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Qing Ji stopped next to the knife demon and immediately stopped. They turned out to be watching Purple Yan fly out again.

Qing Ji certainly wants to kill Zi Yan and want to die, but that is rarely guaranteed in a place that she can accept. Now she has chased Zi Yan too far, and she feels more and more that Zi Yan is relying on it. Although she can beat Zi Yan alone now, Zi Yan has been on her head for so many years, and she is still quite afraid of Zi Yan in the depths of her heart even if she doesn’t want to admit it.
Now that she is still in a period of strength improvement, the situation will be more and more beneficial to her, and she will be anxious for a while?
It’s a look in the eyes, and the magic sword turns white. Qing Ji didn’t ask what she meant.
Straight at more than five hundred miles away, Violet Yan stopped, turned around and disdained Qing Ji’s tunnel. "I just want to find a quiet duel. You dare not talk to me?" Well it’s no wonder that you … "
"Shut up! ! !” Qing Ji suddenly pointed way
Qing Ji’s mood changed so quickly that even the sword and magic were taken aback, but then he realized the crux of the problem from Qing Ji’s expression.
Actually, it’s Qing Ji who has already told him what she thinks of Purple Yan.
Qing Ji has always wanted to compare Zi Yan, and she is crazy!
But now this situation, since we met, Purple Yan has not even the slightest fear, even when she is at large and talking to Qing Ji, she is so contemptuous, which is so different from the reaction that Qing Ji really wants to see Purple Yan! What she wants to see is a gaunt, fearful purple Yan, a resentful, crazy purple Yan, an angry, self-abased purple Yan, not like this …
To the surprise of Qing Ji, the purple Yan turned out to be really closed, but she looked at her coldly.
"the evil spirit! You should wake up, too! You still think this is your underworld? ! If this were really your underworld, would you run away like a lost dog like this? ! After you are injured, from the moment when the war demon decides to deal with you, there is no you in this world. Your best destination is to commit yourself to the war demon as his queen or princess, so that you may even get revenge. "
"But you just think highly of yourself and think about revenge alone, even if you add that small celestial body, can you? Don’t say that you can’t kill even the old slick Xiong! You can also kill the dragon wing, the guy who is ready to die. If you just hide after killing the dragon wing, you dare to come to the door. Do you really don’t know what the dead word is like? !”
"Look at the previous time, I call you a sister, but you don’t clap your chest and ask if you still deserve it now. Even if it’s me, are you my opponent? ! In this world, you will become the focus of the world’s attention if you have no talent, no chance and no chance! Have you always been curious about my strength by leaps and bounds? "
Qing Ji’s tone suddenly became calm. Looking at Zi Yan, she shook her head slowly. "There is no reason. This is my talent. This is my chance. Believe it or not, your time has passed."
Violet Yan is really a little crazy. She can’t remember how many years no one has been so sarcastic to her. Before she was seriously injured, Lien Chan didn’t dare to talk to her like this.
She is a very strong person. Later, when dealing with others, she rarely bowed her head and asked the war devil for the method of resuming her limbs. That was one of the few times.
And now she is scolded by a former genus! And what makes her feel wronged is that the one who once belonged to the strength exceeded her, and it was hard to fight alone, let alone there was a knife demon next to her.
Depressed! ! Wohuo! !
And show is that she sent a roar loud to Xiao Wen through the soul mark "? ! ! !”
Fortunately, Xiao Wen’s concentration is very strong now, otherwise something might go wrong immediately. "It’s almost ready! I’ll let you know when it’s ready! "
"Give the old niang hurry up! !”
"Well, you resist!" Xiao asked solemnly that he also felt the purple Yan, but his mood was actually a COP at this time.
Purple Yan didn’t say anything, but Xiao Wen in the fairy spirit continued to prepare.
Soon after listening to "om", the second new type of shrinkage blasting mirror was also full of energy, all of which were compressed to the penultimate floor and then placed by him conveniently.
Followed by a flash of red light, Xiao asked that it was almost the fastest speed and took out the third new type of shrinking element blasting mirror …
There are two new-type shrinkage blasting mirrors filled with energy beside him. It can be seen that there are still some differences between the two shrinkage blasting mirrors, not the appearance but the energy in the penultimate layer.
Now, the energy in the second shrinking element blasting mirror is still stable, but the energy in the first one at this time has actually shaken up, even with the whole mirror body shaking gently.
It feels like it could explode at any moment!
Although the penultimate floor is full of energy, the energy there has been extremely reduced. If it is so small, it may even blow up the fairy! And Xiao Wencheng is doomed …
With Xiao Wen pouring energy into the third zoom lens, the first one became more and more unstable, while the second one became quite stable and trembled.
But Xiao asked regardless of all this. He is a refiner of shrinkage blasting mirror, and he knows where their bottom line is.
Outside, the purple Yan sat with Xing and Qing Ji, listening to each other’s cynicism, but had to make a gesture of "looking for a quiet place to do or die".
At some point, Qing Ji actually found a topic that attracted Zi Yan’s mind, and that topic was exactly what Yu Yan kept thinking about "Twelve Volumes of Monty Work"!
Violet Yan just distracted Qing Ji and Dao Mo immediately rushed forward, and in the case of not teleporting, Dao Mo slammed behind Qing Ji without mercy.
Green Kyi backhand knife magic strike in one place speed increase instantaneous and purple Yan distance closer to three hundred!
Purple Yan starts Yu to escape, but there is always a process from standstill to acceleration. When she reaches the fastest speed, the distance between her and Qing Ji is already 200 miles.
But it’s not over yet, because at this time, Qing Ji’s potential has not disappeared. Although she has reached the fastest speed, she is still not as fast as Qing Ji.
150 li, 120 li …
"Don’t you think this is a good place to bury bones?"
Qing Ji said coldly, pinching the tactic with both hands, and finally pointing to the front, there was a green curtain emitting black gas, which swept away towards Zi Yan with a distance of more than one hundred miles!
Black gas and green curtain won’t hurt the enemy, but it will slow down the purple Yan a little. Qing Ji has also chased after her, and the sword demon behind her has also chased her.
When the sword demon also joined the fray, Purple Yan quickly became extremely passive.
"Oh, my sister is too careless!" See will soon be able to take purple Yan Qing Ji finally heart Chen way
Where is the purple Yan to answer back? I’m afraid I can’t give birth to a few more arms to parry two people’s attacks …
At this time, the sword demon remained calm and did not forget to wake Qing Ji up by telepathy. Xiao Wen was careful to attack suddenly.
Qing Ji immediately responded to her feelings. Her apparent pride was actually a fake.
In fact, this is exactly what the Knife Magic likes about Qing Ji. Not only is it high-minded but also delicate. Killing Zi Yan and solving Qing Ji’s knot will be the first witch in the underworld!
Blue Xuan Dao has been attacked many times, and finally it is in Qing Ji’s containment, which draws a wound from the right waist of Zi Yan!
With the first one, there will be a second one, Qing Ji and Lan Xuandu J and NG. The offensive is even more fierce. They are good at storming and containment, which is simply the best partner. They are much better than Zi Yan and Xiao Wen.
Seeing the purple Yan will be confessed here, I finally can’t help but shout out "Don’t come out to help!" "
Violet Yan side in the light and shadow flash Xiao asked is by appearing in the hands of red light directly toward the LanXuan split in the past!
At this moment, Qing Ji said coldly and quickly, "Kill!"
Lan Xuan knowingly ignored Xiao Wen and still stormed the purple Yan with Qing Ji!