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The two people who listened to Jun Xiaoju did not show weakness, and they listened to Jun conveniently. One pot of heaven and earth was collected, and the other was frozen to death by Xiaoju.

The other two hurried away, but where did they escape? When one was hit by liu er with a stick, his brains burst and the other one died. When he saw it, he made a big fuss and left with a golden light.
"Longitudinal golden light, he can even do this." Top-to-top land pressure was written in surprise.
"Vertical golden light?" Kong Xuan hurriedly asked questions, but he may be above the land pressure, but he can’t catch up with flattery in theory.
"Ha ha, let’s explain it to me first." When Lu Ya saw liu er, he turned over and frowned slightly, feeling a little wrong, but he couldn’t say what was wrong and said that he was too oversensitive
Lu pressure while tracking Kong Xuan explained the longitudinal golden light "This longitudinal golden light is the first of its kind, but it can travel thousands of miles a day. Of course, it is nothing for us to travel thousands of miles a day, but the wonder of this golden light is that you need a little mana to be able to transport it. No matter whether you get a fairy or a beginner, you can make it the first trick to escape and hurry."
Kong Xuan nodded and said that Bai no longer spoke.
It is said that liu er chased the longitudinal golden light all the way, although subtle, but the man’s repair was insufficient after all, plus liu er’s repair. He didn’t know how many times, that is, a few somersaults, and he had already chased Rao, but the two of them also went thousands of miles to a mountain. liu er ignored the swing and played it. The man died of liu er’s stick.
When liu er just swung the stick, a seal on the left was issued to meet him, and it rose instantly, covering the bottom of Fiona Fang for several miles, and two ancient seal characters flashed proudly.
Liu er sneered at a wave of his hand and melted the golden light, and then he went out. The powder was really like cutting tofu. liu er didn’t pinch the cold sweat when he saw this. The chair suddenly stretched and swept across a number of forests and was destroyed by liu er’s hand
A figure jumps out and is avoiding liu er’s stick
The man raised his hand to take back the seal of heaven, which is a different treasure, but it is really poor in power because it is refined by half of the Yuan Dynasty.
When the embryo was refined, it went to Yuan to look for materials. Looking at Yuan’s innate clear water, it was necessary to beg for that yuan, but it was necessary to get half of it. At that time, it was casually said that if it was broken, you would take it yourself. At that time, it was a casual sentence, but you could watch Yuan take it.
This is gossip for the time being.
It is said that liu er put away his chair with a blow and laughed. "Guang Cheng, you claimed to explain Jin Xian, but now you are really shameless to do some sneak attacks behind your back."
Wide into but ignored liu er ridicule instead of a face of doubt, "how did you learn to longitudinal golden light? "It turned out that it was liu er’s vertical golden light that escaped the attack". Go and ask Been. "Jumping up and going to Guangcheng, he is naturally not afraid to take out the male and female double swords. liu er fought in a liu er as if he could predict that he would always grab Guangcheng and put it under pressure." Hehe, don’t you ask them in the cloud to attack me at dusk? "liu er flashed into a sword sound track.
Chengdu a stare blankly I don’t know how liu er knew that his hand was slow in the cloud. He was hit by liu er’s stick and immediately fell into the cloud. liu er hurriedly wanted to make up another stick, but he listened to a person on the right shouting "Repairing my Taoist history". Then there was the wind in his ear. liu er was not afraid, as if he had already known that a bow flashed across this sword and a backhand stick was swept out, but he was avoided.
Just swept out the left hand, lifted a breast wall and appeared to be blocking the spontaneous arrival of a palm ray, followed by liu er, who suddenly felt out of control and went to the sky. At first glance, there was an exquisite pagoda in thirty-three floors, which was inhaling him.
Sneer at a liu er pulled out the golden whip of the Imperial Thunder (which was already returned to him), and the whip split out the exquisite pagoda and shook it, and finally it fell.
Speaking of complexity, it’s actually just a moment. liu er just knocked out the Linglong Tower, and the cloud behind him has killed his hand. One finger broke ground and rooted out. The pillar of fire was pressed dry, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen and dui. Forty-nine fire dragons leapt up from the first pillar and burned to liu er. In that cloud, he also committed suicide, so he went to Feiku Fiction Network to read novels.
Around, there was the Taoist Xuandu Division burning lamps, and three turns came together. This liu er was a good killing party, and Guangcheng also took Dan medicine and killed it for a while, which was extremely fierce.
In the face of four people to surround and kill even liu er can endure to rely on his left hand to protect the wall.
Lu Ya frowned at the scene of liu er being besieged and killed, and cried in his heart, "No, there is definitely something wrong, but what is wrong?" “
While Lu pressure was thinking, Fang liu er shouted, "Kong Ding, don’t you make moves?"
After listening to liu er’s cry, Liu Ya was shocked and shouted, "It’s not good for us to fall into the trap!"! ~!
Chapter 13 A despicable look at the burning lamp can tell that the people in Jinxianci Channel have been collected by the hole.
Lu Ya just reacted and didn’t come to talk urgently. Kong Xuan had already shown his figure. Although he was surprised that liu er could find himself, he still rushed over, but he didn’t go to help fight. The fastest flying creature in the three realms of later generations, Dapeng Bird, was superb in speed. Brother Kong Xuanshen and Dapeng didn’t do that, but the gap was not big. Although he changed his personality at this time, it had some influence, but the speed was still not comparable to that of ordinary people. Without saying a word, liu er fell into and then suddenly turned to Changhong and walked away with the slightest love for war. Lu pressed him to be not worried. After all, if the East Emperor had few pieces of Lingbao to protect himself, he wouldn’t believe it if he was killed and walked away watching the rainbow. Kong Xuan pressed his eyebrows and whispered, "Knowing the enemy is strong and I am weak, but it’s hard to say whether I can get away."People often say that the crow’s mouth is crow’s mouth. Although it is the sun, it can be regarded as a golden crow. Kong Xuan has just set up a light shield and flew out less than a hundred miles. He felt the strange smell of white light. Kong Xuan just turned over in the middle and narrowly avoided this white light. After a while, he walked out of Kong Xuan’s face and saw this person wearing a divinatory figure, purple flowers, fairy clothes and feet. Ma Xie’s head was holding the arm and the fairy wind was fluttering. He was holding a mirror, half red and half white in his hand, even though he had never seen Kong Xuan with this outfit. I can also recognize who it is. Tai Huashan Yunxiao Cave is sneering. I was just about to answer, but I saw a fairy walking out, but it was the second fairy mountain Magu Cave Huanglong real person. Just now, I saw several immortals walking out, but it was the Putuo Mountain Luojia Cave benevolent channel person. Jiugongshan Baihe Cave Pu Xian real person Wulong Mountain Scenic Resort Yunxiao Cave Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun, and these five people surrounded Kong Xuan together … Four people, such as lighting lamps, also came to the back, and a line of nine people surrounded Kong Xuan, which really blocked all his escape routes. It is not necessary to light lamps to see that Kong Xuan has been Words "On that day, the land pressure showed up in the middle of the day. Other Jin Xian didn’t expect that there was even one person whose face was slightly transient and the difference between before and after recovery was less than one second. Even the land pressure could not be praised in secret. He smiled in a good way." I didn’t expect that there were even people here who were superior to the land pressure. "The three realms all knew that the East Emperor had ten but they really knew their names, but there were not many. Although the land pressure reported its name, the people such as burning lamps were unknown. He was the East Emperor who burned lamps and nodded."Taoist friends are here to explain the Buddha’s seat, but now they are solving private affairs and asking Taoist friends to leave so that they can fight and injure Taoist friends by accident." Listening to the burning lamp obviously means treating Lu Ya as an ordinary passing fairy. After listening to the burning lamp, Lu Ya nodded. "Being original is a scattered person in West Kunlun, and Lu Ya happened to pass by here because of listening to the fighting. Since he is a Taoist friend to explain the Sect, then this person must be an evil spirit. The first-class demon reduction and exorcism is my equal division of being original. Although my mana is meager, I have to help him." The besieged Kong Xuan listened. In my heart, I was angry, but I said, "I hate you, but I will forgive you." Then I raised my hand and sent a half-round brilliance to Liu Ya, which I learned in Mengna. "How dare a thief be so arrogant!" Surrounding the status of Kong Xuan, Jin Xian was very angry when he saw that Kong Xuan didn’t pay attention to them. The people of Cihang were even more frowning because they surrounded Kong Xuan. The blow of Kong Xuan was actually an attack on land pressure. The root of it was to greet Cihang with one hand and stretch it for half a month. Guanghua was being held in his hand by Cihang. His face changed, and it was very easy for Cihang to crush Guanghua in a cold hum. However, this was a superficial phenomenon. Actually, Cihang was complaining at this time. Where did he think that this Guanghua was so powerful when he picked it up? There is a strange force that goes straight to the Yuan God. If it weren’t for the reaction, it would be a shame to suppress it. He also suffered a dark loss. Because of suppressing the strange force, he was weakened by 20%. "Taoist friends are kind and being original, but after all, this is my explanation. If Taoist friends are intervened by an outsider, let me teach them face. Taoist friends would better leave." Burning the lamp naturally won’t agree to Liu Ya’s help. When Lu Ya nods in a rebuff."In that case, be original and leave now" then the cloud goes west. Just as the land pressure passes by the burning lamp, the two of them turn around at the same time. Two abnormal days of lightning have already collided with each other in an instant, and a thunderous explosion broke out in one place. The two of them were shocked by the huge anti-seismic force and faced with sudden changes. Together with Kong Xuan, two characters "despicable" flashed in the minds of nine Jin Xian at the same time. Compared with what they saw before, "Don’t start work!"Burning the lamp was the first to attack the land pressure, throwing out the 33-fold exquisite pagoda with ten thousand golden lights, taking it to the land pressure, cold hum and raising my hand to offer the lotus lamp, which instantly pressed the exquisite pagoda in the wind. The burning lamp immediately frightened and hurriedly released the Zijin alms bowl, which greatly resisted the power of the lotus lamp. Jin Xian heard the shouting of the burning lamp and just woke up like a dream and went to Kong Xuan in succession, but where did they have Kong Xuan start work? Before the shouting of the burning lamp, Kong Xuan had already started to fish it with one hand and grabbed a sword in his hand, and then flickered towards it. The red essence stabbed the red essence unguarded when Kong Xuan stabbed it red-handed. Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt when he had the divinatory symbols and purple flowers, but this really made him very angry. He took out the mirror of Yin and Yang and flashed white light toward the Kong Xuan cover to go to Kong Xuan. Then he laughed and brushed a green light behind it. He took the mirror of Yin and Yang and the red essence hurriedly took out a flag and shook several lotus flowers. With the emergence of this divine light, the Tathagata’s apricot yellow flag was the jade Buddha. When the red essence came, he specially restrained Kong Xuan’s five-color divine light from changing slightly. One of them tumbled to avoid the Huanglong reality, hit it with a backhand palm, and hit it for dozens of miles until it hit a hill. Since the five-color shekinah can’t be Kong Xuan, he won’t fight alone. When Yuan Hong and liu er put the red and black shekinah, they fell out and felt a little embarrassed. After all, Kong Xuan Shekinah was not a resort, and when they appeared, they looked for their opponents separately. Yuan Hong did not say that he took a ghost stick and rushed at Xuandu Division. There was no way to make him look at the most honest in the whole field. liu er also looked around to meet Huanglong, which had justHong’s bad luck just happened to pick him. As soon as he made a move, Master Xuandu suppressed the wind. It’s okay. He always argued that it was not a good magic weapon to give up the door. Yuan Hong also supported liu er’s side, but Yuan Hongzheng was good. On the contrary, the real strength of Huanglong was the worst of the second generation of brothers. There was nothing good magic weapon to repair the dragon ball fight by himself. Although Jin Xian was suppressed by liu er, it was really depressing. Even if the tie was broken, it was not a key to win or lose. However, Kong Xuan said that releasing the two people was a tie. Two people live in the clouds, but Pu Xian, a real man, manjusri, Guangfa Tianzun and other six people play against each other, but they see that the hands in the clouds are all connected to the pillars of the gods, and now there are 49 fire dragons in each column, totaling 392 fire dragons, and the red light in Fiona Fang is soaring from the outside, but it is also spectacular. Kong Xuan relies on the seams of his body to ignore the endless fire dragons, and directly kills six people with a wave of his hand, and ten monty banners are released. In the future, he laughs a few times and kills the six Jin Xian with a loud thunder sound. Win the cloud hand one index fire dragon to stop monty. After all, although this monty is good for Kong Xuan, it is also enough to stop monty. Then Kong Xuan takes out a sword in the cloud and kills two people. It’s dark. The moonlight Kong Xuan kills for a while, sells a flaw, jumps out of the war circle and waves five colors of divine light. It’s the five Jin Xian who watched the game. At the same time, he secretly put the fairy-killing needle behind his left hand and stabbed the dragon dagger at the same time. At the same time, his right hand kept raising his hand, which was a few days of thunder to stop the red essence in the cloud fromDown with all the clothes are blocked out of it. If it can do harm to Kong Xuan, it is at this time that the fairy needle kills the gods, stabs the dragon and slays the dragon. The three pieces are worse than the magic weapon. When it is shot red-handed, the original body is suppressed, and the strange qi suddenly erupts. The fairy needle causes the devil’s yin fire to suddenly burn. The whole body of the fairy needle suddenly turns to fly ash. Yuan Shen has rushed out with a burst of white light. How can you escape! "Cold hum a Kong Xuan hand more than a dozen pages immediately received Cihang Yuan Shen’s eyes became red when he saw it in the cloud, and he desperately attacked the red essence in Kong Xuan. Two people also took turns to seal the mirror of Yin and Yang to play Pu Xian Manjusri. Two people also offered Wu Gou Jian Dunlong pile and called Kong Xuan. This Kong Xuan Coke made him a colorful shekinah, and the red essence there offered apricot yellow flag. When fighting in the cloud, he should also be careful to prevent these four people from being a magic weapon. Rao also dared not let the mirror of Yin and Yang or seal the mirror of Yin and Yang to hide in the Wu Gou sword. Piles are occasionally beaten, but it is also called that at that time, Kong Xuan was killed by five people with their hands. Ordinary people naturally feel bad here, but monks in HarmonyOS Peak did not notice it because of the large array of Aoki, but even if they were aware of it, they couldn’t help. But these people are obviously not here in the main hall of HarmonyOS Peak. There are several people sitting here at the moment, and there is a mysterious mirror in front of them. It is Kong Xuan and others who fight. "Hehe Kong Xuan, this is a small matter!" It’s rare to kill a digital Jin Xianju who has the careless ingredient of Cihang, but you should learn more after the dish. "At the moment, one person is deeply impressed by Kong Xuan’s achievements, and at the same time, he teaches his disciples not to say that this person is the Yin Ling in the seven real people. It is also the people who disappeared from Penglai, but six people came to sit here. "Old Yin, are we going to help them?" I don’t think Kong Xuan can hold on any longer. "Yusu frowned and said, Ha ha a smile. Yinling hurriedly shook his head." No, don’t think about Kong Xuan’s small loss. We don’t even think about how to help him. It’s better to think about how to deal with those guys who are coming! " As soon as Yin Ling’s voice fell, she felt that four heavenly mana fluctuations were coming here, and her face changed quickly. Jade was somewhat unnatural and said, "Does this feel like an ancestral witch?" ! ~!
Chapter 14 Zuwu was stopped by Mo Dao, a master of the three realms, and the reality of the cloudy tomb of the turbid god was magical.
At this time, tens of millions of miles away, there are Di Jiang, Qiang Liang, Tianwu, and Luxury Corpse. Although there are still tens of millions of miles, it is just around the corner for this group of top guys in the Three Realms. "Hum, hum, that group of ancestors really picked the right time." Song Jia and hem are very dissatisfied with this fish in troubled waters robbery of ancestors. Yin Ling Hehe two "Cut the crap, let us welcome them and let them know that there are many great fairies in the Three Realms." "Hehe, four Taoist friends stop.Four ancestors were stopped by six people, but it was six real people except Tianlong who saw that they were stopped by six people, but they were not surprised at all. Without calling, they directly took it seriously and decisively. I didn’t expect that the four ancestors had already called six people without saying anything, but they were surprised but not surprised. Yin Ling gently raised his eyebrows and waved his hand, scattering a piece of blue light. The flashing fluorescence was very beautiful. Even if it was necessary, the ancestors didn’t want to be contaminated. When Qi He waved a hand in succession, they scattered it. For this kind of result, Yin Ling obviously expected that he would spill these things just to gain some time, but now his goal has been achieved. As soon as he pulls out the whole heavenly sword, the figure flashes, and he kills his enemy and is particularly jealous. This Di Jiang not only seriously injured him in the second fight, but also damaged his innate Lingbao chaos bead. This cause and effect is really immortal. Di Jiang is also resolutely not afraid to laugh at a jade fight. Even so, he is still careful everywhere. Even if he is cut by the whole heavenly sword, it is not good. After this red ghost, purple ghost, green ghost, three people are also moving to meet the strong spirits, and Tianwu, two ancestors and witches, are all practicing step by step. They have a solid foundation and are smoother than cooperation, and they keep their brocade in an orderly and firm manner. They also hold off the two ancestors and tombs with strange smiles, and take out a five-color banner and kill them directly like a corpse. For this celestial corpse, the ancestral tomb is famous for its poisonous gas, but I have long wanted to learn from Yu Songjia’s eye field situation and figure out who to help, but I have to figure out that no one can help Yusu there.It’s messed up. If he adds a foot to the array, it’s a chance for Zuwu. For the last time, Yin Ling loosens his life, he directly ignores his eyes and turns twice. Loose armor shakes his head and turns away. I don’t know where to go. Yin Ling takes a wave of five-color poisonous fog, and it floats layer by layer towards the extravagant corpse. On the forest rivers and rivers are all dead trees, and the rivers are really poisonous. It’s better than the extravagant corpse to hum a pair of claws and wave a large corpse fog. It’s hitting the red-handed ". When the two poisonous fog staggered and rubbed against each other, the banner was handed over to the left hand and still kept shaking, and a large piece of poison floated out, while the right hand kept raising its hand and throwing out a piece of blue particles. Then there were black particles followed by red particles, and three kinds of particles were added to form a ladder, which was stronger than the corpse, and they collided with each other. The blue particles were like burning iron into cold water when they arrived first, and the two poisonous fog shrank at the same time. In the "sloped", a large piece of fog rose and flashed around, and Fiona Fang could not see its fingers. This fog was not an ordinary fog, butIn general, even if the fog is heavy, it should be blown away by this gust. However, the fog is not scattered, but it is more dense. When the corpse has not reacted, the black particles are invisible, but it can be heard by the sound. The corpse also knows that it is something that raises its hand. After the particles have been gasified, they are also melting into the fog. It is a change in the fog. By adding a little odor, the corpse feels a little bit worse than inhaling. Dizziness almost couldn’t hold my head down, and I quickly closed my breath. I felt better than a corpse. Fortunately, he was a corpse. If other ancestors came, the battle would be over. I just breathed the third kind of red particles and didn’t wait for the corpse to react. The red particles actually collided with each other and collapsed at the same time. At the same time, the whole fog changed. With a little more suppression, I was immediately crushed by 60%. "Hum is not the fog? Is it that you, Yin Ling?" Cold hum a extravagant corpse and shake the whole person "bang"A mass of fog melts into the fog of the cloudy mausoleum, and there is no movement. Both of them are releasing poisonous fog over Fiona Fang, and they are deadlocked for hundreds of miles. Not to mention that they are playing the most fiercely at the moment, and Di Jiang’s four-winged earthquake can’t be seen. In an instant, there are several claws to grasp at Yusu, which is not very dangerous. Although chaos bead is damaged after all, it has not yet reached the level of destruction. Although it can exert one-tenth ability at the moment, even the chaotic virtual world can’t be moved. Force is barely able to see jade element, and the body is fuzzy, chasing after Di Jiang, not letting Di Jiang have the slightest chance. Plus, at the moment, both of them are extremely strong, and they are all red-eyed. Where is it? It’s also a matter of where this place is? Often, two people spell out Fiona Fang’s tens of thousands of miles and are swept away by the sword, and then there are thousands of feet of firm but gentle following nature. This firm but gentle is impossible to cut heavy. Di Jiang is so naturally cut from day to day in the vast mainland, and then they fight back from day to day. The damage caused in the middle period is really immeasurable. Don’t say that after the two men met, hundreds of thousands of miles of spiritual veins in Fiona Fang were destroyed for a thousand years. Don’t want to have biological life. Fortunately, it’s far from people here, otherwise they won’t argue about the orthodoxy. Although the two men seem to be fighting fiercely, it’s not so easy to tell the winner, not to mention that four ancestors here were stopped and said that Kong Xuan and others were besieged by Jin Xian. At this time, it’s really dangerous to see the collapse at any time! ~!
Chapter 15 Kong Xuan was besieged and taught that Jin Xian was arrested. It was too clear that the divine light turned out to be a hollow one.
"I said, don’t you have any other means to explain people except such a despicable siege?"The five-color shekinah brushes repeatedly, but it is not an attack, but a defense. Although the five-color shekinah has been used for defense as it is now, it is still the first bad thing. It is really depressing than the five-color shekinah brushing repeatedly according to the five elements, and it also shines brightly. The number of days also hangs on his chest and puts a band of light to protect his defense. Even so, Kong Xuan is still being pressed to fight back, but he can’t see that Guangcheng has given up melee fighting. At the moment, he is commanding a flying sword to attack by remote control. Thousands of firm but gentle attacks are almost exhausted, although they can’t hurt Kong Xuan, but they also make him bored. It’s really proud that Guangcheng Red Essence is two people. Yin and Yang never leave Kong Xuan for a moment, fearing that he might run away. Generally speaking, Wu Goumanjusri’s dragon-escaping in Pu Xian belongs to the scope directly ignored by Kong Xuan. Although Kong Xuan here seems to be crushed and can’t move, it may be lost at any time. However, if it is estimated that there will be hope in another hundred years according to the consumption of this scene, Kong Xuan here is crushed, but on the other side, it is just the opposite. Although the strength of the burning lamp is not much different, it is hard to lift its head with Lingbao in its hands … Bian Baolian. The lamp was generous and extraordinary, crushing the exquisite tower Zijin alms bowl to death in his own hands, but he took out the seven-star moon whip and swept the burning lamp. I don’t know where to find a long sword to keep it from being crushed. Every time he waved the whip, the burner’s long sword would shake. It seemed that it would break at any time. In his busy schedule, Lu turned his head and looked at Kong Xuan to see that Kong Xuan was besieged by five Jin Xian. At first glance, Zhong Jing Mang flashed as if he thought of nothing, waved a few whips and went to burn the lamp, and took out a nine-day rest bag to raise his hand and offer a large piece ofWhen the gas converges, it feels that the body is sluggish when it is surrounded by the burning lamp. When it is whipped by the land pressure, it turns upside down. Before he can pull up a long rope like a dragon, it is the demon rope that burns the lamp. When the light explodes, it escapes from a hundred miles. At the same time, it breaks out in a cold sweat. His goal is not to burn the lamp. When the hand leads the demon rope, it turns directly to Huanglong. Where should I pay attention to the fierce fighting in liu er? When it is tied red-handed, it will be taken away by the avatar who directly saves Lu pressure. The action is very rapid. That liu er didn’t say much about nodding at Lu pressure and directly killing the Xuandu mage. If you don’t see Kong Xuan’s siege, liu er will directly hit the Xuandu with a stick. The Xuandu doesn’t know what’s wrong with it, but he doesn’t flash or hide. liu er’s hit in his own body, he fled to the front and instantly escaped from a hundred miles. liu er muttered a "sly old guy" and chased "Ah, my brother’s ability is not as good as mine"Yuan Hong sincerely regrets that it turned out to be just that liu er has just started ten telepathy, and these ten telepathy are the most capable people’s worries. If Xuan has just not been hard-connected but closed-backed, then it must be a matter of time before he is greeted by liu er, who arrives early every time and attacks one side and is not weak. However, if he hard-connects this stick, although it will be slightly injured, it will be greatly affected, and he will be able to recover in an instant. It is no wonder that liu er scolds him for being cunning. Seeing liu er and chasing Xuan, he is in no hurry to wave his hand. The Taiqing Forbidden Law has launched a layer of Qing Meng Qing Guang around this liu er, and it emerged before turning to liu er … Hands inched a few Taiqing Shenlei and split the Yuan Hong back to the original place, and a burst of Qing Guang was the Taiqing Shenguang. "Taiqing Shenguang is really something!" Whispering to myself, liu er pulled Yuan Hong up and went directly to the land pressure rapidly. Although the land pressure was nearly a hundred miles apart, this distance was a few steps away from liu er and others, but it was often just that these steps were enough to clear the divine light. In an instant, liu er’s head saw that he would cover it with a cold hum, liu er would not run away, and his left hand flashed a blue light, which was already wrapped around the two people. At the same time, the golden whip of the imperial thunder was already in hand, but it was not thrown to Yuan Hongdao by himself. "The younger brother took it for a while and bombarded it with the greatest power.Since giving Yuan Hong six ears the golden whip of the Imperial Thunder is naturally going to be another magic weapon, this stick in his hand is not the case. This stick is called the Spring and Autumn Cycle Pen by a Lingbao, the leader of Tongtian. In those days, the four swords of Zhuxian were blackmailed by Tongtian, so he conveniently fished this Lingbao up and gave it to liu er when he gave it to liu er. But when he gave it to, he said that this magic weapon could transform the three realms, but the effect was not wrong. It happened that he didn’t know how to forget liu er’s magic weapon and let liu er keep it. Lingbao doesn’t really feel depressed, that is, liu er has only recently found out some wonderful things about this Lingbao himself, but now he is about to experiment in Xuandu Master’s body for a while. When his hand changed, he actually turned into a seal and raised his hand to release the seal. He was always facing the top of the clear light, but when he looked at it in the distance, he almost didn’t bite off his tongue. If he could make him not surprised, there would be an extra "turn over the sky seal" to meet the clear light with the wind and thunder. liu er had already made a bad plan to escape immediately. Knowing that the clear light in front of me was actually hollow, which was directly shattered by the "turning over the sky", made liu er’s eyes drop, and that Yuan Hong was ready to listen to liu er’s attention. If there was something wrong with the golden whip, he waved it out, but knowing that it was thunder and rain, Yuan Hong had raised half his hand and put it down again. "It’s strange that the master personally said that it was too clear and miraculous, even if he was right, he had to be defeated and flee. How can it be so weak now?"Liu er doubts that Yuan Hongzhi shook his head, but I want to come back and say that it was true in those years, but it was not anyone who put too clear a divine light that could make him flee. Where did he think of liu er’s direct understanding of this divine light? "You brothers withdraw". Seeing that Kong Xuan was suppressed, but he was also crushed by Liu Ya, the Xuandu mage was not optimistic. Immediately, he made himself retreat even more, and he walked at that speed, which made the same escape master Liu Ya feel ashamed and inferior to Xuandu mage when he lit the lamp. The speed of walking away from the rainbow is not far behind. The five Jin Xian who besieged Kong Xuan all want to walk away from the rainbow as soon as they see Qi Hehi. "Hum, I have been playing for so long without even saying hello, so I want to run and leave something!" See five Jin Xian to go Kong Xuan naturally don’t agree when the divine light shake four divine light brush toward the nearest cloud to the cloud, and then suddenly disperse several streamers, but he created his own streamer gathering method to escape. The four Jin Xian saw that the cloud was running so fast and the Buddha of Manjusri Guangfa just started to escape from the light, but suddenly he saw that there was one more person in front of him. It wasn’t Kong Xuan, but who was it? Before he could react, Kong Xuan was so fast, and then the Buddha of Manjusri Guangfa was unconscious, but the Buddha of Manjusri Guangfa was proud. ~!
Chapter 16 Yuan Tianzun desires the world
"Hum, it’s not slow to run." Take back Kong Xuan, the incarnation of Tsing Yi, and don’t sarcastically say that the divine light brushed away the roots that didn’t come in the cloud and brushed the pillars of the gods to turn to land. "This time, thanks to my younger brother, if I hadn’t crushed the thief who lit the lamp to death, I’m afraid the situation would be reversed now!" Lu pressure hurriedly modest a few words is not in words. Kong Xuan nods, "In that case, we’d better hurry back. The burning lamp is bringing people back." The four-person rainbow came to HarmonyOS Peak and passed Aoki Large Array. Four people went to HarmonyOS Palace in the middle of HarmonyOS Peak and sat quietly in the palace. Naturally, there was the boy’s tea. He hasn’t finished drinking a cup of tea, but he came to see the man in a white robe. His face was spotless, his eyebrows were clear, and his embroidery was slightly dusty. Although there were still some childishness, it was more lovely to add a few minutes to make people It was Yong Dong, the king of the dish, who said, "You Kong Xuan went out to explain Jin Xian’s fight and didn’t call me really heartless." Yong Dong complained to Kong Xuan as soon as he came in. "What do you want me to do?" If I went to call you, I’m afraid I’d rush out immediately with your master’s character of being afraid that the weather would not be chaotic. ""That is, if we didn’t call you, we wouldn’t dare to call you. "Yuan Hong repeatedly had them aside." Huh? By the way, why haven’t I seen your master? They should have come out early because of our great event. How now nothing happened for half a day "ranging from Yong Dong answer Kong Xuan hurriedly bifurcation topic casually find a place to sit and pick up the children’s tea carefully a few casual way" when you were besieged, four ancestors came and they went out to meet them "Kong Xuan a frown light way"It is no wonder that when I came back, I felt so strong mana fluctuation in the west. Which big avatar was originally? Now it seems that those old guys are ancestors! But what are Zuwu doing here? " After thinking for a while, Kong Xuan simply didn’t want to say that six real people couldn’t stop Zuwu. He didn’t care at all. Six real people, even saints, wouldn’t be able to shake their heads for a while. Kong Xuan remembered another thing. "Since several old guys are not here, let’s discuss how to deal with explaining Jin Xian?" See Dong Yongchao’s own opinion. Kong Xuan hurriedly changed his mind and is studying the Spring and Autumn Cycle Pen. What do you want to say? "What are you talking about? If you kill directly, you’ll be finished." Hum and two Kong Xuan directly regard liu er’s opinion. Explain that if Jin Xian says kill, they won’t be Yuan brothers. Kong Xuangan is sure that if you dare to kill yourself here, you will definitely come by car, then talk about it for a few days, buckle a lot of hats, and then bully and bully Kong Xuan to do it. Kong Xuan turned to ask the elephant’s face was a little dull. Liu Ya got up and walked around constantly. Liu Ya heaved a sigh and a face of positive color. "Kong Xuan immediately sent a letter to Uncle Meng asking him to come here quickly, otherwise we would be in danger. I’m only now in Bai Yuan to waste so much land and give up three younger brothers. It’s really not something we can guess about the saint’s heart."A foolish man at the scene immediately lit the Meng Lian spirit with a wave of his hand. A green light flashed in the direction of Penglai, and then he took out the word "Days of Divinity" and shook it at the same time, releasing the remaining Yuan God, who was down and out. Manjusri Guangfa Buddha took out the charm and pressed the Yuan God to say, "It’s not wrong to take them to a good care." A child hurriedly took two down and out Jin Xian to "wait for you to take him to see the tube together."Lu Ya stopped and was about to leave the children’s sleeves. It was also a talisman to let the children take him with them. Tong Ling ordered them to take three Jin Xian out of custody together. Three famous people were shocked for a while, but there were also wheel-rank prisoners. One day, Lu Ya and others suppressed three Jin Xian here and took them to see the tube, not to mention the five real people and four ancestors fighting here. The place where Yin Ling was more luxurious than the corpse was already in a fog. You couldn’t see anything unusual. If life were not stained with this fog, it would die immediately. However, people will mistake it for an ordinary fog, but it’s only a little thick, and the two ancestors of the Three Ghosts War are also well-organized. You can’t resist me and I can’t do anything about it, but you are also in a stalemate stage. But in the end, these two people are obviously different. They are all a little flustered, but they are still full of energy. You come and kill each other without any gap. At this time, I don’t know which way to beat. One end is floating in the wind, and the cassock is damaged in many places, but my eyes are red, and my hands are Desperate waving really took out the closet kung fu, often beating when I saw it stabbing to the left, but suddenly it appeared on the right. But Di Jiang was not so good at fooling, and he could avoid it as quickly as possible every time. He remembered the most thrilling time when Jade element moved more than 20 times in an instant and stabbed 100 swords in a row. This Di Jiang was actually dodging Jade element for more than 20 times, and even slightly shaking his wings for 100 times. Although the fight was extremely fierce, it was said that neither of them touched anyone.Who suddenly Di Jiang screamed and crossed his paws at Yusu? He was so happy that he was not afraid of Di Jiang’s strength. What he was most afraid of was the speed of Di Jiang’s continuous escape. Now Di Jiang actually gave up speed and didn’t touch it himself. If it can make Yusu not like to kill the heavenly sword, the sword meets Di Jiang’s paws, but it didn’t come as expected. However, Di Jiang took every palm on the back of the heavenly sword and took this opportunity to take Di Jiang’s wings to retreat and shouted, "Stop playing! Let’s go!" Being besieged by the Three Ghosts, the two ancestors joined together to force the Three Ghosts to retreat some distance, and then the rainbow Di Jiang joined the luxury corpse, but a mass of fog floated out directly to transform his body shape. At the moment, these four ancestors really said that they had come and gone in a hurry, and at the moment, a few people were crying in the Yuxu Palace in Luo Tian 33 days ago. It was the Taoist Pu Xian, the Xuandu mage in the Guangcheng Red Essence Cloud, who saw the Pu Xian real person crying bitterly, and said that Kong Xuan and others were as arrogant as a gift, even crying with Huang Longci. Hangmanjusri three people have been arrested. It’s okay to go to Yuan, but there is no overreaction. However, his brothers listened to the anger, and the three flavors in their eyes were really on fire. After they explained the teachings, they bullied others. No one bullied them now. If they didn’t listen to Pu Xian, they would have gone out to find Kong Xuan’s trouble. But although no one jumped out, there were people who advised Yuan Jie to get back together, and there were more and more people like this! ~!
Chapter 17 Yuan Tianzun from the boundary Chapter 10 Want to mix yuan to prove high
"The teacher he taught in HarmonyOS really deceives me. I taught three Jin Xianfen who didn’t pay attention to the teacher. If the teacher turned a blind eye to me, I looked at the teacher’s sacred cut." Taiyi real people bowed down in front of Yuan and said, "Looking at the teacher’s sacred cut." The Taoist Xuandu division of Antarctic Xianweng Guangcheng Red Essence Pu Xian real people’s morality is true. Eleven Jin Xian and other real people knelt together. Suddenly, the whole hall kneeled at the edge of the eye except Yuan, and twelve Jin Xiandao did not change. In the past, the teacher younger brother was arrogant and couldn’t think that his door was so waiting. Get up and lead the way. I want to see the door of the teacher younger brother. "Peter said that when the bottom twelve Jin Xian hurriedly got up to prepare the car, Yuan took a ride in the natural world of Kowloon agarwood and went to that person’s mysterious king’s palace. In front of the big hall, he was burning incense and decorating to prepare for the celestial statue. Seeing that there was a incense stand in front of the temple, there was a cloud waiting here, and then there was the mysterious country Lord (former prime minister) Xin Han again. Today, whether it is Xin Han or the officials of the civil and military officials who have not worn the king or the court, they are all dressed in robes, showing great respect. Suddenly, I saw the smog and cigarettes everywhere. How can I see that there are poems to prove the chaos of songs? Tai Chi two instruments combined with four images of heaven and earth ugly Yin Wuzhang taught Huang Ting two volumes of group fans; Yu Jing Jin que acts as a fire, and the golden lotus is my six secrets to clean up and get rid of troubles, which is little known; Two-fingered dragon-descending can bring tigers and tigers, move the sky and the earth to the top, and celebrate the clouds. Riding at leisure is not like sitting silently in Shen Tan Kowloon’s car and flying to the armrest of animals, and I am happy with the three treasures.After the white crane qingluan leads the way, it dances with the Danfeng fairy clothes and feather fans, and the clouds are hidden and the fairy child Yu Di blows; The yellow turban insurrectionary Lux listened to the command of cigarettes, and all the immortals rolled along with the elucidation of Taoism. Yuan Tianzun, the true founder, saw the bright sound of Yue Xian school in the middle of the cloud from the bottom of the jade pool, and hurriedly knelt down and said, "I don’t know that the teacher’s big rack is far away from meeting and begging for forgiveness." After seeing it, Xin Han baiguan knelt down and said, "I don’t know that the saint came, but also please forgive me." Yuan Tianzun left behind the agarwood chariot and his twelve brothers accompanied him, saying, "You They hope that the teacher will be merciful and rescue them. "Yuan said," The number of days is so long, and the three of them have their own, but they can’t be forced to lead the way to a teaching place in HarmonyOS. "Behind Yuan, 12 younger brothers and clouds of the Communist Party of China have never heard of words, and when they lead the way to HarmonyOS Peak, saints have their own astronomical phenomena. Although they are separated by several miles, these changes can’t hide from HarmonyOS Peak. Looking at the sky over there, the purple gas rises and the six real people are very serious. Behind HarmonyOS Peak are Kong Xuan, Lu Pressure and Peak. It’s been so long that I didn’t come to see the old guy Yuan, but it’s hard for us to hold on. "Jade element looked at the vision all over the sky, but I didn’t know that Yin Ling laughed at this." You flatter me too much, even if he came, I’m afraid it’s not Yuan’s opponent who fell for no reason. Just give it to me and let him know that I’m good. "Yin Ling’s words are very atmospheric, but he knows his temperament deeply, but other real people are lazy in geography. He just went to Yin Ling and Yuan Shan. I’m afraid that when the time comes, I’m afraid that the fastest way to run is when he sees several people ignoring himself. Yin Ling ha ha smiled and stopped talking for two times. Yuan Tianzun walked very fast, and soon he came to HarmonyOS Peak to see a lush forest. Obviously, he was going to break this array without talking. I don’t know that there was a road just enough for Yuan and others to March in the whole array. The color hasn’t changed. Behind him, the Antarctic immortal followed the other Jin Xian and naturally entered. Anyway, there is Yuan waiting for him, but he is not afraid of Yuan. He still travels very fast. He stops at Jiulong Aquilaria sinensis decades away from HarmonyOS Peak and waits for his brother. "I have seen the sage who taught me, but I don’t know what the sage is doing here?" Look left and look right to talk to people. Yusu himself came to the front of Yuan, made a gift, then asked Yuan to know the past and didn’t return the gift. He just sat on the couch and said, "He was arrogant and tried to get his hands on others to teach orthodoxy because of your disrespectful days. I sent my brother to advise him, but he was injured by you. I’m here to be merciful and save you." Not only Yusu, but also five other real people, Kong Xuan and others, listened to people in the early city and looked purple at the same time. "Today is a long day." People are so shameless that they have never seen such a shameless face. But no matter how they scold Yuan in their hearts, their faces remain unchanged. Oh, it turns out that the Buddha is here to show mercy, but we have become wicked people. The Buddha is really a saint with a mind that is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Yin Ling sneered with a face. It is the Taoist friend who is so good.Yuan actually admitted without blushing that even Yin Ling’s face turned into a pig’s dry color this time. In just a few words, Yuan Di had followed Yu Yuan and looked at Kong Xuan and others with a bad complexion. "Hum, I don’t know what kind of compassion Buddha is going to do?" Yin Ling raised his eyebrows and said nothing. Naturally, the Taoist priest who lit the lamp said, "First, let your mistakes be corrected. Second, let you wait for a few days. HarmonyOS teaches everyone to evacuate immediately. Third, prevent you from re-entering the heresy. Since then, I have taught affiliated sects."Cold light flashed in his eyes, and jade suddenly appeared in front of the burner, and a palm of his hand was printed on the burner. Suddenly, jade’s face changed, and his body retreated a hundred meters in a fuzzy instant. At this time, the place where the original jade stood in front of the burner suddenly turned into chaos. Although it was chaotic, the area was very small, and the aura leaked out. Even the burner didn’t feel this chaotic fluctuation, and the long breath was dark. I was lucky enough to recover from the state and prepare to try it positively. Before he could make a move, Yin Ling had already made a move. Chapter 10 wanted to mix yuan and The sage of mixed yuan may be out of reach for others, but it’s only for others. For Yin Ling, a group of HarmonyOS, it’s already half-pedaled into the realm of saints. For them, the sage is not out of the distance because of his confidence in his own strength. Yin Ling resolutely attacked the three realms of mixed yuan, but it’s not without it. However, these two characters definitely don’t include Yin Ling, Penglai Island, who was blessed by nature, and meditated on jade dishes. Although the time is still short, it is still not without it. However, the strength of the older generation has already reached the level of saint, although it is a little bad, but it has innate spiritual treasure. Even if it is proved in the hand, it should have become a mixed yuan, but even now there is no sign of becoming a saint. But even so, it is absolutely possible for a saint to face it hard and look beyond the three realms, but it is also possible for a saint to start a fight. Yin Ling has not fought with a saint, but he has many years of experience and is confident in himself. Even if he has a gap between saints, it is not easy to beat himself.It’s really miserable to be forced to be yourself with all the coercion in the face of the eternal god and the boundless heaven and earth avenue. "Mixed Yuan … Leader … It’s really fierce." Say this sentence intermittently. The Yin Ling’s momentum has soared so fast that it has pushed back the Yuan coercion, and then it has escaped from the Yuan coercion range without stopping, waving and releasing a piece of blue star sand. When Yuan saw the star sand falling, he put his sleeve to meet the star sand like mustard and fell into the sea. At this time, the jade element has also been killed. I have chaos bead’s shadowy appearance in front of Yuan’s sword, but it’s an extremely powerful sword, which has hit Yuan’s momentum hard. I gently pointed to the jade element and suddenly flew out. During the period, the jade element was repeatedly moved, and it was difficult to stabilize my body. But I still felt a dull "caution" in my chest. The Yinling warning just issued that the three treasures jade ruyi had reached the jade element’s head and was playing towards him. Seeing that the jade element would be physically damaged by this palm, I was holding the jade element firmly by its appearance, and it seemed to be broken. But I can’t get rid of the palm of my hand. Jade grows out of breath and looks to the side, but I see that I’m walking over to the side. I’m holding the trembling Sambo Ruyi Jade. I doubt if this guy has arrived early, but I’ve been watching the drama until I’m in danger. But now that I’ve appeared in Jade and others, I don’t care about Yin Ling and I’m retreating to HarmonyOS Peak at the same time. That means that I’ll give it to you now that you’re here. I shrug my shoulders and say that I slowly receive the Sambo Jade Ruyi in the sleeve in front of Yuan, as if"Brother, why didn’t I see it really damn?" Thirteen brothers behind Yuan scolded "You didn’t see ghosts" at the same time, but this is naturally not to be said, but Yuan also smiled as if he was happy to see Meng. "Brother, in fact, there is no brother to stay in the Jade Virtual Palace and come around casually. By the way, I didn’t expect to meet him here." Meng also walked over and turned to Kong Xuan and said, "Kong Xuan, since Brother Yuan is a former brother. Come and take back the guest brother here. Please don’t let the elder brother wait for the urgency. "Kong Xuanlian should be fighting back a smile and trotting towards the three places in Jin Xian where the prisoner was trapped. Soon Kong Xuan ran back alone before they asked Kong Xuan’s questions. The divine light shook behind him. Three unconscious Jin Xian was immediately thrown behind the earth yuan. At the sight of his face, thirteen Jin Xian ran to three Jin Xian and pulled three Jin Xian back." Teacher, he waited for the three yuan gods to be weak and mana exhausted, and his body was also broken. Obviously, it is a very heavy criminal law, in which the benevolent channel person has been lost and the three-person magic weapon department has disappeared. "Burning the lamp on the trail around Yuan, but even if he is a little ignorant, he still listens to a dark sigh. Kong Xuan will also look at the sage’s anger in Yuan at the same time. After listening to Yuan, it is a faint" grace ",but several younger brothers who are familiar with Yuan know that Yuan is already angry at this time, and their faces and expressions have not changed at all." My younger brother has been taken back because he should go back to Jade Palace, but my brother has not seen him for many years.Meng knows that although Yuan is now a pair of mirth, he seems to be very affectionate with himself, but he knows that Yuan will never be merciful to hands-on. Meng Gen never thought that the initiative root was not in his own hands. "In this case, the younger brother is respectful, so it is better to do it." After saying that, Meng Meng pointed out that the number of Aoki thunder suddenly appeared next to him, as if it had exhausted Chao Yuan and his brother’s bombing to Yuan. At the same time, he called Yuan "despicable" but they didn’t evade consciousness. If they could come out again. Unless Hung-chun suddenly appears to sneak up on them, it is impossible to prove that their idea is to take out a seal to see Yuan. It’s just that too-high-level seal that flashes a few times. The thunder of God seems to be blocked by something, so it can’t be further swept out by the aftermath of the explosion, but it doesn’t hurt a person. It’s obvious that I don’t want to take the golden whip of liu er’s royal thunder in my hand and hide it in my hand. I don’t want to put away the seal and pat the Kowloon aloes and chariot. "Wait for me here" I also chased it out! ~!