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Chapter one hundred and forty-six A strange promise

The situation is much better than Ji Xiaotian imagined. Even the ordinary brother is 10,000 euros expensive. When I heard that he is a great student, Han Dali personally apprenticed. Those parents who want to succeed in life are desperately trying to put their children in Laoshan Boxing Hall.
Three days, just three days, Han Dali had to stop the major media from preparing to roll out advertisements for one month, not to mention that the number of recruits was enough.
After China’s economic strength has greatly increased, the savings in the hands of ordinary people will not be as small as in previous years. Although learning is expensive, people who can come up with such a sum of money still account for a considerable part.
The number of people was finally fixed at a full 2,000 people. It is estimated that the maximum enrollment of the venue will be 1,000. Han Dali finally reluctantly added 1,000 people at the strong request of many parents, of which the new brother accounted for more than 200.
It’s not that I’m worried and afraid of Han Dali. It’s about fame, cheating money and practicing law. Parents are very clever. They organized hundreds of parents and also made an appointment with some newspaper reporters before they went to the Laoshan Boxing Hall to make a statement.
Money is not a problem, but it should be spent in worthwhile places. This is the idea of these vigilant parents.
"Well, everyone is just in time. I just want to find an opportunity to talk to parents about the situation. Since even friends from TV stations, newspapers, reporters and friends are here, I will take this opportunity to make a promise to you."
In the plan, Xiaotian instructed Han Dali not to escape from these people and generously walked to the front desk. When everyone was in the middle of the class, Han Dali gave a stunning guarantee.
"Dear parents, I know that your thoughts are pitiful. Parents’ hearts deceive too much in this world. It is also good for everyone to be vigilant. Now I will assure you that if it is my Han Dali’s reason that your children have not learned anything, all the learning they have received will be returned and double indemnity will."
"How to judge whether it’s my Han Dali’s reason? It’s also simple. This year, there are 2,000 students enrolled in Laoshan Boxing Hall. There are 1,000 ordinary brothers and 200 close brothers. I promise that if they are ordinary brothers or close brothers, they will still stay in the boxing hall after one year. Students who do not reach this level will be refunded for compensation."
Talking, Han Dali motioned for the new recruit to call it a day to lift a tall stone with more than one person. Just as everyone was surprised, he slapped at least a few hundred kilograms of stone and broke it into rubble.
"Ah," there was an exclamation of light all around. That’s not to mention Han Dali’s greeting. "Notary, please come and notarize in public!"
Then two notaries formally gave Han Dali a fair assurance and witnessed it with their own eyes. What else can parents say if they have doubts? People who have doubts can’t finish, but it becomes less and less.
"Nearly 40 million euros, I know you vigorously. So you are also very good at making money, almost as good as that guy Joe Fusheng. I waved my hand and earned 20 million yuan."
Meter Xiaotian and Han Dali gather together to look at the account, which shows 30 million euros. You look at me and I look at you. Meter Xiaotian also has to praise 1.
However, Han Dali, who was full of heroism before, was blindsided. He thought that a hundred ordinary brothers and a dozen new brothers would sign up to earn a few hundred euros, which is a lot of money. I didn’t know that such a big scene has always been honest and simple, and he couldn’t help but feel a little scared.
"I may not be able to teach so many people, boss. Are you coming to help?"
To tell the truth, Han Dali is really guilty. If it is a few hundred or even a thousand brothers, he has nothing to worry about, but now it has become more than two thousand, and he naturally has this reaction in his heart.
The most important thing is the two hundred brothers, but they have to pay 100 thousand euros a year to study, even in a big city like Beijing Sea, 100 thousand euros is not a small number, and it is still a year to study.
If these people can’t teach Han Dali well, they can completely smash him. So-called Han Dali feels guilty because he missed the big event in Xiaotian.
"Don’t worry, it’s not so much trouble. I’ll tell you that if I don’t know that you are too honest, I will definitely let people recruit all of them to the registration department. Now, how do you say these two thousand younger brothers are all well-selected and have good physical fitness? There is absolutely no problem in practicing."
Ji Xiaotian obviously anticipated this situation, and when the number of people increased and imagined ahead of time, Ji Xiaotian was thinking about how to deal with it.
It’s not a matter of memorizing so many skills in your mind, but you have to take them out at all times. If you don’t want to hide your strength a little, you won’t be afraid of it, let alone two thousand people or twenty thousand people.
In Han Dali’s expectation, Xiaotian smiled and shook his head, stuffing Han Dali’s hand with a few early preparations.
"Shaoyang XuanGong lunar classics? There are also pulp washing meridians and Yijin meridians? "
It’s okay to look at Han Dali and exclaim. Since I met Ji Xiaotian, he can know a lot about kung fu as before. The first two are famous for their unique skills in wu-tang clan, while the last one is known for Shaolin.
The latter even Han Dali himself is familiar with the practice.
"Yes, it’s just that these cheats are so expensive for others to learn. How can they be right if they don’t teach them some real things? Don’t worry, I know what I will be thinking. These are my simplified and revised cheats. Even if wu-tang clan and Shaolin Sect really see them, they won’t recognize them."
Ji Xiaotian is not bragging about his super brain computing ability. Removing the part that can be practiced or not in these cheats is simply to enhance the true qi. First, it makes these methods unrecognizable to others. Second, it can also make the younger brother specialize in practicing the true qi much faster.
Wu-tang clan and Shaolin Sect are both sects with strong skills of practicing kung fu, especially Shaolin, which is not as hard qigong or external skills as everyone thinks. The most powerful of their sects is the skill of practicing kung fu, while the meridian of washing marrow and the meridian of Yijin are the most powerful.
Of course, this sect and Ji Xiaotian are about to step into that circle. Like Maoshan School and Laoshan School, it is totally different to have immortals in the sect. This is exactly one aspect of Ji Xiaotian’s plan, which belongs to the cultivation of ordinary kung fu skills. In the future, Laoshan Family Boxing Hall will cultivate immortal skills.
But at the moment, it’s too early to plan, and I haven’t got a fairy achievement method yet. These are just preliminary ideas.
Such a large number of professors’ younger brothers are also skillful. Even Shaolin, which is a leading sect in the secular world, dare not do so, so that people can deceive others and learn the name of their younger brothers.
Ji Xiaotian dared Han Dali to make the greatest reliance on it, except for Pang Dagong’s method in his brain or the original flow stimulation cultivation method, which is equivalent to mass production of superior skills. What does he have to worry about?
"Wonderful, boss, I admire you."
After listening to Ji Xiaotian’s explanation that Han Dali was not only depressed, but also the horse became very happy. It was a wonderful idea to change from an ordinary brother of Wudang Professor of Mind Method to a younger brother from Shaolin Mind Method.
It’s not that Shaolin’s method is necessarily better than Wudang’s.
It turns out that Shaoyang Xuangong is suitable for men to practice, while Taiyin Sutra can be used by women to practice. As a result, the practice skills of ordinary brothers are not completely consistent, and the gap in skill is easy to show.