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Long Jiu You retired from Qing Ye and the prostitute and came to Gankun Dinger Ye Tian, and later he collected his brother’s lonely hunting and practiced in it.

Looking at high school Ye Tian Qing Ye and Nu Wa nodded with a happy face. "You can’t see that this child has really worked hard. In a few years, he can break through to pick Jin Xian. Qing Ye also nodded his head.
Then they went to see their brother’s lonely hunting practice. Although lonely hunting was not as powerful as Ye Tian, it also reached the Golden Wonderland.
After watching Ye Tianhe’s lonely hunting realm, Qing Ye and Nu Wa went out to be a prostitute in Gankunding and said, "Then let’s go to see HarmonyOS’s brother now and ask him if he knows anything about the magic messenger?" Qing Ye nodded and smiled. "But before meeting HarmonyOS’s brother, I want to meet the dragon god Adoge."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Goodbye Addo leather
Jin Qing Ye said that he would go to the water god’s place to meet the dragon god Adoge’s prostitute, so Qing Ye will give them help when Adoge, the dragon god of the mainland, gave them help. Qing Ye also wants to give some help to Adoge, the dragon god, but he knows that Qing Ye still has a water god in his hand.
"Good" female milk nodded and laughed
"But we are not in a hurry to go to the water plane." At this moment, Qing Ye stopped and looked at Nu Wa with a very bad look, staring straight at the prostitute’s pretty face.
"What are you looking at? I haven’t seen enough for so many years! " Female prostitutes red face ignore nu way
"Hee hee, of course, is not enough. My wife is so beautiful. How can I see enough?" Qing Ye looked at the prostitute with a wry smile.
Look left and right. Look at Qing Ye’s exaggerated and ashamed female breast and raise her super enemy powder fist to chase Qing Ye all the way, yelling, "Look at you, see how I can fix you!"
In fact, which woman doesn’t like men to say that she is beautiful, even women’s milk, chasing Qing Ye all the way and saying that she wants to repair Qing Ye, but Fang’s heart is as sweet as honey.
The two men set up a detention center in Chaos Palace and were not worried about someone breaking in.
"Ha ha out of reach" Qing Ye ran in front and looked back at the female milk hee hee with a smile.
Since both of them banned the Mana Institute, they chased it like a mortal, laughing and frolicking all the way. After running for a while, Qing Ye suddenly stopped and jumped on the female milk.
Women’s milk brake feet were caught red-handed by Qing Ye.
"Ha-ha, it’s my turn to punish you." Say that finish, Qing Ye then bared his teeth and launched an attack on the female milk.
Count the charming calls, then silence, then spring scenery
The next day, Qing Ye and the prostitute woke up, and Qing Ye gently scraped the small nose of the breast in her arms, and then said with a bad smile, "Hehe, I was badly repaired by my wife last night!" Say that finish also revealed a very bitter expression.
Nu Wa blushed at his ears, and the bad guy was proud there again, and then he reached into the soft waist hall in Qing Ye, and Qing Ye screamed like a dead pig.
In the afternoon, Qing Ye and the prostitute left the Heavenly Palace and finished repairing each other. They went to the water god plane and didn’t send it to and from the water god plane, but tore it directly and then went into the turbulent flow to hurry.
Turbulence has the strength of the Lord God, and those who dare to stay in it can easily tear it apart, but these tyrannical turbulence are visible to Qing Ye.
Walking through the turbulence, Qing Ye smiled at the female milk. "I don’t know how Adoge is now after more than ten thousand years."
The female milk smiled and said, "Just calculate it?"
Qing Ye, however, said with a bad smile, "It’s still my wife Cong who will kiss me", which caused Nu Wa to be another super enemy.
After frolicking, Qing Ye pinched her fingers and calculated for a while, but after stopping, she laughed. "It seems that we are right this time."
"Oh," the female milk looked at Qing Ye doubtfully, and then she also calculated it with her fingers. Qing Ye laughed. "Then let’s go."
When Qing Ye and Nannai rushed to the plane of water god, the plane of water god Fain, a courtyard in the general house of the mainland dragon Fain family, looked distressed.
A thousand years later, there will be a plane war, and some big families have chosen candidates to participate in the plane war at that time. These candidates are usually selected from some direct brothers in the family department
The most important thing to choose is strength.
Think of the second plane war was destroyed by Augusta’s family wonders, the strongest god’s busy body caused the strength to plummet. Although I have been practicing hard for one trillion years, my strength can be counted among my peers. Since I was demoted to the Dragon God mainland, the mortal material plane environment can’t compare with the water god plane. How can I squeeze into the forefront of my peers’ family brothers if I work hard and lose the strongest god’s busy body again?
Looking at the lonely scene in the corner of the courtyard, the old housekeeper of Adoge’s partial courtyard can’t help but sigh. Although his master can be withdrawn from the dragon god plane, his strength is still in the zenith among his peers, and then he will show the strength standard to choose the family brother who will participate in the plane war.
"Master" old housekeeper came along and then said to Addo Ge lightly
"Oh old huang what is it? Addo leather return to absolute being asked
"Master, the ancestors asked you to go there," said the housekeeper.
"Ancestors?" Addo leather surprised way but then white should be called in the past to say to take part in the plane war family brother.
"All right, I know. I’ll wait for the past," said Adoge, and then he asked the housekeeper to retreat to sort out her mood. Adoge went to the main hall.
More than 500 people have come to the General Hall to meet their peers.
These more than 500 people are the family peers who signed up for the plane war this time.
There are more than 500 people and dozens of people can be elected, but Adoge is in the middle. If there are no accidents, it is impossible to be elected
Although one-sided war is dangerous, the same reward for re-war is extremely tempting. In addition to the main artifact, especially this year’s reward, there is a kind of spiritual treasure that is stronger than the main artifact
I’ve never heard of Lingbao the day after tomorrow, but this Lingbao is a god who protects the leader from the heavenly religion. Now all the major gods have agreed to kill ten leaders in the surface war, and the strong will end up with ten gold medals in their hands, so they can get a Lingbao the day after tomorrow.
The news spread to several gods, and all the brothers and other lone gods were moved.
After coming out of the main hall, Adoge sighed and was about to walk back to his yard. At this time, there was a mocking voice behind him. "Hey, isn’t this our genius Adoge? I heard that you came back from the mainland of Dragon God, and I was still a rumor.
Addo leather eyebrows a wrinkly turned to see face some white cao young people there a face of mocking at Addo leather.
It is Adoge’s sworn enemy, Lu Qilu, his brother of the same generation, and Adoge’s name as a genius of the dragon fine family is of course a genius. This is for Adoge before he participated in the sub-plane war.
This road, like Adoge, participated in the sub-plane war, but unlike Adoge, Adoge lost the strongest god in the sub-plane war, but this road saved enough gold medals to get a main artifact with stronger strength.
See is this Jin Lu its A Duo Ge face a heavy but didn’t say anything just want to turn around and walk at the moment a flash is this road it blocked A Duo Ge way and then a face of mocking smile "in such a hurry to go back to practice? Adoge, I think you are still dead. Are you still a genius? Hehe, I’m also right to go back to practice for a day when I’m grasping again. Maybe the day won’t be so miserable. Rest assured, if you meet me, I will be merciful and won’t let you lose face in front of everyone. "Then I laughed and left.
Adoge clenched his fist, his eyes were red, and some of his peers around him saw Luqi and Adoge talking, but most of them were mocking Adoge.
Go back to your own yard. Anger in Adoge’s heart is still eliminated by law.
With a deep breath and a sigh, Adoge turned to heaven and said to himself, "Is the true method of this generation restored to its former strength?" Can’t I enter the plane war in the future? "
"Ha ha, who said that you could not enter the plane war before the restoration of your strength?" Just then a sound came on.
Adoge couldn’t help but be surprised and suddenly turned to see Qing Ye and Nu Wa in his yard.
When I saw Qing Ye and the prostitute A Duo Ge Yuan, I couldn’t believe it with my eyes open, and then I was pleasantly surprised to say "Ye Qing Ye Qing Ye Big Prostitute Empress"
Qing Ye and Nu Wa wiped out the masters of destruction a hundred years ago, especially the masters of light and fate, and the news that they were blown to death by Qing Ye with a virtual punch across hundreds of millions of miles appeared in front of several gods, praising the miracle of Qing Ye and prostitutes!
It can be said that Qing Ye and Nu Nai are now higher than the so-called four high gods in the number of gods.
Adoge was so excited to see Qing Ye and Nu Wa that he almost couldn’t help spilling tears over the years and returned to the family headquarters. He kept hearing the miracles of Qing Ye and Nu Wa, and he was also surprised and excited. When he met Qing Ye and Nu Wa in the mainland of Dragon God, he saw that Qing Ye and Nu Wa were extraordinary. I didn’t expect that Qing Ye and Nu Wa had become more than four gods in the past ten thousand years!