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Knowing that Yue Sheng helped the dog install metal prostheses, she gave up her original plan to disguise herself, so she went straight into the room wearing sterilization.

Seems to be aware of someone close to his moment is still in a shallow sleep long left, suddenly, opened his eyes sharp color ratio and looked at the bearer.
When his eyes fell on a familiar person, his left eye slipped by surprise and suddenly he overflowed with ecstasy to "sound?"
Yinyin actually came to see him?
He lied to the sound, and the sound was still willing to talk to him?
Seems to be infected with the light tone by men’s joy, and I couldn’t help stretching my hand out of my mouth and flicking my forehead with a habitual man. Are you feeling better? Does it still hurt? "
Long Zuo quickly shook his head and his face couldn’t stop jumping for joy. "It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, I’m recovering well, and they take care of me."
He could feel that the fox family had treated him very well. When he woke up, not only did his eyes no longer feel burning, but even the damaged zone recovered by 60% to 70%.
The doctor said that because of his eyes and injuries, even if the blue spar was delayed for too long, it could be restored to such a state. Although it could not be restored to the same state as before, it was good to talk and communicate normally at least.
But he was not happy at all.
He was in a coma for nearly a whole day. During this whole day, he didn’t even think about it, so he knew that the adult must be with Miss Yin.
That adult
You must have told Miss Yinyin the truth.
He thought that Miss Yinyin should be disgusted with what he did when she knew the truth, but she didn’t dare to expect to visit him, but she couldn’t say in her heart that her loss still made him feel terrible.
Sure enough, something that doesn’t belong to him is lost, which makes him wish he were dead.
I didn’t think that Miss Yinyin really appeared just after I closed my eyes for a while!
He, he is dreaming!
I saw my dog’s eyes without blinking, and I couldn’t help smiling. The radian of my mouth was slowly enlarged, so I sat down on the bed. "That’s good. The doctor said that you just finished the cure surgery. Now the most important thing is to rest well and give your body enough rest before you can continue to take the surgery."
Talking softly, he motioned for Alo at the door to take over the fruit basket bed in Alo’s hand and peel the fruit to eat.
"I’ll do it, Sister Light Tone ~" Alo blinked her round eyes, and no matter whether the light tone promised or not, she was clever enough to let go of the fruit basket in her hand and sit on a chair and stool. She picked a jet mango and peeled it off. "This is just delivered to the bedroom. It is highly nutritious and most suitable for patients to eat."
When she was talking, Alo skillfully used a knife, which was better than slicing and peeling mangoes and putting them in a white jade plate together. At that time, the pure white jade plate with golden orange pulp was so beautiful that the light tone was unconsciously stunned.
"Well ~" Carol poked at the pulp with a plastic fork and fed it to Long’s left mouth in one go. It’s not the first time to take care of people like this.
If you are fed, you can’t guard against the left.
Light tone ""
Chapter 21 Suspicious Familiarity (9)
It seems that he is not used to being fed by strangers in this intimate way. The root of his left ear is slightly red, and then he looks embarrassed and looks like he is asking for help.
Light tone before unknowingly heart quickly reached out and tried to take the fruit bowl from Alo’s hand. "I’ll come. Tsukiyomi ikuto is not used to strangers feeding."
"How can it be a stranger? Even that was a long time ago." When I saw the person in front of me trying to steal the fruit bowl from her hand, Alo slipped a little panic in her eyes, and then she hid behind to protect the fruit bowl in her hand and looked to the left. "My name is Alo, and we are friends from now on."
Sister Qingyin is the future princess of the fox family. How can she let Sister Qingyin feed other men? What if the temple knows about this?
Tsukiyomi ikuto?
Sick bed left smell speech suddenly zheng face consternation.
What, what’s the situation?
Miss Yinyin still called him "Tsukiyomi ikuto"?
Difficult, hasn’t that adult told Miss Yinyin the truth?
Long Zuo was shocked and couldn’t believe it. He looked at the woman and his body suddenly froze.
Miss Sonia came to see him today not to forgive him, but to be in the dark?
Long Zuo "!"
I didn’t realize that Long Zuo’s face changed at this time, and her attention fell to the light tone. Alo witnessed Alo’s straight man’s way of making friends, and her mouth couldn’t help sobbing. I didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Light tone elder sister, please let me feed Tsukiyomi ikuto. I have lived in the palace since I was a child. Few friends around me are hard to see outsiders now. Please let me make friends." Alo pursed her mouth and her eyes were full of pleading.
As the temple said, Sister Qingyin has always been soft and hard, so naturally she will pretend to be clever to the end.
Sure enough, the light tone was stared at by those soft and cute eyes, and then I looked at it again. I was silent and left, and there was no longer a look of resistance. Naturally, I lost the battle and stopped insisting.
It’s ok, too
If the dog can make friends with Alo, it will do more good than harm to the dog.
After all, Alo is a three-blood fox, beast and dog, and it would be good for her to have such a friend.
Seeing that the woman finally didn’t refuse her, Alo’s face was suddenly happy, and she quickly and carefully continued to move the fork and poke a mango, and she looked forward to feeding the man in bed.
Another mouthful of mango left ""
Eating mango in my mouth, I realized that I seemed to have missed the opportunity to refuse. I opened my mouth and didn’t come to talk. I was suddenly fed a mouthful of mango.
Long Zuo ""This guy deliberately didn’t want him to talk!
Finally, I watched Alo bow her head and poke the mango block again. When she left, she quickly looked at the light tone. "You also eat sweet sounds."
He remembered that the adult Miss Yinyin liked fruit very much. This mango is sweet and refreshing, and it is definitely the type that Miss Yinyin likes.
As soon as a word fell, sitting there was quieter than whispering. A face of palpitation looked at the man, and his eyes were surprised.
"This mango is really fresh sound or try it? It’s very sweet. "The light tone means that you don’t believe your words." Long Zuo hurried out again, as if you were afraid that people in front of you would miss the delicious food in front of you.
Chapter 22 Suspicious familiarity (1)
"I" light tone for the first time some gawk froze and looked stiff after half an instant and shook his head "I don’t"