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As the Lord altar started, a series of pictures appeared in front of Su Yu.

A young burly man is holding a giant tripod with bare arms with one hand, and the veins stood out exposing his anger and scanning the square. "Who else doesn’t! ! Ah! Who else is not a family! "
"The main book force beyond us! Yes! "
There are soldiers shouting constantly, and everyone’s eyes are full of fanaticism.
This year, he was in high spirits.
Luoyang dongfu
The huge bloody head was thrown to the ground, and the big unwilling eyes made people tremble.
"A certain family member made a special gift to serve Dong Shi!"
It’s still that boy, but he’s grown a little taller, holding a square painting halberd in his hand and wearing silk and shining armor.
"good! Ok! Be an outstanding person when you know first! Haha! "
Dong Zhuo smiled and showed a trace of confidence and desire in his eyes.
This year, his heart was high and his interests were like a lone wolf, and no one would believe in climbing to that higher position with all his heart.
mansion/residence of a prince
"The Story Of Diu Sim! Old man, don’t say it quickly! "
Feng Xian’s armor became more and more luxurious, and his eyes were open with anger.
"The general real don’t blame me! It was Dong Shi who took my daughter away and forced her to be a concubine. Can’t protect my little girl! "
Yun3 shivered and begged for mercy.
"Ah ah! I treat you like a father, but you cheat my lover! "
Feng Xian’s eyes are splitting, and Fang Tian draws a halberd and leads the army to step away from the palace.
It’s a pity that he didn’t see the cover-up and smile on his knees.
This year, his young temperament lover can split the heavens and the earth to blame!
Outside Humen, Dong Zhuo died, but Lv Fengxian was besieged by Dong Zhuo’s old army on the day of guarding the city, which coincided with the mutiny of the city. He was able to lead the army out of the city and break through.
"I am Lyu3 bu4! Who dares stop me! ! !”
As the thunder roared, it shocked the soldiers in the battlefield, and the gate was big!
A ride should draw a halberd with a cold mountain flashing the sky, and take away several soldiers’ lives with a piercing rag.
Everyone panicked and stayed away from the man riding a red rabbit.
"Dong Zhuo head this stop me to death! ! Howl! !”
Lyu3 bu4 is like a crazy tiger. He holds Dong Zhuo’s head high and rides out of the city first.
Lyu3 bu4 clung to the creaking carriage behind him, and kept fighting in the battlefield. Even though his armor was stained with blood and his halberd arm trembled, he refused to leave the carriage for there was a woman he loved.
Somebody stop me from dying!
A man, a horse and a halberd made tens of thousands of troops dare not humiliate and humble in the previous step and watched him escort the carriage away.
This year, he was an orphan, guarding his home in troubled times; He is like the wolf king of the grassland, who should be arrogant and despise all living things, but has been melted by the soft-fingered beauty, and his iron heart is willing to leave the wolf king’s position.
Pictures continue to flash and compete for Yanzhou’s escape, Xuzhou’s tiger step and Jianghuai’s defeat.
Whether it is to persuade the fighters to win every battle, or to be denounced by the world as a slave of the three surnames, or to be less fond of suspicion and temperament, he will never change his tender feelings
He never lost that woman, and he always cared for her and tried to keep that home in troubled times.
It’s a pity that he didn’t hold it after all.
[drop! Congratulations to the host for winning the title of God! 】
Unified display sound
Su Yu just returned to absolute being from the unified picture.
"spoony enough, Lu bu"
Su Yu muttered fingers gently knocking.
Although I don’t know which plane Lyu3 bu4 this is, the tenderness and persistence of this iron god of war really made Su Yu sit up and take notice
Although Lu Bu’s evaluation is not so good, Su Yu still appreciates his attitude towards family and nomadic people.
But soon Su Yu’s convergence touched his mood, and his mouth again evoked a smile.
On the value of this force, the disputed military commanders in off the charts are already my people!