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Mid-ghost king! Unexpectedly, it fell to the middle of the ghost! This time, he brought enough soul stones to reach the spiritual level, and he can definitely reach the level of increasing the boundary!

"My brother this is how to return a responsibility? How did the absorption of soul force become slow? " Looking at the Zhang Xiaotian situation Yang Xiao leng asked doubtfully.
Looking at Zhang Xiaotian’s absorption of soul strength in the soul stone, Zhang Dianfei thoughtfully for a moment and said with some uncertainty, "In addition to refining the soul strength for a while after the spiritual breakthrough, it is faster! After the spiritual energy is stable, the refining spirit will return to its usual refining spirit! Now … Xiao Tian’s spiritual energy should be stable! "
Yang Xiao was silent. He knew it was definitely not Zhang Dianfei who said this! Zhang Xiaotian has Blackstone to help refine the soul force. The spiritual realm should be high enough to accept more soul force. Then the refining soul force will become faster and slower. And if it is Zhang Xiaotian deliberately hide Blackstone ability, then it will definitely not be this degree, because now this degree is slower than before, but it is definitely several times faster than the normal ghost repair refining soul! Is ten Zhang Dianfei together can’t reach this level! I’m afraid that’s why Zhang Dianfei is not sure about what he just said! Yang Xiao doubts that the absorption of soul is slower than before!
Finally, when Zhang Xiaotian’s mental state fell to the initial stage of the ghost, he stopped falling! And the spiritual energy is slowly no longer reduced!
Zhang Xiaotian slowly breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a little uneasy and staring at Jing Zhu in his mind!
"whoosh! Whoosh-"Two virtual shadows of red and blue fly out from the fine beads!
Perhaps it is the reason why Zhang Xiaotian has absorbed so much spiritual energy. At this time, these two energy volumes have become larger than when they went in.
Red and blue two strands of energy came out and immediately turned into red and blue two long dragons around Zhang Xiaotian Jing Zhu going round and round!
Is carefully watching the two energy Zhang Xiaotian didn’t dare to have any idea! The two energies are getting bigger again. I don’t know if their abilities are getting bigger. Zhang Xiaotian can’t be sure to trap them in black matter again! Now they are beside their own sperm beads. If they are offended and hurt their own sperm beads, it will be over!
As the red and blue dragons rotate, Zhang Xiaotian gradually changes itself!
Looking at the constantly rotating two dragons, Zhang Xiaotian felt vaguely that he was the two dragons! Keep spinning and spinning! This feeling will be clear every time you turn around!
I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly "boom-"I felt a roar in my mind!
Suddenly opened the closed eyes Zhang Xiaotian is startled!
I saw a chubby baby looking at myself in surprise, and seemed to be startled by myself, with a face of horror! At present, the baby is wearing clothes, and a long red dragon is hanging around his body!
Looking at the baby Zhang Xiaotian has a familiar feeling and seems to be looking in the mirror! He is himself! He is himself! Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help looking at himself.
As soon as the situation changed, the chubby baby on the other side kept spinning around his body, and the long dragon suddenly turned blue! And I’m looking up at the baby!
Zhang xiaotian’s mind is a little confused! Extremely doubt whether you are once again caught in an illusion. Who are you? Who is the baby in front of you?
"Who are you?" Zhang Xiaotian wanted to ask, but he felt a little funny. It was like asking who he was in the mirror!
I’m in the abdomen! Zhang Xiaotian just thought of this problem and got the result instantly!
This answer makes Zhang Xiaotian not startled!
Scene change! This time Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes are looking down!
I saw two chubby babies in front of each other, a red dragon hanging all over the body and a blue dragon hanging all over the body!
It seems that two babies feel that Zhang Xiaotian is looking at them. Generally, they look up and smile at Zhang Xiaotian! Zhang Xiaotian, however, was not surprised at all, just like laughing at himself in the mirror when he got up early every day!
Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, gradually realized that they are themselves and they are themselves! They are one!
When I opened my eyes again, Zhang Xiaotian saw a face of anxious Yang Xiao three people in the distance!
Shen Shi’s two babies sitting in the abdomen with their eyes closed and sitting face to face seem to be practicing!
"Yuan Ying?" Looking at the two babies, a noun suddenly flashed through Zhang Xiaotian’s mind!
"No … it’s Yuan Shen!" Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up!
Yuan Ying is composed of practicing spiritual strength while Yuan Shen is composed of spiritual energy!
Zhang Xiaotian heard Zhang Dianfei say that Yuan God is equivalent to his own soul and another self! The most important thing is that the person who fixes the truth can seize the house when the baby and the god are United, because he has the immortal immortal immortal! And Yuan Ying is just a tool of Yuan Shen! Yuan Shen’s body is very fragile, and only Yuan Ying’s protection can take it away! Therefore, it is necessary to achieve the unity of baby and god so that Yuan God can control Yuan Baby’s action to seize it! And if the baby god is not one, then Yuan God alone can’t command Yuan Baby’s actions. Without Yuan Baby’s protection, Yuan God can reincarnate himself! However, the reincarnation of Yuan God can preserve the memory without going through the underworld!
I actually practiced Yuan Shen! And one is two! Zhang Xiaotian surprise some words! I just lost my sight!
That just now … The red and blue two energy devouring their spiritual energy is to make yuan god for yourself?
Why do they want to help themselves build a yuan god? Why are you staying in your own abdomen again? Zhang Xiaotian is a little confused and vaguely feels that the problem may be the black matter!
Generally, those who fix the truth first cultivate Yuan Ying by spiritual force, but Yuan Shen slowly condenses with the birth of Yuan Ying! However, I actually practiced Yuan Shen directly! Although some unreasonable, but … Is it possible to practice spiritual power? Zhang Xiao, as excited!
Close your eyes, Zhang Xiaotian, and try to feel the surrounding energy with his new Yuan God! It’s almost the same as Jingzhu’s method, but it’s clearer to feel things! Spirit slowly spread out and sure enough … In addition to the familiar soul force, there are two kinds of energy that he has never felt before, which is very clear! Luxuriant energy is constantly beating in the process. Zhang Xiaotian is sure that this is the fire element energy that those who fix the truth practice! There is also a kind of light blue energy which is very soft. Zhang Xiaotian can feel the general feeling of water in it!
Around in addition to the soul force is Zhang Xiao celestial Blackstone slowly absorbed refining these two kinds of energy are also some stirring!
Pondering for a moment, Zhang Xiaotian’s mind is micro-moving, trying to put these two kinds of energy into the body! Although he heard Zhang Dianfei say that you can’t practice spiritual power without a mortal body! But he still wants to try!
In Zhang Xiaotian, the spirit guides two kinds of energy to other bodies slowly!
The fire element spirit swims towards the red dragon yuan hanging in the abdomen of Zhang Xiaotian, while the water element spirit swims towards the blue dragon yuan hanging in the abdomen!
Lingli came to the front of the Yuan God and slowly merged into it after several contacts! With the pioneers merging into two kinds of more spiritual forces, they will melt into Zhang Xiaotian, the two yuan gods respectively! More and more, faster and faster, and gradually become out of control.
More and more intense energy is pouring into Zhang Xiaotian’s body, with lux fire spirit force, light blue water spirit force and gray soul force!
Looking at the three colors of energy disease to Zhang Xiaotian body to Yang Xiao mouth not wide in the distance!
"Zhang Dage! That gray energy is soul force. What energy are blue and red? Why are they all drilling into my brother’s body! " Half a day Yang Xiao mouth to one side Zhang Dianfei export asked tone with a trace of worry.
Zhang Dianfei at this time is also stupefied at the distance Zhang Xiaotian heard Yang Xiao ask expression some hesitation and said, "the two kinds of energy should be fix true water spirit force and fire spirit force! Why do they drill into Xiao Tian’s body … It should be the previous two red and blue energies! It’s a little strange that both the water spirit force and the fire spirit force should be drilled into Xiao Tian’s body … Even those who practice double energy and fix the truth don’t practice these two kinds of energy at the same time. Water spirit force and fire spirit force root can’t be together! And how can there be such a strong fire power in this deep sea? If these two kinds of energy are not fire and water psychic powers, it is better. If it is fire and water psychic powers, I’m afraid there will be trouble tomorrow … "Zhang Dianfei frowned.
Hey hey! Thank you for your reward! )
Chapter one hundred and ten Purple flame
"Trouble? What trouble? " A listen to Zhang Dianfei said trouble Yang Xiao asked by surprise.
"Fire and water phase grams! Roots can’t merge with each other, and both will lose! If the red and blue energy are really fire and water, it will not matter when Xiao Tian is weak outside! But once the celestial bodies have accumulated a certain amount and the two collide, it will be dangerous in the morning! Some gifted practitioners can practice two or more kinds of energy at the same time, but they don’t practice fire and water at the same time! " Zhang Dianfei sighed and said slowly.
"Then look at whether those two kinds of energy are fire and water!" Yang Xiao said in a hurry
"We know that there is a law separated by the law, which has the ability to expand. My spirit has not extended in the past, and it will end! I can’t confirm whether it is fire and water! " See Yang Xiao in such a hurry to rush Zhang Dianfei said with a face of embarrassment.
"What shall we do?" Looked at the steady stream of red and blue energy into Zhang Xiaotian body Yang Xiaoxi murmured.
"Maybe … that’s not energy but something else! You can never practice spiritual power without mortal body! This is that eternal iron law of fix true world! No one has changed! It’s even more impossible that Xiao Tian is a ghost! But … even if those two kinds of energy are not fire and water, but other energy, Xiao Tian can’t stand it if it keeps drilling into Xiao Tian’s body! " After a while, Zhang Dianfei frowned and said that the situation in Zhang Xiaotian was really weird. He had never seen or heard of it.
Zhang Xiao celestial body!
An endless stream of fire and water, two spiritual forces flow to two yuan gods, and gradually two faint virtual shadows are condensed in the yuan gods! One red! A blue! The same form as Yuan Shen!
Zhang Xiaotian know this may be the fix true yuan baby! The original fix true person is to fix the Yuan baby first and then condense the Yuan God! But I didn’t expect myself to practice Yuan Shen first and then concise Yuan Ying! Zhang Xiao, as some strange thinking!
Zhang Xiaotian can feel the powerful energy in it! Red and blue energy dragons rotate faster around Yuan Shen!
As more and more spiritual forces enter the body, Zhang Xiaotian feels that the energy in Yuan Ying is getting stronger and stronger! Slowly, the psychic concentration in Yuan Ying passed the psychic energy concentration of Zhang Xiaotian’s body!
Zhang Xiaotian some worry that this spirit force strong yuan baby will suddenly burst through the body, but the result is that Zhang Xiaotian can rest assured that although yuan baby has become stronger than the body, it has not broken Zhang Xiaotian’s body meaning!
Suddenly there is a situation in Zhang Xiaotian!
He is now in my mind to black matter was slowly decreasing! This now makes Zhang Xiaotian horrified! He didn’t touch the black matter. Why is the black matter getting less and less?
Carefully observing the black substance in my mind, Zhang Xiaotian slowly drew a thing that made him hard to imagine!
Black matter was swallowed up by the spirit of fire, water and fire in the body!
If it weren’t for entering Zhang Xiao’s celestial body at this time, the spiritual force is very vast. If it weren’t for being born in Zhang Xiao’s body, Zhang Xiao Tiangen wouldn’t have changed this subtly now!
Black psychic substance … How can it be swallowed up by these two psychic powers? Zhang Xiaotian some doubts!
And the original red and blue two kinds of strange energy also devour their black mind substance! The red and blue energy at this time Zhang Xiaotian has determined that they are fire and water psychic powers, but they are more clever than ordinary fire and water psychic powers! More powerful!
Don’t … All spiritual forces like to devour black psychic substances?
Zhang Xiaotian vaguely seems to be some white what’s going on!
Previously, those two strands of red and blue psychic powers merged with their own black psychic substances, so they listened to their own words and helped themselves to condense the Yuan God!
Now, after entering your body and inhaling your black psychic substance, it also becomes your psychic force!