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"They must be greedy for those fairy treasures, too. Let’s wait for them to enter the burial ground. They will come in two, so that everyone will be proud and sure that two people will go in and follow!"

Baiye shook his head and whispered, "The money is not exposed. I didn’t expect to be stared at when I first came!"
Ignoring the robbers, Bai Ye extended his sight further. His spirit ball could not only see things in the air, but also things in the sand and stones. Soon he saw Sand Snakes, big and small, densely packed and intertwined in the sand.
Sand Snakes’s body color is miserable white sand, and there is a tumor on their heads, which is poisonous. A pair of snake eyes are also white, but this white color is cold.
Snakes, big and small, are intertwined and wandering among many bones in the sand, even white leaves look numb on the scalp.
Looking away from the sand snake, Baiye saw jellyfish hanging in the air. These things are invisible to the naked eye, and it is difficult to feel them without any repairs. Generally, they can only be felt when they are touched or close, but they are still very obvious to Baiye.
The shape of hanging jellyfish is similar to that of ordinary jellyfish, but it is much bigger and physically tough. There are also many such big guys in China who want to touch them as soon as they rise into the sky.
In addition, many people in Baiye are walking towards the buried ground, but they haven’t been attacked until they can detect it. Sand Snakes is still wandering around as if he didn’t know someone was passing by.
However, Baiye soon thought about what was white, and could not help sighing that Sand Snakes and some Xiaocong actually knew to let their prey go deep and panic in it, which also saved their prey from escaping.
Baiye looked around and collected his knowledge. When he opened his eyes again, it was already six hours later.
White leaves and soft money go out and come to the edge of the buried land. Fine sand is on the edge, and it is thinner on the inside. White sand is everywhere in front of it. If it weren’t for the heavy water vapor here, it would be like a desert.
The two of them stepped on the white sand and said, "Little brother, there is actually a sea breath here, but it is not very stable!"
"There is not only sea air but also aura. The atmosphere here is messy. Elder martial sister, don’t absorb it unless you have to!"
"I know that the devil told me that it was extremely dangerous here, but why did these demons go in one by one instead of joining forces?"
"Ha-ha, if the devil goes in together, it won’t be called the devil!" A familiar stereo sounds just like the devil who told Baiye about the situation earlier.
"Aren’t you in a hurry? Why are you still here? " Qian rou asked
"I’m on my way to find someone, but people are gone, and I can’t come in and try my luck myself no matter how anxious I am."
"Take a chance? Isn’t it extremely dangerous here? "
"Do I look afraid of the dead to you?"
"I can’t see it!"
"Er … ha ha you this wench interesting your elders? Are you two the only ones who want to go into this burial ground? " The devil asked.
"Only our two elders have left!" White leaves replied.
"Oh, in that case, why don’t we go in together? If we are in danger, we can take care of each other. "
"Aren’t you afraid of us dragging our feet?" Baiye looked at him.
"Hey hey, I’m not afraid of me or something!"
At first glance, the devil’s face grinned fiercely, but Bai Ye didn’t know what this guy was up to, but he didn’t care about these Sand Snakes and hanging jellyfish. He could handle them, and he had a way to keep these sea animals from hitting on him.
Section DiYiQi Sand Snakes siege
Ye and Qian just met Zhong Ji and walked into the burial ground together.
Zhong Qifeng is really unlike the devil. He likes jokes and humor, which makes Qian Rou giggle all the way. Bai Ye sometimes can’t help smiling. This guy is interesting.
Through talking, I know that Zhong Ji is an idle demon king. He does not attach himself to a big honour person, but he practices freely. There are still some scattered practices like him in the Arctic, but none of them can become a climate. Fortunately, Zhong Ji has some strength and befriends some big honour persons. Those old guys are not too hard on him at any time.
In addition, Baiye also knew that Zhong Qi came in to find a team of orcs riding demons. The leader of those people was An 6, who was also an idle demon king. Zhong Qi made an agreement to come together, but the guy ran in and left him behind.
"That restless guy, when I find him, I will definitely break his two fangs outside and turn him into a wild boar!" Zhong Ji gnashed her teeth at that friend.
"How did Brother Zhong know that rude guy?" Na ‘an 6 is the former white leaf. They have seen Qian Rou and know that rude guy.
"Ha, it was five hundred years ago. At that time, I was practicing in the Soul Mountain, but I heard a’ ouch!’ sound. I couldn’t stand it. I went out to see the results. I saw that this big guy was having diarrhea a few miles away, and it stinked. I drank,’ Who is that? Why do you have diarrhea here?’