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Yu Long is going to slow down for the time being, and there may be some variables.

After a month’s rest, Yu Long’s body gradually recovered, but his useless physique has not been changed. Fire power can still light matchsticks and other things, and the progress is still so slow when practicing the mysterious doorway method.
Yu Long still has no complaints.
It is still his belief not to abandon or give up.
The world is difficult if you put your mind to it. He firmly believes that you can work miracles if you put your mind to it.
This time, I can avoid fate and live safely beyond the age of ten.
Long Yujian believes that there will be miracles if he insists on it.
Bright moonlight is transmitted through the gap in the window and enters the milky moonlight, which almost illuminates the whole room. Long Yu sits cross-legged on the bed with his hands closed and his eyes closed. He is still and intently urging the Tianshi sword tactic to absorb the essence of the world around him.
Because Yu Long didn’t formally join the Xuanmen Institute, Yukime Law taught him not to practice Qi. Only this Tianshi sword can be practiced for him. Because the Tianshi sword tactic was acquired by Yu Long’s mother Narcissus in the past, this method tactic is not complete. Theoretically speaking, Tianshi sword tactic should have seven realms to be complete, but in fact, the Tianshi sword tactic cultivated by Long Yu now has five realms.
Respectively, it is to punish evil, break the magic, purify and cut the sky and destroy the sky. Of course, according to Yu Long’s cultivation degree, this incomplete sword tactic doesn’t seem to affect anything.
According to Yukime, it is estimated that Yu Long can practice to break the magic realm even for his whole life due to physical reasons.
Yu Long’s chest is slightly undulating, and his breathing is steady and powerful. If there is a master with an eye at the moment, he can see that Long Yu is surrounded by a layer of milky moonlight, and his whole body is full of holy breath.
Gradually, with the continuous absorption of the essence of heaven and earth, Yu Long’s skin becomes as creamy and moist as a baby.
After the essence of heaven and earth was absorbed into the body, it was soon transformed into Daoli in Tianshi Sword Tactics. From the early morning to the early morning, Yu Long kept practicing. At dawn, he noticed that Daoli was full.
Yu Long doesn’t have a trace of heart. The biggest reason why Long Yu’s practice is slow is that every time he practices, his physical strength will be lost in an instant, but he is only twelve or thirteen.
Today’s practice is no exception. The strength he gained after a hard night is slowly losing, and there is nothing he can do about it.
But today, the situation is slightly different. If Yu Long opens his eyes at this moment, he can see that the picked-up watch is constantly absorbing the Tao force lost from other bodies.
Slowly, my dark eyes suddenly opened my mouth and spit out a mouthful of polluted air. Long Yu looked healthy and energetic. Anyway, I practiced some physical strength again. Although the progress was small, it was enough for Long Yu.
No matter how big or small the progress is, Yu Long is satisfied if he is making progress.
"Didi …" Just as Yu Long was about to get up and go out for morning exercise, the watch that was quickly picked up suddenly sounded a few pleasant sounds.
Yu Long hurriedly looked down to see that the original dark screen was already lit up, and there was a date, temperature and ultraviolet index when the text was displayed … all at a glance.
"God shuts one door but he opens another …" Yu Long immediately smiled. He felt that his bad luck was changing.
Yu Long really wants to know whether this watch is the humanoid brain that Luo Hou said before he died, but he can’t figure it out by his research.
Until breakfast time, Yu Long was still outside the door, and Yukime knocked at the door and called him to eat.
Nai Yu Long gave up temporarily, even if it was really a watch, it was nothing. After all, it was a watch from the future.
After breakfast, Xueji and Long Tianze went out for something, leaving Yu Long alone at home. He came to the balcony and bathed in golden sunshine and played iron fist.
This set of boxing was taught to Yu Long by Long Tianze to exercise. It has been practiced for more than ten years since childhood. It is said that more than ten years of kung fu should be somewhat unfinished. However, Yu Long’s physique is less than ten years, and kung fu is almost the same as the average person’s five or six years.
Besides, he can play it once a day, and his body can’t stand it if he talks more.
But today, I feel a little strange. A set of boxing didn’t feel hard. I hesitated a little. He played a set again, and it felt good. Then he played another set … It was not until the third boxing that Yu Long felt tired.
After boxing, Yu Long thought things were a little strange, but he couldn’t tell clearly what was strange.
At noon, Long Tianze returned with Yukime and solemnly called Yu Long to the living room, saying that he had something to tell him.
"Xiaoyu, after this month’s observation, your body has been ensured … Uncle decided to temporarily leave Tianhai to go to other places to do something important. I’m still not sure how long it will take. You will live with Yukime in the future. She will take care of you …" Speaking is Long Tianze. He has a resolute face. Yu Long is not his son, but after all, he raised two people from a young age, and his feelings are better than his own father. He really doesn’t know when he will be able to come back. His heart is really a little sad.
"Uncle … what great things are you going to do? Is it related to my parents? " Yu Long is a clever boy and a sensitive boy. Although Long Tianze didn’t say anything specifically, Yu Long saw something in his eyes.
"Well-!" Long Tianze doesn’t intend to hide it. He said frankly, "Yes, I’m going to track down what happened in those years and visit your parents by the way … I believe that my uncle will definitely bring you good news in the near future …" Yu Long’s parents resolutely combined with the power guild regardless of the Xuanmen in those years, which eventually led to being chased by two mysterious people after Long Yu’s death. Later, after they entrusted Yu Long to Long Tianze and Yukime, they heard nothing about it for ten years. Long Tianze decided to track down from now on.
Yu Longyu’s parents knew things as early as Yu Long, and Xue Ji and Long Tianze told him because they were afraid that Yu Long would have a hard time and didn’t want you to be a confused ghost.
"Uncle, I want to go with you …" Yu Long asked tentatively.
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Chapter V Teacher Yukime
"No-!" Yukime rejected Yu Long’s request that she looked up at Yu Long’s face. "You are still young and the Taoist powers are not mature. If you follow, it will be a burden. You must stay in Tianhai with me to continue your studies. Just now we have gone to Tianhai University to help you resume your studies. On Monday, you can continue to study at Tianhai University …"
"Yukime is right …" Long Tianze turned his loving eyes to Yu Long and said with a smile, "Xiaoyu stays in Tianhai with peace of mind. If one day you can handle your uncle’s affairs, I will promise you to track down your parents’ affairs together. Otherwise … will you give up this idea?"
"Oh …" Yu Long is a sensible boy. He knows his current situation very well. He has been practicing Taoism for more than ten years, and even an ordinary ghost can’t be cleaned up. Besides, that power has not changed at all for so many years, except that he can light a match stick. It is such a strength to follow Long Tianze out and say that he is a burden. It seems that he still holds him high.
Later, when Long Tianze carefully told him for a while to make sure that he had finished speaking, he got up and left.
Long Yu and Xue Ji sent him out of the community gate.
"Long Tianze remember to make money every month ….." At the moment when Long Tianze turned around, Yukime remembered a very important thing and quickly told one.
"Well, I know … take good care of Xiaoyu." Long Tianze strode without answering back.