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The German platoon leader looked back at the man who interrupted him with his fingers hanging in the middle. The other man’s eyes were clear and transparent, and he said that he couldn’t debut, and he didn’t know what the tie was. He finally said that he didn’t want to say the words, "I’ll take you there."

So the three men walked out of the room and went around the trench from behind a half wall, then bent forward carefully, walked past the Germans with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and sat in the corner watching them. Few people saluted and no people spoke.
"The first soldier was attacked here." The platoon leader approached a shallow trench carefully and then pointed to the area where it was put. "He was carrying ammunition and somehow straightened up and was hit in the head."
The middle-aged sniper nodded, then leaned out of his head and looked around for a moment, then shrank back. "Well, let’s go to an accident site."
One by one, three people finished this trip, and the remaining two people held on to almost all positions. After looking at the positions where several German snipers were killed by Soviet snipers, the middle-aged sniper squeezed out a smile again and said, "Thank you, Lieutenant. We probably know everything."
"When are you going to act?" The platoon leader asked
The middle-aged sniper was a little embarrassed to answer, "You know that we snipers may not move for a day, and I don’t know exactly when to start work … But if I still don’t report the progress to you after three days, I think you need to apply for a better sniper to deal with the thorny issues around here."
With that, the middle-aged sniper took his little sidekick who was carrying all kinds of life around the trench, turned a few corners and disappeared from everyone’s sight.
"Hey, platoon leader … isn’t it the rule to send German snipers to help when our troops apply for snipers?" A sergeant quietly asked the German platoon leader who saw off the guests, "Why are you a servant country this time?"
The platoon leader shrugged his shoulders and Nye replied, "I don’t know why you asked me, but since we’re here, let’s be careful and wait for news."
"The platoon leader didn’t tell the truth or he said that two of these positions were wrong." The middle-aged sniper muttered to his assistant while carrying his old Mao Se 9k sniper rifle. "The first soldier should have been killed by a Soviet sniper hiding in the half-collapsed bell tower … that’s a good position. The distance and angle are just right. The other party is an expert."
The footman found an angle between two ruined walls, put all the broken pieces on his back, and then built a patched broken tent. This tent is full of broken stones and bodies. It seems that it has upgraded its camouflage camouflage function. Generally, from the outside, it is just a pile of broken corners.
After propping up the stove, the general put alcohol in his lunch box, and then the little footman poured water into the lunch box from the kettle. He was skilled and quickly cooked a mashed potato meal, and the two of them just sat on the stone and wolfed down.
"Then we’ll go back after eating." Finally, the little footman was spineless and said this.
"Well, after eating, find a place to shoot casually and we’ll go." The middle-aged sniper nodded his head and seemed to quite agree with the words of the minion. After saying this, he continued to wolf down the unpalatable German mashed potatoes as if he were afraid of others eating more.
The idea was to go back to the minion and look at the stubble, which was already thick. The middle-aged sniper’s eyes were full of doubts and inquiries, but after all, he still didn’t have a mouth to swallow with the rhythm of middle-aged people.
I didn’t choose a few sniper positions on the German side. Because of how the followers suggested, the middle-aged man refused to set his position. Among these positions, he stubbornly chose an unremarkable collapsed building where he carefully arranged his sniper position.
The middle-aged sniper in this building with only one corner on the second floor quietly pointed his gun at a building from a gap, and then he stopped moving and slowly moved the sight to search for a relatively suspicious target.
Soon he found two very suspicious places, the suspicious building opposite. The curtain in front of a window swayed back and forth with the wind, and a vague shadow could be seen behind it, but he couldn’t see what it was. Another dangerous target is a broken statue on the roof of the building, which looks like a very good shooting position.
"It is extremely uneconomical to kill ordinary infantry. There is an explanation for what Soviet snipers did." Middle-aged snipers seemed to be talking to themselves. They pulled the sniper bolt gently and slowly to top the gun barrel. "That’s the bell tower opposite you when you told the German snipers to come to you!"
After the chamber is ready for shooting, the middle-aged sniper slowly moves his gun, aiming the dark gun at the window where the curtains are flying in the distance bit by bit. "You left me a suitable sniper position and waited for me to aim the gun at the bell tower-but you are waiting for me here with a sniper rifle … a clever trap."
As he muttered, he pressed his finger on the trigger of the sniper rifle, then suddenly one leng and then slowly crawled out from his previous position and retreated to the stairs before he got up in a mess and squatted down the stairs with his gun. Seeing that he had no gun, he withdrew with a look of disdain.
"I don’t think it’s comfortable to lie down in this position." The middle-aged sniper smiled shyly and then went up the stairs to an inconspicuous corner at the end of the ruins. He found a rag to cover himself and simply raised his rifle.
Then he found two ambushed Soviet snipers from a more hidden position. One of them was holding a brand-new sniper rifle and aiming at the second floor building he had just ambushed.
"You really treat me like a dish. You can eat it if you want?" The middle-aged sniper muttered a word and pressed the crosshair core of the sight against the Soviet sniper who was unaware of the impending danger, and then suddenly pulled the trigger.
The chief of staff of the 14th Armored Army of Germany frowned and stared at the recommendation letter from friendly forces. He thought that sending a sniper to help fight the war would not disturb the command organization at this level of the army. It was a rookie from a servant country.
But when he finished reading this letter of recommendation, he suddenly looked up and looked at the messenger officer. "Is this letter true?"
Chapter 942 943 Sniper King
"bang!" A clear shot broke the silence of the whole position, and the middle-aged sniper sight in the middle of the Soviet sniper with a rifle * * * was shot and spit out a deep red blood fog, so he collapsed behind the shelter.
The Soviet sniper’s assistant saw his partner being shot and fell to the ground, stunned and simply judged the direction of the bomb attack. He turned around and crossed the piles of ruins and rubble in the position and quickly swept over those seemingly suspicious places.
However, before he saw another bullet from the killer who killed his partner, and before he could figure out what had happened, his eyebrows were smashed by a 792 mm caliber bullet, which took life through his brain with blood and broken bones.
"You said that this sniper has killed 557 Soviet soldiers on the Eastern Front?" General kuechler in the German headquarters grabbed the brief letter of introduction from the staff of the 14th Panzer Corps with an incredible expression on his face.
"He is a natural sniper, but he can hit the enemy’s head 6 meters away with one shot. Someone saw him kill an enemy soldier 1 meter away with one shot …" The official who sent the letter respectfully told him what he knew. "He rarely escaped when he stared at the target."
The body of the second Soviet sniper team soldier had not yet fallen to the ground, and the middle-aged sniper adjusted his sniper rifle in one direction. Sure enough, there were still two Soviet snipers hidden on the roof of the collapsed bell tower. He finally hit a Soviet soldier with the third shot of his gun more than 5 meters away.
As soon as the unlucky shot lost his balance, he fell from the sloping tiled roof and fell three stories high with a series of broken tiles, while another Soviet sniper tried to retract the building and another bullet killed him.
The fourth Soviet sniper was shot in the chest, struggled for two times, then hung up the window edge of the bell tower roof, and his arm finally stopped because of inertia.