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"How did they know that we were selling dragon wine today?"

Qing Liu was a little strange.
"It seems that there is news from Runhua Supermarket."
Cheng said, "I just asked an old lady. She said it was during morning exercise."
Qing Liu: Oh, he is planning to sell dragon wine from the point of sale today. Zhang Hua knows that someone can get the news through this channel, which is not too unexpected.
To Qing Liu’s surprise, this dragon wine is not a gift of napkins, nor is it a dollar a catty of eggs. Although it does have health care, it does not make these old people so enthusiastic, does it?
You know, the most utilitarian people in the country who love to take advantage of petty advantages are probably the old ladies who have nothing to do after retirement and want to exert their residual heat.
In order to buy a catty of cheap vegetables at fifty cents, they can get up at six o’clock and go to the vegetable market to queue up. Who among young people wants to do this?
"Liu? Still shipping today? "
Cheng asked 1 Qing Liu.
Qing Liu came to his senses and gave him a puzzled look and said, "What’s wrong?"
"But they …"
Cheng pointed to the crowd outside.
"sit tight"
Qing Liu sat down behind a table and said quietly, "Let them in through the door." He felt that there was something very strange in this matter, and only by observing could he know these people’s eyes.
Cheng should have a salesperson go out and knock on the door of the sales point.
As soon as the door was lined up, several old ladies rushed in with quick steps and quick skills, and asked cheerfully and anxiously, "Are you selling dragon bars here?"
"Don’t worry, everyone."
The salesman saw the people behind him desperately trying to squeeze in, and two people hurried to the door to keep order.
"Well, there is dragon wine for sale."
Cheng personally received the old lady, and he wanted to find out what was going on in his heart. "How many bottles do you want, auntie?"
"Can one person buy ten boxes?"
The old lady startled Cheng with one bite, looked at her suspiciously and said, "Do you want to buy ten cases?"
"That’s right"
The old lady nodded impatiently and urged, "Do you sell it or not? Hurry up and give me ten cases of dragon wine first! "
"Can you move it?"
Cheng quite couldn’t help asking, "Aunt, do you want to drink this wine when you buy it back?"
Chapter five hundred and ten Premium acquisition
Hearing Cheng’s words, the old lady gave him a supercilious look and said, "Young man, why are you talking so much nonsense at a young age?" You are a salesman. Why do you ask so many questions? Why don’t your manager tell you to ask customers what is the reason for buying things before selling them? "
"That’s ok, then I’ll tell you if I buy it back and pour it?"
The old lady taught Cheng a lesson by leaning on the old and selling the old.
Qing Liu squinted at her. If the old lady said that she would buy a few bottles to taste Qing Liu, she might really believe it. But buying ten boxes at one breath happened to be her own. Yesterday, she said that one person bought a limited amount, and Qing Liu would not believe that she bought it back and drank it herself.
"Bring me wine quickly. I have work to do."
The old lady urged Cheng.
"Just hurry up, young man. There are so many people waiting in line outside."
An old man beside her is also in a hurry.
Cheng Consciousness took a look at Qing Liu, which made the old lady believe that this is definitely a rookie salesman who knows nothing.
Qing Liu nodded slightly.
"Ten cases of dragon wine total ten thousand dollars."
Cheng said, "Pay first and then get the goods."
The old lady slipped out of her pocket and pulled out a pile of money. She didn’t count it, so she handed it to Cheng and urged him to "hurry up"
Cheng handed the money to a salesman and counted it. After that, the salesman nodded and said, "Manager Cheng has just the right money."
"Are you the manager?"
The old lady stared blankly for a moment.
Cheng um called a salesman and said, "You take this lady to the goods."
"I’ll go."
Qing Liu got up and smiled and said, "You are busy." Then he called the old lady, "Aunt, you come with me to the back warehouse."
The old lady didn’t think much about following Qing Liu out the back door.
Come to the rented warehouse and knock on the door. Qing Liu moved out ten boxes of dragon wine from the inside and put it in front of the old lady and laughed. "Aunt, how are you going to move back and have a car? Can I help you? "
"No, anyway, don’t move too far …"
In the middle of what the old lady said, she suddenly remembered something and kept silent.
Qing Liu became more suspicious in his heart. When the old lady paid the money, Qing Liu noticed a detail. She didn’t count it, so she took out the exact amount of money directly. Obviously, she must have counted it before.
That is to say, she can buy up to ten cases of wine, and she knows exactly how much these ten cases of wine cost.
Qing Liu wouldn’t believe it if someone hadn’t told her.
The old lady went to the outside door and looked at the arbor in one direction. After a few minutes, several young people quickly came over to help move the ten boxes of dragon wine.
Looked around Qing Liu to the back of a car and didn’t care about the young people who moved the wine, but focused on the old lady.
I saw her go to a Volkswagen in the distance and hit the door. A few minutes later, the old lady was happy to drive, and then her legs and feet were flexible and fast, and she went around to the front of the sales point and lined up behind the queue.
Qing Liu didn’t worry, and then waited there for a few minutes. Then the young men went to the back of the warehouse and moved away several boxes of dragon wine. This time, the old man came out and bought the Volkswagen just like the old lady. A few minutes later, the old man’s happy car was also behind the old lady!
Seeing this, Qing Liu already knows that these old men and women who "play the waste heat" have taken out their former supermarkets to snap up things, and they have repeated the cycle until the end of the activity.
"What do they all do with that car?"
Qing Liu had some doubts in his heart. Make it clear that he wanted to think and decided to wait for a while.
A few minutes later, the young people came to the warehouse again and removed several boxes of dragon wine. This time, it was an old lady. When she came out, she went straight to the Volkswagen and went to Qing Liu, where she was a few steps behind.
This way, when Qing Liu walks to the side of the Volkswagen, the old lady’s door car just comes out.
"… well, the money just left."