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Seeing Liu Xuan nodding, she asked again, "How sure are you?"

This time, Liu Xuan sighed, "It’s hard to say because I can’t understand how much this poison-eating method can resist, for fear that a slip of the hand will hurt you instead of expelling you."
Gong Sunjinglan bit her lips. She looks horribly white at the moment. What’s the saying? One white covers all the ugliness, and even worse. Gong Sunjinglan is gorgeous when she comes. Avril Lavigne is different. Avril Lavigne is the kind of beautiful girl who is pure girl and cute with a little baby fat. Gong Sunjinglan is different. She is like a beautiful person walking from an ancient picture scroll. She is full of a little bit of fairy dust.
It is said that GongSunJingLan is beautiful, but LiuXuan doesn’t mean it in particular, because GongSunJingLan is somewhat beautiful, unlike real LiuXuan, but she prefers the little girl type like Avril Lavigne. But GongSunJingLan is stunned, and LiuXuan can’t remember when she saw such a lens. Anyway, GongSunJingLan will be LiuXuanZheng in a delicate and touching way.
Liu Xuan hurriedly let go and scattered the five elements of broken spirit. At this time, Gong Jinglan just said, "Even if I burn a hole in my stomach, I don’t want this little thing to stay in my stomach. Although this little thing saved my life, I shudder at the thought that it will break out of the hole in the future, and I don’t want it." And I gave Liu Xuan a firm look to show my determination.
Liuxuan heart this hate ah heart way, my aunt, if you are so determined, don’t come up with a delicate and touching sample, ok? How much misunderstanding do you make me have? I still can’t stand it.
However, Liu Xuan turned his head and thought that it seemed that he had misunderstood Gong Jinglan. However, whether the thoughtful girl met at night for the first time or at the back of the mountain for the third time showed that everything was as good as that of men. In some places, Liu Xuan was ashamed that whether she stabbed the conference semifinals or intercepted spiritual practice, she never hesitated.
It seems that family background is not mediocrity, at the very least, a family brother like Gongsun’s family, but I’m afraid all those who can enter the Xuan door are just like Gongsun Jinglan, and they are robbed from many brothers and sisters. Experienced children are just different from ordinary children.
So Liu Xuan nodded. "Then try it. If you can’t stand it, you must tell me?"
See GongSunJingLan nod LiuXuan stretched out his palm press GongSunJingLan abdomen LiuXuan did not think much but GongSunJingLan face is a red well.
As soon as she blushed, she made Liuxuan embarrassed. Liuxuan hurriedly rubbed her hands, so two people were embarrassed and ambiguous.
Finally, Liu Xuan came to his senses first, and he thought to himself that this was to save lives. Don’t think too much and don’t look at Gong Sunjinglan’s face.
Liu Xuan coughed "I want you to feel a"
Gong Sunjinglan should have answered, but the sound was so low that she could hardly hear it herself. If Liu Xuan had not succeeded in advanced spiritual practice, I’m afraid he really couldn’t hear it.
Liu Xuan’s gesture of picking up the five elements to break the spirit is not true. It should be called the five elements to gather the spirit. It is more appropriate for some palms to pick up Gong Jinglan’s abdomen. According to the strange old man, this poison-eating method not only likes to spit poison, but also likes aura. It stays in spiritual practice and refuses to come out.
Liuxuan gestures together all seem to feel the fire spirit force rapidly forming the palm of your hand, although the concentration can not reach the point where the flame can be directly generated as in the flame technique, but it is also much better than the geothermal degree. Liuxuan slightly loosened a tactic to reduce the concentration of fire aura, which made the palm of your hand very hot according to the hot temperature of Gongsunjinglan’s abdomen, and Gongsunjinglan snorted.
Liu Xuan hurriedly stopped, but Sun Jinglan’s eyes lit up. "When he moved, it suddenly moved a little, and it was different from the previous heating times. The previous times I felt that he was rolling, but the position of the abdomen did not move."
Liu Xuan finally understood that just eating poison is like being scalded and dodging as soon as a person touches it. This is the body’s ability, but according to the original explanation method of the strange old man, although it is similar, it is difficult to achieve the same effect as scalding. On the contrary, it is more like changing the room temperature and making the method insect feel particularly uncomfortable, just like catching a cold. If you want to get rid of the method insect, you must make the body cold and hot.
But in this way, it will be too painful for those who bear the method of insect. It is not simple to drive the method of insect away, just like steaming a sauna. It must bear the temperature close to the flame, and it is a spiritual practice. If ordinary people can’t bear it.
The Liuxuan method, on the other hand, is like directly raising the position of the method insect to the temperature they want. Although spiritual practice also bears it, it is a part of the body after all, and this method is much better than the original one.
You know, the bug is located near the spiritual practice dantian because it is wrapped by human body. If the original method is used, I am afraid that the surrounding temperature will rise for a long time before the bug will feel it, just like boiling a frog in warm water. If you throw the frog into 4 degrees water, he will jump out immediately, but if you gradually heat it up, I am afraid that he will not feel unacceptable. This is the same reason.
So Liu Xuan saw the effect. First, he half-pinched the tactic, but went here without sending it. Then he pressed it to the position of Gongsunjinglan’s abdomen again, and suddenly it took a little longer when he paused this time. Gongsunjinglan immediately felt that his abdomen seemed to be burning, but the effect was even more obvious. The poisonous method had left her abdomen, but Gongsunjinglan’s chest stopped
Liuxuan heard that the method of insect has left hurriedly find out the current position GongSunJingLan red face is a long time refused to talk.
It took a while for a Liuxuan to figure out the position of the method worm, which was even more embarrassing. The two men looked at each other with red faces, but GongSunJingLan immediately closed his eyes.
Liu Xuanshi nai shook his head and finally told GongSunJingLan a crime. This just stretched out his hand and slowly pressed GongSunJingLan chest.
74. Special departments
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Liuxuan is gently pressed, although it is gently pressed, but it can also feel the amazing elasticity. Liuxuan involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of water.
Once again, take a deep breath, and Liu Xuanjing will aim at GongSunJingLan’s pointing position. The five elements of gathering spirit tactic will only happen once, but after a few breaths, you will see GongSunJingLan’s eyes wide open and feel nauseous. Liu Xuan hurriedly picked up the bottle with blood poison and aimed it at GongSunJingLan’s mouth.
GongSunJingLan also hurriedly cooperate to open your mouth for a while, and the chubby method insect has jumped into the jade bottle filled with blood poison Dan to expel the method insect, which is finally successfully completed.
Stay method of insect from GongSunJingLan body GongSunJingLan like being pulled away from the power, almost limply before LiuXuan into a hand from the side to hold GongSunJingLan just gently around her.
It’s not that GongSunJingLan is weak. It’s just that the process was too tortured. It’s conceivable that even hiding in her body and eating poison methods can’t stand the high temperature, but she must fight hard to suffer from it. It’s conceivable that if she were an ordinary person, I’m afraid her body would have collapsed, but she’s also a girl. Fortunately, Liu Xuanshi gave her a scattered spirit pill, or else it would have filled her body with fire spirit, although it didn’t reach the burning level, but it would definitely hurt her to be dirty. But this is already a very good result. I’m afraid it
In this way, two people hold GongSunJingLan, but they don’t have the strength to be held by LiuXuan, but their hearts are not too exclusive, and LiuXuan is afraid to move because she is holding her, but LiuXuan’s arm is still holding her chest, although it’s not a face-to-face, but LiuXuan’s body is relatively high, and her arm is still oppressive.
Liu Xuan feels that the temperature in the cave has risen instantly, and many of his breathing has become shortness. Many of his lips have become dry, and he is eager to find a place to quench his thirst.
GongSunJingLan as if also felt LiuXuan change body moved unnaturally, but eyes are slowly closed up.
Just two people crazy in love international jade bottle bite poison method suddenly jumped one or two people instantly wake up.
GongSunJingLan hurriedly push LiuXuan and then arrange clothes LiuXuan also embarrassed cough two.
After a while, the faces of the two men finally turned less red. Sun Jinglan glanced at Liu Xuan and first broke the embarrassment. "What was your skill just now that was so magical that I felt that I could mobilize the surrounding spiritual power?"
"Well, it’s very strange that I once called the five elements to break the spirit tactic to Silla King. An achievement method can change the composition of the surrounding spiritual power, but it can’t stimulate the technique. You should also feel that although your body fire and spiritual power are abundant, it can’t cause burning like the flame technique. Look"
Talking Liu Xuan stretched out his hand once again just five lines of gathering spirit tactic GongSunJingLan immediately feel Liu Xuan hand raging fire spirit force as Liu Xuan said so abundant fire spirit force but can’t cause combustion is really strange.
"Does anyone else know about your technique except me?" GongSunJingLan suddenly positive color way
Liu Xuan saw that she was suddenly rigorous, and she was also one leng. "No, although this technique is not very strong, it is very real to me. I didn’t tell anyone."
Gong Sunjinglan nodded. "Let’s practice here for a few days. It’s too early to talk now. After that, you must be careful and don’t be humane to others."
Liu Xuan, of course, is white. She means to blame the old man, but it will take more than ten days at the earliest. It’s not even a day. If you go out now, everyone will suspect that two people have any special skills that are not coveted.
In this way, the two people have been practicing in the cave at the bottom of the mountain for more than ten days. It is really a guess by two people. After all, there is no sunshine at the bottom of the mountain, and there is no record in their hands. The instrument is the sun and the moon in the mountain, and both of them don’t want to go out