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No follow-up, no innocence, a day off!

Xiao Ya rubbed his arm. "I don’t want to do anything, I want to lie down for a day …"
"Well, it’s time for you to go to the interview one by one, and then you can have a rest."
"Ah … to interview …"
Ten days before the broadcast of "Fantasy Travel Notes", Lu Zhanhong, a Lin Yu flying agent, sat in the conference room and brushed Weibo with his mobile phone anxiety.
No matter how hard and tired the ordinary reality show variety show is, no matter how advertised, artists will come by themselves, so that the brokerage team and assistants can follow it privately. However, Zhang PD said that he would not follow it, and he would not allow brokers to follow it. After the mobile phone was taken away, Lin Yufei was not allowed to send a message to him that there would be a new tidbit today. This issue has Lin Yufei’s lens.
So he has been brushing Weibo since noon.
At this time, the head of the business department and the executive broker also came in. "Hey, Lao Lu, don’t brush it. Maybe Weibo will put tidbits after the first meeting."
Lu Zhanhong was discouraged and threw his mobile phone at the conference table. "What do you think this is? Can I not be nervous? This is the first time that Yufei has been away from this for so long …"
At this time, the assistant ran in. "Manager Lu Weibo updated the tidbits!"
Lu Zhanhong was just about to go to Dianzhou and the supervisor stopped him. "Don’t look at the projector yet. Let’s see it together and discuss it later."
As soon as the tidbits of "Dream Fantasy Travel Notes" were released, there were hundreds and thousands of videos that praised the assistant point. Everyone in the conference room stared at the wall and appeared.
In the picture, first, the long lens pulls the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and then the aerial photography angle shows the beautiful scenery of the whole Wahu Lake. The lens zooms in. In the exciting bg, four people are in the same boat, and Qi Xin is rowing together.
Ah, ah, ah, there they are. Lin Yufei is one of the four!
Although the camera flashed by, his first paddle was very eye-catching
The propaganda film was very short, and the picture was cut to the interview session. The program group still typed questions on the screen for the guests to answer.
The first person interviewed was Xiao Ya. Before the interview, Zhang PD told her that the interview was specially cut into tidbits and put out as a publicity film.
Q do you think this challenge is difficult?
Xiao Ya nodded. "It’s quite difficult for me. At one time, I couldn’t even stop to rest. Thanks to the help of the three of them, I could never finish it alone."
Q who do you think surprised you the most when this trip was recorded here?
Xiao Ya thought for a moment, "What surprised me most in Kathmandu was that Lin Yufei left a deep impression on me these two days after Shinohara came to Boccara. After all, I didn’t spoil it before him. Haha!"
Q are you looking forward to the coming trip?
Xiao Ya said with a smile, "I think this trip is getting more and more interesting. I hope that the next program group will give us projects that are too difficult to challenge, and I want to live longer."
Lu Zhan-hong saw here, and his heart simply tightened. Xiao Ya said that after coming to Boccara, Lin Yufei impressed her. What happened to her?
Is Lin Yufei’s program group in trouble?
The supervisor also changed his face and quickly said, "Go to Lala to see if you have interviewed Yufei’s lens?"
Assistant fast-forward all the way to the end did not find a Lin Yufei end.
"Eldest brother … no …"
The atmosphere in the meeting room became a little dignified. The supervisor sighed, "There was no interview lens for Yufei … What happened?"
Lu Zhanhong became anxious and walked around the room. He suddenly remembered that one of the interviewees was a foreigner.
"Go back and see what the foreigner is like?"
The assistant pulled the video back to the footage of foreigners being interviewed.
Q coach, how do you evaluate the performance of these four students?
Le, they didn’t cooperate well at first, which led to their poor performance, but soon they understood the charm of this sport. It takes four people Qi Xin to achieve the common goal. I think they are great.
Q which of the four students impressed you the most?
Le "What impressed me most was Jing Jiayuan, who was a natural leader. He had a clear mind, quick thinking and a very good command of the direction, but compared before and after, I think Lin Yufei made the greatest progress."
After watching the coach interview, the meeting room fell into silence.
It seems that everyone has arrived at Lin Yufei, but it seems that there is nothing.
Lu Zhan-hong helped this kid out. What on earth did he do? Everyone said he had changed a lot …
His eyes can’t stop looking worried. He knows Lin Yufei’s character very well.
But … It shouldn’t be a big problem to have Jing Jiayuan on the show …
At this time, the official micro-bottom of "Dream Fantasy Travel Notes" is very lively. It has been several days since the tidbits were once, and fans are impatient to wait. Many programs have also urged passers-by to release new tidbits quickly.
As soon as the tidbits came out, they were immediately searched.
[Ah, ah, ah, Nepal is so beautiful, and it can’t stop with my family’s love for beans and respect for home! 】
[Just that shot, Xiaoya also worked hard to row for five years. My mother loves us. Xiaoya is usually weak and still works so hard to row. I’m going to cry.]
[Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Lin Yufei’s paddle movement is very handsome, but I haven’t seen Lin Yufei look so serious for a long time]
[Do you think these four people rowing together don’t feel so annoying even when the fine Shinohara fish is hanging out]
[Look at that shot just now. Although Shinohara fish sat back, she tried to row the boat and asked her not to make any new mess. Let’s not cling to it.]
[The tidbits are quite harmonious, but it may not be true when the feature film is released. I am curious about what happened to Lin Yufei. Everyone said that his performance was surprising. Why do you keep shinohara fish from time to time? A little strange jpg]
[I can’t. I can’t stand it. Hurry up and broadcast it! @ Dream Fantasy Travel Notes]
On the night of getting the mobile phone, Lin Yufei did not immediately brush the headlines of Weibo, Tik Tok and Zhihu, nor did he contact the brokerage team. Instead, he squatted on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
"Elder brother, you’re right. I seem to know my problem." Lin Yufei said with a sigh of relief.
Jing Jiayuan was playing with his mobile phone in his chair. When he heard this, he looked back at him with a faint smile. His voice was a little lazy. "What do you think?"
"Elder brother, when I watched the playback earlier, I found out that what I had before couldn’t cooperate with you because I realized my greatest strength when rowing. At that time, the paddle angle was right from a scientific point of view, but it was wrong without considering the rhythm behind you …"
"It’s rare for you to notice everyone." Jing Guyuan laughed.
Lin Yufei is red in the face "elder brother, you still say it. You are also cooperating with Shinohara fish and Xiaoya, right? I feel strange when I watch the playback, but how can you be consistent with them? I have watched it many times before I found that your rowing movement was similar to mine at the beginning of solo training, but after the kayak for four, you adjusted it according to their frequency to be uniform. "
Lin Yufei’s head drooped. "At that time … even if I sat in the back, I couldn’t do it like you … I never wanted to cooperate with others … or I was scolded by the coach later. At that time, I couldn’t look back at the coach’s scolding. Sure enough, my performance was really a waste."
Lin Yufei’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, and her voice was a little dumb. "I jumped wrong when I wanted to dance before. Anyway, there was a team to help me design perfection, but as soon as I left the team, I caused you trouble everywhere. I saw the playback at that time, and I saw that you were sitting in the back and constantly correcting because I was fooling around. I saw Xiao Ya’s hand was hit by my paddle several times, and Xiao Yu also practiced hard, panting and didn’t stop. I didn’t know that compared with you, you were serious. I was just playing by myself …"
Jing Jiayuan glanced at him with warmth. "It’s good to be aware of the problem."
"Elder brother, when I focused on him, I also found a problem." Lin Yufei suddenly felt a little refreshed.
"What?" Jing Jiayuan asked
"I found Shinohara fish so gentle, not only gentle but also very caring. Everyone doesn’t say much, but she does everything silently every time. I seem to like Shinohara fish a little." Lin Yufei said to Jing Jiayuan in a soft voice.
Jingjiayuan "…"
He silently looked at Lin Yufei for a long time and turned his eyes lightly to say a word, "You are an idol and can’t fall in love."
"Ow …" Lin Yufei’s hairy head drooped.
Chapter 52
The next day, Lin Yufei woke up and spoke in the group.
The weather is fine today.
I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to just sleep over our good times.
[The first handsome Feifei in the universe] Why don’t we go shopping and go out to play?
[The first handsome flying in the universe] Meow meow? ? ?
[The first handsome flying in the universe] What about people?