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Ye Tiannai painfully scratched his head and decided to arrange one of the beds in his own room. Fortunately, these little girls are 12 years younger and it doesn’t matter if they live together. Just buy a big room and then change it.

But the problem has come up again. Because Ye Tian left himself a small room and Ye Tian customized himself a large single bed, the room seems to be out of place.
After repeated calculations, we finally found a way to splice the first floor of Yetian single bed and bunk bed together to form a special high and low bed to solve the problem.
In this way, the first floor becomes a big bed for three people to rest, but only a single bed. The problem has been solved satisfactorily, and carpenters can finally pick up tools and go home.
In the afternoon, Ye Tian led a dozen children to clean up the kitchen and bedroom of a storefront, and then Ye Tian took the children to the pond behind the courtyard, took a bath and bought new clothes before returning to the room to rest in peace.
At night, the children suddenly moved to a new place to sleep, smelling of firewood, covered with brand-new bedding and dressed in brand-new clothes. They were all excited and refused to sleep. Facing the upcoming work, the children were whispering something and the chirp echoed in the small courtyard.
Listening to the children whispering excitedly, Ye Tian sat in the courtyard and thought about a plan before and after making sure there were no mistakes and omissions before he got up and walked towards the room.
Pushing the door, Ye Tian conveniently untied the leather belt to prepare for bed rest, but Yuzryha was dumbfounded at the moment.
Looking around, Ye Tianji is preparing a big bed. At this moment, there are a pair of thin figures covered with pink bedding. Two little guys are stiff and look at Ye Tian.
Shocked and scratched his head, Ye Tian said with a wry smile, Hey, how do you two sleep here? Although you are connected together, that bunk bed is you.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, the two little girls sat up with bedding in their arms in fear and said, I’m sorry, we don’t know, but we can’t sleep there.
Well, I looked at the two girls in doubt. Ye Tian didn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep there.
In the face of Ye Tian’s inquiry, the two girls repeatedly nodded and said, "We should not sleep in your body. This is disrespectful. We would rather sleep in the courtyard than in your face."
Ye Tian couldn’t help laughing when he heard the girl’s words. According to Orissis’ memory, it’s really such a thing. Since Ye Tian has raised them, they are Ye Tian’s private property and slaves. Now you must never sleep in a bed higher than your master’s position.
For these children, the master is like an emperor. Who dares to sleep in the old face of the emperor? This is simply a big mistake.
It’s not that you can’t sleep on the surface or casually. Only the master’s woman can sleep on him. If he is a slave, they are not qualified to sleep there, or they will be buried alive.
Therefore, although the beds are connected together, the only position of the two girls is that Ye Tianji has prepared a big bed, and Ye Tian’s only position is that it is high on the top of the single bed. Of course, Ye Tian can also sleep in the same bed, but this is obviously not acceptable to Ye Tian.
Nai sighed for a while, and it was lucky that his bed was two meters long and others were not afraid of heights. Although it was a little narrow, it was not comfortable to sleep, but it was ok for the time being.
Nai waved Ye Tiankou and said, Well, it’s not early when my sleep is ready. You should go to sleep quickly. While talking, Ye Tian walked slowly towards the wooden bed, unbuttoning his belt as he walked.
Seeing this, the two girls jumped out of bed with a fierce lift of bedding and stretched out a pair of dry little hands toward Ye Tianshen’s hard leather buckle belt.
What are you going to do? Look at the two girls approaching Ye Tian, and suddenly shrink back and indecision, and call them here. Don’t these two girls know what it means for men and women not to give and receive?
Looking at Ye Tian’s stern expression, the two girls suddenly took a step back in fear and said timidly, we want to decorate you to help you take off your leather armor.
With the passing of time, the number of people who are still running continues to decrease. Finally, Ye Tian’s eyes are attracted by one of the figures. Looking carefully, a thin figure staggered forward and took a few steps. After that, the thin figure lost consciousness with a soft leg and fell to the runway.
Seeing this, Ye Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up and walked quickly to the thin figure. Ye Tian took a closer look, but he was in a coma, his body energy was completely exhausted, and he could no longer restrain fatigue and fell into a coma.
The first one, the second one soon appeared, then the third one and the fourth one, but Yuzryha was a little disappointed that when the last figure stopped tired, a total of children ran out.
What? I mumbled a few words about Ye Tianmeng. This child is not just for Ye Tiangong. This is the first backbone. Maybe Ye Tian would like to train them and join his mercenary group.
Although it’s better to lack than to abuse, Ye Tian is not prepared to supplement it. Looking at those tired children around the square, Ye Tian hesitated and took out ten gold coins from his arms and gave them to one of the children. This gold coin allows each of these children to eat a big meat bag, which is the only thing Ye Tian can compensate them.
Ye Tian, with ten girls and boys, rushed back to the shop and placed them in two big rooms respectively until Ye Tiancai suddenly discovered that he had forgotten to prepare the bed for these children.
Although it is said that if you want to be able to manage meals, even if you sleep on the ground floor, Ye Tianke doesn’t want to abuse these children. Ye Tianke rushed to the carpenter’s shop early the next morning and ordered nine double wooden beds and a single big bed.
Nine double wooden beds are for ten girls and a boy, and the big bed is for Ye Tianji. Although he sleeps alone, Ye Tian has been used to sleeping in a big bed for many years. If it is a small bed, I’m afraid I can’t even turn over for fear of falling.
After booking the bed, Ye Tian went to buy 20 sets of bedding, but he didn’t buy 19 sets because it was two sets, and the price would be much better. The twentieth set was given away for free.
At noon on the third day, the wooden beds were all ready and transported to the backyard one after another. They were assembled in Yetian, but soon the problem appeared again.
At that time, Ye Tian considered that the length of the bed was two meters in the long run, but Ye Tian ignored one thing when the children grew up. Although the house was big enough, it was more than five meters long, and there was no room for the third bed.