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Although he is not a believer in the Vatican, he knows that the representative of the four-winged angel is an identity

To every virgin ceremony, the Vatican invites angels to come to the virgin to bless the divine light, and also two-winged angels to come to the two-winged angels and four-winged angels. Although they are all angels, their identities are far apart, so to speak, one is in the sky and the other is in the ground.
The two-winged angel is equivalent to the peak of the sanctuary, while the four-winged angel is God.
For mortals such as Dograwoff, God is mysterious, and with high glory, Dograwoff, who is not a believer in the light of the Vatican, has to praise the glory of the Lord in front of the four-winged angel.
At the same time, Dograwoff was very happy to set off waves. If there were some concerns about killing Qing Ye before, there are no concerns now.
"Doubt about God’s ability to make it is a heretic of the holy religion." Doglawoff remembered a famous sentence in the Vatican canon.
Four-winged angels are divine envoys.
After leaving the Cathedral, Daw Grawoff rushed back to the Palace and told this surprising news to the old emperor, former Lwoff. When the old emperor, former Lwoff, heard that the Vatican had an angel coming this time, he could not help but make a gesture of praying to the God of Light with his hands and exclaimed, "The God of Light is really everywhere!"
Chapter two hundred and thirty Wu Shen contest
When I came to Dodor, Qing Ye and others didn’t worry that there would be no place to live. Although Dodor City is already full of people, it is more complicated than the imperial city of Mora Kingdom when the Holy Virgin ceremony was held.
Lin Meng waited for Qing Ye and others to come to a shop similar to an inn, which was a contact point and rest place for the former dark mercenary group.
At the beginning, Lin Meng led the dark mercenary group to meet in Qing Ye, Qige Town. Considering that the important contact points in various places have not been sold, and they were tight at the beginning and did not deal with these assets.
Compared with some big hotel shops in Dodor City, there are twenty or thirty rooms stationed in the shop. It is a fine middle-aged Han Tiemeng in his forties. When he saw Lin Meng and others, he quickly saluted and waited for Lin Meng to introduce him to Qing Ye. Now he is the real head of the dark mercenary group. Middle-aged Han Tiemeng couldn’t help but look at Qing Ye, the young and new head, in amazement, for a moment and then pay homage to Qing Ye.
Although this iron Meng is not high, he has a six-level martial artist, but Lin Meng, the essence of the work, left him here.
Qing Ye see this iron meng is not nodded and said, "you are iron meng? Brother Lin and I played your day Wu Shen contest, and you told us about the current situation in Dodor City. "
Tie Menggong said, "It’s the head of the Wu Shen Competition, and the other two imperial royal families in the Dragon God Mainland have come and sent experts to participate in the first mercenary group. The head of the anti-God mercenary group has also come, and there is also the deputy head of the group, Leancu, who came to participate in the Wu Shen Competition on behalf of the mercenary guild. In addition, the captain of the Golden Knights of the Holy See, Stonecourt, Shuitian Kingdom, Taimaikefu Magician Association, and Lido have represented the forces behind them to participate in the competition, especially this time, the president of the Bandits Association has also arrived in Dodor City.
Tie Meng then simply told Qing Ye and others about the important forces and figures who came to participate in the Wu Shen competition this time
There are also many big families in NINEONE who have stood for thousands of years in the mainland of Dragon God, and there are not a few Tiemengdu who have come to participate in the Wu Shen competition this time. They have told Qing Ye.
Even Qing Ye and others didn’t expect that the Wu Shen competition would attract so many forces. I’m afraid that the mainland power of Dragon God is almost here.
But what interests Qing Ye most is the arrival of the four great talents of the Dragon God Mainland.
The captain of the Golden Knights of the Holy See, Winston, was defeated by Qing Ye. The sorcerer’s guild, Daley Qing Ye, has also seen it. In addition, Tai Maifu of Shuitian Kingdom and Leancu Qing Ye, deputy head of the first mercenary group, have not seen it yet.
However, they can rank better than Deli in strength and talent or in some way.
Qing Ye understood the situation and asked Tie Meng to prepare dining tables. Then he said to Long Jiuyou, "Brother Long heard that Feng Yuntian, the head of the first mercenary group, is also a master of knives?"
Dragon nine deep and remote heard Qing Ye say that the eyes could not help but nod with generate’s strong fighting spirit. "It’s good that I fought with him when he was the deputy head of the anti-God mercenary group on this stormy day."
Qing Ye and others were surprised that the dragon nine deep and remote and the wind and the sky also competed.
Nu Wa asked, "What was the result?"
When it comes to the result, Long Jiu’s face is not so natural. It’s a little too hard to look at it. Everyone knows the result.
See all look dragon nine you can’t help but feel embarrassed. He can’t be angry with Qing Ye and Nu Wa, but seeing these guys like Delin and Buck there is a special meaning. Looking at him with fire, "What’s your expression? ! Do you really think that stormy day can win the old age? In those days, he didn’t win with a good knife, so one and a half strokes were wrong, but one-third strokes. If he dares to compete this time, he won’t cut his third leg. "
Long Jiu You expressed his determination to sacrifice the red lion’s sword, and then chopped it out at the sky, just hitting a guard who was riding a familiar and took the team on patrol.
Strangely, the guard got out of the room with this knife, and then passed out completely, but he didn’t * *.
Qing Ye saw the knife of Long Jiuyou clearly, but he knew that Long Jiuyou’s understanding of the knife had entered a new level, and the control of knife gas had gradually become free.
However, the knife of Dragon Nine Deep and Remote was so scared that it separated several streets. The patrol team panicked and panicked. What happened to the strong enemy raid? It blocked several streets and checked them one by one and reported them to the level.
See the dragon nine deep and remote this knife frighten delin and buck and others hurriedly face a is flattering patted Yi Long nine deep and remote knife fart.
After dinner, I went back to the guest room, where Dragon Nine You offered a sacrifice to the Red Lion’s Badger, and said, "Xiaohong, Xiaohong, you must help me wash my shame."
If Delin and Barker and others are listening to Dragon Nine, you will call this red lion’s sword, Xiaohong is afraid to faint, and there will be another burst of contempt.
Calling Xiaohong this way will make people think. You know, some girls in Yee Hong Yuan are mostly called Xiaohong.
It seems that this title is unfair. It seems that Ying Long Jiuyou helped him to wash his blood. Before that, the red lion’s sword was faint with a roar.
At this time, Qing Ye and Nu Wa couldn’t help but give a wry smile after hearing the words of Long Jiu You in the next room. Then Nu Wa said to Qing Ye, "Husband Wu Shen Competition should also come to the Pope Lucy Competition." Say that finish, Nu Wa Qiao’s face is a piece of ShaSha gas.
Qing Ye shook Nu Wa Fenquan and said, "Don’t worry, wife, you will handle the Pope Lucy contest."
I thought that I was forced to be elected as a saint, and then I almost summoned an angel to bless the Lucie Competition to brainwash Nu Wa. I was very angry. If it was in Pangu Star Domain, who would dare to violate her saint power?
From the moment when Nu Wa was forced to be elected as a saint by the Holy See, not only the Dragon God, the Holy See in mainland China, but also the Holy See in other mainland China and other optical gods will bear the anger of Nu Wa and Qing Ye.
"Two-winged Angel Four-winged Angel Light Gods Hum" Qing Ye snorted the murderous light gods in his heart. Sooner or later, he and Nu Wa will visit one of these light gods.
It’s a quiet night, but it’s an unsettled night in Dodor City tonight.
A few streets away from the small shop where Qing Ye and others stayed, a large hotel and a courtyard were sitting with a dozen people, a middle-aged man who looked dignified in his thirties.
Middle-aged people sitting there seem to have a sharp broadsword hidden in their bodies, which is somewhat similar to Long Jiu You.
If Long Jiuyou sees this middle-aged man offering his little red and then stabbing the middle-aged man, this middle-aged man is the head of the first mercenary group.
Sitting next to Fengyun is a burly young man with a dignified face, which is Leancu.
Leancu hummed, "The colonel heard that Qing Ye, who defeated Winston, is here?"
The four great geniuses, Winston, came first, the kingdom of water and heaven was second, and Mike Ford was third. He always wanted to find a chance to beat the first two, but not long ago, he heard that Winston was defeated by an unknown young man named Qing Ye in front of millions of people.
Now his goal is Qing Ye, and he wants to beat this Qing Ye, which proves his strength.
Leancu also has the psychology that young people are competitive.
Fengyun Day nods, "That’s right, Qing Ye came. I didn’t expect that Dragon Nine You was still with him. When I first heard that Qing Ye robbed the virgin, the Dragon Nine You were destroyed in Hell City. Later, they fled together. It seems that they are not shallow." When it comes to Dragon Nine You Fengyun Day, his eyes are flashing [to update the fastest grass * * AP * * * 139 с om text].
On the right, a ten-year-old man with silver hair said, "The head of the team, Long Jiu You, was defeated by you in those years, and you were afraid of this time."