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The coffee shop assistant ran to pick up Lin Cheng’s racket and ran to the bar.

In fact, people who come to cafes are literati or urban white-collar workers who drink red wine. Many people also sneer at Li Weiguo and others when they encounter such fighting scenes.
White-collar workers are fighting with high salaries, which seems to be far away from them.
"Come with me!" Lin Cheng picked up Li Weiguo in one hand and dragged Li Weiguo’s two bodyguards out of the cafe so openly.
Lin Cheng walked to the door of the cafe and turned to the piano player, who never stopped. He nodded, "It’s good to play."
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299 Sit and Don’t Rename
Lin Cheng left Li Weiguo three people like sacks in the parking lot in front of the cafe.
"What did I tell you just now? Did I tell you that your mouth didn’t suffer? You always turn a deaf ear to my words. "
Lin Cheng looks quite a little successful. I feel that Li Weiguo dares to be angry and dare not speak.
"What are you doing staring at me? Not angry? " Lin Cheng looked at Li Weiguo and kicked him with his hate eyes.
"Dare you tell me your name?"
Hearing Li Weiguo, I still don’t ask my name Lin Cheng laughed. "You remember my name is Lin Cheng."
Li Weiguo couldn’t believe looking at Lin Cheng "Lin Cheng is your name? Is your name really Lin Cheng? "
"Ha ha, I still lie to you? This name is not so nice. "
Li Weiguo immediately remembered that he had said that Yan Weiling had come, but after all, he was not mixed in this way. He had heard the name Lin Cheng, but he was definitely not familiar with it.
"Who do you mix with?" Lin Cheng see Li Weiguo really like heard of his name is not asked.
"I’m Li Xuebin Li, a native of Laiyang Li Xuebin. Do you know him?" Li Weiguo wanted to make friends with Lin, and the flood rushed to the Longwang Temple.
As soon as Li Weiguo established Li Laoda Lin in Laiyang, he thought of the two eyes of Li Laoda, the peerless master who released his mind. Lin Cheng still remembers it clearly, and he has been moving towards this goal.
"Li Laoda? Are you hanging out with Li Laoda? "
Hear Lin Cheng also honorific Li Xuebin Li Laoba Li Weiguo can’t help but feel a little proud. He has heard of Lin Cheng’s name, but he definitely doesn’t know Lin Cheng’s position in Yanwei. In Li Weiguo’s heart, he forgot to listen to who said Lin Cheng is probably the No.1 person in Yanwei, but at most, he can be compared with Li Laoba in terms of real strength. How can this guy be an opponent of Li Laoba who has been operating in Laiyang for many years?
Li Weiguo has a faint pride in his heart. He expects Lin Cheng to hear that he is hanging out with Li Laoda, and then Lin Cheng is scared out of his wits.
But it’s a pity that he didn’t see Lin Cheng’s face scared. "Are you tired of challenging Li Laoba?"
Lin Cheng is another ear-scraping fan on the other side of Li Weiguo’s face to make his face symmetrical. "I hate it when someone interrupts me when I am thinking."
Li Weiguo saw Lin Cheng still dare to be so heavy-handed after knowing that he was mixing with Li Laoba. He couldn’t help but be annoyed and had to bow his head in the eaves.
"Li Laoda industry is not to his daughter lilinlai care? Why is Li Lao still? "Lin Cheng kicked Li Weiguo, but he seemed to react immediately. Zhang Hua told himself about Li Wei affairs." Oh, you ran away with Li Xuebin’s daughter lin li. You raised a gigolo for her, didn’t you? "
Lin Cheng suddenly shared the meaning that Li Weiguo was next to the rich woman.
Li Weiguo really regrets that he shouldn’t look at Li Xuebin. Not only is Lin Cheng not afraid of Li Xuebin, but he is also very clear about the distribution of Li Xuebin’s family power. Now he is also a number one in the Tao.
Moreover, in one sentence, he revealed that he was Li Linyang, a gigolo who only depended on women for food.
It’s not particularly frustrating to eat by women, but it’s a shame for a strong man with special self-esteem like Li Weiguo, which allows others to do nothing.
Lin Cheng also immediately thought of lin li’s mature charm. He also helped himself in Laiyang. Why is her eyes so depressed? To see such a person? Lin Cheng can’t help but think that lin li is not worth it. "Is lin li in Yanwei or Laiyang? I want to talk to her. "
Li Weiguo didn’t expect Lin to travel so widely that he even knew Lilin and asked her to talk about Lin Cheng’s indifference. He was either familiar with lin li for a long time or had a friendship before.
"She she"
"What she hurriedly say don’t ink" Lin Cheng see Li Weiguo Nuo Nuo appearance now and the previous throw its weight around a strong contrast vaguely nausea when a gigolo can be to this extent, he doesn’t rely on women to eat, but also rely on women to be overbearing.
Be a man of courage and stand tall.
Lin Cheng wants to tell lin li this truth so that she can recognize this man’s quality, but Lin Cheng is looking forward to it. What will lin li’s reaction be if lin li hears that she keeps a gigolo behind her back? Lin Cheng has some expectations.
Li Weiguo didn’t dare to speak. He was afraid that Lin Chengzhen would know lin li and then talk about harassing Zhang Hua himself. Then he must be prostrate.
"Eldest brother, eldest brother, I was wrong. Please don’t tell Li about me." Li Weiguo, regardless of being injured by Lin Cheng, folded his hands and watched Lin Cheng take out his mobile phone from his pocket and rummage through it to find lin li dialect.
Lin Cheng took one look at this spineless man. In fact, he was looking for lin li dialect more because he wanted to see her. Perhaps Lin Chengmu didn’t want to see lin li. For a martial artist, there is nothing more refreshing than finding a peerless master to fight a decisive battle after making great progress.
After more than two years, although I am no match for you now, I will never fight back as hard as I did the first time.
Master Faithfulness has become one of Lin Cheng’s efforts. Although Lin Cheng has never told others about Master Faithfulness, he has always been one of Lin Cheng’s efforts.
The master is most afraid of losing his way and standing still, so he has no motivation to move forward, and he can’t even see what is ahead when he loses his way.
"Hello, Li." Lin Cheng found lin li’s name and a dear, so he dialed it.
"And you are?"