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If time were reversed, I would be three years older than you.

She and he are just men and women in the world of mortals. What she has to do now and in the future is just not to let the people who love her get hurt. The bedroom is created with a warm breath by orange lights. The lavender European leather bed is like water, and Yin Ning’s eyes are looking at Junling and full of hope.
Along the way, it was Jun Ling who kept her considerate. What she wanted to give was a complete love. Yin Ningluo didn’t want Jun Ling’s love with her to be questioned again. At least after he gave her a sense of security, she also gave them a guarantee of love.
After looking at each other for a long time, Jun Ling stretched out his hand and held Yin Ningluo in his arms. Long fingers passed through her soft hair and handsome face and entered the light range, illuminating those dark eyes.
His heart is beating with a trace of love. If she wants to restore her memory, she doesn’t have to see any doctor. She is bent on giving him an explanation now.
Silly girl, really silly.
Jun ling hung his eyes and his thin lips on Yin Ning’s success and kissed her gently.
It took Jun Ling a long time to say, "OK, I promise to accompany you to see a brain doctor one day."
Jun Ling and Yin Ning collaterals didn’t sleep this night.
After Jun Ling left, Yin Ningluo came out of bed and went to the window alone to pull the pale blue silk curtain to make the night attractive.
Yin Ning Luo hits the window, and there is a breeze blowing and dancing. The hair is lifted and the eyes are carefully looked at. The stars in the deep night are like those hidden in the deep heart.
At one moment, Yin Ningluo suddenly found herself very small, but just a drop in the ocean. Every day, she plays the joys and sorrows of ordinary people, guarding her love in anticipation like this ordinary woman in the dust. May she be worthy of her lover and have a good result in love.
On the other side, Junling lit a cigarette in her room at the window, and the smoke drifted slowly against the wind, followed by a man’s gradual and deep eyes.
Smoke to half a jun ling palm on the windowsill drooping eyes, he put the cigarette to his mouth and finally took a drag on it and threw it into his cellular phone and made a phone call. "Anyan helped me to contact the best brain doctor in B city, and I will see his details at the latest."
An Yan is Jun Ling’s personal assistant, and some of his personal affairs are entrusted to An Yan. It is important that An Yan knows his mind and is rigorous. He is very at ease.
The name of the secret room of the B branch of the Junshi Group is An Yan-nan. He accepted the man’s order and immediately conducted a brain screening survey in his hand after ending the call.
Anyan universiyofoford Ph.D. in finance
He is a partner of the research institute founded by Junling, and his eyes are never on Junling, but he witnessed Junling’s crisis in Wall Street in those years, and he was fearless and took the research institute with him to overcome difficulties. Since then, the man Junling has been willing to fold his eyes, and Anyan has been assisting Junling for years and has been loyal.
After a long time, you will gradually be assimilated by men’s body breath. Jun Ling is decisive and Anyan will never lag behind. In less than ten minutes, Anyan sent a complete doctor file to Jun Ling’s mailbox.
After dialing the phone, An Yan said, "The information you want has been sent to the mailbox, please check it."
"Well, you’ve worked hard. If you need anything else, I’ll call you." Jun Ling hung up and sat down at the table to play with her brain.
Lu Zeping, a medical expert studying in Australia, focuses on brain surgery.
Jun Ling looked at such authoritative data, and he was hesitating whether he should bring Yin Ning Luo to him or not. Change his position and think about how painful it would be if he were Yin Ning Luo to expose his wound in front of a stranger.
But what reason does a woman have to refuse if she is firm in her eyes?
This night, no one can understand the feeling of Jun Ling’s mind, just like putting a heart on the ground and stepping on it, and finally becoming bloody.
Junling clenched his fist against the eyebrows, silently closed his eyes, and his lips were faint. If he really wanted to stay with Yin Ning, what did she suffer? She didn’t have to be afraid anymore with him around, but it seemed that he overestimated himself. The careful care of his beloved woman didn’t expect that she could still avoid being hurt.
Junling asked himself, isn’t he arrogant? Isn’t he advantageous and influential? For example, even the woman he loves is protected absolutely.
Money turned him into the most capable man.
I just went through an ideological battle and dragged my tired body back to my bedroom. When I saw the luxurious home layout, Junling’s lips were full of irony.
At this time, there is an answer in his mind. If money helps his beloved women, they are worthless to him.
Jun Ling fidgeted and pulled a suit to the big bed. She walked to the corner and sat down.
He didn’t know that Yin Ningluo was sitting in the same position with him back to back across a wall.
I heard a noise next door. Yin Ning took one look behind her and raised her lip angle. "You’re back."
Jun Ling didn’t expect to hear Yin Ning’s winding sound when he was a child. He looked at his wrist consciously, and it was already one o’clock in the morning. Jun Ling turned away and asked, "Why haven’t you slept yet?"
"Can’t sleep," she said.
I just watched her fall asleep before I left.
Jun Ling’s lip angle raised with a smile, and her nervous eyebrows gradually warmed up.
Put your arms on your knees and lean back against the wall. Maybe she’s leaning against the wall in the same position now.
The overhead light broke into Jun Ling’s eyes and dyed it for a lifetime.
"Do you want me to tell you a story, little girl?" Junling teased her.
She chuckled at the end and leaned back slightly against the wall to relax herself. "Good."
I’ll tell you a new story today. Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was very clever and won the first place easily in every exam. Because of this, he was also very cold. At the age of fifteen, his parents sent him abroad for further study. When he knew that he was alone abroad, he had to rely on himself. He gradually lost his temper and learned to consult modestly like mature rice. At first, the boy had a hard time. When he insisted on not going, he would tell himself that he was a man. Later, the boy got lucky and started his first company at the age of twenty.
Yin Ningluo listened to the lip angle smile and became more and more brilliant. The boy in the story was him and the girl was himself.
Light fell into Yin Ning’s eyes, which lit up her eyes.
"Jun Ling, if you can go back in time, you can also predict what will happen in the future. If you are given another chance, will you choose to ignore me and forget me that day, so it would be better to let the white go with the wind?"
Jun Ling’s lips raised a faint smile, and her black eyes contained a deep and hoarse voice of eternal vicissitudes. "If time can go back, I can predict the future. I won’t choose to meet you that day. I will grow up with you three years older than you, and then watch you toddler, a head taller than you, and protect you. We will grow up slowly. I will hold your hand and learn from others when they bully you. They want to fool you into my mouth when you graduate from college, and then give you all their love for the rest of my life."
The Yin Ning collaterals didn’t answer Jun Ling’s words. Her arms were wrapped around her body and she choked.
"Do you want me to come and accompany you?" For a long time, I didn’t get Yin Ning’s response. Jun Ling raised her hand and knocked on the wall over there to make sure she was well.
"It’s getting late, I’m going to sleep." She thought it might be a good thing for her and Junling to be separated at a certain distance. If he saw tears streaming down his face, should he feel at home or not?
The next day, Junling took Yin Ningluo to meet the brain surgeon.
This is a private research institute, and the privacy of its guests is also very confidential.
Lu Zeping is a middle-aged man in his forties, and his face is full of righteousness.
He first gave Yin Ningluo a brain scan, because today all his guests have Yin Ningluo, and the test results will come out soon.
Lu Zeping walked into the lounge with Yin Ning’s brain diagram and a column of text data.
Looking at the anxious eyes of a pair of exquisite people and children in front of her, the man beside her is handsome, and his eyes tightly lock the woman’s face. An expression needs words but reveals his heart.
"You little lady" Lu Zeping politely called a diameter and went to his desk to sit.
"Doctor, how am I doing?" Although Yin Ningluo was very anxious, she remained calm. Lu Zeping noticed that she would hold the man’s hand involuntarily when asking about her illness, which showed that she was very dependent on this man.
Lu Zeping said at this time, "Young lady, to be honest, you fell into the sea three years ago and injured your brain nerve, which is the main reason for your amnesia."