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In a word, the old man in Baoshan immediately took the scroll and some nai "let it be … since the public is so happy, the transaction auction took it."

The old man in Baoshan put away the scroll and said softly, "This fighting skill is too precious. Just auction another treasure as the finale!"
Chapter 755 day order advanced fighting skill
"Gollum … Gollum …"
Several people swallowed their saliva, but they couldn’t help but be surprised.
This thing is a bloody stone, which is just like a river of blood when it is put there.
This bloody stone emerged in Baoshan, and the old man was illuminated by bloody light. "This thing is supposed to be known by some people. This is the bloody stone!"
A word royal day right hand is slightly clenched.
This blood ghost stone is the top ten sacred objects, and it ranks in the top five.
When a person has a life, he will die, especially when he breaks the world. Even some top strong people don’t know when they will return to the hell. This blood stone is so precious because it can completely resurrect a person.
In the early days when the smell of fighting broke, there were countless top strong people, and some family geniuses would inject a little soul into the blood stone. Once they died outside, the blood stone would be completely damaged and resurrected, but after the resurrection, it would become a baby, but a baby with a past memory is even more earth!
Now that the blood ghost stone has disappeared, I didn’t expect such a piece to appear now
Imperial Heaven stares at this blood ghost stone, but there is not much excitement in the heart of reincarnation. This kind of thing is easy for Imperial Heaven. This blood ghost stone is not much for Imperial Heaven, but the desire for treasure collection makes Imperial Heaven want to get this blood ghost stone.
Baoshan old man smiled gently. "This bloody stone is an old man looking for this old man to exchange a promise to make his family develop!" "
This remark attracted several people’s surprise as soon as it came out.
This blood stone is precious, but I didn’t expect it to be such a condition to develop my family. For these people, such a condition is a pit. If there were no seven families, these people might have a chance, but now there are seven families here, and these people have no chance.
It can be said that helping a family develop the ancient seven families has natural advantages.
At this moment, Yu Tian also shook his head and said faintly, "It’s really unfortunate to come to the auction with your seven families!"
In a word, seven people are ha ha laughing.
Imperial Heaven doesn’t pay attention to this matter. Seven families have absolutely no business of their own, but who will fall into this matter and who will eventually fall into the hands of Imperial Heaven. After all, the genius of all ethnic groups makes this blood stone absolutely indelible the ministers of Imperial Heaven.
Well, Yu Tian sat there and finally watched the ancient enemy get this bloody stone.
Even if several families are unwilling, there is no way to compete with the top soul family among the ancient seven families, but the name of the soul family is really not so good, especially when the evil emperor, a malefic, appears, which instantly silences several people.
The ancient clan got the blood ghost, but the old man Shi Baoshan continued to say, "Hehe … then this blood ghost stone was obtained by the ancient clan!"
The bloody stone was obtained by Woody, and the old man in Baoshan once again took out a green light mass.
The old man in Baoshan has said softly, "This thing is not precious, but you can take it away if you are interested. In addition, this last auction is a news that the ancient Pu tree is about to be born in the wild. This is a person’s discovery that Pu liquid is also a treasure of heaven and earth."
In a word, the whole meeting was silent. The news was precious to others, but it was nonsense to these people.
You know, this news has long been known to the Imperial Heaven, and the seven families are naturally aware of this, and no one needs this Pu liquid. After all, Pu liquid is just a branch of a Pu tree!
Yutian directly threw out a Dan medicine "This Pu liquid belongs to me!"
Light words emerge, but they are full of domineering.
There is no competition in the whole venue, and this Pu liquid directly falls into the hands of the Imperial Heaven.
Followed by the auction royal day out of day order advanced fighting skill!
This day’s advanced fighting skill is considered to be the top ten treasures in the world. After all, there are not many advanced fighting skills in day order, the whole mainland.
The golden scroll emerges. The old man in Baoshan has said, "day order’s advanced fighting skill is an attack fighting skill with extraordinary power …"
In just a few words, the old man in Baoshan didn’t continue to talk. At this moment, everyone looks at the seven people. Now the auctioneer is definitely more than seven people. Even if he participates in the lucky fight, he will not be able to face the seven families!
The patriarch of traditional Chinese medicine said directly, "The number of medicinal materials in the medicinal family, especially the medicinal materials that have always appeared in the mainland, is still extinct, but some species are still preserved. Not only these medicinal materials, but also the medicinal families can come up with the nineteenth secret wind inflammation in the different fire list!"
In a word, the whole venue gasped. I have to say that the price paid is shocking to several people. Even if some people have some medicine, but there is no medicine family so neat, I want this different fire to be the real price. This is the nineteenth place with wind inflammation!
However, the phlogistic family is also a mouth. "The phlogistic family doesn’t have so many medicinal materials, but most of them still have a collection. In those days, the phlogistic family was also willing to emerge one, and paying a different fire was the first red-violet industry fire."
A word fell instantly and attracted several people to marvel.
This is a different fire, not a so-called Chinese cabbage
More than a few families also want to make moves, but they can only take out medicinal materials, but different fires can’t be taken out. The first red-violet fire is the limit. If the top five flame bases are worthless, after all, the top five different fires are comparable to day order’s advanced fighting skills!
The medicine clan and the inflammation clan bid and finally decided to put it here in Yutian.
Imperial heaven is ha ha a smile to stare at the medicine patriarch old "let it be … this fighting skill will belong to the medicine clan, but if the inflammation clan still makes such a bid, I don’t recommend taking out another day order advanced fighting skill!"
As soon as a word goes down, a lux scroll emerges.
"PSST …"
Several people gasped at the air conditioning. This is day order’s advanced fighting skill. How to rule the sky? Here is how much Chinese cabbage you want
However, these people’s ideas are really smart. It’s really Chinese cabbage here.
Chapter 756 Golden Gate Holy Land
The vicissitudes of life are filled with a dead air.
An old man here said softly, "Master … this is it! This is the remains of ancient holy places, and those broken instruments are obtained here! "
The old man looked respectfully at the Imperial Heaven with a hint of expectation.
This old man met Li Laotou at a trade fair to sell those junk things. There are some faint sources of heaven and earth, which can be regarded as the first treasure in the world, especially the disappearance of this bucket emperor and the most precious source of heaven and earth.
Li Laotou collected some damaged Dan medicine and damaged weapons … Just containing a trace of heaven and earth source jade, taking these sources out, the root can’t support a bucket. You know, the soul emperor wants to be a bucket emperor, and only making a bucket emperor is no matter whether the whole blood of the soul clan is finally brought together to break the mainland bucket emperor, but this bucket emperor is the weakest bucket emperor.
At this moment, the Imperial Heaven stares at this forest full of dead air.
This forest is the relic of Li Laotou’s mouth, but the aura of heaven and earth here is really thin.
Imperial Heaven gazed at the vast forest and a little surprised appeared. "The aura of heaven and earth here is really a little thin, even in the northwest China."
It’s strange to feel the aura here
You know, absorbing reiki into quarrelling is the most abundant reiki in Zhongzhou. Compared with Zhongzhou, the reiki in Northwest China is very weak, but the reiki in Pacific Northwest China is the Indian Ocean. However, the reiki here is just like a West Lake. After that, you just can’t say anything. It’s like returning to the world of Datang. The strength of the reiki in Datang is so concentrated.
Before stepping, the old baggage man said, "Master, the aura here is thin, but it is pure. Compared with the external aura, it is less violent and more docile. The old man is here to practice a breakthrough, but the aura here is thin. If you have enough patience to practice again, you can achieve greatness."
Li laotou said that the imperial day has also been sensed.
Suddenly, there was a cry from the heavenly heart, "Master … Master … the aura here is flowing to one place, and there seems to be an array or a profound array!"
Ling Yu said that the Imperial Heaven is even more surprised that the Imperial Heaven has broken the world for many years, but I have not seen many laws. Although this law has broken the world, it is rarely shipped out. The basic law is also some relatively simple laws, most of which are quarrelling and turning into enchantment.