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Chapter 473 Out of the cave

The rest of the mosses are just like sawdust, and they are still full of toughness. The sawdust is simply hard to swallow, and the bitterness and a naturally precipitated odor when chewing in the mouth fill the whole mouth, which is a great test for people’s taste. Well, we are not melodramatic, and we have been soaked in bitter water since childhood, and this bitterness can still be eaten.
I don’t know what Chen Mo thinks. Anyway, I think that since we have eaten, we must fill our stomachs. Because of this, we have enough ability to cope with the coming problems. We almost put it in our mouth and chew it quickly, and then try to swallow it. My throat is thick enough, otherwise it’s really swallowing.
We moved quickly, and in less than 20 minutes, two large pieces of surrounding rock walls on both sides of the cave appeared in different places after the colors were finished.
This moss is full of water vapor, which is not too dry. We are not thirsty to eat this moss, but after eating too much of this thing, we urgently need water to wash away the taste in our mouths.
There’s still not much water here. It’s only after Chen Mo and I continued to move forward quickly that we walked forward for forty or fifty meters that a pool of clear water actually appeared on the spot. This place is sunken to the horizon, and the area is about four or five centimeters. The accumulated water in it is not too small for the two of us to drink and gargle.
Even the moss has been eaten. Naturally, it won’t matter if there is any problem with this pool of water. Chen Mo and I look at each other and then go to the water and kneel on both sides like animals, putting our mouths into the water and sucking them.
Because the beach water is four or five centimeters deep and there is a layer of mud at the bottom, it is easy to make the water muddy if you hand it, but this is the most original way to be the safest. It is really good for ancestors to leave the original place at certain times.
After’ satiated with food and drink’, Chen Mo and I were lying half-lying, regardless of the water stains, which got into our bodies through our clothes and made our skin a little stinging from water erosion.
"The two of us are really courageous, but now it seems to have been confirmed that we are still betting on luck. What luck!" Chen Mo seems to sigh, but there is a trace of self-mockery in his tone. I don’t know what he wants to say.
I didn’t pay attention to him getting up from the ground, hitting his hands and looking ahead. When my eyes looked out about 100 meters away with the light of my hands, I felt my heart suddenly draw.
"Here we are at the end." After walking in this passage for so long, we finally reached the end. At this time, I looked at myself and shouted with excitement.
Chen Mo was scared by my sudden sound and quickly pulled out the spider’s fangs and suddenly jumped up from the ground. But when he saw the end of my hand, his face immediately became as wonderful as mine, and even the spider’s fangs fell to the ground.
"Is this true? Have we finally come to an end? " Chen Mo’s reaction is not surprising at all. Anyone who has experienced the ups and downs and psychological pressure we just had in this passage will lose control when we see that we have come to an end.
The end is 100 meters away from us. Although the land looks dark brown, even the height is quite the same as that of the cave, there are no stone walls on both sides of it.
Maybe it’s because the cave suddenly widened there that we can’t see the stone walls on both sides, but we don’t want to think so. Maybe it’s because people are desperate to comfort themselves.
God has visited us again. Although it is still possible that the cave has widened, it has also become too wide. Now we can’t see the stone walls on both sides.
The whole sense of personal depression has been relieved since we came to this spacious place. Even though we still haven’t found any clues about Batu, we don’t know how to get out of this place, but it is enough to make us excited. It is a big step to walk here from the cave.
If people have hope in their hearts, the difficult things will become much easier, and we are here now, which makes us see hope, and hope in our hearts makes us full of strength and feel thousands of times stronger than in the heyday.
After more than ten minutes, we both calmed down. We were a little too excited just now to get rid of our depressed mood.
Now we find that the real thing is not so optimistic. We have lost our way here. This place is as high as the cave except the zenith, and there is no clue on the other three sides except the cave behind us.
It’s dark here, so we can not lose sight of the road with the help of hand light, but hand light is limited after all, and I doubt whether we will lose our way after going out for a distance.
I don’t know how big this place is. In case there is a few tens of square kilometers, we will lift up the sky with this kind of irradiation area in our hands. It is easy to get lost if we lose our way, then don’t say anything and die.
Finally, I discussed with Chen Mo for a long time before I thought of a way, that is, he walked in front and I walked behind, and every step he took was to pry a mark out with a dagger.
Because out of the cave, the ground here has become dry again, and there is no trace left on the foot. If it is the ground like the former cave, we will not worry about getting lost.
This method seems clumsy, and it is really true. If it is done, it will greatly affect our speed, but what better way is there now? We really can’t think of a better way than this original way to guide ourselves.
In half an hour, we advanced about 200 meters, which is slower than we thought and much slower. This can’t be done. At this speed, our roots are waves.
Suddenly, something came to my mind, and I was so excited that I patted myself on the forehead. It was too much trouble to squat down to the dagger to mark it. I had something better on me, and I didn’t think of it for so long.
After stopping the silence, I took out a box from my backpack, which was filled with Luoyang shovel, an expert digger, and we were still so clumsy. It can be said that our IQ is really worrying
Chapter 474 Five-colored soil emperor’s tomb
Now I don’t want to explore the hole. I need to connect the Luoyang shovel to a handle, which is more than one meter long. It is very convenient to hold in my hand, just like sticking a crutch. Every time I poke it step by step, it will leave traces, which is much better than the dagger.
Chen Mo was most puzzled when he saw me take out the Luoyang shovel, but he soon thought of my idea, which was also continuous shooting’s own forehead. It seems that his idea is the same as mine, and it is time to rebuild his IQ.
With Luoyang shovel, our speed has really come, and I still feel a lot easier. After all, it is not light for us to carry things on our backs.
However, it hasn’t been half an hour this time, and we can’t send Luoyang shovel again because the ground is getting wet again. Do we still need Luoyang shovel step by step?
Of course not. Luoyang shovel marks this side. I won’t put Luoyang shovel away when I’m stupid. Even if I mark it when I step on the ground, I don’t mind an extra row of marks different from footprints
At this time, Luoyang shovel changed from a marking part-time crutch tool to a real full-time crutch.
Chen Mo’s body is flexible and naturally he doesn’t need crutches. When the Luoyang shovel is getting rarer and rarer behind him, one foot can actually step into it. I have Luoyang shovel. When I meet that kind of special sparse place, I need my arm. Most of my body weight is in Luoyang shovel. Naturally, it is not my legs.
Chen Mo envied giving me a look at his spear, which was less than one meter long, and shook his head.
In this way, it was very difficult for us to get out of the mud that was almost ten meters wide and came to the dry land again.
When the ground becomes dry, we stop to clean up the dirt of our shoes before we go, otherwise the weight will make us not have enough physical strength to fall rapidly. This is not military training but survival, and we can’t be careless at all.
Chen Mo’s calf was covered with mud. He shook his head and looked at me as if he envied that I had a multifunctional tool, but now the upper was covered with mud.
"I don’t know what there was so much mud just now, but I have carefully read the zenith, which is as dry as we are here. It’s really strange that such a piece of mud has appeared."
A foreigner in Chen Mo actually learned the tone of our ancestors, but it is not surprising to think about it. After all, his ancestors looked up to our ancestors for thousands of years, and it was only in modern times that they became foreigners, even with such a name. The tone of our ancestors was not a big deal. If it were not for our ancestors, they might still be fighting for food with wild animals in the mountains.
"Why do you care so much? Now our focus is not on what it is, but it is not that we can explain things.