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The soul attacked the other two emperors and also recruited them one after another.

Sword scar sword over the wind sword breath sword day surprised if the sword is anxious if the thunder sword is determined to be afraid of the sword soft if the water is firm but firm but firm, Ling Bo’s sword trace is mighty and the sword heart is indestructible, and the sword Ze Tian Cang extremely leans to heaven and dances wildly, and the four swords of the wind, thunder, fire and water are unexpectedly inconceivable at the same time, respectively, blocking the attack of the four emperors.
Give a blow to the sky
A shocking blow
Destroy the sky
Break the sky
The former four emperors forcibly changed their tricks and struck the pale pole at the same time, and the spirit emperor’s body floated like a flash, which introduced the pale pole into a fixed range, while the other three emperors attacked the pale pole at the same time.
Sword days can stop the sword from swinging everywhere, and it’s not chaotic at all. In the beginning, three swords swung in response, and a sword actually hit the four emperors’ weapons at the same time. A violent and real blasting was carried out, and the four emperors’ qi qi was shaken off and the artifacts in their hands were broken.
This sword asks the three realms who is the hero. The sword has a negative hand and a domineering voice. You still don’t let the pale pole watch, but you also put the short knife on the goddess Ye Bo.
Ah, Caiying cried out in fear and fell into the world with a dagger in her hand.
Hum, pale, cold and hum, drifted past. When the gods retreated, they broke the floating leaves. In front of them, pale swords and fingers danced, and the chains on the leaves fell away.
The array breaks and everyone retreats. Blood grows in their mouths. Come on, people from the celestial world. Drink up and move the sky.
The celestial world of Cangji made Cangdi fall into evil ways. Today, the last emperor of Chi Di Hengdi Lingdi also decided to change the name of Cangji Cangdi and issued a three-world killing order to kill Cangji and listen to a majestic voice.
Guling, have you come to kill me? Cang Ji asked the great god floating in the middle.
Emperor Cang, I’m sorry. I’m just following orders. This time, I brought the four gods of the stars and the four gods of the stars. You’d better give in easily. Gu Lingyue said that the bolder you are.
Haha, Cang Ji Teng rises in parallel with Guling. In the past, I dared to fight against the gods alone. Today, with these people, do you want to kill me? Cang Ji’s eyes seem to shoot through Guling and Guling’s face changed and he retreated half a step.
A sudden binge drinking sounded in the sky, and a row of gods appeared in the sky. The man glared at him. You don’t take us seriously. If you get the sword left by the Emperor of Heaven, you can cross the three realms. Today, I will show you how powerful the gods are.
Silent, don’t be a loser, but also dare to speak bravely and despise scanning them. You are still so slow to improve.
Pale pole, I can’t stand your eyes the most. In the past, you were the emperor of God, and I still let you have three points. Today, I must teach you a good lesson. You hate the stars.
I am even more disdainful than I am, and I am completely angry with you gods.
Today, let me see your humanity. What’s wrong with you? The folding fan in your gown has made a great contribution to the sky.
In the past, I was a giant, and you are no longer an opponent. Today, I pour the sky, and you will take it as a disgrace, and you will abruptly blow the gown away.
A Buddha raised his rosary in his hand, and a big dharma seal was printed on the pale pole.
Now that you have told me all about you, I left you with a finger pointing to the big picture, and the dharma seal was broken. The firm but gentle wave gathered in a line and penetrated the eyebrows of the Buddha, whose eyes were full of unwillingness and gradually disappeared into the water, but the rosary in his hand fell to the ground.
I finally know how those lost artifacts came about.
The seal of life and death is another slap in the face of death.
In front of me, I dare to talk about life and death without looking at the sky. I casually waved my sword and left another artifact behind.
wind and fire wheel
Thousand-robbery sword
At the same time, the gods recruit the target is Cang Ji.
Little gods walk in the sky, I walk in the sky, and the sword is now in the trace, and the gods are dancing in the sky, dancing in the sky, and ten decisions are made to punish the gods, and the gods are determined to show the monstrous shock wave.
Mourning mirror
A firm but gentle wave disappeared before Guling put on airs. Looking at the light mirror that stood in front of Guling, the firm but gentle wave was scattered in shape because of his absence. What did you do to her? Everyone listened to the anger in the pale tone.
How about the gods huddled together and hid behind Guling? You rebelled against the gods and were killed by the three realms. What do you say about her? Guling chuckled and asked in the distance that a stunning goddess tied with chains was taken over by several other goddesses.
Ye Cang is extremely sad, and a monstrous murderous look arises spontaneously.
Cangji, you’d better not move, otherwise I can’t guarantee which goddess my knife will stab, and I’ll compare it with the blade in my hand.
Color Shadow, if you dare today, I’ll ruin a powerful firm but gentle celestial body, and a huge celestial illusion will rise. Now, behind the pale pole, there is a sword potential for the first time.
Don’t worry about me, just go. If you are here, they won’t shout at me anxiously by the goddess of leaves.
I couldn’t find you that day. Can I leave today alone? Come to the old age.