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Xiao pang was so excited that he couldn’t wait to hold Xu’s head and kiss him. "It’s so pleasant!"

Just now, Xiao Pang looked as bitter as a fool, with 1,000 chips left, and now the chips in his hand have become more than 50,000, which is a lot of lucky money!
Fifty thousand is definitely not a small number anyway!
Xiao Pang excitedly shouted at her sister with that pile of chips, "Sister, look at you. Look at what Mom and Dad said about controlling the amount of money I spend so that I don’t become a wan ku. Let several bodyguards watch me every day, so that I can watch my classmates spend money all day and be jealous. Don’t tell Mom and Dad that I want to enjoy being a rich man!"
The girl wanted to say some harsh words, but when she thought that mom and dad had high hopes for Xiao Pang, she felt a little distressed and immediately touched Xiao Pang’s head and said, "I won’t tell mom and dad, but you have to say thank you to your brother, right?"
Xiao pang immediately nodded excitedly and then shouted at Xu excitedly. "Thank you, brother. It’s a pity that my sister is taken. Otherwise, if I have another sister, I must let this sister marry you!" You are really amazing. You are simply the God of Wealth! "
Xu was made to laugh by Xiao Pang.
People around you also burst out laughing.
The fashion girl blushed and smiled shyly at Xu. "Don’t take it to heart when children talk nonsense, but thank you very much today. You are so amazing that you can even catch the rules of slot machines."
Chapter three hundred and seventy Fried golden flowers
Xiao pang took over her sister’s words and said excitedly, "This brother is amazing!"
Xu Nai laughed. "You’d better listen to your sister more and be less loquacious."
Xiao pang made a face at Xu and spat out his tongue.
All the people around were also amazed.
"That’s amazing. Slot machines can play to this level."
"If anyone has this ability, will he still worry about spending money?"
"How high IQ does it take to calculate the probability of such a thing as a slot machine?"
Email small optical core also have to face up to xu at the moment.
As people around you say, it is possible to calculate the probability of slot machines.
Now that Xu can do such a thing, will he still be a man who is short of money?
certainly not
I have earned 200,000 yuan in this short time, and it is good to hang around in major casinos all day. What can I do for others?
Mei Er Xiao Guang Xin suddenly has a shocking idea. Is this Xu really the peach lover?
At this time, the fashion girl shouted at Xiao Pang, "Okay, the game is over. Let’s go find your brother Yang."
Xiao pang immediately took Xu’s arm and said, "I have no money to spend after this brother, but I will find you. Can you leave me a contact?" Although my parents control me to spend money, I still have a mobile phone. "
Xu haha laughed and said, "I will leave it for you."
So the fashion girl looked at Xiao Pang Xu with a face of nai and left her mobile phone number with each other.
Then the fashion girl smiled at Xu and left the slot machine area with Xiao Pang.
Mei Er also looked at Xu and said, "Continue?"
"No more"
Xu laughed. "These tables are different, but these slot machine ring machines should be counted as dividends. I won two hundred thousand here, which is equivalent to winning you more than thirty thousand. How can I be embarrassed to play again?" Besides, winning too much money by slot machines in casinos will definitely be blacklisted by major casinos, and this will happen once the casino managers know it and will definitely make adjustments again. It is not easy to win money by calculating the probability, so let’s also visit around. "
Hear Xu explain email small optical core finally raised an eyebrow.
It seems that this ability is not an absolute means to get rich.
So he will work for Xu?
They continue to maintain this concept.
Xu walked around with Mei Er’s small optical core and found that Huaxia Casino had a lot less tall gambling methods than other casinos, but more popular Chinese gambling methods, such as bloody bullfighting, fried golden flowers and whipped eggs.
Of course, after all, this is a regular casino, and there are still international gambling methods such as Texas Hold ’em.
Xu foreign countries won the status of Obsidian three shareholders by virtue of Texas Hold ’em.
Then maybe here I hope I can take a gamble.
At this time, someone suddenly called Xu
"Little brother, come here!"
This is the chubby sound just now
Xu turned around and saw Xiao pang at a gambling table with that fashionable beauty. At this moment, there are many people around this gambling table. Obviously, the gambling here is very exciting or the chips are high.
Xu slowly walked over and smiled. "What’s the matter?"
Xiaopang said, "Can you play fried golden flowers?"
Xu laughed. "I know some rules but I don’t play very well."
Xiao Pang said, "Come and help my brother Yang see that he has lost to the present."
Now Xiao pang is obviously a hardcore fan of Xu, so he thinks that Xu is a gambler. He worships Xu like a raging river, and he thinks that he can gamble.
The young girl came to the so-called Brother Yang with Xiao Pang, only to find that Brother Yang had lost to the present place, so she made a special note. Unexpectedly, she saw Xu in the crowd.
He hoped that maybe he could come and help.
Xu lai is too lazy to take care of this kind of thing, but the thought of it is also a bit of a chat, and obviously he should fight quickly and decide the strength to prove that he is true, otherwise there is no way to continue the smooth flow of the topic
So Xu smiled and walked over to Xiao Pang and squeezed into the crowd.
Seeing that this is a rectangular table, there are six players playing it, which is a game called Fried Golden Flowers.
Fried golden flowers are similar to Texas Hold ’em, which belongs to Chinese people’s play. Because Texas Hold ’em needs five cards, fried golden flowers with three cards test people’s psychological quality and win cards more easily.
Everyone thinks they will win, so if they keep getting tired of their chips, there will be a very big gambling scene.
Exploding golden flowers is more dangerous than Texas Hold ’em to some extent.
Xiao pang saw that Xu had come in and immediately shouted excitedly at a young man in a suit and tie beside him, "Brother Yang, I found a helper for you. He just helped me win fifty thousand chips in the slot machine."
People around you scoffed at this.
"Children are just children who are not very sensible."