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And he Fuxi Tai Hao Shenting is not just a best target?

"Brother, you want to give up like this?"
Nu Wa’s smiling face is meaningful.
"What can be done now?"
Fuxi shook his head and said, "Is sister and brother the kind of person who can’t recognize losing?"
Fuxi doesn’t recognize that there is still room for turning over at this point. The monstrous trend has quietly taken shape in his mistakes!
"If you really lost normally, brother, this time it’s different!"
Nu Wa’s eyes were deep, and there was a mysterious smile on her mouth. Fuxi was her brother after all, so Nu Wa made an exception and Fuxi thought a little, and almost instantly knew the last glimmer of light in Fuxi’s desperate situation.
"It’s not for us to go against the tide."
"But this is a very special time. If you want to break through the desperate situation and break the general trend of Taiyi people, there is only one way!"
Fuxi heard that his heart vibrated vaguely, and he seemed to catch something …
"That is …"
In a cool smile, Nu Wa looks down on everything from a height that others can’t peek at "looking for, promoting and building a more vast and overwhelming trend …"
In a trance, Fuxi seems to have caught something in his heart … To be continued.
There is quite a melancholy in ps’s heart. Is the moral integrity gone? Recently, I took a look at the recommended value, which is really rare …
Chapter three hundred and twenty tight encirclement causal line stallion across the world?
Half a day passed.
"It’s really complicated …"
Yuan Heng exhaled a lot of things. For Yuan Heng now, it is almost a thought. After all, the body and the ancestors of Yuan Heng are almost in the same position, and the limited height of the source is only in the avenue.
And as it is now, it can make him spend less than half a day to calculate. I’m afraid ordinary mixed yuan saints don’t have this ability
"Ahem …"
Not the kui is a yuan heng soon follow the intermittent couplet easily dial pieces of fog is getting closer to the truth … Yuan heng at first glance good suspension didn’t choke him to death!
"How can cause and effect be implicated in this degree? How does this wonderful work surpass the destiny?"
It makes Yuan Heng feel incredible. "The causal silk thread has actually formed tight encirclement boy. Is this guy a true emperor or a crazy harem?"
There is also this reason to think about it, which can explain this situation
Thought of here, Yuan Heng can’t help but have some toothache. "This guy will one day bring you several stallion Daoguo or harem Daoguo, right? Tight encirclement level causality is this guy stallion several small worlds? "
It is often said that the skynet is slow but not leaking, which is the causal law summarized by some wise men and sages after observing the world of mortals.
However, this sentence is redundant for many low-ranking monks. It is often said that the cause and effect are mysterious. Where is the good and bad in the eyes of mortals that can push the cause and effect skynet?
But this sentence is true in the eyes of great power!
If you really hate your enemy, people will be angry everywhere, and it is estimated that it is also a cause and effect. I am afraid that some chaotic countries and monsters can form spindles. At this level, the spindle-shaped power of cause and effect will lock you firmly, and you will not be able to breathe and eventually be detached.
In Tianluo, the ground level is more troublesome. tight encirclement?
Even Yuan Heng couldn’t help but take a look at his eyebrows and hesitated whether to continue to calculate …
Well, this level of wonder, even some monsters that are not powerful enough to destroy the world, can’t form this tight encirclement causal network, saying …
"It’s okay, it’s okay to get to the level of mixed yuan saints and cause and effect don’t touch …"
Yuan Heng, who hesitated in his heart, finally withdrew his eyes. "Although it can’t affect Zun, it is a trouble after all, and the evolution of Daoxing must continue to be noted …"
Shook his head at this moment, Yuan Heng was keenly aware that the universe seemed to be undergoing some subtle evolution.
"Maybe this depends on the natural causal involvement of the general trend in the future?"
Yuan Heng looked thoughtfully at the universe and then turned away.
Actually, at this moment, it’s not just Yuan Heng. Many celestial fiends feel a burst of inexplicably. They actually have a pick (Taiyi) fruit end to end, but when they want to calculate, they have to face the scalp-numbing tight encirclement causal network …
There are also many great powers who twitch their corners of their mouths and wonder whether their younger generation runs through the stallion avenue to carry forward the essence of planting the world. After all, the devil of extinction is really rare in today’s wild and rapidly rising virtual universe.
Even when these extinct demons haven’t come to carry out their own avenue, they will be the cradle of the magic way of heaven and earth-the magic palace will be directly put out in the bud-if you let your ya come up with an extinct magic way at this time, will their magic way be developed in the future?
Time flies like water, and it has been more than 70,000 years since Henglang Heaven and Earth returned to the market.
"Hua …"
There is a statue of a giant on the vast road, which breathes all over the sky, and its silver hair is flying, and its strength spreads all over the place, and it is affected by breathing.
law phenomenon
One of the most basic and powerful magical powers of Shinto-Dharma, Heaven and Earth.
"Heaven and earth and God dominate all things, and I belong to one will. I will evolve, and I will dominate the Vientiane dimension and I will be eternal …"
The central core, Yuan Heng, murmured and pondered over the future structure of this unique world. "What kind of framework should it be … or a triangle? Just like the Three Realms of the Universe? "
Du Wan Juan Hang Wan Li Road
Daoxing is the ability to practice a Taoist ancestor’s own avenue, and it is important to promote the development and evolution of its own avenue in the process of evolving the world.
At the beginning, the world where the Abyss Daozu lived collapsed and returned to the market. The abyss built by the Abyss Daozu himself can still be fierce and powerful in quantity. It is the powerful and stable framework of the Abyss Daozu’s own abyss!
Therefore, it can be seen that how important it is for a Taoist ancestor to completely control Daoxing.
Naturally, it is impossible for every Taoist ancestor and Taoist star to be created according to the existing body of the outside world, but by their own ancestors, just as they create their own avenue. It is strange that Yuan Heng is so cautious.
Turning around from the deep Tao, Yuan Heng felt strangely that the connection in his heart was "more and more clear!"
When Yuan Heng wanted to find the unknown brother along the "Tianheng Real Emperor Luo Daoguo", he accidentally found that this Daoguo was involved in causality for some inexplicable reasons before he stopped.
But now, 70,000 years later, Yuan Heng suddenly found that the intermittent couplet did not weaken with time, but somehow became stronger!
Strong enough to be able to pull Yuan Heng out of the deep Tao!
"It seems that …"
Yuan Hengmian has a deep thought that "things are not as simple as I thought"