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Clear sound into Qin Chu motionless look at the other side of the wall solid Longmen stone accumulation wall metamorphoses, leaned in like a steel knife cut tofu general that hand gently turn Longmen stone wall immediately into powder!
Although there is no magic circle on the Longmen stone wall, it must be at least one meter thick. It is extremely difficult to destroy it! But it was so easy to be cut by people and it was a hand!
Qin Chu immediately surprised zheng big eyes!
A tall man in black swaggered in and ran straight to the secret room!
Qin Chu immediately felt that I didn’t expect to meet a colleague here!
At the same time, I was slightly curious. What did the other party come here to steal? Qin Chu looked at the chamber of secrets and held her breath.
The black dress person actually bypassed all the traps and strolled to the Chamber of Secrets, and then I don’t know how to directly destroy the magic circle of the Chamber of Secrets and do the same thing again. I inserted my hands into the stone gate and immediately turned it into stone powder.
After he passed through the big hole, the man in black swaggered in and ran straight to the great light on the left!
Take out a black pocket and put the silver light directly into that black pocket!
Qin Chu slightly stunned "this black pocket can actually cover the big phosgene.
It is extremely difficult to hide the holy light from the whole body, even if it is placed in the ring, it will show abnormalities and even directly lead to the collapse of the ring! This is the power of Lingbao. Lingbao has its own dignity, and it is absolutely not allowed to read itself with a magic weapon lower than itself!
"This person is very experienced!" Qin Chu quickly think up "the other party is very familiar with here! He knows where there are no magic circle traps, and he is also familiar with the magic circle layout here. "By the way, he walked through the road network, so it is better to walk during the day! "
Qin Chu shine at the moment instantly think of ostrich back!
But the person in front of me is not an ostrich. Is it an accomplice? Qin Chu looked at the black dress person, the Xuan, the black dress person’s net, and walked out. Qin Chuli Xuan gently shrank behind the column.
In the process, Qin Chu’s clothes gently rubbed against the column and made a slight noise! Qin Chu dark call is not good.
Men in black body such as lightning suddenly turned to Qin Chu side!
Qin Chu wry smile didn’t expect each other to be so sensitive to feel so tiny!
"There are people here?" Men in black eyes shot cold mountain "wrong at the moment there should be no talent right! The other party will never be a temple person, otherwise they would have risked their lives to warn them! The net is good to find a scapegoat to lead me to those annoying guys! "
Men in black turned and tore up a stone and shook it gently. The stone split into several small stones and roared and flew to the magic circle not far away!
Qin Chu face abrupt change instantaneous thought of each other to do so! Without hesitation, the body floated like a breeze and swept out. At this moment, the black dress person has drilled out of the hole!
Qin Chu followed by the net to drill out of the hole and felt all the magic circle teleport behind him! A warning that the magic wave suddenly rises!
"Paralysis!" Qin Chu denounced the surrounding environment is very strange, Qin Chu couldn’t tell the direction, and his mind turned sharply and immediately chased the black dress person in front of him!
I heard that there is a helmsman, hehe, thank you for that friend!
Chapter 14 Dragon Ball
Chapter 1o4 Dragon Ball
People want me to be cannon fodder for him! "Fluor Chu saw the black dress person’s intention. The old point is small and excellent, and the micro-point body has already flown out.
Qin Chuxiu is already at the peak of the elixir, and the actual combat force is amazing.
Out of this hall, Qin Chu is sensitive to the fact that there are a large number of masters in all directions to outflank here quickly!
"The temple is so responsive!" From touching the magic circle to now, it’s just a snap of your fingers, but those masters immediately react and flank here.
Qin Chu was absolutely sure that he could escape from this encirclement, but Qin Chu felt a little angry at the moment.
"You can steal from yourself, but you are wrong to try to attract trouble to me!" Qin Chu didn’t immediately leave here and immediately ran after him in the direction of men in black.
At this moment, the men in black have already rushed towards the most complex residential area of the building complex. When Qin Chu came out, he had already appeared at the corner 100 meters away!
The distance of 100 meters is just a blink of an eye for Qin Chu!
Qin Chu’s body suddenly disappeared and a wisp of breeze chased after the men in black!
"I want to see who you are!" Qin Chu said in his heart, "You can be so familiar with stealing from the temple if you have the courage, even if you are not an ostrich, you are his accomplice!"
With the help of the complicated environment here, the black dress person’s feet are swaying in the dark. If it’s not Qin Chu’s night, you can see clearly, and it’s hard to see each other.
Qin Chu’s eyes rested on the back of the man in black, wearing a wide coat outside, revealing a black leather coat to hang a pocket around his waist!
"This bag is really good, but it can hide the big light, but it depends on stealing in the middle of the night. Maybe he wants to take advantage of the chaos to attract other people’s attention and then go straight to the mountain!"
That’s what the man in black thinks. He has great confidence in himself, but he never imagined that this guy behind him is faster than himself. I don’t know how many times! This will attract the attention of other experts early!
In front is the most complex building complex, which is the temple’s various messy places, where the clergy live. Beyond this building complex, there is a steep cliff!
The breeze suddenly accelerated into the black dress person.
Black dress person’s heart suddenly flashes to the side with a black handle and shoots back from the cuff at the same time. After that, the black dress person turns his head and comes again.
There’s no one hanging around in the back! He was surprised because he believed that he would never have hallucinations. Although his breath was weak just now, he could still detect it!
At this moment, my heart thumped and a breeze blew from my waist.