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Lano touched the new alloy shell and kept silent.

The maker didn’t say much.
They left after a brief introduction to the rover and various operating norms.
Because the structure of the Ministry is still controlled by the mechanical structure, the operation system has been simplified as much as possible. According to the principle that the rover is a continuation, it is impossible for them to require all operators to be first-class drivers, which also facilitates Lano.
And then the federal lieutenant general.
As usual, they exchanged a few pleasantries. Lano didn’t inform too many people about this trip. For the current interstellar battlefield, such news may bring panic.
"It seems that you are ready."
From many years ago, he was ready for Lano to nod and talk to the Federal Lieutenant General about something else.
"Star gold mining is also going on," said the federal lieutenant general. "It is said that they met many siren there."
"That’s the high seas."
Lannuo smiled and said
Star Gold is a name for new energy, and now all countries are busy with this matter, but the siren is not so keen-after all, their population is too small, and it is very difficult to separate out a large number of suspected miners.
The federal lieutenant general is also poking fun at a sentence.
"Then please."
"Home" stopped outside the interstellar battlefield defense.
This name is Lanuogai, which has been warmly supported by the manufacturers.
The meaning of returning home is much more auspicious than that of a wanderer-besides, Lano is still a siren crown, which is the point.
If the place behind the Kuroshio is really what they assume, then the human Federation may be the most eager to go to that deep place, and the visitors saw another traveler before they set off
Mystery is different. Blonde siren.
Far away, it is not only the original federal troops stationed here, but also some things that should not be seen.
However, the dragon wings are also dazzling, and the golden eyes are also conveniently put away without unnecessary words.
From the realm of the Sea Lich King, the homecoming is completely covered.
This makes this quaint and small ship now separate from Kuroshio and slowly move forward.
Lano sat in the cockpit in silence.
After a while, I remembered and asked, "Are you nervous?"
They gradually penetrated into the Kuroshio Department.
This knowledge is exciting, but it also makes people tremble. He believes that everyone will have such emotions …
Except for the folding of the moon.
He didn’t seem to feel anything himself, and he didn’t feel it.
"not afraid"
Blonde siren is so lightly said
As if there is a broken moon, there is nothing to worry about or be afraid of.
This knowledge made Lano stunned for a month, but it didn’t help his colleague, the blond siren, who was always like a bystander.
But even the observer is different to him.
They are still moving forward.
For Kuroshio, maybe it can’t feel so small and strange, and those distorted bodies are not so powerful for breath sensitivity.
Therefore, the periphery they carefully selected seems to be relatively safe now.
But there are also some problems.
"The instruments have failed, and there is no way to enter them by avoiding the root of the existing star map-more than half of all the instruments have failed."
Lano checked the few instruments they brought in and found that they were from outside as they expected. It was impossible for them to stay in the Kuroshio for long, even if he protected those instruments that were too sophisticated. The original mechanical structure could barely be maintained, but judging from the timetable, it was not out of date when the Homecoming was built.
"Thirty days"
Lano probably estimated that he was a little nervous and not very optimistic at the moment.
"If we can’t leave here by this time, then we may never leave."
He was as reticent as his peers, but he repeated it this time.
"not afraid"
"I am calculating"
Lano brought a little nai said
He also senses the atmosphere of the outside world.
It seems that one of his guesses is still able to understand that the breath from Kuroshio is not getting more and more intense when traveling deeper and deeper.
The Kuroshio is not completely chaotic and weird, but a part of it is scattered and distorted in the thin breath zone.
"We should return to the periphery"
Lano judged one
What we need to do now is to manually record the convergence rate.
He checked against another star map.
This map is very special, which is different from most star maps, but more than half of this map is full of dim spots.
It was recorded before the interstellar battlefield gradually fell, and the dim light point represented the lost defense line.
Theoretically, the Kuroshio erosion will not affect the natural operation of the planet, but in fact, the planet in the Kuroshio will never leave the Kuroshio control again.