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While the ghost sound in Qin Shaojie mind again remind of "this ….. this is amber, not too"

"What? What sword is Tiger Spirit? Where’s Tae-ah? Are you deceiving me? " Qin Shaojie is in a hurry. Even this old deathlessly can deceive people.
"Be calm and amber is an ancient magic weapon, an ancient fiend human-god sword." Ghost explained.
"What? Human-God weapon? Are you kidding me, old man? A magic sword to the ancient magic weapon? You killed me. Can I have the magic sword? " Qin Shaojie couldn’t wait to kill the ghost cramp and skin, then rescue him and kill him, and then dig his ancestral grave and bury him. After that, I’m going into the magic road, Qin Shaojie lamented
"Don’t say so, can you promise me? Hey hey, the ego is the devil. Can you believe my words? It’s good to give you an amber. "Ghost grinned.
"Shao Jie, is this your sword?" Ling Fang saw Qin Shaojie coming back with a blood-red sword and asked in doubt, but then she added, "No, it’s not evil for this sword."
"You also found it wrong?" Qin Shaojie Naidao
"What kind of sword is this?" Lingfang worried and asked Qin Shaojie what happened just now, with a sword that exudes evil spirits. Lingfang had to worry that he would also escape into the magic road.
"I’ll tell you when I get out. Don’t worry, I’ll make it clear that all the answers are already there." Qin Shaojie looked at Lingfang and said seriously.
Lingfang see Qin Shaojie this don’t want to say, then no longer ask is quiet in the side eyes staring at Qin Shaojie shuriken.
"Hey, what’s your name?" Qin Shaojie said to the man sitting on the ground
"Me? ….. My name is Liang Jun. You don’t kill me. I really didn’t see anything. "The man was really scared today, but he hasn’t fainted yet. It’s a little timid.
"Kill you? I’m not going to kill you, Liang Jun, am I? Take it, "he said, throwing a fist-sized night bead in the past.
"Take it and sell it. It’s enough for your generation to be happy, but remember that today’s things will be completely forgotten or you will know the consequences."
It’s typical to slap a sweet jujube, but it’s really good. Men have already thrown their fear into Java when they see the night bead.
"Yes, I must have forgotten today," said the man excitedly holding the night bead.
Chapter 33 The origin of amber sword
"Shao Jie, what exactly is this sword? How do I feel this sword evil is so heavy? "Several people are out of the tomb, and Qin Shaojie is no longer in charge of Liang Jun’s whereabouts with Lingfang back to the hotel.
Qin Shaojie looked at Ling Fang for a while and looked at Ling Fang with some embarrassment before slowly saying, "Sister, if one day I am enchanted, will you still follow me?"
"Into the magic? What did Shao Jie say that? What happened just now? "Lingfang asked anxiously. Look at Qin Shaojie’s expression. It doesn’t have to be like a joke.
"Well, the changes of the master elder brother in those years did have something to do with the imperial tomb."
"Really with the tomb? What the hell happened? " Ling Fang asked
"Elder martial sister, do you know what the golden coffin has besides the remains of Qin Huang?"
"What else?"
"There is a strange rune around the residual spirit knowledge golden coffin that seals this spirit knowledge." Qin Shaojie looked at Lingfang and explained.
"Spiritual knowledge? Who is psychic? " Ling Fang doesn’t understand that she doesn’t know how the spiritual knowledge can be sealed in the golden coffin of many dissenters. Is many dissenters also a man of practice?
"What? Ghost? " Ling Fang was shocked. "Did we just release him?" Ling Fang can’t help worrying.
The devil disappeared suddenly hundreds of years ago, but now he has been released by them. She can’t imagine how much disaster this will cause.
"Yes is a ghost and …" Qin Shaojie paused.
"And what?" Ling Fang asked anxiously, this is no joke. When the magic road was led by the ghost, people were afraid to provoke it easily until somehow it disappeared.
"And … he is in my body now" Qin Shaojie said with a sigh.
"This ….." Ling Fang was surprised and speechless at this time. Even if there was no her at that time, as a yogi, she knew very well how the ghost was possessed in Qin Shaojie, which was a terrible thing.
"This sword is not a tiger’s spirit."
"Tiger … amber? What kind of sword is this? " Lingfang has some numbness, which is Qin Shaojie. Although she knows Qin Shaojie not deeply, she knows that he can still talk to himself like this and knows that there is no danger for the time being.
"Tiger spirit ancient fiend human-god weapon"
"Human-God …" Lingfang looked at amber and muttered.
She has read too much about the battle, but everything can be true without proof.
In this war, there are many myths. It is said that the Yellow Emperor domesticated bears, raccoons, raccoons, raccoons and raccoons at ordinary times. Six kinds of wild animals, the tiger, were released to help in the war. Some people think that six kinds of wild animals are actually named after wild animals. Although the soldiers of six clans, Chiyou, are fierce, they can’t resist the defeat when they meet the Yellow Emperor’s army and this group of tigers and fierce beasts.
The Yellow Emperor led the soldiers to pursue their victory. Suddenly, it was dark and foggy, and the wind and thunder were mixed, which made the soldiers of the Yellow Emperor catch up with the original Chiyou. The Yellow Emperor invited the "Rain Master of Fengbo" to help him. The Yellow Emperor also asked the goddess to help disperse the storm. When the rain stopped, Wan Li finally defeated Chiyou. There is also a saying that Chiyou’s witchcraft created a fog, which made the soldiers of the Yellow Emperor lose their way. The Yellow Emperor’s "south guide car" guided and led the soldiers.
Although Chiyou was defeated, his weapon was missing, and now Qin Shaojie is holding a Chiyou weapon, the Tiger Sword.
Amber, the Xuanyuan sword shared by the emperor, is now obtained by Qin Shaojie, and Amber is still a magic sword. Although it has been sealed for four years, there will still be an ancient fiend’s mental imprint on its face. If Qin Shaojie can’t control being branded by the spirit, he will become another terrible fiend, and the three realms will be covered with blood.
Lingfang, of course, considering these concerns, said to Qin Shaojie
"This is the magic sword. It is branded with spirit. If you can’t control it …"
Qin Shaojie didn’t ask "spiritual brand? Is it the so-called recognition of the Lord? "
"Something like that. If you can’t make it recognize the Lord, you’ll be bitten by itself."
"What shall we do?" Qin Shaojie also got a fright.
Be swallowed up? How to bite back? Will you eat me? Or will it control my mind and body? Damn it, it’s really cheap and there’s no good goods. Qin Shaojie secretly thought
Qin Shaojie was considering what to do with this sword when he heard Ling Fang ask again, "Was it because of the golden coffin that the master elder brother changed?"
"I almost forgot if you didn’t ask me," Qin Shaojie said shyly. "He can’t play the golden coffin because one day the Danes can play the golden coffin."
"How can that big brother be possessed by magic and what he does is magic?"
"The ghost said that he wanted to play the golden coffin, but it was not failed by the Tiandan people, but the ghost of magic gas still entered the other body and he was born by the magic Dan …" Qin Shaojie stopped and everyone knew it.
"But what will he do like magic?" Lingfang couldn’t understand that Qin Shaojie was bent over by the devil and didn’t change anything, but Tu was completely enchanted.
Qin Shaojie shook his head and said, "I don’t know about this. Maybe there is something unknown behind it."
"Well, rest, I have to think about how to deal with this sword." Qin Shaojie doesn’t want to talk anymore. He is a little confused now, although he is a little nervous, but he can’t help but worry about what he will become if he is possessed.
When Lingfang left, Qin Shaojie aroused the ghost in his body.
"The old guy this magic sword if I can’t control will …"