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"Sister, why are you here?" He was surprised when he saw it suddenly, mainly because he had seen it once, but he was good-looking, and he could still recognize it even after several years.

Yuanyuan greeted him.
"After exemptions, please give me more advice."
Yuan Lie hurriedly modest "dare not dare to be a pool".
Sheng Jiyuan has gone inside and put on his white coat. "Yuan Lie gave your junior sister a freshman lesson so that she could watch it sometimes."
This lesson was compiled by Sheng Jiyuan, mainly for freshmen who have not come out yet, and these are just samples sent by the printing house.
Yuanyuan took it and turned over a few pages. It’s all about western medicine, but I can see that it’s basic
"Thank you, teacher. Then I’ll take it home and read it first."
Sheng Jiyuan frowned and thought about what else seemed to have been forgotten, but it would not come to mind.
"Let’s do this first. After reading this set, you can understand it yourself. Look for me after reading it, and I will give you other lessons."
Yuanyuan is not surprised. That’s how she was taught in her county.
Is Yuan Lie a face of surprise the teacher is so lecture? It’s still a little hard to watch the pool take such a nap, and take the risk to ask
"Teacher, can this do it? It’s too small. It’s a college course and no one explains how it’s possible? "
Sheng Jiyuan ignored him to get some data himself. He is still worried about a big man’s illness, so he may have to go and see it later.
Yuan Lie saw that the teacher ignored him and went to pull Yuanyuan.
"You tell the teacher that how can you? No one explained. "
Yuanyuan knows that he means well. "It’s all the same when you can’t come to my county."
Yuan Lie, ah-anyway, he doesn’t feel reliable. Is he studying medicine so much? He hasn’t seen it
At noon, three people go to the canteen to eat together.
In the afternoon, Qi Yuan took Yuan Yuan to go to school again. It always depends on the results, so you have to learn it every day.
Qin Ran school is also worried. It’s a matter of which class the teachers want to put the two perfect scores in.
Sheng Jiyuan took Yuanyuan all the way to the former office.
Qin Ran office looked up and saw people get up quickly.
"ChengShu you come over? Have you eaten? " Then smiled at yuan yuan.
"Eat me this is not to ask Yuanyuan which class which grade? Then class will start tomorrow, and children her age will be delayed if they don’t attend class. "
Sheng Jiyuan sat down to talk to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran has some regrets about how he took this at that time. "Uncle Sheng’s volume is the first day of junior high school. If I think about the class, I will arrange it in my own class, so I can take care of it."
Sheng Qiyuan has no opinion. "Is it ok?"
Yuanyuan nodded and she could be the same everywhere.
Qin Ran finally solved the problem and wrote a note, "This one will be paid for school, and then the day will come. Take the receipt and send it to you early. Don’t be late."
Yuanyuan took the note. She didn’t expect to pay the money today. She didn’t have any money with her?
Sheng Jiyuan looked down. "Thank you, Xiao Qin. Then we’ll pay it first."
Qin Ran sent people to the office door. Suddenly, there was some doubt in my heart. How did this happen? Uncle Sheng came with people, not to say that Yao Shu had come back? That’s weird, right?
Sheng Jiyuan is rich, but let’s just say that money is what he needs most now.
"Teacher, I asked my grandfather to learn for you." Yuanyuan didn’t expect this.
Sheng Jiyuan pulled a face when he heard it. "What are you talking about? Your teacher is still not allowed to pay back the money."
Yuanyuan has a long trip, right?
Sheng Jiyuan helped Yuan Yuan to hand in his studies and gave Yuan Yuan the receipt.
"God, just learn it yourself."
Two people directly to the school gate points Sheng Jiyuan laboratory and a lot of work.
Yuanyuan walked home by herself, only to meet two people yesterday when she arrived in the alley. Didn’t both of them work?
"You are ShangQing child, aren’t you? Why didn’t your mother come back with you? Did your mother have you as a child? What’s your name? " Liang Yu looked at her affectionately with a smile on her face. The little girl from the countryside had better be coaxed. Anyway, I have never seen any world.
Yuanyuan has no excuse. Her expression should be cold, but because she is still young, she looks a little scared because of her face and some small breasts.
"You don’t know, do you? You should call me an aunt. She is your second uncle and your mother. That’s good."
Liang Yu hurriedly explained that it seems that the two old people can get a little girl from the countryside, and they must be very fond of asking the little girl to accept them. Sooner or later, the two old people can let them in.
Yao Shangjun immediately followed Mimi nodded.
Yuanyuan frowned and shook her head. "But my mother said that she has no brothers or sisters. My grandparents also said that they have my mother as a child. You won’t be lying." Then she made an exaggerated expression and quickly covered her mouth.
Liang Yu reached for Yuanyuan’s arm. "It’s not true, it’s not true. There is a misunderstanding."
Yuanyuan doesn’t like it when she grabs her arm like this, and then pulls it out with a gentle break. She is wearing a spirit, and she is no match for her, let alone an ordinary person.
Yao Shangjun thinks this little girl is too difficult to do. If his daughter-in-law doesn’t catch him, she will catch him with both hands.
Yuanyuan flickered and then grabbed Yao Shangjun’s shoulder by herself, throwing people to the ground.
Yao Shangjun didn’t react to the floor tile when he fell to the ground. His face hurts. You can tell he must be bleeding.
How did Liang Yu feel that he was a blink of an eye and got to the ground?
Yuan yuan looked at them from the side.
Liang Yu will be a little angry now. After all, they are elders.
"What’s the matter with you little girl? How can you just hit someone? This is not how you fight in your hometown. You have to change it here," she said, lifting Yao Shangjun from the ground.
Yuanyuan thinks about her hometown, but she has never hit anyone. This is the first time.
"You came to arrest me first, and I didn’t do it. He fell to the ground by himself. How could you fight back and how could I hit him?"
Just now, the speaker was watching from the hutong. It seems that something has come over here. Everyone already knows about the Yao family. Of course, Yao Shangjun and his wife are blind.
"What are you two doing? It’s hard for a child to do anything when you don’t work in broad daylight." An old lady didn’t have a good mouth.
Liang Yu is short of breath. Can’t she ask for leave? It’s really nosy
"We don’t have a hard time. This is not talking to her."
Yuanyuan bit her lip and shook her head. Her expression was not as simple as just talking.
"You didn’t difficult child just dragging somebody else? Don’t make everyone look at me because my old eyes are not good. "
When the old lady finished speaking, everyone next to her echoed.
"I just don’t know who you are."