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Nine hidden nu way "I’m not leaving!" Gusheng bowed his head and said, "We have offended Master!" You!’ Jiu Yin hasn’t finished yet. Gu Sheng’s hands come together in an instant. The two attributes of ice and fire, the array element, closed the nine invisible meridians and trapped the nine hidden infants in the cobweb.

Gusheng picked up the master and rushed out. "Brother of Hidden Sword Academy heard that the master had a life to follow me out of Yanyu Peak!" At this time, the head of the school, Shibo, sounded that "all the brothers of Jianpai Gate must obey their own policies and withdraw from Yanyu Peak!" Suddenly, hundreds of younger brothers swarmed out of the misty rain peak and all kinds of flying swords rose. In an instant, they looked back a hundred miles away and saw the bloody magic star slowly falling. There were more than a hundred younger brothers and some teachers of the ninth generation who did not withdraw because of the retreat of their younger brothers. All the masters sadly called for their master to say goodbye!
A cold light rises in the back of the mountain, and the crown wheel turns a light, and the rest of the people retreat. When they win, five nine-generation teachers and other brothers withdraw from the misty rain peak, almost at the same time, the crown wheel collapses and the blood star falls!
In an instant, the mountain collapsed and the misty rain peak was broken by the middle, and the remaining half was crushed to pieces! A huge explosion instantly flattened more than 2,000 miles of mountainous areas around Yanyu Peak, and several peaks collapsed! Roaring air billow threw the sword brothers and several rubble far out …
Section seventy-five Magic Star
? I am a snail climbing the list …
After thousands of years’ foundation of Sword Sect was destroyed, everything was as silent as death! Suddenly, a black cloud of fire came from a distance, and Wutu laughed wildly. "Hahahaha … I finally waited for you!" " The fire cloud is a huge red blood star, and the flame brought by the blood star is still burning, and there are thousands of miles of flames around it!
The dark clouds spread slowly and soon covered the whole fire. After drinking a lot, the dark clouds suddenly fell like a huge piece of cotton cloth shining on the flame, trying to extinguish it abruptly! Unexpectedly, this flame is not a fire. If you are not careful, several black clouds have been burned through by the flame! Cloud from unexpectedly came up to a few rotor, he hurriedly fierce YunXuanGong put out those flames one by one.
Dark clouds, black ghost fire and red blood star magic fire cross each other, and the dark clouds keep rolling, so they can meet each other and have a fierce confrontation! Wu Tu was injected into a blazing dark cloud, and the Maroon 5 goat fire finally couldn’t resist the gradual extinction. The dark cloud gathered bit by bit and finally gathered into one person! The man was covered in black fog, and he was a humanoid, so he couldn’t see his face clearly.
This is the ghost king Wutu, who never shows his true colors. He slowly flies to the blood star and writes out the flame. After that, the blood star is no longer red, but becomes black and red. The smoky meteorite magic star is gone at the moment. Just now, it was quietly lying down in the place where the misty rain peak stood.
Wu Tu suddenly appeared in front of him, and a black flying sword hovered around the magic star, getting longer and longer. Slowly, it was as long as the diameter of the magic star. Wu Tu City changed the angle of flying sword, and it seemed that this sword would plane the magic star! The magic star is not simple, and I dare not careless. If I miss a blow, there will be no second chance.
He carefully strokes along while, and then tries to draw two strokes. Finally, a black cloud of fire outside the body of a black figure suddenly falls as light as a feather, but if the magic weapon flips, the flying sword has sunk to half of the magic star! Magic star struggled to resist waves of strange chirping from the injured magic star body, and the flying sword was tightly stuck in its body!
Wutu’s flying sword suddenly widened by several feet, and the huge flying sword suddenly fell on the magic star. It was really unusual for Wutu to dare not neglect to flicker and avoid the black-red magma falling to the ground. Suddenly, it was tightly wrapped in rocks and quickly infiltrated into it, but in a moment, it had already formed a big pit in the ground, and the depth of the pit was still deepening. If it was touched by these things, it wouldn’t have been infiltrated into your baby.
He didn’t dare to give the magic star breathing machine a big drink of vigorous magic gas to continuously output the flying sword and fall an inch. The magic star chirping suddenly became loud. Suddenly, the flying sword came with a great resistance, and it pushed the flying sword back by three inches. The magic gas spewed out, and the resistance of the magic star was growing. The black ghost fire suddenly burst into flames all over the mountains, and the ghost fire quickly closed and surrounded the magic star. A mass of black flame was burning, but it was the most sinister flame. Magic star is a painful wound, and it spews out a lot of black-red magma to wrap its whole body to protect itself from the ghost fire.
Wu Tu intensified his efforts to provoke a fight between the dark fire and the dark red magma. You retreated me into it, you entered it, and I retreated to outdo each other. There was a tug-of-war, and more and more dark fire and the magic star kept spitting out magma. The battle lasted for more than two hours. The dark red magma gradually became thinner, and the magic star could no longer spit out anything to protect himself. The black fire finally gained ground. Although Wu Tu was overjoyed, he also consumed a lot, but victory was just around the corner. He made an extra effort. A large number of dark fires poured out of the ground and quickly wrapped the magic star!
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The magic star screams again and again and never has the experience and ability to fight against the flying sword. A black flying sword suddenly adds strength to cut the magic star in half. The magic star moans and completely loses its vitality. Suddenly, a little black light flies up in the exhibited magic star. This is what Zhou Zhangtu is doing. Can the black star let it escape? He gulped down "Where to go!" Followed by chasing the past, only to find that the black light didn’t want to escape, but instead, it rushed at Wutu and the black flying sword cut into the black light. Only to find that the black light suddenly flashed and the flying sword hit the surface "om", and the black light suddenly spun forward and "choked" and the flying sword broke in two!
Black body magic gas a disorder, almost possessed! Although this flying sword is not his famous multiplier, it is also connected with the Yuan God. This destruction has a great influence on him. I never thought this thing would be so powerful! He had to fly thousands of miles to show the dark clouds, and the ghost fire was hidden in the dark clouds, waiting for the black light to float in the magic star for a long time. It seemed that he was very reluctant to leave, and the magic star was already angry, and the black light made bursts of chirping, but the magic star could not respond.
The black light seems to be very angry, which caused all this to be the man in the sky. It turned around and the target flashed, and it was forced to the black clouds. The black clouds rolled and the waves generally fell on the black light. I didn’t know that the black light was a thing, but I didn’t fear the black clouds and the ghost fire. The black clouds drowned themselves but rushed out! Wutu was frightened that he had not come to escape, and the black light had rushed to his eyes. He hurriedly released a black ball, which was his painstaking cultivation of the fire Dan of the underworld. With this fire Dan, he was able to control the fire of the underworld freely.
The black light crashed violently into the fire Dan, the black flame trembled, and the black paint was dark and called bad. He had a faint feeling that the fire Dan had a tendency to be scattered. He hurriedly recalled the fire Dan and swallowed it, and then released another instrument. This instrument is a string of beads and black paint, which absolutely does not believe in Buddhism. In fact, it is actually a vicious magic weapon. It is refined by him to resist the sky and forty gods and thunder.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is much bigger than Wutu’s self-confessed villain’s life, and he can’t remember the number of bad things he did. He knew that his doom would be extremely difficult to deal with, so he specially collected Motome’s murders and made them into various spells in the cold. He has been practicing for thousands of years, and now he has forty of them. According to his plan, he has to refine 64 of them, but today is the first.
Forty gods and thunder were released in the middle and surrounded by three outer circles, trapping the black light in them, and drinking "Boom!" Circle nine resentment thunder fried black resentment instantly filled with heaven and earth bouts of brotherhood of the wolf, and several black shadows flocked to the black light, and the black light suddenly shot out dozens of feet and cleared all the black shadows in an instant! Wutu was frightened. He wanted to detonate in turn to save a few resentful thunder, which was the best. Unexpectedly, the black light was so severe that nine resentful Reid was unscathed!
He secretly offered another instrument, which is also an extremely vicious instrument. It is a thin black needle named "black hedgehog beard". Once it gets into the body, it will never be able to remove what Wu Tu pretends to be a true villain has made. If the black hedgehog enters the body, it will eat bones and burn gods.
Wutu once set off the rest of the thunder, and it was a smoky black light. He also felt hard. He quietly hit the black hedgehog and counted the invisible shadows. Fine awns jumped into the black fog and listened to a piercing cry. The black light suddenly rushed out and followed closely behind a big tent. Wutu was proud. This sneak attack was successful again! Unexpectedly, the black light didn’t seem to be affected by the black hedgehog beard, so it went straight to Wutu, but Wutu didn’t realize that the black hedgehog beard was still out of his control until the black light approached, and he suddenly dodged, although he escaped the black light, he couldn’t escape the black hedgehog beard behind him!
This is also retribution for your hard work in refining the maliciousness multiplier and finally shooting at yourself! Wutu angrily drank the black ghost fire and burned all over his body. Suddenly, those black hedgehogs were also burned, but the black light attacked him, but he could not hide in the past.
Black clouds were scattered by this.
Gusheng has been hanging in a big tree for a long time. The magic star landed in air billow and directly rushed him here. He was also separated from other masters, and his whole body ached as if he were going to fall apart. Gusheng hung in the tree motionless to hang the dead body.
He tried to move, and his body was able to barely move. He jumped out of the tree but was not in a hurry to find his lost protege. He planned to go to Yanyu Peak for no reason. He must have his own purpose! He’s going back to see what Uto really wants.
Section seventy-six City Planning
? Gusheng rummaged through his own ring and found a Dan medicine "fortunately". It is a grayish white Dan medicine, which is a kind of instant excitation potential Dan medicine called "Wanlidan". If people in the magic road make enemies frequently, there will be some such Dan medicine magic keys, which can save their lives, although it will be costly afterwards.
Gusheng swallowed the pills in one gulp, closed his eyes, and suddenly felt the body was rolling! He is satisfied with the efficacy with his eyes open, and now his skill is about 20% in his heyday, so he should be able to display his wonder kung fu. Gu Sheng’s mind is silent, and he relies on his famous invisibility daydream.
His figure gradually darkens and becomes transparent, but he can see a little shadow. When he moves, he can also see traces. Although it is not completely gone, it makes people look even more horrible. Gu Sheng released a flying sword and identified the direction and flew back to Yanyu Peak.
At the moment, Wutu has just got the black light, the baby shakes the magic gas and shakes the Yuan God. The black light is not polite to keep attacking, but Wutu is also a magic master, and soon he will hold his ground. Dark clouds and ghostly fire are his best cover. He refuses to fight in the city, and there is nothing he can do about it.
Suddenly, a shadow flashed across Wutu, making him nervous and looking around, but he didn’t find anything. "I’m here!" " Supposedly, Wu Tu can’t even see through the daydream of Gu Sheng’s capability now, but he has just been seriously injured and pinned down by the black light. He has always been very afraid of Gu Sheng. This time, he checked that Gu Sheng and Gu Xi are gone before he dared to come to Wan Ren Mountain. Didn’t he expect that the sudden appearance of his old rival startled him?
The bone sage sounded as dull as a bone. "What are you still doing alive?" Wu Tu was furious. Interestingly, the black light stopped in the middle and watched the two men quarrel.
"What do you mean, you’re not dead? How come you’re scared again!" Wu Tu viciously cursed his bone saint and sneered, "Hey, if I die, who else in this world can stop you?" I’m not sure if you’ve taken that step or not! " Wu Tu was shocked. "Have you already …" Gu Sheng added without waiting for him to finish. "You have finally found the Nine Youhuo Springs and collected this ghost fire. It is because you practice this method that many creatures are required to sacrifice your fire Dan?"
Wutu snorted. "I don’t like your hypocrisy most. We are the magic way, so we should be free to jump like you. What do you do with Gu Liangduo’s cultivation? Why don’t you just worship the Sword Sect? Hahahaha …" Gu Sheng was said by him to have lost his rhetoric at the moment.
Wutu asked, "What are you doing here?" Gu Sheng didn’t want him to be peaceful. "I’ll do whatever you come to do." "So you want me to rob this thing?" Bone saint hey hey sneer didn’t answer wu tu angered way "that’s good! Let me see what’s going on with you! " Bone saint sneered, "You won’t. I know you too well. You are still seriously injured. This place is very close to my base bone city. Although the magic star destroyed the misty rain peak, it didn’t affect my desperate cliff. If I give a command, 3,000 magic soldiers from the base bone city will come to support your character. I will definitely not fight here and now!"
Wu Tu was speechless for a long time before he said bitterly, "Ok! Not the kui is a base bone duke guess accurately! We will see you later! " Dark clouds are already thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye.
Gu Sheng watched him leave before he showed up with a mouthful of black blood and spit it out. "Mom, although this Dan medicine is very effective, it is also very effective!" The black light seems to be very interested in him, and actually lingers in his body. Gu Sheng leaned against a stone and looked at it. "You destroyed the Sword Sect and killed my master, Uncle. I should arrest you. Unfortunately, I am not sincere in the Sword Sect. You can’t lie to him for too long. He will soon come in vain." Gu Sheng said and set up a flying sword over his chest and left.
Just after he left, another man came here. He walked around the meteorite that was cut in half for a long time, as if looking for something, and he kept asking, "Are you still there?" Are you still alive? " I haven’t heard back for a long time, and in the end, he is also the king. If Gusheng leaves late, he will definitely meet this person, who is not.
Gusheng looked for himself in the middle of the flight, feeling that something behind him turned around and saw a little black light and disappeared in his body in a blink of an eye!
Gu Sheng was shocked and said that the magic star was going to hurt himself for a moment, but he didn’t feel a little uncomfortable. He was just a little relieved, but he couldn’t find the magic star at all! He was a little surprised to see it again and had some unexpected gains.
He can feel his toe bone! It’s true that a piece of big toe bone on his left foot was knocked off by his own piece of big toe bone when he was fighting for the duke of the base bone, and he won the tournament. He always walked with a limp, which is why he actually felt this piece of toe bone at the moment!
He took a closer look at that little black light, which had shrunk into a toe bone and attached it to his bone! Gu Sheng is overjoyed that he has been losing contact with his own bone, so the capability and all the former multiplier departments are sealed in the bone, and now he can finally feel a little bit of bone. There are strange magic weapons hidden in the magic star that can penetrate his "Golden Muscle jade bone"!
Gu Sheng was so excited that he hurriedly tried to link up with his own jade solution. Unfortunately, the long-awaited jade solution never came out. Gu Sheng was a little discouraged. On second thought, now that he has linked up with the bone, it is a big breakthrough, but it is only a matter of time before he finds his own jade solution again.