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By the time Randall rushed to the gate, Monzel had been fighting Aron for about fifty rounds.

The broadsword and sword kept chopping at each other with sparks from generate. Other Zaka people didn’t participate in the battle of their patriarch. They knew that their patriarch’s temper, and Leon Lance on both sides of the gate also led some guards, the holy dragon knights, in the Zaka people’s battle tower. Klina was sowing arrows and rain.
Aaron and Monzel are both close to the limits, and the Zaka people are in a retreat. Once Randall’s troops get involved in the fierce fighting at the city gate, the Zaka people will almost lose their victory completely. I hope they can break through the city gate before Randall arrives, which is another matter. They can’t accept being surrounded and annihilate their fate.
With the thunk of a stereo, Monzel’s broadsword was folded into two sections, and Aaron pointed the big sword at the fallen opponent.
Monzel suddenly sat cross-legged on the floor, and he yelled at the surroundings for a stop.
Zaka soldiers laid down their weapons before ensuring their own safety.
According to the rules of Zaka, you beat me and I became your slave. I lost, and Monzel said that we Zaka lost.
I heard the clan leader say that the Zaka people all put their weapons in their hands.
The sun is setting, and the setting sun releases his last sunshine. After a few seconds, the holy dragon knight broke out in unity and shouted together.
Monzel slowly got up and looked at Aaron and said, You are a true warrior.
After that, I suddenly pulled my chest, drew a dagger and directly inserted it into my abdomen. This is a heroic ceremony of the Zaka people. If you don’t want to be a slave after defeat, you must choose everything.
Fortunately, the soldiers of Zaka all threw their weapons at the body of their patriarch, and then they all approached the body of the patriarch and covered their hearts with one hand to express their silence.
Leon wiped his face and finally the Quirrell incident came to an end.
Chapter New Life Seal Push and Add More
At midnight, a heavy rain rushed to the mountain road outside Quirrell, and the bloody Zaka people invaded the lookout of Quirrez. All this has come to an end for the time being, and the missing magic spar has also been found in the basement of the castle of the Lord of Quirrell. It should be said that this is a happy ending.
Leon crossed his legs and sat in the high-class Curie in Quirrell, enjoying the comfort and peace he had never enjoyed since he came to Quirrell. This sense of stability made him forget to go to the street for fun.
It’s still raining in the west of Garland, but it seldom rains. Lance looks out the window at the rain and doesn’t know what his brain is turning again.
I said, if your brain is a little idle, will you be embroidered? Leon laughed and scolded his friends.
Even if your little brother is idle, you can’t let my head be idle with you, Lance replied slyly.
Don’t compare your head with my little brother. He didn’t fight back as evil as you, Leon.
This is what I want to say to you, and Lance retorted.
Leon crossed his legs, lit a cigarette and said, I know what you are thinking.
Lance pulled his thoughts back from the window and turned to Leon and said, you know
Leon seldom smokes because he says wizards shouldn’t smoke, but now he just wants to relax himself completely, so he grabs one. He spits out smoke rings and says what role that Dax man plays in this farce. It seems that everything we are going through now is related to this man’s kidnapping of our lovely little princess, the assassination of the Yusis Hallows and the study of the rebellion in Chilo City.
Come on, you also found lance’s answer.
My buddy, don’t you. My little brother will think of a woman. Leon replied with a smile. I am also studying his scattered notes carefully.
Nothing significant was found, Lance asked.
This man is trying to awaken the Hallows in various ways, Leon replied.
Lance thought for a moment and answered, Do you remember the woman who called Valkyria silver hair? She didn’t mean the guy’s dark breath.
Well, it’s the words of the dark clan. Leon suddenly interrupted himself
Lance looked at Leon. He thought that the Dark Ones could awaken the Hallows, which meant that they could unlock the Seal of the Dark Ones. This guess was horrible and bold, but it was the most likely thing.
The terrible thing is that we have no idea where that guy is now. Even if we know the status of the three of us now, what can we do with him? Lance said.
Leon nodded and then put out the cigarette butt. He suddenly jumped up and said that wizards should not smoke to keep healthy. I’m going to bed first. I’m really tired.
Lance smiled and waved good night. Leon walked out the door and held the note tightly.
Father, what did you study like this? Leon said in words
A month later, everything in Chilo City is now temporarily taken over by Zeke Fred, who is suspected to be the highest in the city. When miscellaneous things pile up in front of him, he has to take over.
Fortunately, his adjutant Cynthia was there to help, which made the most annoying problem, Zeke Fred, a lot easier.
It’s okay, Cynthia, otherwise I don’t know what to do. Zeke Fred was joking at the meeting.
Qinxi coughed a hint that his chief can’t be so ungrateful.
Leon chuckled and thought that even Chick Fred’s family was a hen-pecked wife.
Okay, okay, now say something. Zeke Fred, say something.
First of all, let’s say a good news. Due to the fact that Randall’s thousand riding strengths have been broken and complicated, a decree has been made to award Randall the knights of the Dragon Knight with a gold coin and a medal of the Knight of the Dragon, Randall Fred Deken.
Randall got up and knelt down. Zeke Fred took the medal from Qinxi and sent it to Randall.
In addition, Lance Leon each awarded a gold coin, which was promoted to two levels. Lance was promoted to the position of the first staff officer of the Holy Dragon Knight, and Randall Leon, the first-class court magician and the guardian advisor of the Holy Dragon Knight, became effective immediately. Zeke Fred continued
God bless garland, three people together said
Zeke Fred patted Randall on the shoulder and said that thanks to Randall this time, Chilo wouldn’t be ruined.
Zeke Fred paused, and suddenly he was right. What about Aaron, the knight?
Lance replied that he was in charge of guarding at the door.
Let him in, Zeke Fred said with a smile.