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The spider nodded and waved its legs. "What do you want me to taste?"

The two of them said it was quite exciting!
I looked at Harriet and Ahh-hoo from the corner of my eye. When they saw the spider, they were so surprised that they couldn’t say anything, and they stared like gods.
The spider horse across the street crawled over and smiled and said, "Dude, you are really brave."
The spider said, "Come and make yourself at home!"
When he was talking, he bit me directly, which made me tremble.
He smacked his lips and said, "It’s tasteless …"
Harry Potter and ah, suck it, and look at me sympathetically.
I didn’t look at the two spiders and immediately pursed my lips.
If this is the case before, two bugs would have been slapped to death by me!
The spider coming from the opposite side also took a bite at me, which was also very insightful. "Does it smell ugly or not delicious?"
"Well, what you said is very reasonable …" The spider said, "Why don’t you eat these two first?"
Harry Potter and Suck! Suddenly he looked at them in horror.
The two spiders quickly moved away from me to look at them, but when they felt something again, they looked back in horror and ran away immediately.
It’s the girl who got up. At the moment, she came up with her eyes wide open and looked up at the spider web.
She whispered, "You must be in the same mood as me when you hit a spider web, right?"
So close, I looked at her carefully.
She seems to know what Ma Guodan is trying to do. Her face is full of sadness and she continues softly, "I will let you go if you are so pitiful …"
While talking, she stood on tiptoe and stretched out her arm to drag them both here, and then she got me out of the face and said, "You’re free."
Harriet looked surprised and asked, "Are you saved?"
Ah, suck it, too. "I was scared to death. I was almost eaten by a spider!" "
I didn’t good the spirit way "let you two squeeze, if you don’t squeeze, how can this happen!" "
The two of them smiled at me awkwardly and said, "It was all an accident."
I pursed my lips and continued to talk. The girl turned back and sat quietly in the corner with a sad face …
☆, Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Be a conscience worm.
This is when Harriet said, "You scared me to death!"
Ah, suck it, and chimed in, "I almost died."
The two of them looked at me again and boasted, "You weren’t scared at all when it was so dangerous?"
I’ve been dead once, and I haven’t come back to life yet. What’s there to be afraid of?
The eye is just a shell, and several sticks can’t kill me, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.
I said in an ostentatious manner, "I told you that I am immortal."
They both stopped talking when they heard this.
After a while, Harriet added, "Look at his mental illness again."
I’m too lazy to explain more, and now I’m looking at Linglong.
Harriet said, "Why do I think she looks so sad?"
Ah, go ahead and say, "I don’t know. Something’s bothering you."
I said, "She is very sad now."
They both looked at me sideways.
They may not understand me when Ma Guodan spoke just now, so they thought about it and described what Ma Guodan said just now as much as possible.
The two of them were surprised to hear this. "This old man is so bad!"
I said, "it’s not bad, but it’s really unreasonable to do your own thing. It’s inhuman to do whatever it takes."
Harriet said, "It’s tragic."
Ah, go ahead and say, "She just saved us. We should help her."
They have a good conscience.
However, I poured cold water on it and said, "It’s not half the size of a palm. Can you help me?"
Harriet said tragically, "Then help!"
Ah, suck it, too. "It’s just that our lives were hanging by a thread and we almost fed the spider. How can we help when we hear this?"
I didn’t cheep.
Just like this, it doesn’t matter if you help me or not.
At this time, we all looked at our novel "I don’t want to change back to my original shape …"
She talked to the bug to herself, and the two of them didn’t understand people’s words, so they looked blank at this moment.
Let’s talk about it. It’s quite like that when you plan how to help me in a word.
"What should I do?"
I don’t know.
"Why don’t we threaten the old man to let her go?"
"Good idea. We’ll climb to the old man’s neck that night and kill him if he doesn’t follow!"
"…" I said, "He can’t hear you, and how can you threaten him to be slapped to death at most?"
Harriet pouted. "Isn’t this a good idea?"
I said, "It’s fine, but it’s a bit troublesome to do. I guess if he doesn’t resist, you two might really kill him if you bite him for a year and a half."
Ah, suck it. The horse said, "That won’t work for too long."
Harriet suddenly asked, "Can she go out by hitting the door?"
This is nonsense!
I said, "Yeah."
He said, "Then let’s knock down the door!"
I looked at his figure and then looked at the "giant door" that is like a mountain peak for us. I said, "Idiot!"
They both stopped squeaking, looked at me and said, "You are more awkward, so what do you think we should do?"
"How do I know?" I said.
"We have to find a way to come up with an idea," said Harriet.
I thought about it. "I think this size might be able to steal a key?"