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"The king is not arrogant enough to slay Brother Fox." The King of Nine-headed Python sneered, "But it is indeed possible to force you to ascend to the world. When the time comes, you and your party of four late distracted experts will go to the world. I don’t see what qualifications the fox demon family has to gain a foothold in the world."

"I advised Brother Fox to show me Long Dan’s rise. Although the King of Long Dan is not willing to rebel against you, he can also leave a little respect in the future struggle, at least to protect you from a trace of incense." The King of Nine-headed Python is shameless, but hangs a look of charity.
"It seems that Brother Python wants me to have a hard time today?" The fox king sighed lightly, revealing a hint of nai expression. "I can give you Long Dan, but King Python, you must swear to protect my nephew from being killed."
"That’s impossible." The King of Nine-headed Python smiled with satisfaction. "I can assure you that the younger generation of the Fox Demon Family will live a quarter. After all, the old guy of the Firecrow Family is tough."
King Nine-headed Python was so happy today that he couldn’t even imagine what he could get in his dream. However, he didn’t notice that the Tsing Yi woman who had been behind him suddenly moved at the moment, directly with a subtle touch of delicate hair and jade hands, which penetrated heavily and suddenly printed on his back.
The attack of the female in Tsing Yi came too suddenly. The King of Nine-headed Python was badly hit, and one mouthful of blood was badly sprayed out. However, it surprised him even more that he was yet to come, and a few moss instantly penetrated into the body and sank into the milli-head to guard against the sudden death of the King of Nine-headed Python, and the magic of the King of Nine-headed Python was delayed.
King Python’s body involuntarily used to go in the direction of King Liang Yi Fox. What a nine-headed king Python. Although he was surprised and not chaotic, he did not want his fate to melt and refine the moss that penetrated into the purple mansion in a blink of an eye.
However, before he could move further, Liang Yi’s figure appeared in front of him like a ghost, and his hand was firmly buckled. Just after he started to work, his mana stagnated again.
Flint moment the host and the guest suddenly translocated and overwhelmed the demon world with nine heads, and the king became a prisoner before he could figure out what happened.
Pa-a rumbling was banned by Liang Yi for more than ten times in a row, and the king of nine-headed pythons was smashed to the ground.
"You, who are you?" The nine-headed python king is full of surprise and anger. Looking back, the girl in green is full of ShaQi in her four eyes.
This woman has been a member of the Nine-headed Python family for four or five hundred years. With her extraordinary purple Se and unique temperament, she deeply attracted the King of Python, who made an exception and became a core member of the Nine-headed Python family. Many people have doubted this female identity for hundreds of years, but this woman easily got mixed up.
The woman in Tsing Yi heard the news, but she didn’t even look at the nine-headed python king. Yingying walked to the front of the fox king and bowed down and said, "I have seen my father!"
"Xi ‘er, it’s hard for you to get up over the years." Fox King lifted the Tsing Yi woman up with a smile on her face.
This scene is the king of nine-headed pythons, and even Liang Yi is surprised. Liang Yi has never heard of the fox king and has a daughter, but she didn’t see through the fact that the Tsing Yi woman turned out to be a Ji ā n. When this woman first appeared, Liang Yi saw that she was a green snake demon in the early days of distraction, but when she attacked, she revealed the strength of distraction in the later period. There was also a faint smell of some small white in it.
"Fox king, your means is really a sigh." Liang Yi smiled with a sigh. "It seems that I have to pay more attention to you after this old fox, otherwise you don’t know how to sell it." He said and looked flat on the ground.
The fox king naturally knew that Liang Yi smiled at his joke and pointed to Liang Yi and said to the Tsing Yi woman, "This is Liang Yi Daoyou, a friend of my day fox demon family. Thanks to Liang Daoyou this time, otherwise our day fox demon family will really be in disaster."
"Stars have seen friends" Tsing Yi women saw Liang Yi’s terror, and the speed heart had already regarded Liang Yi as a master in the physical training period.
"Brother Fox is a good means!" Lying on the ground, the king of nine-headed pythons said angrily, "It is ridiculous that your daughter has been lurking in my family of nine-headed pythons for hundreds of years."
"I wonder how you hid it from my eyes?" The resentful face of the nine-headed python king still has a strong suspicion and looks at the stars. "I have seen your body, how can you be a fox j and ng?"
The stars smiled coldly, the figure suddenly changed, and a woman dressed in white Se feather appeared in the same place, which was more beautiful and temperament than the woman in green.
"The green snake is your second member of God." The face of the nine-headed python king still has doubts. "Even if you hide your body in the member, there is no reason to escape the king and find out so many python heads."
"How much do you know if you don’t enumerate the secrets of the treasures of heaven and earth?" The stars in white disdained to look at the king of nine-headed pythons, and then the green member merged together.
King Python now regrets his infatuation with this fake little green snake, and even more regrets that he didn’t know what evil possessed him to listen to this little green snake’s rhetoric and take it away when he didn’t have time.
The head of the nine-headed python clan, King Python, is also a J and NG worm. Unfortunately, it was played with by the stars and didn’t even get any extra benefits.
Peter said that when the King of Nine-headed Python was traveling abroad, he met a guy who was still repairing the’ Little Green Snake’ in the taxiing period, and suddenly it was amazing that J and ng had a lot of troubles before he got the other party back to the family of Nine-headed Python. However, this little green snake was badly tight and delayed by various means. The King of Nine-headed Python may really like this little snake, but he didn’t force her too much. He was bent on waiting for her to practice until the middle of distraction and break the so-called achievement method limit, but he didn’t expect that in the end it would be a bamboo basket to draw water
"Fox King, is this Taoist friend around you really an expert in physical training?" Wang Qiang, the nine-headed python, pinned down and was fooled by people for hundreds of years. After that, Yu turned his attention to King Fox.
"You just saw Liang Daoyou badly. Why did you ask me?" Fox Wei Wang laughed.
"Well, since your day fox demon family also has a master of refining body phase to help the king, he will promise you and your day fox demon family." The king of nine-headed pythons is also a lean generation, and naturally knows that if the eye situation is not promised to the other party, then this life can really be over. Maybe after his death, this mysterious master of refining body phase will not easily let go of other nine-headed pythons.
"Do you want to be promoted to Long Dan?" Liang Yi looked at King Python with a face of drama.
"It’s just that the old man is now a prisoner of your order. What are you talking about?" The king of nine-headed pythons said with a face of frustration.
"It’s a pity that the nine-headed worm" Liang Yi sneered at the nine-headed python king. "You have no equal qualification for the day fox demon family now."
The fifth volume Vertical and horizontal people Chapter 44 Slavery and kidnapping
"It’s a pity that the nine-headed worm didn’t seize the opportunity." Liang Yi sneered at the nine-headed python king. "Now you have no equal qualifications for the fox demon family."
The king of nine-headed pythons heard that his face was shocked and angry. "What do you want?"
"It’s very simple that you be a slave, and I can spare your life by signing the blood contract between master and servant." Liang Yi sneered at the king of nine-headed pythons.
"You, you are delusional!" Collapsed to the ground, the king of nine-headed pythons looked at Liang Yi angrily. The king of pythons is also a fierce person on the sublime side. If you stamp your feet there, you will also attract people who are willing to lower their proud heads for a while.
"It seems that you don’t know your present situation, little reptile." Liang Yi smiled, and the trick tactic was planted in the nine-headed python. The king was banned immediately, and the pain from the depths of his soul instantly swept over and saw the python’s body trembling like wrecks. A cold face gradually twisted up, but the python king still had some hard bones and just bit his teeth and didn’t call it out
"Maybe you killed my evil obstacle and beast!" King Python finally couldn’t hold back and scolded him, but no matter how big he was, outsiders couldn’t hear him.
"Very good, somewhat tough" Liang Yi sneer at a way "but the seat guarantees that you will be very"
Liang Yi say that finish, fingertips suddenly leaps a pinch of black Se flame this fire is Liang Yi refined chaos industry fire.
Liang Yi fingertips gently toward the ground, the black Se flame turns into a silk thread that is several times thinner than the hair, and it is strung into the body of the king of nine-headed pythons for a moment, and the king of nine-headed pythons feels that his soul is burning up, and the whole person is in a limited pain and fear.
Looking at the panic in the eyes of the nine-headed python king, Se Liang Yi smiled with satisfaction. To tell the truth, the nine-headed python king is not a stubborn man. The python king is a lean but not a hero. He is also afraid of death more than the rest of the monks, but he doesn’t show it easily.
"It seems that King Python really wants to die." Liang Yi sneered. "That good seat will become you. Rest assured, if you die, the back seat will send your nine-headed pythons’ nephews to accompany you one by one, so that King Python won’t be too lonely in the yellow road." Liang Yi said, and his right hand slightly lifted a group of three feet to sell the high-black Se flame and went straight to Wang Fei, a python lying on the ground.
"Wait a minute, wait a minute." King Nine-headed Python almost shouted a drop of tears with his last strength, and he fell down involuntarily, perhaps because of remorse or extreme pain.
Liang Yi-wen smiled and waved the flame back. It was a chaotic fire that was running around in Wang Ti and raging.
"What’s the matter, did the python king communicate?" Liang Yi some looking forward to looking at nine head python king.
"It’s just that my greatest wish in this life is to pursue the eternal way." The nine-headed python king’s face was depressed, and "Nine Xuan is willing to follow his master" said with a strong support.
Liang Yi smiled at him, and the tactic in his hand repeatedly pinched out the species. Wang Ti, a nine-headed python, banned them one by one, and left a trace of chaotic karma still lurking in the nine-headed python’s king’s body. This fellow had a move, and the karma would immediately bite itself.
After the ban dissipated, the Nine-headed Python King regained his mana, walked to Liang Yi with a broken face and cut his fingertip. Ling drew a strange dragon-shaped blood in the totem. The totem contained breath. When Xiaobai Liang Yi signed the master-servant contract, it was very similar.
Liang Yi looked at a pinch of fingers in his left hand and a colorful sword cut his right middle finger, and then a drop of J and NG blood blended with a ray of J and NG soul and flew into the totem to see the dragon totem, Guanghua, flash and sink into the nine-headed python Wang Ti.
A wonderful feeling of mind connected for a moment occurred in Liang Yi’s mind.
"I have seen the master!" The nine-headed python king has lost his previous arrogance and bullying, and his whole breath has become more peaceful, even faint, and there is a sense of decay.
"Just" Liang Yi slightly with the wave "although you and I signed a master-servant contract, we won’t treat you as a whole, and all kinds of benefits will not be without you."
"Thank you master" Nine Xuan respectfully replied.
"Has the Nine-Xuan Nine-headed Python clan already joined forces with the Firecrow clan?" After everything was completed, Liang Yi turned his attention to the nine-headed python king again.
"That’s right. Not long ago, the heads of the fire crow clan and the master of the refining period of their clan came to me. We both made an agreement and joined forces to destroy the fox demon clan after half a year." Since Jiu Xuan became a Liang Yiling beast, he naturally dared not hide the slightest.
"That flat-haired beast should have promised King Python many benefits, right?" Fox king’s face was full of smiles. He didn’t expect this trip to be so smooth in advance, especially when the mighty Hydra was easily accepted as a spiritual pet by Liang Yi.
"That’s natural." After what happened just now, the Nine Xuan’s affection for the fox demon family is half-hearted, and it’s also owed. "The Flame King promised to assign half of your territory to me, plus some treasures. This good thing will naturally not be let go."
King Fox understands that King Python is not angry now, and even laughs. "In this way, we’d better take this opportunity to strike a lighter crow family off guard. If we don’t want King Python to lead his people to defect from behind, we can attack Liang Daoyou suddenly."
"King tian hu really has a lot of wisdom, but you forgot one thing." Nine Xuan interrupted King Tianhu’s words very badly. "The seat is not your hand, and my master is not your command."