Yi’s eyes, flashing black luster. "Foolish brother, it’s unusual for you to see that your good brother is radiant and full of breath. It’s extremely dense and lively. I’m afraid he has cultivated into a yuan god."
Yi slightly a heart-pounding turned and said frankly, "Big Brother’s good eyesight is thanks to your gift of Ning Ying Dan."
"Ha ha, congratulations to my good brother for taking it to the next level." Wuchen hugged his fuels to congratulate him. He didn’t feel any surprise. After all, Wu Daomen’s practice body is different. He wouldn’t be surprised if he was familiar with Dan’s technique. After all, the effect of setting baby Dan is to quickly form a yuan god.
"Thanks to the eldest brother, without this coagulation baby Dan, outsiders still don’t know how to hide it."
"A family doesn’t talk about two things, foolish brother. Although outsiders have had a lot of contact in recent years, how can they tell without knowing each other?"
"Ha ha, a lot of great events have happened in recent years, and I know a lot about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t personally hear about the deadwood Sect. Now it’s a bit smelly. I’m afraid adding a fire may be in danger of being removed. It seems that the eldest brother has moved a lot of thoughts … At the beginning, we two brothers vowed to get rid of this Sect together. I can’t forget it now. Now I’m on the right track outside my house and I have a heart to deal with the deadwood Sect. I’m willing to help the eldest brother with my arm."
"My good brother is very glad to have this heart, but on this eventful autumn, my good brother should sit on the sidelines for the time being and save his strength until my bad brother needs his help, and hope not to turn him away."
Wuchen’s words are very polite. What Yi said earlier is tantamount to acquiescence. Yi is also happy to stay out of his stall. After all, it is unwise for a magic Sect to compete unless it is acting in secret.
Yi also knows that Wuchen looks down on himself, and this small force says that people in Tianlong Mansion can get their hands at the very most, and there are four women like Qinqi and Dongtianli.
When asked about dealing with the statute of deadwood sect, Wu Chen looked around, but he was still unfathomable, so he simply didn’t ask.
Speaking of it, it is not clear that it is not easy to dominate the witch minister. I want to develop the witch minister into a hand, but I am afraid of the other party’s repair and fear of pushing it too hard.
If ordinary people have people like Wu Chen to stay in their own homes, I’m afraid they will be restless, but it’s easy to be a wily old fox. Earlier, I planted blood charms on Wu Chen’s body unnoticed, so I’m sure I can control him instantly by fighting.
However, Wu Chen is different. Apart from saving his life, he attaches great importance to Yi’s potential and Yi Zhengdao’s identity key, which can always conceal his identity as a witch.
Usually, when staying in Tianlong Mansion, there is a large array of houses to protect the house. This person’s barrier is not worried about the problem of identity exposure. It is easy to be a grasshopper. It is not like the outside world exposes dangerous negative emotions at any time.
At the beginning, the two sides jointly vowed to eradicate the dead wood, rather than binding the other side with ulterior motives and a guarantee. After all, with this oath, the supervisor did not worry about the other side stabbing in the back.
It’s nothing strange that Yi is not afraid of his rebellion, but that Wu Chen recognizes this frightening oath of heaven.
It’s a long way to go to eradicate the deadwood Sect, but it’s not a day or two to get rid of the witch minister. For more than three years, I’ve been secretly retaliating and weakening my effective strength, and I’ve seen the tenacity of the deadwood Sect.
Hatred is becoming more and more intense, on the contrary, the breath is smooth, and you can maintain a normal state of mind. You are not in a hurry to treat him. While secretly uniting the witch people, you will add a few troubles to the deadwood Sect.
The method of planting and framing has been perfected by the witch officials. He has regarded revenge as a game, and the real goal is to revive the witch people and make them live in broad daylight.
Although Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and other sects are the root causes of the downfall of the witch clan and the witch clan, it can be said that the two sides have sworn enemies, but the witch minister has no intention of revenge and has the heart to do so.
This door is the only one. Today, what we say about revenge is all nonsense. He is very wise and can make the witch people live in sunshine and let the world admit that he will not be dumped and retaliated, even if he dies.
This idea and goal can be said to be the biggest change of the witch ministers in these three years, and they have different views on getting along with each other.
He is eager to see Yi Xiu’s power grow gradually, and it is best for Shanli Sect to compete with the major sects.
This will be of great benefit to the plan to revive the witchcraft. If the Yi side can publicly support the witchcraft in the future, he will drive more and more people to identify with the witchcraft, then the revival of the witchcraft is just around the corner.
Every time I think of this, Wu Chen’s expression is always full of enthusiasm. He is so whimsical that he believes that it is easy to have this potential.
Through this meeting, Wu Chen heard with his own ears that Yi had become a Yuan God, which strengthened his determination.
Easy to send away the WuChen looked at the blue sky, and the doubts lingered in his mind. He didn’t know that WuChen had changed so much, from the lifeless expression and temperament when he first met to this … youthful temperament can be like this.
And he can speak very well and smile. The word "guard against" suddenly flashed in Yi Xin’s mind and walked along the road to the backyard, thinking about the punishment and elegance.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter five hundred Hatred the Valley of the Soul
There are too many dangers in the world to be feared as a tiger, not to mention mortals, but to say that ordinary monks dare not set foot easily.
The Valley of Hatred Soul is the No.1 middle school. It is said that this valley can be traced back to 200 years ago. It is said that the Qing Dynasty besieged the rebel army and forced the rebels to besiege this valley for ten days and ten nights. The rebels ran out of ammunition and led the soldiers to commit suicide.
He also swore a heinous curse that the royal family of the Qing Dynasty would not die a natural death, but he was afraid that the bones would be trampled by the Qing army after death, and he issued a very bitter curse. One of them was that those who entered the valley could never live beyond life
Nearly a thousand old, weak, and beaten soldiers all made this poison oath, and after the curse, they were angry and filled with resentment. When the sky flashed and thundered and the black rain triggered floods in the mountains, the water flooded the valley, but more than 30 thousand Qing troops were devastated and finally forced to drown in this valley
Since then, strangers in this valley have disappeared, and at night, there are a group of ghosts crying and screaming, and those who hear it are terrified and complain that the valley of souls is named after it.
Anyone who said that he had traveled here was curious and never came back after hearing it. Since then, it has become more and more widespread, and several nearby provinces are very famous, even if the fix-up world is famous.
The Valley of Hatred Soul is located in Baimajian Mountain, Jiangxi Province, southwest of China. There is a small spiritual vein in this mountain. In the early years, some forces fought endlessly for it. After several changes of hands, it was firmly occupied by a sect called Juejian Xiumen. In the field of repairing the truth, it was considered a second-rate force. This sect was half black and half white, and it was considered a neutral sect. They did not ask for trouble, did not make trouble, and stood guard against it. Later, as time went on, my brother became more powerful and more powerful, not willing to calm down. Because of my brother
Speaking of this sect, it’s quite different. It’s afraid of complaining about the Valley of the Soul, but it doesn’t let people into the adventure. After several conflicts, it suddenly wakes up and takes advantage of the geographical position to put away the tickets. No matter who wants to enter the Valley, he has to pay a certain amount of alchemy and refining materials, which is a source of income for the Juemen.
Every year, the Valley of Hatred Soul really attracts many tourists, and generally goes out to experience. When the younger brother hears that his curiosity can’t be suppressed here, he often has to see a strange exploration, seek seclusion and finally retreat despite his unwillingness, but he is also somewhat satisfied.
The Sect of the Righteousness didn’t encircle the Great Que Gate because it didn’t have any great evil traces. On the contrary, it made some mistakes in the autumn. Friars often visited the Great Que Gate for a long time, making friends with the general forces and sects of the Great Que Gate, saying that it was an alternative in the Magic Road.
Three swords with different colors flashed from north to south and entered Jiangxi Province. After the speed slowed down, I heard a female monk with an excellent figure and a misty face say, "I know that so much is coming to the teacher younger brother and look at the gray-white peak in the distance, which is the white horse tip." "The mountain is as famous as it was when I traveled in the past, but I didn’t ask in detail, otherwise I would have gone in and looked at it."
Yi Yi said to Yan Ya, and when he looked at it, he saw that the white horse tip was faintly covered with green vegetation, but it was gray as a whole and looked like a galloping horse. There was another fracture that had been worn down by wind and rain for a long time.
Jiang Pingshan suddenly asked Xing Ya with admiration, "Sister Ya, aren’t you afraid of being discovered every time you come back?"
Punishment, the left hand casually holding the sword finger to control the foot to fly the sword and smiled. "The Juemen never ask about paying a certain amount of goods, so they can go in. Besides, I hide my face in the fog. How can ordinary people recognize it unless acquaintances recognize my sword light or make a Lei Yin when fighting …"
At this time, Jiang Pingshan is also a mist to hide his face and keep pace with each other. Every move reveals a charming style. When she smells charming smiles, the crisp sound brings out a bit of laziness in her ears, which is a recognition of what Punishment Ya said. "Oh, in recent years, many people have learned to hide their faces by fog. They have heard people say that monks who love Yajie often admit their mistakes and make a lot of jokes."
Easy to turn and say with smile "this also can admit? I haven’t seen Sam yet. I don’t know what heroes your pursuers have. Let’s hear it. "
"Brother Yi … you say this again!" Jiang Pingshan waved her body like a spoiled brat.
"Ha-ha, I knew I had a plan. I’ll regret it if Shaner’s baby is lured away in the future … Hey …" Yi had not finished saying that Jiang Pingshan’s little hand was stretched out like a sneak attack.
He smiled and held the white little hand to evoke the index finger. He also gave her a vague look at Jiang Pingshan’s hand. He leaned slightly to the right and got her sweet shoulder.
"giggle ….." Jiang Pingshan was scratched at the itching spot and looked easy to rely on to smile. The gentle and lovely eyes just saw his one eye and hugged his male waist.
Their actions are extremely dangerous, but they seem to be rehearsed in advance, and they seem to have an amazing tacit understanding. The speed of the flying sword is the same, which makes the punishment look a little envious and disgusting
"If I hadn’t seen you two get along with each other with my own eyes, I would have wondered if you had known each other for a long time, and every move was tacit." This sentence of punishment, Ya, made two people’s hearts feel fine, acting kung fu was in place, and there was no flaw, otherwise it would have made punishment, Ya suspicious.
Jiang Pingshan smiled mysteriously. "Sister Ya, this is what you don’t know. This is my secret with Brother Yi."
Yi satisfiedly smiled and hugged Jiang Pingshan with an ambiguous smile. "Is this still hiding? To tell you the truth, Sister Ya, it’s due to me and Sammy’s night work. "
Jiang Pingshan smelled a shame and choked Yi Yi’s anger. "I didn’t talk nonsense in front of Yajie’s ground. If someone else said this, Yajie would have been angry." Nothing "Punishment Ya would have had an epidemic. She waved her hand and said," I don’t know how many times you have said this, I am used to it. "
"Giggle …" Jiang Pingshan smiled with a charming smile and suddenly her eyes lit up, pointing to her face. "See, shall we go?"
"Well, let’s go." Punishment nodded, and the sword pointed to a change, and the feet were firmly fixed. The charming body of the sword did not move at all, as if the earth had no gravity
Yi Jiang Ping-shan, too, soon saw the ground behind Punishment Ya, but flew to the forest and flew straight to the Taniguchi in front.
The mouth of the Valley of Hatred Soul is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the surrounding vegetation is extinct. The ground is as black and gray as goose eggs.
At a distance, it seems that you can feel vaguely resentful and entrenched, as if there are several ghosts, and the surrounding area is as gray as a ghost.
In front of Taniguchi, however, there are two lazy monks lying on the lounge chair, talking without a word, holding a black sunshade and a long stone table with books, melons, accounts and other things as if they were on vacation
On the left, the monk with a horse face sat up with a look, stretched himself, haha, and pushed the man on the right. "Get up, there’s a visitor … Hey, two chicks, this figure is tut-tut …" The monk with a donkey face on the right got up and looked around and cried, "Where’s where? I didn’t see it …" The line of sight must have been checked, and then his lips took a sip, his throat shook and he swallowed saliva hard.
Brother Ma-faced reached out and slapped the donkey-faced monk on the top of his head. "Mom, look at your shame. Don’t talk for a while. Look at my brother. I have a development. Today, you can be regarded as a rich man who has been holding back for a month before you see the fishy cough … and a man is unlucky!"