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This movement immediately made the red beans flush with a lovely blush on their cheeks.

The two men walked on and soon walked out of the street and came to a very familiar place, namely Konoha Ninja School.
Coming here, Chiba is showing a bit of nostalgia.
When I was about seven years old, I was still a crane tail. If it wasn’t for the whole reason, I would still be a bear.
But it’s not enough to own the system.
Therefore, Chiba knows clearly that even the cultivation of vitality can become very strong, so at that time, Chiba became a hellish cultivation. It can be said that all his children played when they generally performed learning and endurance.
Chiba is trying her best to exercise.
At that time, Chiba also suffered from all kinds of contempt from Tang Dog Junhua, a teacher who taught coldly by many people.
Almost graduated!
Now that I think about Chiba, I am relieved with a smile.
It’s kind of hard work, isn’t it? He didn’t unify other methods to get to the present level, but he did. If he didn’t practice hard, he would also get to the present level
"Shall we go in and have a look around?"
Red beans also showed a trace of nostalgia for salad when they saw Ninja School, pulling Chiba’s arm.
Chiba nodded and thought that Naruto and Sasuke should be of school age this year. It’s not bad to go and see them first, and then they walked into the ninja school.
After all, there will be twelve Xiaoqiang in this place after studying here for five or six years
Without war, ninja schools are generally six-year, and the period of enduring the world war is another matter!
"Hey, rest, Teacher Junhua!"
There is a scar on the nose. Teacher Umino Iruka walked on the playground and suddenly saw the Tang dog Junhua over there. He couldn’t help but smile and say hello.
Teachers in ninja schools generally have little potential and are unlikely to be promoted to forbearance.
Umino Iruka was also inspected by the three generations of Muhuo Ying, and found that Ji’s generation was eager to be promoted, and because of his gentle personality, he liked children, so he was arranged in Ninja School in the last two years.
And another Tang dog, Jun Hua, was a teacher of Zhongren several years ago, and now he is still a teacher of Zhongren.
"There are many students enrolled in school this year. I heard that there are many geniuses like Hyūga Neji last year. By the way, Uchihiro, the two stars Chiba and Shimizu seem to be students in your class. This is a great honor!"
Umino Iruka came to the Tang Dog Army China and suddenly thought of something. He gave an envious expression to Tang Dog Army China.
Tang dog Junhua looked at Iruka with envy, but his face expression was unnatural and he barely smiled and said, "Yes, yes."
Some perfunctory response to a post-Tang dog Junhua turned around a bit defeated and fled.
Umino Iruka, some people feel strange when they see Tang dog’s military China, and some people shrug their shoulders inexplicably, so they are gone.
Tang Canjun Hua is a little embarrassed. Walking through the ninja school is full of remorse.
How could he have thought that Chiba, the crane tail, could grow to this level in just a few years? !
The original first water stop has now grown to the second place, and the original crane tail Chiba has grown to such a point that it is not only the first place in the same session, but also the pride of the peers, plus or minus three years old, and it is also an enemy.
Even more, Wuyin Village has made great contributions.
Although there are not many civilians, his ninja school teacher often goes in and out of Naruto’s office, and he knows these secrets very well.
Chapter two hundred and two Encounter acquaintances
Now Chiba and Shimizu have grown up to be particularly patient, but he himself is still patient.
Jun Hua, a Tang dog, sometimes regrets …
If he had been a little nicer to Chiba, his present position would definitely have risen to a high level because of Chiba’s contribution.
After walking with his head down and his eyes crossed for a while, Jun Hua, a dog in the later Tang Dynasty, almost hit someone directly. Fortunately, he was a ninja and reacted when he almost hit him, forcibly stopping his body.
"That … sorry … er …"
Tang dog army China looked up at a glance and saw two very familiar figures suddenly leng one.
Then suddenly his eyes widened.