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Lady white snake hurried to the hell and soon caught the black and white, which is often not so slow, but when he and Zhang Wen took Xu Xian to the theatre, they naturally slowed down and waited for the lady white snake to chase.

Lady white snake saw that Xu Xian was often handcuffed in black and white and worried, "Are you all right, officer?"
White often stood in front of Xu Xian. "lady white snake, you scared Xu Xian to death. Do you still want to stop me from taking his soul away? You can think it over. Obstruction of our work is a big crime. "
That Xu Xianlai saw that lady white snake was still a little happy. After listening to Bai Chang’s words, he immediately thought that lady white snake was the white snake that was too scared to speak behind black and white.
When lady white snake saw Xu Xian, he sighed, "The two divine kings must be lady white snake’s obstruction of the two affairs, and my official should not have invited the two divine kings to examine him before he died."
That black and white often glances at each other. Black often says, "It’s not up to you to be in charge of whether Xu Xian’s life is over or not. If Xu Xian’s life is not over, he will return Xu Xian to the sun."
After hearing this, lady white snake said with great joy, "Thank you, two divine kings. In this case, I will go to the hell with you to meet Yan Jun."
Xu Xian heard that he could still return to the sun and immediately grabbed black and white and often begged, "I don’t want to return to the sun. I don’t want to return to the sun. She is a snake demon. I don’t want to go back. Please, let me reincarnate. I don’t want to go home."
Bai Changdao said, "All sentient beings in the three realms are based on the number of days, and if you really have a long life, you will naturally return it to the sun. If you have a long life, you have to do everything according to the rules of the underworld. It is not up to you to decide everything."
Xu Xian saw this in his heart, but with a little luck, he often went to the hell with black and white, which was the way to avoid lady white snake, who seemed very afraid of her.
When they got to the Temple of Hades, they brought Xu Xian with them. lady white snake knelt beside Xu Xian and Yan Jundao said, "The judge will keep a book of life and death and tell Xu Xian what to do."
The judge took the book of life and death and read, "Xu Xian was born in Renshen and died in B at the age of 23 …"
Yan Jundao "What is it?"
The judge said, "Xu Xianlai should follow the longevity recorded in the book of life and death. Recently, Xu Xian’s longevity has increased by 40."
Yan Jundao "presented the book of life and death"
The judge presented the book of life and death to Yan Jun, and wrote that Xu Xian’s fortune in Penglai can be enjoyed by Yan Jun. Seeing this, Yan Jun said, "Xu Xian’s life is still 40 years old, but he shouldn’t be in this place."
Lady white snake listened to Yan Jun’s words and said, "Thanks for Yan Jun’s breaking" and then said to Xu Xian, "Officer, we can get together again."
Xu Xian panicked and said, "I don’t want to return to the sun, I don’t want to return to the sun. Please send me to reincarnation. I don’t want to go back. She is a snake demon. I don’t want to go back."
Yan Jun said, "Someone will send Xu Xian back to the sun." Then two ghosts took Xu Xian to the resurrection cliff and went to lady white snake to thank you. "Thank you Yan Jun."
Yan Jundao said, "Xu Xian is a mortal and can’t remember this place, lady white snake. Don’t let Xu Xian let the cat out of the bag."
Lady white snake said, "Don’t worry, Yan Jun, I will let the officer person forget this place."
Xu Xian was sent to Huanyang by two ghosts. It is natural for lady white snake to go back quickly. lady white snake returned home. Xu Xian has come back to life. Is it weak or unconscious? lady white snake forgot Xu Xian in the Ministry of Hell and then slowly waited for Xu Xian to wake up.
Lady white snake leaned against the bed and looked at Xu Xian. Her temperament is simply a good wife and mother. Zhang Wendao "Beibei looks at lady white snake. Now she wants you to learn her temperament, and that is a good big sister."
Beibei looked at lady white snake thoughtfully and seemed to be thinking about how to be a good big sister, Zhang Wen. Beibei finally put the white snake and Xu Xian to the roots in her thoughtful mind, and she wouldn’t have been noted by Zhang Wen. If Zhang Wen hadn’t let her daughter learn to be a lady, he would have had so much trouble to note two people every day, but now it seems that this effect is still better. Recently, Beibei has been very ladylike when she notes the white snake.
Now that Beibei is meditating, the temperament is a little more, and the lady is a little less violent. Looking at Beibei’s meditation, Mr. Zhang said happily, "It seems that I have to spend more time with her to watch this White Snake. I didn’t expect that this white snake can teach good people. I should have known that I shouldn’t have wasted my time. Those things were not as good as reality in 500 years. I need to watch the real-life White Snake to teach my daughter well, and I am much more at leisure."
Beibei suddenly opened her eyes wide and clapped her hands and laughed. "Dad, I finally understand that being a boss has no future. Anyway, I will get married in the future. I might as well learn how to be a good wife now, and I won’t be a bad wife and mother in the future. Anyway, other people’s wives will listen to my husband in the future. Even if I am a big sister now, I might as well learn how to be a good wife now. It is best for me to find someone to play my husband so that I can be a good wife when I grow up."
Mr. Zhang heard what Beibei said a little dizzy, but it was better than being a big sister. "Well, if you want to be a good wife, you should learn from lady white snake. She is a good wife."
Beibei said, "I can learn from lady white snake, but I don’t have Xu Xian, Dad. Otherwise, I will be reincarnated and go for a walk so that I can learn to be a good wife. What do you say?"
Zhang Wen hurriedly stopped, "Don’t be a babe. You are my daughter and the smartest person in the world. You just need to look at those things to learn. Let’s wait for the future to learn this practice. Don’t forget that your husband will care if you have married anyone in the future. If he knows that you have been reincarnated, I am afraid that you will be difficult to get along with in the future."
Beibei thought for a moment and said, "Yeah, let’s see. I will be a good wife and mother and a good wife in the future."
Zhang Wen looked at Beibei intently and worried, and I don’t know if this lovely daughter will carry her back. Zhang Wen, who is reincarnated, dare not leave Beibei half a step now. If something goes wrong, wouldn’t it be a lifelong regret?
Chapter 35 Water-flooded Jinshan
After lady white snake rescued Xu Xian, the two men also got along with each other in harmony. There was no more disaster. They didn’t know that this calm was a harbinger of great disaster. It was difficult to separate Xu Xian from Fa Hai here in lady white snake.
On the way back from going out again this day, Xu Xian happened to meet Fahaihai Road. "How’s donor Xu recently?"
Xu Xian said, "Master, I’ve been doing well recently, and my mother is not a snake demon. It turns out that the evil monster mentioned by the master is the python in my house, but now it’s dead. Thank you for telling me otherwise, I didn’t know there was such a python in my house."
Fahai said, "It seems that donor Xu tried your mother, but you forgot something. Let me help donor Xu restore his memory and recall what happened that day."