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Xingyun heard a sudden burst of clear channels in his mind. "Is it that the younger brother has arrived?"

Xingyun wants to kill a few more people, and then he can die. Suddenly, when he hears the sound of Hangjun, his heart moves and he forces others to shout, "But is the younger brother here?"
Walking clouds are surrounded by figures in the field, and there is no breathing machine to shout loudly.
That bearer is the one who saw that the cloud was so critical that he should be high, and then he shouted coldly, "No matter who it is! Anyone who dares to hurt my brother will be forgiven! "
Although people haven’t arrived yet, the cold meaning in that sentence turns out to be that these people who have killed the red eye can’t help but get a chill. Although the summer heat is strong, you can smell this sound like falling in icehouse!
When you say this, you will see that the two figures beside him are suddenly accelerating! These three people ran very fast in the eyes of the remnants, but I didn’t expect these two people to be faster!
In a flash, it is near!
"Narcissus and nightmare!"
Clouds always see a wide heart from a gap! You can worry when these two people arrive!
And these remnants are not blind. Although they don’t know daffodils and night demons, they can come from their speed for nothing and have strong martial arts!
These remnants cried a burst of agitation, and a tired walking cloud has already made them pay such a price. Can these three people still hold their ground again?
Then I heard a man suddenly say, "Hurry up and kill that walking cloud! Revenge of the dead brother! And then deal with the thief’s helper! "
Clouds smell speech looked up and saw the man who had been beside the soup fitness before. "Just now, this man has been provoking! I want to come to Xiao Shouchen’s eyeliner! "
Just when I thought of it, I suddenly heard the wind moving behind me, and I heard Xing Jun exclaimed, "Look out, brother!"
If you don’t turn around, you will know that the Jiugong sword array has arrived! The heart is also surprised. At this time, he is already a spent force, but he can no longer stop the nine swords!
"Teacher younger brother has arrived! I can never die here! " As soon as the clouds read this foot force, they rushed forward! At this time, the clouds can only borrow a breath machine by rushing forward hard! At this moment, Narcissus can borrow her extremely light skill to help!
At this point, the clouds are already stepping out, so why hesitate? When you get up again, spare no effort. Correct me with two swords in one! That direction is also where the words provoke people! At this time, the moves of Xingyun are just a thousand miles of thunder!
A thousand miles of thunder! Yes, go back!
When the man saw that the walking cloud was covered in blood, he rushed over in horror and turned around and retreated. Even if it was worse, it was not that he was the only one who could defeat the enemy.
That man is going to avoid the eyes but suddenly it’s black!
It turned out to be the nightmare!
Nightmare is a little slower than water, but his Excalibur taxiing is one step ahead, and the dark fog is too opaque to detain these remnants.
How can you not panic if you don’t know where the enemy is? And that man is among them!
At the same time, it is also here that the clouds are running for thousands of miles!
Just listen to bang. Where’s that guy hiding? Cried by walking clouds sword boom to the body was fragmented! Then it began to rain with blood! Not even a scream!
People around you are wrapped in the black fog of the nightmare, and then they are even more alarmed by this blood rain! Thinking that the clouds are coming in, they all danced their swords until most of them fought in one place and made a mess!
And the Jiugong sword array was about to chase the clouds, but I didn’t expect the clouds to plunge into the black fog! It is zheng I don’t know whether to also want to go in to kill and listen to the side people exclaim! Looking up is also dumbfounded!
I saw a woman who jumped into the middle and crossed ten feet and still didn’t fall! And its purpose seems to be yourself!
Narcissus this leaping those remnants also react immediately is to raise the sword in his hand, and the sword is soaring! It’s like a sea of swords and thorns all over the ground! They are bent on not letting narcissus have a foothold. This is how these people stopped the clouds and tried to stop narcissus at this time, but they only got a glimpse of Narcissus’ flying skill.
See narcissus body in the right hand to take out a handful of leaves and then fingers play! The leaves were bounced out, and then they were trampled by daffodils. It was like rushing in the middle of it repeatedly!
It is narcissus that once performed stunts in Tangmen!
Which of these remnants have ever seen such amazing skills? More than twenty feet away, a stare blankly daffodil is crossing!
At this time, the clouds in the black fog just smashed the words to provoke people into a scream mixed with fighting with each other to wake up the nine people in Jiugong Sword Array. Busy is to form an array to meet!
Narcissus people turned their eyes when they heard the sound in the black fog, and the nightmare was afraid that those remnants of chaos would hurt the clouds. At this time, others also came to the field, and immediately when the black fog was withdrawn, they flashed to the clouds like ghosts!
Once again, the blue shadow flashed, and you also rushed to raise your sword and kill it! Excalibur is everywhere! No mercy!
All three of you are Xinli, but the situation in the field is reversed because these remnants have been fighting for a long time and fighting skills are far worse!
Narcissus saw that the clouds were not injured when the black fog was removed, and the nightmare came to his side. Only then did he rest assured that Ye Zhi would fall to the front of the Jiugong sword array, but he was going to break the array!
The nine people were surprised to see the narcissus fall in front of them, but they were glad to see it fall. They immediately handed the sword to the narcissus before it landed! You will see that all the left and right ways of life are sealed. If daffodils fall, they will be trapped in the sword!
Brothers unite as one (Chapter 54-3)
Brothers unite as one (Chapter 54-3)
Nine swords handed out their hearts and said, "This woman is flying majestic and falling, no matter how good the flying qi is, even with that leaf, it won’t help!" What’s worse, she put the leaf away?
If she falls into our sword circle, it will be difficult to escape! You can’t compete with our nine manpower with your flying skills! "
These nine people were able to chase the clouds after a spell, and they watched them sprint. They had swords in their hands, but they failed to display their hearts. Naturally, they were full of resentment.
Can be famous shock Jianghu clouds have been forced to avoid their nine hearts but also secretly proud when a long time turned out to be forgotten clouds to avoid their reason because their sword array is too strong.
At this time, the nine people who intervened in Narcissus cried out their resentment and anger. Although they saw the amazing flying skills of Narcissus Lingwu leaves, they were still confident and fell to the ground, depending on the power of their swords!
The night demon guards the Excalibur beside the cloud, even if it doesn’t take shape, it’s easy to cope with it. It’s just that I saw these nine people handing the sword at the narcissus, and it was cold to stretch the sword again and again, but I stabbed one person, but I ignored it. Looking at it, I saw Narcissus smile.
Those nine people don’t know that this sword is a big mistake. If you wait for the daffodils to fall to the ground and then make another sword, even if the daffodils’ flying skills are good, it won’t be too simple to break this array. But at this time, it’s different. The sword of the nine people has been stabbed, and it’s hard to take it back. You will see that the daffodils are smiling, but they will abruptly stop the fall and go in the cross!
"Ling Xudu!"
Cloud heart shout, although he is very tired, but his eyesight is still naturally see the narcissus to win when no longer worry about the nightmare in the side to protect the cloud is always free to stop the blood for yourself, this burst of blood madness makes it very tired and dizzy.
Narcissus cross this across the nine swords to detain all hit the place! Looking at daffodils is an ash! And the sword position file is big!
Seeing this opportunity, I think it’s not bad. Narcissus smiles again, and as soon as it’s collected, it falls in the middle of nine people, and the smoke cage floats in front of me, so it’s a turn!
I heard it miserably!
These nine people were all cut off by the middle! Stomach spray all over the floor! Cried and lost interest.
Jiugong circular sword array turns out to be a stroke!
Narcissus is so cruel to break the array, even if it is already killing the red eye, the remnant faction can’t help but stay!
Hang Jun sneers at whether these people are absent-minded or not, and then he sees the red light collapse and three people are split in half by him!
Nightmare is responsible for protecting the clouds, but Excalibur is much more than dying in the hands of a good ruler.
These remnants were killed by more than 20 people after a little zheng!
Dozens of people were killed by the clouds before. At this time, I saw that the sword array relying on the Jiugong cycle was broken by narcissus. Nine people broke in the middle. Jun and Nightmare, the two gods who killed God, were also swords without mercy!
Three people have been here for a moment, but more than 30 people have fallen!
As a result, three hundred remnants are not even enough for two hundred! What’s more, all three of them are Xinli and superb in martial arts! The result can be imagined!
But after these remnants returned to absolute being, they turned out to be desperate to send a shout and descended on the four of them! I have to work hard!
"Come on!"
Hangjun drinks cold and his eyes are full of contempt and murder. If he comes a little late, he may never see his brother again. Why don’t Hangjun hate and be crazy when he thinks of this? Why don’t you want to slaughter these people one by one? At this time, these people together to kill is to his liking!